Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FVI/1-14

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

"A list of the writings in this Box marked G."

C17 Paper.

2. a&b.
n.d. C; 1625
" No. 1"

Draft, notes and fair copy. (draft with notes)

of monies paid by Sir Francis Staunton, (for manor of Furtho purchased?
Purchase of land, and other land purchases and expenses.

Total £3995.5.0

Purchase of the land and other land purchases and expences.

2 pages MS Paper. Paper. English.

28 March 1626
"No. 2"

by Anthony Staunton for £4210 for Manor of Furtho,from Sir Robert Banastre

and £44 for rent due to the manor for previous year (listed)

Sigs of AS for both

1 seal. Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 3"

Arthur Longville of Wolverton Bucks, gent.
Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham, Kt,
Henry Banastre, gent.

(2) to (1) £14. (1) Agrees not to take distress on Manor of Furtho or any of its lands lately of Ed. Furtho and others and to save harmless]generally.

Sig and seal of (1) Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 4"
Writings. Covenant.

(1) Christopher Gascoyne
(2) Sir Robert Banastre Kt.,

(As VI/4.)

Certain sum to (1) & Edward Longville by consent of (1). (1). not to take any distress on manor and lands in Furtho.

Sig and seal of (1)  Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 5".
Writings. Covenant.

(1) Edward Longville of London, gent.
(2) Sir Robert Banastre

(As VI/4.)

£120 to (1). (1) Not to take any distress on Manor and lands of Furtho.

Sig. and Seal of (1) Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 6"
Writings. Covenant.

(1) John Gascoyne
(2) Sir Robert Banastre Kt.

(As VI/4)

£65 (1) not to take any distress on Manor or lands in Furtho.

Sig and seal of (1).  Parchment. English.

7 May 2 Chas. I. (1626)
"No. 7"
Indenture. Agreement.

John Dunne of St Martin in the Field and Jane his wife,
Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham Kt
Hy B., gent.

£400 to (1). (1) not to distress or claim on his annuity of £100 on the Manor of Furtho granted to Jane by Edward Furtho and covenant to levy a fine for the Tenement and Dovehouse close, being part of the Manor.

Sigs and Seal of (1)  Parchment. MS.

19 May 2 Chas. II. (1626)
Writ of covenant.

Precipe quod teneant To Sheriff of Northampton (attached to VI/8)

John Dunne, gent, and Jane his wife

to Sir Robert Banastre and Hy .B[anastre], gent,

of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 70 acres, 10 meadow, 30 pasture, in Furtho, Cosgrave, Potterspury, Yardley Gobion and Old Stratford.

Parchment. Latin.

20 May 2 Chas. II. (1626)
Writ to Assize judge to take acknowledgement from John and Jane Dunn of a fine of Furtho as in VI/9. (attached to VI/8)

(Writ of dedimus Potestatum)

Parchment. Latin.

28 June 1626
"No. 8"


Mr Dunn's Acquitt

to Sir Robert Banastre in respect of his wife's annuitie of £390.

Sig of John Dunn.

3 Witnesses Paper. English.

1 June 2 Chas. II (1626)
"No. 9"

Indenture. Covenant.

Katherine Gascoigne alias Denham
Anthony Staunton and Anne his wife of Great Brickhill (Bucks)

£120 by Sir Robert Banastre to (1).
(1) to (2) not to take distress of lands of Banastre, late of (2), in Stonistratford.

Sig. Tag and Seal of (1). Parchment. English.

1 July 1626
"No. 10"

(1) Katherine Gascoigne alias Denham, widow
(2) Sir Robt. Banastre

£120 (2) to (1).
(1) not to take any distress on manor of Furtho etc.

Sig. Tag and Seal of (1) Parchment. English.

As VI/13.

Not indented or executed

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