Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FVII/1-16

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


"Potters house in Perr….
The two daughters of Potter "

Paper. English.

1 May 12 Hen IV. (1411)
Indenture. Lease.

John Olney of Weston and Marieria his wife

to Nicholas Parkere and Katherine his wife of messuage with 2 tofts and 9½ acres of land &c. in Furtho, the messuage once called Tymmes Pyket.
Details of land.
for their lives
for 8 shillings at 2 terms, Michaelmas and Lady Day.

2 Seals on one tag. Parchment.

Estprye, 20 Sept. 12 H.VI. (1438)
Charter. Conveyance.

Richard Cheny chaplain
John Sharp and John Edy of Stonystratford,

to John Olney, citizen, mercer and alderman of City of London
Sir John Boude, clerk, William Edy of SS, William Edy citizen and cloth merchant (parmarius) of London
Thomas Edy senior of SS

of all lands which they had with John Potter late of Estpirye senior deceased by grant of Richard Potter in Estpirye, Cosgrave, Passenham and Fortho

Witnesses:- Wm. Fortho
John Boys
Wm Illyng
John Fosket
John Skynner &c

Clerk - Lyndessay

Tag for 3 Seals. Parchment. Latin.

Monday before St. Petronilla V, 20 H. VI. (28 May 1442)
Letter of Attorney

John Edy of Stonystratford'
Richard Chayne chaplain and
John Sharp'

appoint as attorney

Thomas Maclesfeld', clerk

to deliver seisin

to Elizabeth and Joan daughters and heirs of Richard Potter of Potterspurye
in all lands they had by grant of R.P. in Potterspurye and Cosgrave.

2 Seals, black wax, on strips. Parchment. Latin.

Fragment of a copy or draft of a charter.

…… citizen of London,
William Edy of Stonystratford
Thomas …..

of lands (once of …) Potter of Petterspirye in Potterspirye, Couesgrave
with proviso so that said John Cook allows (    ) a parlour and chamber above on the South in Potterspirye
To be held by John Campton alias John Cook under various conditions to find for Elizabeth and pay certain moneys &c.,

Paper. Latin.

Copy of Agreement between

(1) Elizabeth (Potter) of Potterispery and (2) to John Compton alias Cooks

(1) to (2) of all her lands in Potterispery and Cosgrave (& Furtho) which she has by her inheritance from Richard Potter her father and Matilda her Mother
and of all lands (1) bought from John Hertishorn' except an upper chamber and another below on the south during her life with ingress &.

(2) to find food and drink for (1), also fuel for the chamber and house also to repair same.
(2) to pay 20 marks and from and including 10th year in the future 20 shillings a year.   

Witnesses:- Wm Edy;
John Percoks, schoolmaster and
Thomas Madlen &c,

Paper. Latin.

Potterspurye, Th. after Assumption 22 H. VI. (20 Aug. 1444)
Charter. Grant.

Elizabeth daughter and an heir of Richard Potter

to John Olney, citizen and alderman of London
William Edy of Stonystratford'
Thomas Edy and John Wheler
of her purparty i.e. moiety of all lands descended to her and her sister Joan after the death of their father in Potterspurye and Couesgrave which they have by lease of John Edy of Stonystratford', Richard Cheyne chaplain and John Sharp


Witnesses:- Wm. Fortho
Thos Mandelyn
John Foscote
John Boys
Galfrid Potter &c.,

Seal. Parchment. Latin.


"John the haste mynde how the were with me a gode whyle a gon'/ and there the declarest to me/ how the lande and howsynge/ was devyded and departed/ as well kymptons ffelde and other as the remenant/ so that y systers hadde here parte/ and here upon' the haste don' all the malys that the cowdest devyse/ with Thyn' untrewe counsell'/ to sylle and to aleyne to fortho and other/ as hyt is well knowen'/ and better schall be I hope to god/ grete wronge fortho thy sylffe have don/ with counsell of lasӱ/ I would fayn' hyt were a mended with esy werke and small coste/ In case the wolt com to me/ and to declare all the untrewthe wrought/ I wolde shewe the ffavor that the schalte co....  me thanke/ ellys I wolle have the vp with a wrytte sub pena with other or owght longe/ and I cownseyll the late me spende no money in waste and I wot welle the haste no grete nede to spend neyther/ for atte thowe I have a byden' longe zyt I have not for gote hyt/ be a vysed here upon' & late me have som' wrytynge from' the/ and god' kepe vs all ame'n wryte'n at London the even of all' seynts

by John Olney mercer in London

At top " I.us amia"

