Cosgrove Events

Rambling c.1948

Events 1887 - 1981

At the start of the 20th century Cosgrove children would gather boughs of May blossom and walk round the village, singing the song below, as recorded by Ted Brown. They must have looked very similar to these children from Grafton Regis.


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen ,  I wish you a happy day.

I’ve come to show you my garland, because it’s the first of May.

A branch of May I have brought you and at your door it stands

It’s nothing but a spray but its well spread about by the works of our Lord’s hands.

Now take the Bible in your hands and read the chapters through and through

And when the day of judgment comes you’ll find it’s very very true.

A garland, a garland, a very pretty garland

Fit for the King and Queen to see.

And now I’ve sung my little song no longer can I stay

God Bless you all, in the month of May.