GRACE PENN 1889 - 1976

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Grace Penn's place of birth was recorded in the 1891 Census as being born in Sweden. In the 1901 Census the recorded place of birth was Suffolk. In the 1911 Census place of birth was Ousden Suffolk.

Grace's father was a famous cricketer.

Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald - Saturday 12 June 1926

On the telephone new Subscribers: Nonington 21, Penn, Miss G. West House, Goodnestone

Northampton Mercury - Friday 31 October 1930

 A Quiet Ceremony at Helmdon.

St Mary Magdalene Church Helmdon

A wedding of considerable interest took place at Helmdon Church on Monday, when Miss Grace Penn, of Falcutt House, was married to Captain Philip York Atkinson, of Cosgrove.

Fulcutt House

Brigadier Sir Hereward Wake. D.S.O., acted as best man, and the bride was given away by her brother. Lieut.-Colonel R. Penn, M.C. After the ceremony a reception was held at Falcutt House, at which the guests included Capt. and Mrs. G. Lees. Mrs. W. Penn, Mrs. E. Penn. Miss Olive Penn, Mrs. Young. Miss Nancy Penn, Lady Wake, Lady Penrhyn, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lees, Miss Lees. Mrs. F. Penn, Miss M. and G. Atkinson, etc.

Captain and Mrs. Atkinson are spending the honeymoon at Overstrand Hall, Cromer, lent by Lord Hillingdon. They will live at Cosgrove.

