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1939 Register

Civil Parish of Cosgrove
Ecclesiastical Parish
Civil Parish of Furtho
Ecclesiastical Parish

The village of Cosgrove, together with (H)Isworth Lodge, Castlethorpe Wharf, several houses at Old Stratford on the right hand side of the road leading from Stony Stratford to Potterspury and on the left hand side of the road leading from Old Stratford to Cosgrove.

The Civil Parish of Furtho. Houses at Old Stratford on the right hand side of the road leading from Stony Stratford to Potterspury Knotwood Cottage and Badgers Barn, Furtho Lodge and the Manor and Cottages.

Making pillow lace in the family and to sell via agents was a major and acceptable living in c17th for women, both single and married.
After the coming of the railway, Wolverton Works appears in the Cosgrove Census as the major employer for men, working on coach building.
From the late c19th women and girls in Cosgrove worked at McCorquodale's Print Works, making confidential documents

In transcribing the census records to print, we have adjusted spelling, corrected ages and identified places where these can be proved. We have consulted original records to achieve this.

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