Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity FIII/1-50

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

(20 May 1322)
Agreement, indented

(1) John de Tyngewyk, Rector of Wappenham
(2) Peter de Lyueden and Edith his wife

(1) to lease to (2) for thier lives 5 acres in le Inlond next house of Peter for 6s 3d a year.

Which said 5 acres lie in parcels next land of said Peter on one side and land of Nicholas de molendino on the other

Wm Lord of Forho, Thomas de Templ',
William Curteys of Est pyrye, Robert le Taylour of same,
Roger de …. Ewell

Dated at le Merend, Ascension day, 15 Ed. (II)

No seals. 2 cuts. Parchment. Latin.

(10 Aug. 1437)
Henry Wikemill'
to Wm Fortho of Fortho, Thos Clarell',
John Cok and Thos Fortho
of all his lands &c in Yerdele in parish of Estpyrye and Densangre in parish of Passenham and Stonistretford, Wolverton and Calverton, Bucks.


Yerdele, St. Lawr. M., 15 H. VI.

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

(20 Jan. 1331)

John son of John of Couesgrave senior
to Richard son of Richard de Wolston de magna Linford and Hawysia his wife

of 3 selions of arable in Couesgrave, 1 in le Inlond of Couesgrave next land of John le Bervile and 2 in le Hay furlong next land of Rector of Pirie.


C., Sunday SS Fabian and Sabastian, 4 Ed. III.

Witnesses:- John de Barnvile of Couesgrave, Ni de Molende of same,
Henry Lord of Furtho,
John le Forester of Stonistratford,
Robert le Warde of Couesgrave

Endorsed iij selion terre de dono Johannis fitzion

Seal tag is fragment of a charter.

6 Oct. 32 H. VI. (1453)

William de Fortho of Fortho Esqre

to William Catesby Kt, Walter Mauntell' Esqre, Wm Aschby, Wm Baker' clerk, John Fortho, Rd Lawe and John Haile
of all his lands in Northants Bucks and Beds.

Witnesses:- Niclo' Foster of Fortho,
William Foster of same,
William Sargeant,
Thomas Edy,
Henry Smyth,
Robert Bullok and
Adam Kate

'proprio manu Willelmi Fortho script'
Parchment. Latin.

Wed., after St. Ambrose Bp. 8 Ed. III.

(1) John le Mason of Fortho and Margery his wife
to (2) Henry Lord of Fortho and Sarra his wife.

lease for 3000 years of a messuage in Fortho on le Templehende and land in F[ortho] and Couesgrave (details - see X/16)

Endorsed Jone zarde,
John Mason,
Harry Furtho

Green wax seal. Parchment. Latin.

(? Date error, perhaps 1287)

Agnes de Cheine de Forho widow of Peter son of John son of John de Hamslap

to Richard de Livendene f
or his service and 12 silver marks
of 5 selions and 2 headlands on Rowes in Couesgrave for 3d a year.

between land of Adam de Forho and land of William de Wakkefeld abutting on a headland of John le ...re' (? Frire)
and ½ acre of land on le Sarpe next land of Richard Nichole and abutting on a headland of said John Lefrere
and 1 rood on le Monwrosene next land of Ale Ruheued and 2 selions in le inlond next land of John de Tingewyk and land of Richard de liuedene and abutting on a headland once of Roger Doget
and a particle of meadow called Le Hokes in the meadow of Hutchesworthe next meadow of Adam de Forho and all my part of meadow in Le inlond
between meadow of Richard de liuedene on both parts and a Smaldole of meadow lying at Hauekespol next meadow of R. de L.

Witnesses:- Walter de Forho,
Yone gobiun de Ierdele,
John Gobiun of same,
Robert de Molend' of Couesgrave,
John son of John of same,
John le Frere of same,
John de Barnvile of same,
John son of Henry of same,
Nicholas de templo de Forho,
Adam Cocus of same

Stonistratford, Tu. before St. Dunstan 15 Ed. (I).