Address To John (…..) esperye
be th…..d

Potterspury 29 January, 37 Hen. VI. (1459)
Release & quitclaim

John Reve alias John Bouchmaler

to John Seman' senior and John Seman junior citizens of London,
of all his right in all his lands &c Potterspury, Couesgrave, Fortho and Passenham


Witnesses:- Wm Illyng'
Tho Boston'
Nich Boys
Jn Persons and
Wm Lacy &c.,

Seal. Parchment. Latin.

10. & 11.
31 Jan. 37 Henry VI (1459)
Indenture. Lease.

John Seman' the elder and
John Seman' the yonger of London'

to John Reve otherwise called Bouchmaler' of Potterspury of all the lands J. R. late held of John Olney late citizen' and mercer and aldermen' of Londo'n
for his life. Repair clause.
and after his death to Jane his wiffe
j [1] chambr' a bove the hihe deys and a litlle hows and iij [3] acres of errable during her widowhood without marrying
She is also to repair.

1 Seal 2 tags Parchment. English.

Potterspury, Nat. St. John Bapt. 37 H. VI. (24.6.1459)
Release and quitclaim

Agnes Hachard' of Pokisle daughter of Henry Potter of Potterspury, widow

to John Seman' senior and John Seman' junior of London, mercers

of all her right in her lands in Potterspury, Passenham, Furtho and Couesgrave which descended to her after the death of Joan Reve alas Bouchmaler' daughter of Richard Potter' of Potterspury.

Witnesses:- Wm. Addington'
John Shappe (Sharp)
John Tybbis
Nich. Boys
Thos Boffeton'

Seal. Parchment. Latin.

30 July 37 Hen. VI. (1459)
Charter. Demise?

Thomas Edy of Stonystratford and John Whelar of same

to Richard Nevill' Earl of Warrewic, John Seman' senior, John Seman' junior, Thomas Clapham, Richard Preston, Richard Mor', William Addyngton, John Sharpe

of all lands in Potterspury, Furtho, Covesgrave, and Passenham, they had with John Olney alderman of London and William Edy of SS deceased, by grant of Elizabeth Potter. Late of Potterspury.

Witnesses:- M Walter Bate, Rector of Potterspury
Sir Robert …. Chaplain of same
Thomas Brynneford of same
Nich. Boys of same
Thomas Boveton' of same &c.,

2 Seals. Parchment. Latin.

22 February 12 Ed. IV. (1473)
Release and quitclaim.

Joan Olney widow of John Olney late alderman citizen and mercer of the city of London and executrix of his will

to John Seman senior, citizen and mercer of London all her right in lands late of J. O. her husband in Potterspury, Passenham, Furtho and Covesgrave.

Clerk : Woodcock

Seal. Parchment. Latin.

Potterspury, 20 May 16 Ed. IV. (1476)
Charter. Grant.

John Seman senior, citizen and mercer of London

to Thomas Billyng Kt .,Chief Justice K.B.,
Thomas Fowler, John Verney, John Botiller, esquires, and John Addyngton

of all his lands in Potterspury, once of Richard Potter of P. and which J.S. with J. S. junior deceased had by grant of John Reve alias Bouchmaler.


Also appointment as attorney of Pater Gerrard to deliver seisin.

Witnesses:- Wm Catesby Kt.,
Richard Middelton
John Seint John esquires
John Persons, William Illyng and others.

Clerk : Wodecok.


Statement by John Haile about house in Potterspury bought by Wm. Furtho his master from John Rewe and Joan Potters wife which they conveyed to W. F. and Agnes Hachard of Pokisley widow, next heir to Joan and which A. H. released to W. F. The evidence was shown to Olney who never again claimed.
W. F. conveyed all his lands (for Thomas Furtho) to Sir Wm. Catesby, Sir Walter Mauntell', Sir Wm. Baker clerk and John Hail.
The evidence was sent by T. F. to Master Edy.

Paper. English.

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