Furtho Register Briefs

The Furtho Church Register also contained the following entries.

1696 Mar 25 Michael PARRIOT came to live in the parish of Furtho with five children

1696 Feb 7 John HEARN of Old Stratford entered into collection

Collected for the briefs for Streatham St. Olave Southwark Joseph PETERS Broughton, Robert BARKER the sum of five shillings sixpence
L. Sidgwick Curate October the eight 1699

1697/8 Feb 10 Whereas Alice THOMSON widow hath usually received one shilling sixpence per week for collection from the tenth of February 1697/8 forward she is to have 2 shillings per week

Richard GARLICK came to live in the parish of Furtho at Lady Day 1698 together with his father Jordan wife and child

Peter TYLER entered on the clerks office at Furtho on the 24th day of June 1698 and sworn

John HEARN entered into collection at 2s per week Jan 1st 1699

Aprill ye 23 1699
Collected for the Brief for the Relief of the Vandou the sum of ten shillings and three pence Given at the same time to the Brief for Wolverhampton sixpence Leonard Sidgwick

Memorandum that Moses BROOKS with his wife and family came to inhabit in the parish of Furthoe with a certificate according to Law on the 25th of March 1695

Item that Richard WALKER and Edward LAMBURN with their wivis and families came to inhabit with certificates according to act of Parliament in the Parish March ye 25th 1699 Leonard Sidgwick Peter Tyler

Collected for the Brief for the slaves at Machames the sum of six shillings September ye 5th 1700

Sept 2 1700
Collected for the Brief for the fire in the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey the sum of one shilling