Sunday St. Mathias Ap. 10 Ed. III (24 Feb. 1336)
Agreement (indented)

(1) Henry Lord of Forho
(2) Dionysia his daughter

lease for her life of messuage and moiety of yardland in Fortho once held by John de Hantone in bondage - also a messuage once held by Margeria le Hosewyf, & also 4 shgs annual rent out of a messuage and 3 acres which William Atte Grene holds in Fortho for a rose on St John Baptist's day.

Witnesses:- John de Wykemylne,
Nich de Molend',
Peter de Lyueden',
John le fitz Johan,
Thomas de Templo

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

26 March 26 Hen: VIII. (1535)

(1) Antony Furthoo of Covesgrave, gent, and Elizabeth his wife
(2) Thomas Elyott of Wolverton, milner

Sale by [Thomas Elyott] of his leasse &c of a housse and Myln' called a Brest myln' called the Cuttel' myln in Furthoo.

(1) [Anthony Furthoo] to pay [Thomas Elyott] 26s 6d p.a. for 29 years, which rent is to be paid by (1)'s [Anthony Furthoo]'s tenant John Ames, couper, in Stonystretford in Wolverton parish.

Seal. Parchment. English. 

Fortho, S after Christmas 2 Ric. II. (26 Dec. 1378)

(1) Wm de …….  and Matillida his wife
(2) John Quenton ? and Alice his wife.

lease of a messauge called Bordeles in Furtho next the gate of Fasseles….. and 8 acres 2½ roods arable, one acre of meadow (details)
Strips enumerated, for life of Matilda
12/4d rent at Annunciation and St. John Baptist,
Michaelmas two days work of one man in autumn.

Tag and seal gone.  Parchment. Latin.

(Date in error, (there is no 50th year only a 49th in 1471)) 
Admission to copyhold close
Copy of Court Roll.: Admission to copyhold close.
Northcadbyry: Court held there Monday after St. Edward K & Conf., 50 Hen. VI

Record of payment by John Hoper son of John Hoper' John Cole, Richard Cole son of William Cole, Robert Parker to the lord, of 13/4d fine to have estate and ingress into a close in la Ynlond called my ….. Close to hold for their lives according to the custom of the manor.

n.d. (c.1300)

Matilda widow of Roger Doget of Estpury

to Richard de Livendene

of 2 selions of land in the furlong called 'le inlond' between land of R[ichard] de L[ivendene] on both side abutting at one end on R[ichard] de L[ivendene]'s garden and at the other on Le Mordich.

for service and 8 shillings, paying 1 farthing at Easter.

Witnesses:- Adam de Fortho, Nicholas de Templo.
Adam Omari(o), Adam quoquo (= Cocus) of same,
Richard clericus

Tag of seal.
Endorsed 'Lonedens'. Parchment. Latin.


John son of John le En (or Eur) de Estperia
to Isabella his sister for service and 20/-
of ½ acre in Est Peria:- 1 rood lies at the windmill of Estperia on the west side between the land of former Alan le Em and land of Master William de Covesgrave and 1 rood lies nearer Watlingestrate except a rood of land which was once of the said Master
for one rose on St. John Baptist's day.

Witnesses:- Yone Gobiun ,John Gobion
Roger de la More, Walter Anncel,
Hugh de blakewell, Robert son of Robert
Adam le Em, Robert clerk.

Dated at Stonistratford on the Vigil of Ascension 12 Edward I.

Tag and coarse string. Parchment. Latin.

4 Feb. 26 Hen. VI. (1448)
Deedpoll. Quitclaim.

(Rd Potter. Late of Potterspury granted
to John Sharp of Potterspury all his lands in P[otterspury], Cosgrave, and Passenham)

John Sharp quitclaims to John Olney, citizen and Alderman of London, of all title to above lands.

Witnesses:- Tho Mandeleyn,
William Adynto,
John Boys and others.

