Cosgrove Cricket

Wheatleys Batting award
1971 to Albert Kightley

Northampton Mercury 30 September 1820

On Monday the 18th inst. A Grand Cricket Match was played, between eleven gentlemen amateurs Cosgrove, this county, against eleven gentlemen amateurs of Castle Thorp, in the county of  Buckingham, for a considerable sum money; after a most severe and well contested game (in which individual and collective talent shone conspicuously), the former proved victorious. The ascension of Lunardi, in his balloon, some years since, collected an immense concourse, but the number of the spectators this occasion the exceeds the power of the pen to describes.—This well-contested match was decided in favour Cosgrove, by four runs only.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 16 July 1853

COSGROVE.—On Wednesday last a match took place,between the Cosgrove and Bradwell cricket clubs, at Bradwell, the Cosgrove proving winners with nine wickets to fall. The following the score :—


First Innings.

Second Innings.

G. Bugden, b Allan


not out


J. Hazlewood, b Dunkly, c Allan 2


not out


T. Swannell, b Allan, c Sloper


b Allan


E. Garnett, b Allan


T. Wright, run out


W. Kemp, b Hammond


J. Athawes, b Allan


W. Rands, b Hammond


J. Atterbury, not out


G. Jarvis, b Allan


W. Athawes, b Allan


Byes 4, wide 1


Byes 3





First Innings.

Second Innings.

W. Allan, run out


b Garnett, c Bonham


J. Dunkly, b Garnett


b Garnett


F. Hammond, b Garnett, c Swannell


b Wright


E. Sear, b Garnett, c Wright


b Wright


W. Adams, b Wright


b Garnett, c Wright


J. Sloper, b Garnett


b Wright, c Rands


G. Garner, b Wright


run out


W. Coley, b Wright


b Wright


F. Harrison, b Garnett


not out


W. Delafield, not out


b Garnett, c Swannell


W. Grace, stp Swannell


b Garnett








Northampton Mercury - Saturday 04 August 1860

Cricket—On Saturday a very interesting game was played between the Old Wolverton and Cosgrove Clubs. On this occasion the Old Wolverton gentlemen proved too much for their experienced opponents. Both elevens were in good practice, and prior to the commencement of the game the Cosgrove side were the favourites with odds, but as a game of cricket is never won until it is lost, to the surprise of the gazing and anxious spectators the Wolvertonians came off victorious, as the following scores will show :—Wolverton —First innings, 31; second innings, 67; Total 101. Cosgrove—First innings, second innings, 27. Total 50.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 07 August 1869

Cricket. —On Saturday last a friendly game of cricket was played between the Cosgrove and Old Wolverton clubs, which resulted in the favour of the latter by 68 runs. Sub-joined is the score:—

Old Wolverton, 1st innings, 2nd innings, 68; total, 139.

Cosgrove, 1st innings, 34; 2nd; innings, 37; total, 71.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 28 July 1877

WOLVERTON.—Bean Feasts.

On Saturday last the smiths, &c., the works had their bean feast. They proceeded in four vehicles (in one of which was a horn playing) to Buckingham, where excellent dinner was provided at the Three Cups Inn. The whole party, numbering about 80, returned about eleven p.m., having spent a very enjoyable afternoon and evening.

On the same day the workmen in the west-side paint shop had a cricket match and dinner at Cosgrove, where a first-class spread was provided by Mr. Smith, of the Barley Mow. Dancing, &c., was kept up with great spirit till ten p.m.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 04 July 1885

COSGROVE C. V. WOLVERTON RATCLIFFE C. Played at Cosgrove on June 27th, and won by the home team by 17 runs on the first innings, the scares being 66 and 49. R. Brown (20) and Atterbury (16) were most successful with the bat for the winners, while for their opponents R. Packer (25) made the most runs.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 02 July 1887


WOLVERTON BRITANNIA v. COSGROVE. Played at Cosgrove, when the visitors had the game in their own hands, scoring 147 for seven wickets, to 27. For the winners Winterbottom made 67 not out, and Clay 26 not out, Newman 13, and Hills 11. Clark was the only man in the team who made double figures, scoring 12. In the bowling Winterbottom and Archer each took five wickets for the Britannia.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 27 August 1887


ST. GEORGE'S v. COSGROVE. This match resulted in an easy victory for Cosgrove. Scores: Cosgrove, 96; St. George's, 1st innings 20, 2nd innings 34. The highest individual scorers were : Cosgrove, Smith (27), Brown (15), and Hilton (20, not out) ; S -. George's, James (7 and 14), 1 and Atterbury (10). In bowling Bryan, for St. George's, took five wickets for 24 runs, and Clarke and Brown bowled well for Cosgrove.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 02 June 1888


These teams met on Saturday in the "Big Field," when the former, after a very exciting finish, won by six wickets. The winning hit was not made until about minute before time.

