Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FIX/1-18

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

3 May 1404

Rd Wydevill'

Wm Fortho
John Hardell
John Newman

of all underwood…. in Wykepark with all trees growing in that wood in parish of Wykehamond except the "fryth" under a certain size.

Fortho &c. to make a fence round the park at their own expense &c .&c.
R. W. is bound to Fortho &c in £20 for the performance of same indenture.

Dated Wykehamond Inv. S. Cruces. 5 Hen. IV.

2 seals on one tag and another tag only. Parchment. Latin.

Indenture. Demise Lease.

(1) Nicholas Bliseworth' de Fortho
(2) William de Fortho
for a certain sum
3 acres and 1 rood arable in Fortho with its ditches &c described
40 years
service of one grain of corn yearly (with other covenants)


Fortho. 16 Rd. II.(sic)

Tag and red Seal.

Agnes daughter of the late Peter de Cheyne in Forho
Roger Doget of Estpirie
service and 7/-

1 selion in the "inlond" in Forho.

Ynone Gobyun
John Gobyun
Roger de Mora
Nicholas de Temple
Walter Aunsel
Richard Illing de Yerdele and others

Tag and white Seal. Parchment. Latin.


Agnes daughter of the late Peter de Cheyne in Forho

Roger son of Richard Doget of Estpirie
for service and 20/-   rent 3/4 per year
3 selions arable in the "inlond" in Forho

Ada[m] de Fortho
Yno Gobyun
John Gobyun
Roger de Mora
Nich. de Templo in Forho
Walter Aunsel
Rt. son of Rt. de Estpyr'
and others

Tag and white Seal. Parchment. Latin.

(23 April 1334)

Walter de Bem' le of Couesgrave
Lord William Sterling de Schenle, chaplain

1½ acres arable in Fortho and 1 hedge which he held from Matil' le Bermele, Walters mother

Furtho. Feast of St. George 8 Ed. III.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

20 March 1 Rd. III. (1484)
Indenture. Lease.

Sir Walter Mauntell Kt.,
Thos. M. Esq., and Margaret his wife
Richard Fitzjon'
Peter Fitzjon'
John Haile

William Eleson of Wrost in parish of Flitton Beds, yeoman.
Manor of Furtho and messuage called Fosters Place and all lands in Furtho, Cosgrave, and East Perry which Peter held (with certain exceptions)
for 7 years
£4 annually at Lady Day and Michs.
payment to the rector under conditions specified - with numerous other details.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

"A list of writings in this box marked "D"

(list of contents IX/I-18)

C 17 Paper

10 May 4 Eliz. I (1562)

Marriage settlement counterpart

(1) Edward Watson of Rockingham Esq.,
(2) Thos Fortho of Fortho Esq.,

(T. F. to marry Eliz. W. dau. of (1) )

(2) promise to give to Sir John Spencer and other trustees an estate in Furtho for the use of Eliz. and their lives (estate not limited or described)

(1) pays £160

Sig Tag and Seal of (2) Parchment. English.

July 6 Eliz. I (1564)
Indenture. Bargain and Sale (counterpart)

(1) Eliz. Fortho of London widow
to (2) William Fortho citizen and grocer of London
for goodwill All her lands in Cosgrave and Fortho now in hands of her trustees and 1 close called a Sarte in Passenham and land in Potterspury and Yardley Gobion
To the use of (2)

Sig. Tag and Seal of (2) Parchment. English.

(21 Jan 20 Jas I) (1625)
Copy of Deed of Partition.
(1) Anthony Stanton of Great Brickhill and Anne his wife,
(2) Samuel Maunsell of Cosgrave and Nightingale his wife,
(3) John Maunsell of London
William Siggwicke of Woborne, Beds, gent

Division of Furtho and Cosgrave estate between (1) and (2) with schedule of lands attached.
Anthony and Samuell are husbands of Anne and Nightingale - the co-heirs of Furtho.

5 double pages Paper. MS.

20 April 1 Jas. I. (1625)
Indenture. Bargain and Sale. Not enrolled.

(1) Anthony Stanton of Great Brickhill and Anne his wife

(2) Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham Kt and
Henry Banastre, gent.


Manor of Furtho and all its pasture, and advowson, timber and iron &c.

to (2)

Sigs Tags and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

Morrow of All Souls. 1 Chas. I. (1625)
Final Concord. Right Hand Indenture

Sir Robert Banastre Kt
Anthony Stanton Esq.,
Anne his wife

Manor of Furtho, 20 messuages, 12 cottages, 6 tofts, 3 mills, 6 dovecotes, 30 gardens, 30 orchards, 600 acres arable, 150 meadow, 400 pasture, 100 wood, 200 heath and furze
for 50/- rent

Parchment. Latin.

Trinity 16 Chas. I. (1640)
Decree in Court of Wards and Livery.

On death of Dynham Banistre, late King's ward, Sir Robert Banistre, grandfather and Laurance Banistre father are seized of Manor of Kirby, Leics and lands, and Passenham etc. N'hants, and Dynham was heir to the 3rd part.
On his death his heirs are Lord Tewman (Tuam) and widow Mary Banistre who wish to sell their third part of the manors.

2 membranes sewn together. Parchment. English.

23 June 16 Chas. I. (1640)
Indented articles of Agreement

(1) Rt Hon Thos Viscount Wenman [Tewman, Tuam?]
Mary Banistre, widow of Laurence Banistre, mother of Margaret and Elizabeth Banistre wards and co-heirs of Laurence Banistre and 2 of the committee of the wards
(2) Sir Robert Banistre Kt, father of Laurence Banistre agree to sell the lands in N'hants and Leicester, and
(2) is to buy out the wards share and the approval of the Court of Wards is to be asked.

3 Sigs and Seals. Parchment. English. MS.

15 Aug. 1640
Indenture. Lease for one year.

(1) Viscount Tuam
Marie widow of Laurence Banistre, Esq.,
(2) Thos Tirrell of Castlethorpe, Bucks, Esq.,
Rd. Stratten of Passenham, Yeoman.

5/-    2/3 of Manor of Kirby Leics and lands attached and in Leicester Forest and all houses etc. in it.

Sig Tag and Seal of (1). Parchment. English.

17 Aug. 1640
Indenture. Release.

Viscount Tuam
Mary Banistre
Thos Tirrell of Castlethorpe, Esq.,
Rev. John Harris of Passenham 
For payment of debts of Laurence Banistre and making provision for daughters and for £8000 and £1500 contingency, Manor of Passenham, Denshanger and Furtho and advowson of Furtho and all its lands and messuages etc. in Furtho Passenham and Yardley Gobion
to use of (2)

Sig Tag and Seal of Tuam. Parchment. English.

18 Aug. 16. Chas. (1640)
Indenture. Release.

(1) Rt Hon Thos Lord Viscount Tuam
Mary widow of Laurence Banastre
to (2) Thos Tirrell of Castle Thropp, Bucks, Esq.,
Rd. Stratten of Passenham, Yeoman,

(In confirmation of sale of £8000 and) £1500 as collateral contingent security. Their two thirds of the Manor of Kirby Muckloe, Leics and its parts.

To the use of (1), but as security of sale as in IX/16.

28 May 1650
Bill in Chancery (copy)

Complaint by Wm. Lewis Esq., of Maidwell, heir of Margaret Banistre, granddaughter of Sir Robt. Banistre, agaianst executors of Sir Robt. B. concerning the non payment of promised dower of Margaret by Sir Robert who died and left all the money to the grandson, now dead.

19 pages. Paper.

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