Tag, Red wax Seal. Parchment. Latin.

(31 Dec. 1414)

William Edy junior of Stonistratforde
to Nicholas Parker of Fortho and Caterina his wife

3 roods of arrable in field of Fortho which Wm held by feoffment from John Dixe, 2 roods near Cuttelle forlong, the other at Littulhilhes -
for service

Fortho, Monday after Nativity 2 Hy. V.

Witnesses:- Wm Lord of Fortho
John Fitzjohn, Tho. Fitziohn
William Chede, John Knyrth?

Tag and seal. Parchment. Latin.

N. D. late 13th Cent.
Deedpoll. Promise to warrant.

Adfam son of Stephen le Cuuer of Fortho
to Adam the carpenter of Cosgrave

1 rood in Couesgrave which stretches to a head into the way towards Stonistratford and lies between land of Rector of Furtho and land of William Riuel
rent 2d per year and each third year a ¼d.

Witnesses:- John Alegrene of Couesgrave
John le carpenter
Richard Taylefer
John le Wroinke ?
Willam clericus of Schyrington

Tag and fragment of white seal. Parchment. Latin.

Indenture. Grant.

William Fortho Lord of Fortho
to Nicholas Byfield of Covesgrave

2 acres and 1 rood of arrable with headland in fields of Cosgrave lying between another 2 acres 1 rood which Nicholas has of said William in exchange for a croft called Fretwellcroft in Fortho on the west and land of said William on east. If William is dispossessed the exchange is cancelled. This indenture and seisin notwithstanding.
for life of John Brington the chaplain
rent 1 Rose if asked for

Cosgrave 6 June 3 Hen. IV.

Tag and seal gone.  Parchment. Latin.

(23 Nov. 1407)
Charter. Warranty clause

John Lyueden of Fortho and Alice his wife
to Thos Wydevill' of Grafton, Wm of Fortho, John Knyght of Hamslap' [Hanslope] and Wm. Edy senior of Stonystrattford,

all lands, rents &c in Furtho, Cosgrave, Potterspury and Hanslope and elsewhere in Northants and Bucks.

Warranty clause.

Witnesses:- John Cope, John Longvill'
Hy Wydeuyll', Thos FitzJohn
John Illyng, Rd Potter
John Warde of Covesgrave

Furtho, Wed: in feast of St. Clements 9 Hy. IV.

Tag and red seal. Parchment. Latin.

(18 Feb. 1398)

Nicholas de Blyseworth
to William Fortho of Fortho

1 toft with croft adjacent called Fretwellescroft in Cosgrave late of Sir Walter Pavely, Kt, which I have after the death of Nicholas my father.

Witnesses:- Thomas Wydeuill'
Robert Parles
Henry Hertwell
Peter FitzJohan
John Lyeuden

Cosgrove Monday before St. Peter in cathrs 21 Rd. II.

Tag and red seal.
Armorial seal. Parchment. Latin.

(28th Sept. 1351)

Sir Walter de Pauelly Lord of Cosgrave

to Nicholas of Blisworth a toft with croft called Fretwellescroft, a toft lying next land which was of Sarra le Cartere 2 acres of arable by estimation lying in le Inlond with headlands adjacent and 2 shillings rent in Fortho going out of a holding which Robert le Smyth lately held with services appurtenant.

Witnesses:- John de Lynedene, Thomas atte Temple,
Adam de Tusmer'.

Cosgrove, Thursday before St. Michs. 31. Ed. III.

Tag and armorial seal. Parchment. Latin.

(2 June 1392)
Indenture. (Cheirograph) Lease.

Nicholas Blyseworth of Fortho
to Wm de Fortho Lord of Fortho

3 acres and 1 rood arable with balks ditches and hedges at Corbusstyl', strips listed. 5 roods lie together in the croft of said Nicholas next land of said William
2 hafudlondus in the same croft of which one lies at the end of the (stadium) and the other at the other end and 1½ acres lie together at Corbysatyl next land of said William and abut against land of Rector of samevill
For 40 years. Rent a grain of corn.