Scores : —Wolverton, L. and N.-W.: 1st innings, ; 2nd, 46, for four wickets. Cosgrove : 1st  innings, 37 ; 37. For L. and N.-W. the Rev. P. R. Harnett made 8 and 7 (not out) respectively, Worrall 4, Jones 12, Lloyd 9 (one six), and Dixie 7 (not out), while in bowling in the first innings Jones took three wickets for 14 runs, and Dixie two wickets for 8 runs, Lloyd two and Worrell one. In the second innings Dixie took six for 20 runs, Jones one. Lloyd one, Rev. F. R. Harnett two for 3 run 6. For Cosgrove, Bugby made 6, Wise 11 and 7, Weston 5, Lawless 6, and Atterbury 8; and bowling in the first innings Brown took six wickets and Lawless four; Lawless also taking three in the second innings.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 04 August 1888


Played at Cosgrove on Saturday, the L. and N.-W. winning by eight wickets. Scores: L. and N.-W. 2nd XI., 22 and 23 for two wickets; Cosgrove,22  and 21. For the winners R. Packer made 8 not out, G. Covington 9, and in the second innings Covington made 7, Packer 7, and A. Clewitt 7, and for Cosgrove T. Long made 8 not out, and C. Burnell 7 and 6 respectively.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 11 August 1888

WOLVERTON BRITANNIA v. COSGROVE.—Played at Cosgrove on Saturday last, the visitors winning on the first innings by 49 runs. Scores :—Britannia, 81; Cosgrove, 32, and 58 for eight wickets.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 01 September 1888

WOLVERTON L. AND NW (2nd XI. v. COSGROVE.—This match took place at Cosgrove on Saturday, the home team winning on the first innings by 10 runs.

Scores :—Cosgrove 34 and 62; L. and N.-W. (2nd xi.), 24. For the winners C. Lawless made 14 runs, and A. Clark 8 the first innings, and in the second innings J.Bugby 18 (not out), C. Lawless 12, Hilton 8, and Meadows 7. For the L. and N.-W. W. Harnett made 8 runs, and H. Lloyd 8. In bowling for the L. and N--W. Packer, Jones, Dixie, and Harnett were most successful, and for Cosgrove Meadows took six wickets, Clark two. Lawless one, and Hilson one.

By the kindness Mr. J. Atkinson, of the Priory, the teams were entertained to tea on the ground.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 13 July 1889


WOLVERTON BRITANNIA v. COSGROVE.—These teams met at Cosgrove on Saturday, when the home team won by 12 runs.

Scores : Cosgrove, 67 and 59 ; Britannia, 55. For the winning team J. Smith scored 46, and Gomersall 12 (not out). In the second innings J. Wise 13, and W. Wright (not out) 10. For Britannia H. Godwin made 18 runs, R. Williams 14, and W. Berry 10. In bowling for Britannia the honours were chiefly shared between Worrall and Williams, the former taking 5 wickets in the first innings and 3 in the second and Williams took three and five. For Cosgrove Brown and Meadows took five each.

Northampton Mercury - Saturday 02 November 1889

COSGROVE. CRICKET CLUB ANNUAL DINNER. The annual dinner of the Cosgrove Cricket Club was held on Saturday evening, in the Schoolroom. A capital dinner was provided by Mr. A. Bianchi. About 35 sat down, and the Rev P. G. McDouall (Rector) presided. Amongst those present were Mr. T. Anchor (senr.), Mr. J. J. Atkinson (C.C.). Mr. F. D. Bull, Mr. F. Whales, Mr. W. Pike, Mr. J. Hemmings, Mr. J. Hills (secretary Wolverton Britannia C.C.), &c.

After the loyal and patriotic toasts had been honoured, Mr. Whales proposed "The health of the Clergy," to which the Chairman responded with a short speech, which he spoke of the activity now existing in the Church of England. Mr. J. J. Atkinson then proposed "Success to the Wolverton Britannia Cricket Club," and Mr. Hills (secretary) acknowledged the compliment. —Mr. Atkinson also proposed the toast of the evening "Success to the Cricket Club," and complimented the club on its state of efficiency. They owed great deal to Mr. Bianchi. —Mr. Panter responded.—Other toasts were "The Visitors," "The Chairman," "The Health of Mr. J. J. Atkinson and Mr. F. D. Bull" (which was received with musical honours), "The Health of Mr. Bianchi," "The Press," and "The Ladies."

A pleasant evening was spent, and songs were given by Messrs. Wheatley, Bickley, F. Whales. F. D. Bull, J. Hemmings, W. Wright, Bugby. Jones, W. Meadows. T. Anchor, Burnell, Gomershall, J. Hills, Panter, Harding. &c. Mr. A. E. Jones presided at the piano. The club has played 15 matches, of which they won 12, lost two, and one was drawn, Mr. Smith made the highest score.

