Furtho Wills held at the Northants Record Office & The National Archive

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People left some things in their wills which seem curious to us today. We know that they left money or goods to the Church to support its upkeep and for this they expected to be given the benefit of forgiveness in the afterlife. But in the wider community you could receive similar absolution for endowing a bridge or contributing to maintenance of the highways. This is how the infrastructure was kept in good shape - a large number of people with money could be relied upon to buy "indulgences" from the bishop via their bequests.
Furtho Wills at Northants Record Office
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Surname Forename Status Place Year
N/P Series Book No. fo/pg MW Notes
BROKESBYE Thomas Esq Furtho 1545
N 1st K 187 72 8 same as I.19
Furtho 1664
A + I

Old Stratford
PITHAM Susannah
Furtho 1770
bundle 05 Apr

RIALL Nicholas clerk Furtho 1674
N 4th 8
110 70
Furtho 1610
N 2nd T
56 42 Old Stratford

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Furtho Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills at The National Archive
Surname Forename Status Place Type Year Date Catalogue ref.
Doctors Commons, London & Furtho
1676 Apr 19 PROB 11/352/16 also NRO FXIII 22
Furtho 1621 Feb 16 PROB 11/138/304
PITTAM John gentleman Furtho 1800 Apr 22 PROB 11/1341/107
PITTAM Robert farmer Furtho 1849 Oct 12 PROB 11/2101/310

Copy of Will of Wyllyam Fortho of Fortho, squyer.

Long and detailed.

(a) Bedf. Buck. North.
(b) the feoffament inventar' & wyll of Wyllyam Fortho
(c) ij bills of dett and a bill of allowance.

Parchment. English.

Furtho X 53.

Copy of will of William Fortho of Fortho, squyer
dated Monday after Feast of St. Luke 32 Henry VI (1453).

His feoffees William Catysby, knight, Water Mauntell, squyer, William Asshby, William Baker, clerk, John Fortho, Richard Lawe and John Hayle to settle on Thomas Fortho of Stony Stratford and his heirs male lands which John Turvyle held in Stony Stratford by indenture, and on Thomas for life other lands held by John without indenture; to convey to John Hayle of Stony Stratford for life 2 acres in the west meadow of Wolverton; to Thomas Kok of Passenham for life 12 shillings of free rent from lands once of John Beauchamp of Cosgrove, and of 8s.8d. free rent from lands of John Foscotus; feoffees to include a clause for distraint on all his lands in Cosgrove & Furtho in case his sons William or Thomas prevent the rents being paid; to convey to Robert Gardyner of Stony Stratford for life a tenement in the market by the church stile of St. Gyles and to convey to him 16s rent from Nicholas Chapell for 15 rods of meadows and lands he holds by indenture; to convey to John Deyster for life the reversion of a tenement in Stony Stratford held by Margaret mother of Thomas Fortho for her life; to convey to William Borall for life a toft and close in Little Stratford; to give £10 to Furtho church for repairs and £10 to Potterspury church and Yardley chapel, not to be paid to the churchwardens but disbursed by the feoffees, the £20 to come out of testator's Yardley rents; to pay his son Thomas 10 marks per annum from his lands in Wolverton, Calverton and Stony Stratford which are to be conveyed to him and his issue male when all debts are paid, and if he have no male issue to his brother William & his heirs male; to pay William 10 marks p.a. from the Northamptonshire lands but if William & Alice daughter of Thomas Pekke live twelve months then to convey the 10 marks to them and the longer liver of them; to settle the Northants estate when all debts are paid on William & his heirs male and in default of such on Thomas and his heirs male and in default of such on those of Thomas Fortho of Stony Stratford with further remainders over to John Fortho citizen and draper of London and to John son of William Fortho of Stony Stratford.