Furtho. Pentecoat 16 Rd. II.

Witnesses:- John Lyueden of Fortho
Robert Kynnyk of same and
Henry Rowolt

Tag only. Parchment. Latin.

Charter. Grant.

Rd Potter de Espirye
to Rd Cheny, Chaplain, John Sharp. John Potter of Estpirye senior and John Edy of Stonestratford of all his lands and tenements in Estpury, Cosgrove and Pakenham


Witnesses:- Wm Fortho Esq (armiger)
John Elys
Wm Foxcote
Ralph Priour, (taillour),
William Sharp,

Eatpirye. 24 Aug. 1 Hy. V.

Parchment. Latin. Tag.

(28 Sept. 1383)

Wm Lynford of Fortho
to John Lyoudene of Fortho and Cybilla his wife

5 roods in fields of Couesgrave of which 3 roods lie in nort fyld on omunder croft next land of rector of church of Fortho on one side and another rood lies on lytilhilslad next land of John lyoudene on one side and another rood on Hyhedene zowt fyld next land of the lord of Furtho on one side.

Witnesses:- Henry Barnofyle, Tho. Fizion,
John Towzomer', John Rowhed
Laurence Tuttohayd

Fortho Vigil of St. Michael. 7 Ric. II.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. early 13th C.

Walter de Forh'
to Richard son of Turri' (?) de Couesgrave

of all land Richard holds of Emma daughter of Galf' de Couesgrave and meadow to be held as in the charter Richard has from Emma
for 3½d

Witnesses:- Robert Riuel
Ralph de Chein' (?)
John son of John of Couesgrave
John le Butill'
John le Frere
Adam le Neg   (?)  Fleg
John de Forh'
Thom de Chem'
John de la Grene
Roger le mazun (?)
? Turri de Forh' ?
William cocus
Walter cocus
Robert clericus de Forh'.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

(25 July 1274)

(1) Henry de Beruil'
to (2) Walter de Forho

(1) to (2) his land in Peri freely and absolutely and by warranty
all his lands in Peri which he holds by inheritance….. saving his mother's part as long as she lives
for 3 years for 9 marks consideration
and because he has not a seal of his own the seal of dominus Nicholas rector of the church of Forho is used.

Witnesses:- Yuon Gobion, John Gobion,
Roger ad moram, John a la grene,
John son of Henry, Richard Terry &c

St. James, 2 Ed. I.

No tag or seal left. Parchment. Latin.

(8 April 1448)
Charter ? copy, (not executed, no tag)

John Knight
to William Fortho of Fortho, Esq.,

all his lands &c in Cosgrove except 1 rood.
Warranty clause.

Witnesses:- Ni Foster, John Peers and Robert Gardiner.

Cosgrove 8 April 26 Hy. VI.

Parchment. Latin.

(22 May 1316)

Robert Peke of Est pyrie and Sarra his wife
to Thomas Templo and Alice his wife

1 selion arable in Couesgrave on houennidescroft lying in the field of Couesgrave between land of said Thomas on one side and land of John Lucas which he holds in villeinage from dominus Henricus Spigurnel on the other and at one head abuts into cleyleygrene.

Witnesses:- Adam lord of Forho
Peter de Lieunden' of same
John fil' John of Couesgrave
Nicholas de molend' of same (mill)
John Scuecot' of same.

Furtho. Sat. after Ascension. 10 Ed.s. of Ed. (II)

2 tags. 1 white wax seal. Parchment. Latin.

(4 Feb. 1289)

Sarra, late wife of Walter Riuel of Fortho
To Adam le Couper of Fortho,

of all her estate in a halfpenny annual rent from 3 roods held of Sarra in Covesgrave and Fortho lying on Luttlehul between land of Joh de Tingewyk and land of John Swetecot.

