Monuments in Cosgrove Church

Mansel MonumentRevd. Pulter Forester D.D.P. F. 1778John Mansel 1729Mansel MonumentJohn Whalley 1670UnknownUnknownUnknown 1700Edward Beaumont Hill 1973Harriet Knatchbull 1767Mary Lowndes 1812Ann Loundes 1852Maria Selby Lowndes 1856Millennium ProjectGeorge Welstead 1667Henry Longueville 1713Rev. Richard Wadsworth M.A.Reverend Robert Barrick 1802Sir Robert Moorsom Maria Margaret Mansel 1877Henry Longueville 1835Eleanor Moorsom
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Recorded in February 2007. The old fashioned letter 'f which was sometimes used instead of 's' has been used where it appears.