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited
15th August 1923
 MISS GRACE PENN of West House, Goodnestone near Canterbury
Folio 1.
Schedule referred to by and forming part of Policy No. C/66362
of the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited
Property belonging to Miss Grace Penn
£95 On Five Stone Half Hoop Large Diamond Ring
£45 Five stone half hoop ring (3 rubies, 2 diamonds)
£45 Five stone half hoop ring (3 sapphires, 2 diamonds)
£10.10. Square Cut Ruby Circle Ring
£12.12. Emerald Circle Ring
£5 Turquoise and Rose Diamond Cluster Ring
£185 17 Stones Circular Diamond Locket with Platinum Chain
£8.8s Rose Diamond Knot Broooch
£40 36 Stone Diamond Brooch
£30 Crowing Cock Diamond Brooch
£15 Frog Diamond Brooch
£8. 8s Star Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Brooch
£10.10s Olivine and Diamond Brooch
£12.12s Diamond Swallow Brooch
£27.10s 3 Pearl and Diamond Sword Brooch
£9.9s Diamond Heart and Sapphire Dog Brooch
£750.00 Pearl Necklace
£42 Stiff Bracelet Watch set 27 Diamonds, blue enamel dial
£27.10s Diamond Expanding Bracelet
£30 Diamond and Ruby 3 Circle Brooch (two Diamonds and one Ruby)
£5 Rose Diamond Chick Broooch
Folio 2.
Property belonging to Miss Grace Penn
£33.12s (17 Fiddle Pattern Table Spoons, George III, 42 ounces 10 pennyweights.
(17 Fiddle Pattern Dessert Spoons, Victorian, 29 ounces 15 pennyweights.
(2 Fiddle Pattern Gravy Spoons, Victorian, 7 ounces
(1 Fiddle Pattern Sauce Ladle, William IV, 3 onces 5 pennyweights
(1 Fiddle Pattern Butter Knife, Victorian 1 ounce 10 pennyweights
£16.12s (1 Thread and Shell Sifter, Victorian 2 ounces
(1 Thread and Shell Sugar Tongs, Victorian 1 ounce 15 pennyweight
£2.5s 9 Rat Tail Tea Spoons, Victorian, 3 ounces
£2 Sugar Spoon, Tongs and Sifter, Victorian, 3 ounces
£1.5s Two Old English Pattern Jam Spoons, George III, 1 ounce 5 pennyweight
17s. 6d Small Fork and Two Salt Spoons
£1.5s Pair Salad Servers, Doulton Handles
£1.15s Ivory Handle Cheese Scoop and Tea Knife
£58 2 by 12 inches oblong entrée Dish and lid, Victorian, 116 ounces
£80 28 inch Gadroon Salver engraved centre George III, 1780
£4 1 by 6 inches oblong modern Salver eight ounces
£12.10s 2 by 11 inches Fluted and Square Base Candlesticks mark erased
£7 A five inch Candlestick, George III, London 1746 5 ounces 6 pennyweights
£7 Coffee Pot (Foreign) 14 ounces 10 pennyweights
£6 Fluted Sugar Castor, Victorian 13 ounces
£8.8s Fluter Sugar Basin, George III, London 1798, 15 ounces
£3.2s.6d Tankard embossed Vine Leaf Decotation, Victorian, 6 ounces 5 pennyweights
£3 Tankard embossed Flower Leaf Decoration, Victorian, 6ounces 5 pennyweights
£2.2s Oval Mustard Pot, Victirian, 3 ounces 10 pennyweights
£1.18s.6s A Mustard Pot engraved F.G.E.R. Victorian 3 ounces
£2.10s Chicken Pepper Castor, 4 ounces 10 pennyweights
£3 Pig Pepper Castor, 4 ounces 10 pennyweights
£1.10s Embossed Fancy Pepper Castor, 3 ounces
£3.3s Donkey Slide and one other 7 ounces
£262.15.6 Forward
Folio 3
Property belonging to Miss Grace Penn (… Contd.)
£262.15.6 Forward
£8.8s Afternoon Fluted Tea Set, Victorian:-
  Tea Pot 9 ounces 10 pennyweight
  Sugar Basin 3 ounces
  Cream Jug 2 ounces
£1.15s Tea Strainer, Georhe III, 2 ounces
£10 Embossed Glove Box, 20 ounces
£1.12s.6d Case containing Knife, Fork and Spoon
£8.8s 10 inch Plain Cigar and Cigarette Box, Cedar lined
£5 6 inch Plain Card Box
£4.16s Tankard, Victorian 12 ounces
£2 Flask, Victorian 4 ounces
£2 Fern pot, Lion Handles, 4 ounces
£3.15s Pierced and engraved Fish Slice, Acorn Design, George III, 5 ounces
£8.10s Pair 9 inch reeded Candlesticks, Victorian
£1.15s Cupid Design Pepper Castor, George III, 2 ounces 10 pennyweight
£1 Octagon Cupid Design Pepper Castor, Victorian 2 ounces
£3.10s Two Punch Ladles with coin bowls
£4.10s Case containing six solid Bird Menu Holders, 6  ounces
£3 7 inch Prize Cup, Victorian, 6 ounces
£4.4s 2 by 7 inches pierced baskets, Victorian, 7 ounces
£1.15s Snuff Box, William, IV
£2 Engraved Snuff Box (Foreign)
£2.10s 5 inch Reeded Match Box, Georgeian 5 ounces 10 pennyweights
£3.3s Rat tailed spoon, Britannia Mark 1701
Silver Mounted Articles and such like
£2.5s 3 by 3½ inch Inkpots, Fluted Glass
£15.15s Champagne Jug, Heavy Engraved Mounts
£1.10s Long Cut Glass Scent Bottle and one other
£2.5s Heart Shaped Box
10s Match Stand, Frosted Glass
£7.7s 6 inch Tortoiseshell Cigarette Box
£3.10s 3½ inch Tortoiseshell Cigarette Box (repaired)
£33.2s Forward
Folio 4
Property belonging to Miss Grace Penn (Contd….)
£33.2s Forward
£10 Small Tortoiseshell Timepiece
£1.7.6d Tortoiseshell Ash Tray
£5.10s Pin Cushion, Damper, Heart Shaped Frame, Pierced Folding Frame and a Smokers Lamp
£2.2s Agate Top Snuff Box
£1. 5s Yellow Agate Top Snuff Box
10s. 6d Whalebone Toasting Fork
£5 Pair 12 inch Hot Plates
£2.10s a 12 inch Oval Pierced Cake Basket
£3.17s.6d Coffee Maker (Sheffield)
£5.5.s Oval Tea Kettle and stand (Elkington)
£2 Decanter Stand and screw Top Flask
£10 18 Carat Gold Leber, pair case B. Barnet 4357
£8.8s a 18 Carat Gold Lever Single Case, Anth. Mesare, London, 1817
Silver £346.7s.0d
Silver Mounted Articles etc. £63.17s.0d
Silver Plated Articles £22.2.s.6d
Watches £18.8s.0d
  Four Indoor Servants
  One Groom and Coachman
  All Casual Labour

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