Witnesses:- Adam son of Walter de Fortho
John de Cuminton (?)
John son of John of Couesgrave
Robert de molend' of same
John brother of same
John de Barneuill of same
Robert Terry of same
John Swetecot of same

Stanistratford, Friday after Purif. 17 Ed. I.

White wax seal.

St. Mathew 14 Ed. II (21 Sept. 1337)
Indenture (Cheirograph) Lease.

Hawisia de la Mare late wife of Adam de Fortho
to Wm son of Adam of F.

of all her dower in manor of Fortho for £4.2.0 at four terms.

Witnesses:- Henry Gobion
Peter de Liuedene
Thomas due temple


Tag and seal removed. Parchment. Latin.

(20 Nov. 1305)

Adam son and heir of Walter Lord of Fortho
to Sarra daughter of the late John Swetecock of Covesgrave and Alicia and Amicia her daughters which she says were begot by me
for service that is that messuage in Covesgrave between a holding of Richard Kyng of same on one side and a holding once of William bercarius on the other and also 3 acrres of arable and a half and seven 'smalidoles' of meadow in Cosgrove:_
½ acre at le Grenewey next land once of Nicholas "de molendinis" of Cosgrave;
one rood on le Middelfurlong next land once of John Henry of Cosgrave
one rood on Flexland next land once of Adam Meryot of Hamslap'
½ acre on le Akerhey next land once of John de la grene of Cosgrave
½ acre on le Schebyte next land once of Robert Terry of Couesgrave
½ acre on Barleyhul next land once of Robert Terry
1 rood on Hullesmo next land once of Adam Meryot
1 rood on Longeland next land once of John Henry
½ acre on .....ng next meadow of John le Fo.....
& (?) William Folour of Stonistratford and 7 smalidoles lie in le S.......

Witnesses:- John son of John of Covesgrave
John le Barneuile of same
John Swetecok (?) of same
Wm le Sargaunt of same
Richard le Warde of same

Furtho, the feast of St. Edmund, King 34 Edward I.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

Tu. bef. St. Greg. PP. 11. E.3 (11th March 1337)

William de Fritwell
to Nicholas de Bliseworth'

of all his goods and chattels in 2 cottages with a croft &c in Covesgrave.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

Wed. bef. Epiph. 49 E. III (2 Jan. 1376)

Nicholas atte Dubel de Hauerysham chaplain and John de Lyueden'

to John son of William de Fortho of 40 shillings rent due from their lands in Fortho which they hold by grant from W. de F. for his life.

Witnesses:- John Gobyon, Peter Fitz John,
John de Clere, Nicholas de Blyseworth,
Thomas de Temple

2 tags. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. early (13

Willam Cocus de Fortho
to Rd son of Theodorus of Couesgrave

1 acre in Covesgrave
½ acre lying on Long' Sebbit
1 rood at Herdwelle next land of John brother of Couesgrave on one side and John Brochole on the other
1 rood on le Stansul next le creu (?) (? quarer) [
quarenten = furlong] next land of Master Robert de Forho in perpetual exchange on account of another acre in the fields "Alwini" next land of Robert son of Helias de peria which stretches to the way leading to the church of Passenham from Pokesle, free-held.

Witnesses:- Walter de Fortho, Robt Rivel
Ralph de Cheyneto, Robert clericus de Fortho
brother of Couesgrave, Wm the Miller
Thos de cheyneto, Robert ruheuet
Wm Rivell, John de Brochole

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. early (13th
Charter, confirmation.

Walter de Fortho son of Wm de F.
to Rd son of Turri de Couesgrave

All arable and meadow which he held from Emma daughter of Galf(ridus) = Geoffrey de la Grene in Couesgrave.

Witnesses:- John le Brun', Laur'. his br.r
John son of J. of Cosgrave, John le Butill,
Adam le ? Neger (F1) John le frere
John de Forh', Walter le franceis,
Thos de Cheinei, John de la Grene
Wm Cock, Wm Riuel, Thos Lupus de Couesgrave
Robt de Forh'.

