Cosgrove Events 1887 - 1899

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 21 May 1887


A CONCERT was given in the School-room at Cosgrove on Saturday evening, in aid of Mr Brawn, Gardener at the Hall, who, through severe domestic affliction, has been placed in financial difficulties. The Rector (Rev J McDouall) occupied the chair, and excellent programme was rendered, the following ladies and gentlemen kindly giving their services :— The Misses McDouall, Martyr, Watson, Willison, Baldwin, Mr and Mrs Power, Messrs Wright, Nicholls, Appleton, Compton, Smith, and "The Mac." Mr. Devey accompanied.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 28 April 1888


CONCERT. A very successful concert was given in the Schoolroom, in aid of the Choir Fund, on Friday, April 20. The room was quite full, among those present being Colonel Murray and party, Rev. G. P. McDouall, M.A. (rector), Miss McDouall, Miss Bull, Miss Barrie, Mr.Whales, &c.

The following programme was performed in a very creditable manner :—

Pianoforte solo. Miss E. McDouall; song, " The Arab's Farewell to his Steed" (Blockley), Mr. F. Brawn; recitation, "Kissing Cups Race" (Campbell Row Brown), Mr. W. Matthias; glee, " Sweet and Low (Novello), the Choir; song, " The Rose of Allandale " (H. Clarke), Miss A. Baldwin; vocal duet, May and December" (Stamford), Mr. and Mrs. Power, encored, Mr. and Mrs. Wright given; song, Mr. W. H. Bickley; song, " Only a little while" (Pascal), Miss Gregory; duet, " I Heard a Voice of the Tranquil Night," Mrs. Woods and Miss Walker (encored, and part repeated); comic song, "Wicked Little Mary." Mr. J. Nicholls (encored, and " Double Dum Deerey" given in response); pianoforte duet. "Invitation a la Valse" (Weber), Miss Barrie and Miss Bull; song, "The Peasant's Wooing” (Langford Grey). Miss E. Baldwin; song, " When other Lips" (Balfe). Mr. W. H. Bickley; recitation, "The Story of a Stowaway " (Clement Scott), Mr. W. Matthias; song " Sunshine and Rain," Mrs. Woods; song, White Squall, Mr. W. Power; song, “I may, or I may not." Miss Gregory; song, Mr. F. Brawn; comic sketch, " Don't Know What to Call it,” Mr. A. Smith and Mr. J. Nicholls (encored, and Black Hussars " given).

Mrs. Power and Mr. A. E. Jones accompanied on the pianoforte.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 09 February 1889


INVITATION BALL. On Tuesday last the Cosgrove Conservative Association gave an invitation ball, in a barn kindly lent for the purpose by Mr. A. Grant Thorold. About 100 persons were present. Messrs. F. Brawn and Jelley had been engaged in decorating the interior of the structure with evergreens, banners, &c., and the effect produced was very pleasing. Mr. J. Rickett's band supplied the music, and the movements commenced at eight o'clock.

Among those present were Mr. G. Roberts and party (Deanshanger), Mr. Webb and party, Mr. Vench (Wicken), Mr. and Mrs. Whales, and Mr. Anchor. At intervals Messrs McIsacks, F. Brawn, Robinson, and Sibthorp entertained the company with songs. Mr. Whales made an efficient M.C.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 21 December 1889


THROUGH the kindness of Mr. Atkinson, The Priory, Mr Bull, and other gentlemen, the annual gleaners' party was made much more of success than ever before. The women met on Saturday last in a room kindly provided by Mr. Bull, and nicely decorated for the occasion, at 4 p.m. to sit down to a capital meat tea. Later in the evening the men were admitted, and a real good evening was spent in songs, country and other dances till 11 p.m. The songs by Mr. Cave were loudly applauded, as were those given by Mr. Wales, Mr. Anker, Mr. Baldwin, and Mr. Wright. Mr. Richard Deney, of Wolverton, provided most enjoyable music. The company dispersed with cheers for Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Bull, and the committee.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 04 March 1892

COSGROVE. Concert.

On Friday evening a concert was given in the Schoolroom, aid of the funds of the village band. There was a large attendance. Several friends from Wolverton assisted in the programme, which gave every satisfaction, and doubtless the funds of the band will be materially assisted.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 07 July 1893



This small village, not behind in any festivities of a national character, held high holiday on Thursday. As in the Jubilee year the whole affair was a complete success. The proceedings began with a tea for the women and children, kindly provided Mrs. Atkinson, which was served at the Priory. From then till seven o'clock games were indulged in, after which the majority of the village had assembled on the lawn.

Amongst those present were Mr. J. Jepson Atkinson, C.C., and Miss Atkinson, Colonel Murray, Rev. H. C. W. Hewson, Mr. F. D. and Mrs. Bull, &c. The Cosgrove Brass Band was engaged for the occasion, and added materially the enjoyment of all. A large marquee had been erected (kindly lent by Mr. J. Knight), where splendid refreshments were supplied ad lib. Sports were held for men, women, and children, in which a large number participated. At nine o'clock the ground was cleared for dancing, which was kept with great spirit till midnight, when the National Anthem terminated a very enjoyable and memorable day.