Northampton Mercury

 - Friday 20 June 1890

Cricket : Stony Stratford v. Cosgrove. This match was played at Stony Stratford, and after very close contest resulted in a win for Cosgrove by one run on the first innings, the scores being and 63. One little accident marred the game, Hilton (who was playing for Cosgrove) having his finger broken by endeavouring to catch a very swift ball.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 18 July 1890

Bostock and Son's v. Cosgrove.

Played at Cosgrove Saturday, when an interesting game ended in favour of the visitors.

Score :—Cosgrove, 36 and 40 ; Bostock's, 37. The visitors started badly, losing six wickets for seven runs, but S. Craddock joining W. Read the score was raised to 33, when the first named was out for useful seven. With the last man in, Bostock's were still one run behind, hut they just managed to secure this and also the additional run required to win before last wicket fell. W. Read batted well for 23. Brown, with eight wickets, bowled best for Cosgrove. The home team again batted, scoring 40.  In the first innings the home side J. Bugby made 12, and Craddock took six wickets for 18 runs.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 05 December 1890

COSGROVE. Cricket Club Supper.

The annual supper of the Cricket Club was held in the Schoolroom on Saturday, a capital meal being provided by Mr. Cowley. Colonel Murray presided, and he was supported by Rev P. G. McDouall, rector; Mr. J. J. Atkinson, C.C., Mr. P. D. Ball, Mr. W. Pike, Mr. Wales, Mr. Anchor, Mr. J. Hills, secretary Wolverton Britannia Cricket Club, and others. The secretary's report showed the club to be in a sound financial condition.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 06 February 1891

COSGROVE. Cricket Club. —The annual meeting was held Saturday. Mr. Bianchi presided. The balance-sheet showed a balance in hand of £2 8s. The officers were then elected for the coming season.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Monday 22 June 1891

WOLVERTON L. AND N. W. v. COSGROVE. These teams met in the Big Field, Wolverton, on Saturday, when the home team won easily by 66 runs. Scores: Wolverton L. and N. W., 96; Cosgrove, 30. For the winners Packer made 35 runs, Giles 17, and Coles 16, and Worall took two wickets for 13 runs, and Elliott six wickets for 17. The highest scorer for Cosgrove was W. Wise (10), and Rogers took three wickets and Burnell six wickets.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Monday 29 June 1891

BOSTOCK’S. COSGROVE.—On Saturday about thirty members of the former club visited Cosgrove. The visitors batted first, scoring 61, of which K. Wright made 14 and Eyre 10. Varnish and Bugby bowled best for Cosgrove. The home team fared badly against the bowling of Craddock and Jones, scoring 24 only. On a second attempt they lost four wickets for 43.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Tuesday 07 June 1892

STONY STRATFORD TOWN v. COSGROVE. Played at Cosgrove, when the home players won an interesting game by the narrow margin of one run. Stratford went in first and made 36, against which Cosgrove made 37, the only person to reach double figures in either innings being W. Woollard (20) and E. French (10) being the principal scorers.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Monday 13 June 1892

Wolverton Britannia v. Cosgrove. These teams met at Wolverton on Saturday, when the home team won by nine runs. Scores: Britannia, 51 Cosgrove, 42 and 56. For Wolverton, F. Hillyard made 15 runs, W. J. Brown 13, and A. Archer 10; and in bowling Tinkler took seven wickets and B. Williams three. In the second innings Archer took six wickets Weston two, and Brown and Hillyard one. For Cosgrove T. P. Bull made 20 runs, C. Pennell 15, F. Hilton not out 10, W. Wise 10, and Scrivener 9. In bowling Scrivener took three wickets, Lambert three, Bull two, and Panter one.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Monday 22 August 1892

Stony Stratford v. Cosgrove. These elevens contested supremacy on the grounds of the former on Saturday, when Stratford gained an easy victory by 23 on the first innings. In the home team’s total of 61, the Rev. W. E. Wallace figured conspicuously with 28: while on the Cosgrove side Baldwin made 12. A. Baldwin bowled in good form for the home side, and R. Bull was very successful in that direction for Cosgrove.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 15 September 1893


Bostock's v. Cosgrove.

This match was played on Saturday at Cosgrove, and ended victory for Bostock's. Scores: Bostock's, 93; Cosgrove, 38.

After the match, tea was partaken of at Mr. Knight's, the Plough Inn, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. In the evening a smoking concert was held, songs being sung by members of both teams, accompanied Mr. F. Johnson, and ended in a very pleasant outing.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 10 June 1910



Played at Cosgrove on Saturday and ended in favour of Trinity by 72 runs.