Slit for tag. Parchment. Latin.

(10 Aug. or 17 Oct.? 1308)

Adam le Coupere de Forho

to Hisoda his daughter

South half of his house in Forho in le cleyland next land of Adam lord of Forho with trees &c. the garden I once bought of Rober de molend' of Couesgrave and lies in the vill of Forho next the cleycroft
½ acre lies at Schorte Sicksurne next land of Adam lord of Forho
½ rood at Hedone wey next land of John Schetecoc of Couesgrave
1 headland at cleycroft which lies for a rood and abuts on said messuage
1 rood at cleyleygrene (with cum sep - hedge) next the pasture called cleyleygrene
½ acre on le publi next land of Nicholas de molend' of Cosgrave and ½ acre lies at Ierdelehay next land belonging to the church of estpirie.

Witnesses:- Adam lord of Forho
Tho. de Templo
Peter de Leuenden'
John son of John of Couesgrave
John Scuetecoc of same

Fortho, feast of St. Lawrence 12 Ed.II.

Seal in cloth case. Parchment. Latin.

(20th or 27th Feb. 1393)

Richard Pottere of Estpirie
to Sir Richard Wilkyn chaplain and John s. of Thos Sharp' of ditto all his lands and tenements etc. in Pokesle, Couesgrave and Estpirie.

Witnesses:- John Wattus, John Illyng
William Launder, John Boys
John attewode

Estpirie, Thursday after St. Julian the Virgin, 16 Rd. II.

Tag and Seal. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. (13
Charter, confirmation.

Agnes de cheine de Fortho widow
to Roget Doket of Estpiria and Matilda his wife

Service and 1 mark silver

1 headland in fields of Forho in "le inlonde" lies in le inlond against 9 selions and stretches itself to one end on land of John de Tingewyk and at the other on habundam towards land of Walter de Forho
Service and 1 mark silver
1 Farthing at Easter

Witnesses:- Walter de Forho, John de Cuminton
Ralph de Molendino de Couesgrene
John his brother, Roger de la More de Yerdele,
Hugh de Blakewelle de Estperia
Adam Cock de Forho

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. (13

Alice de Chenie in Forho
to Rd de Lyeunden

2 marks, 3 selions of land of Alice de Chenie one selion of which lies in Brockforlong between land of Adam de Tvrsmer' and land of William de Riuellis
2 selions lie on quaranten' (= furlong) called venforlung between land of John le Frer' of Couesgrave and land of Robert de molendinis and abuts on land of Alexander de Cheyn' in le broc furlong.

Witnesses:- Walter de Forho
Peter s. of John
Richard de Templo
Thos de Cheyn'
Alexander de Cheyn'
John s. of John of Couesgrave
Wm de Riuellis

Tag. Seal and string. Parchment. Latin.

Morrow of Ascension 17 Hy. VI. (May 1439)
Final Concord - Right Hand Indenture

Wm Fortho - querent
Wm and Christina Ive - John and Margery Scales deforciants

½ of a third part of Manor of Yerdele Gobion', ½ of Messauge in Y.G.

Parchment. Latin.

(21 March 1436)
Deedpoll. Quitclaim.

Nicholas atte Welle
to Wm Fortho Esq., and John Cok

of all claims of land in Yardley Gobion which late were of Henry Wykemyll'

Witnesses:- J. Sharp, T. Maudeleyn
Geoffrey Sargeant
William Sargeant, Wm Boveton &c.,

Yardley Gobion - Friday before Annunciation 16 Hy.VI.

Tag. Seal. Parchment. Latin.

(- May 1376)
Indenture. Grant.

Nicholas Blisworthe de Fortho
to John Dykes of ditto

curtilage with quickset hedges and ditches next a holding of Margeria atte mulne and my part of 2 acres lying in Fortho inlond next land of said Margery and ½ acre lying in Bydewell next meadow once of Thomas Aleyn., for a grain of pepper.