The following gentlemen deserve every word of praise for so ably carrying out the arduous duties the holiday : —Messrs. A. R. Bianchi (chairman), T. S. Smith, T. Wake, O. Gommersall, J. Holman, R. Johnson, G. Brown, F. Jelley, J. Knight, C. Baker, and Seymour (secretary). Stony Stratford.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 01 June 1894

Quoit Match.

Wolverton Park Quoit amd Bowling Club v. Cosgrove.

This match was played in the Park on Saturday, when Wolverton won by 32 points, or eight games to six games. Conditions: Twelve yard beds, 71b. quoits, 15 up.

Scores:— J. Smith, 12; A. Alderman, 15; A. Dawson, 9; Battisson, 15; G. Robinson, 15; J. Cameron, F, Warrick, 0; J. Lloyd, 14; J. Brocklehurst; 15 ; W. Foster, 15; W. Rock, 15; J. Shaw, J. Dixon, (captain), 15; G. Gillard, 10. Total, 177.

Cosgrove: J. Knight (captain), 15; Lambert, ; W. Woodcock, 15; F. Henson, 7; R. Brown, 11; J. Brown, 15; J. Wise, 15; G. Brown, 15 ; B. Wise, 9 ; T. 11; F. Hillier, W. Hillier, T. Smith, 3; C. Baldwin, 15. Total, 145.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 27 July 1894


Wolverton Park v. Cosgrove.—A match was played at Cosgrove on Saturday between the above clubs, and a closely-contested game ended a win for the visitors five points (207 to 202)

Northampton Mercury - Friday 19 July 1895


Wolverton Park v. Cosgrove.—On Saturday, in the Park, on 12 yard beds, 71b. quoits, 15 up, the home team won by two points.

Scores: Wolverton, 160; Cosgrove, 158

Northampton Mercury - Friday 29 July 1898

COSGROVE Athletic Sports.

The village of Cosgrove was alive with visitors from a wide district on Saturday afternoon, the attraction being sports arranged as a finale to the feast festivities. The sports were held in a field near the Barley Mow, kindly lent by Mr A Canvin, and some exciting finishes were witnessed.  Messrs F D Bull, W. Hillyer, and W Woodcock officiated as judges, Mr G F Branson as referee, Mr. W East as starter, and the secretarial duties were admirably carried out by Mr J Faux.

The committee was composed of Messrs J. Wise. A. Adkins. R. Brown. C. Baldwin. H Lambert. G Clifton, and C. Bumell. who also undertook the handicapping. The Hanslope Excelsior Prize Band, under the leadership at Mr A Draper, was in attendance and contributed excellent selections of music, in addition playing for dancing after the sports. Besides this, in a field at the back of the Barley Mow, were the usual concomitants appertaining to village feasts. The results of the sports were as follows:

120 yards local handicap Final heat - 1 H Brown, 7 yards start, R Brown and G Clifton (dead heat) divided the 2nd and 3rd prizes. Also ran: W Wise and F Henson – 120 yards handicap (open). Final :1 G Jolley. Stony Stratford. 8 yards; 2 H Griffin, Newport Pagnell, 15. 3 W Whitehouse, Northampton, 24 Very close race; Jolley and Griffin breasted the tape together. but the decider ended in favour of Jolley.

Half-mile local handicap (under 18); E Cockerill, 20 yards; H Keech 30, 3  A. Meridan. 35  Also ran Holman. 40. and W Brown 45.

80 yards handicap (girls under 18): 1. Mabel Jelley, 2. Louie Horne. 3 May Pittam

440 yards handicap (local youths over 18): 1 G Clifton, 2 H Brown. 3 C Burnell

440 yards handicap (open). Final: H Griffin. Newport Pagnell. 40 yards; 2 E Flavill, Kingsthorpe, 15. 3 T Pratt. Yardley Goboin. 40.  Also ran: J Drinkwater. Yardley Gobion 20; H Marris. Stony Stratford, 12; J. Clayson. Northampton, 5; D Hall. Puxley, 10; and A. Moseley, Newport Pagnell. 25.

50 yards handicap (females over 18): 1 Mrs Lambert. 2 Minnie Cockerel. 3 Harriett Clifton.

One mile handicap (open): .1. R Pumffrey. Weedon. 75 yards; 2 J Griffin Newport Pagnell 120. 3 T Hawtin. Northampton, 40

120 yards handicap (men over 30):  1. R Brown. 2 W West. 3 T Jelley

Tug-of-War Married v. Single (2s each winners, 1s losers), best of three pulls: The single men won easily.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 27 January 1899

William Pittam, of Cosgrove, labourer, was charged with being drunk on the highway at Stony Stratford on January 15th.

P.C. Tustain proved that the defendant was helplessly drunk.—The defendant expressed his thanks for the kind assistance of the police in taking him home. —Fine and costs 7s.