Score - Wolverton Trinity H. F.  Coombs, b H. Jelley 4 C. Beal, c and b H. Jelley, 1; J. Dunkley c R. Brown, b E. Jelley, 1 ; F. Blow, b W. Brown. 51; C. Gascoyne. 1 b w b G. Bugby 9 F. Gilbert b G. Bugby 0 ; C. Jones b G. Bugby 8; H. Jones b E. Jelley 5; S. Tompkins not out 0; W. Knight b E Jelley 2; extras 3, total 89

Cosgrove : First Innings R. Brown b Tompkins 0; (second innings) b Tompkins 25; G. How, c Beal, b Tompkins 0; c Gascoyne, b Dunkley 4; E. Jelley b Dunkley 1, b Dunkley 30; W. Wise b Tompkins 2,  b Coombs 0; W. Brown b Tompkins 1, c W. Jones, b Coombs 11; C. Baldwin b Tompkins 0, b Tompkins 1; H. Jelley b Dunkley 1, b Beal 0; B. Brown b Tompkins 0, c and b Coombs 0; G. Bugby, c Beal, b Tompkins c not out 3; A. Jelley not out 0 b Coombs 5; J. Brown b Tompkins 0, c E. Jones, b Coombs 0, extras 8, extras 7, total 1st Innings 17, total (2nd innings) 86.

Bucks Standard 27th March 1920


Played at Cosgrove on Saturday last and resulted in a win for the visitors by 39 runs. Batting first, Tathall End scored 96, to which total C. Evans contributed 98, W. Walker 19 and F. White 14. Cosgrove replied with 57, A. Cadd (20) and A. Jelley (11) being the chief scorers.

Details : TATHALL END; F. Herbert c A. Jelley b W. Jelley 0; F. White b W. Jelley 14; G. Walker ran out 8; B. Grace b W. Jelley 1; W Walker b W. Jelley 19; H. Grace b Knight 0; C. Evans b Knight 38; F. Geary c G. Jelley b Cadd 2; H. Weatherhead b Cadd 2; W. Mills b Cadd 1; C. Mills not out 7; extras 2, total 96.

COSGROVE: H. Barnwell c W. Walker b Herbert 1; A. Cadd c W. Walker b White 20; J. Knight c Herbert b White 2; A. Jelley b W. Walker 11; T. Lord c W. Mills b W. Walker 0; E. Eglesfield b White 2; F. Williams c Geary b W. Walker 4; W. Jelley b White 0; B. Tack not out 4; extras 6, total 57.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo Wednesday 01 June 1921


JUNE   11.
Wolverton Wesleyans v. Cosgrove

Old Wolverton v. Cosgrove

Wolverton Express 22nd July, 1938

Cosgrove Hall Cricket Match

A friendly match took place at Cosgrove hall grounds on Wednesday by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. GH Winterbottom, when the Cosgrove called team opposed a team from the village.  Teams were 12 aside and the whole team gave their opponents are heavy defeat.  Scores;

Cosgrove: A Noble 10, E Noble 5, J Eglesfield 13, A Lavington 0, A Castle 18, W. Ratcliffe 1, A Bushell 0, H Smith 2, F. Lambert 11, S Kightley 2, T Lovesey not out 2, Priestley 1, extras 1, total 66.

Cosgrove Hall: J Prisley 11, H Ray 0, G. Ellis 6, R Ealey 0, G Beasley 2, W Crowder 0, A. Tompkins 53, C Harmston 1, E J Lambert 12, H Cummings 5, E R Lambert 1, E C Lambert not out 3, extras 7, total 121.

Wolverton Express 8th July 1960

Cosgrove Field a Team Again

Cosgrove had a cricket team on duty for the first time in many years on Sunday when their young side visited Wicken.  The home team included a number of youngsters, including 11 year old Raymond Bloxham, but had to field more seniors then was intended.  Wicken declared at 155 for five and dismissed the visitors, who put up a good show for 92 runs.

Wicken: R Canning 30, F Bloxham 27, J Higgs 43, W Case 5, M. Wootton not out 9, M Green 14, J. Folker retired 24, R Bloxham not out 13, extras 13 total for five wickets declared 177 - D. Berrill three for 22.

Cosgrove: E Spokes 4, T Hefford 8, D. Beryl 25, C Bushell 7, R. Waite 1, P Hickford 21, J. Berrill 0, H Smith 0, D Cannings 7, J. Lambert not out 6, H Meakins 10, extras 2, total 92.  M. Watson 3 for 7, J Higgs 2 for 4, F Bloxham 2 for 3.

Wolverton Express 5th August 1960

Win for Cosgrove

Cosgrove cricket received a fillip on Saturday when a village team had a handsome win over neighbouring Old Stratford.  Cosgrove owed much to F Hill, who scored 44 runs out of a total of 68, and then took four wickets for four runs in nine overs.  D. Berrill backed this up by taking 3 for 5, and Old Stratford were dismissed for 22, six of their side failing to score.

Note: fillip - something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

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