Witnesses:- …dene
T. atte Temple
T. fitzJohan
John Tousemer'
Nicholad Beruyle.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

(20 Feb. 1398)
Deedpoll. Quitclaim.

Nicholas Byfeld' de Couesgrave
to William Fortho de Fortho

of 1 toft and croft called "Fretw[ell]croft in Couesgrave, late of Sir Walter Pauely

Witnesses:- Thomas W...vill, Ralph Parkes
Henry Hertwell, Peter FitzJohan
John Lyveden.

Tag. Large hole. Parchment.


Agnes de Cheini
to Richard Lyuedene and Murielle his wife

40/- silver, 1 meadow in Fortho in leylondmede.

Witnesses:- Adam de Fortho, Nicholas de Templo
Rd. Cook, Adam le coupere,
Alexander son of Nich de Everdone

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

n.d. (13
Charter. Grant & Quitclaim.

Muriella late wife of Rd. Leueden
to Hy Bonde of Aldrington' and Alice'

of all her right in the fourth part of a moiety of a watermill of Ierdele and of watermill of Estperia for their lives.

Witnesses:- Adam de Forho, Nicollus de la Temple
Adam Cocus, Henry de Clere in Aldrington'.
William Archer of same, John le Westerneys of same,
Peter son of Richard de Leuedene
John clericus and others.

Tag only. Parchment. Latin.

(8 April 1382)

Ni Blyseworth of Fortho
to Rd. Sowle of Stonistratford'

of all claims, 1 curtilage, hedges and ditches in Fortho, and 2 acres meadow in F. in "inlond". and ½ acre meadow in Bydewell there.

Warranty. Witnesses.

Fortho 8 April 22 Rd.II.

Tag and seal. Parchment. Latin.

Oct. 21. 1411
Indenture. Lease.

Wm Fortho
to John Watkins of Welde [Weald] Calverton and John his son

50½ acres arable in C.- long list of strips with headlands etc.
12/- per annum for 4 years.

Tag and seal lost. Parchment. Latin.

(6 Dec. 1357)

John son of Henry de Fortho, chaplain
to Richard son of Richard de Caleshale

His manor of Fortho and advowson.

Furtho, Thursday after St. Andrew 32 Ed. III.

Tag. Red wax seal. Parchment. Latin.

(2 Oct. 1413)

Wm. Fortho son and heir of William Fortho of Fortho next Potteresperia
to Henry Pottere of P. 1

½ acres in Pokeslie.

Potterspury, Monday after St. Michael, HY. V.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

Sunday after St. James Ap.15 Hy. VI. (27 July 1437)
Indenture. Draft or copy.

(1) Wm Fortho
(2) Thomas Clarell'
John Cok
Thomas Fortho

Demise by (2), to (1) of all lands late Henry Wikemul late of …… in Yerdele Gobion in parish of Espyre and K. in parish of Passenham and Stonistretford, Wolverton' and Calverton
for 20 years

Also Quitclaim

William Fortho

to Robert Bullok, Thomas Clarell' and John Cok, of all claim he has jointly with R. B, T. C. and J.C.
by grant of Henry Wikemull' in Ierdle Gobion &c.

No cut for seal tag. Parchment. Latin.


(29 Aug. 1289)
Indenture. Cheirograph. Agreement.

(1) Wm de Iarpenuile
(2) Adam de Forho and helewysis his wife

(1) will acquit and defend (2) as concerns suit of court owed at Langleye for 20d annual rent which 20d is to be charged on the tenement William Waleman holds of (2) in Weston.

St. John Baptisit. 17 E(dward I)

Tag and fragment of seal in cloth cover. Parchment. Latin.

Wed., Annunciation 6 Rd. II. (25 March 1383)
Covenant. Indenture. Lease.

(1) John Wykemill' de W., and Alicia his wife
(2) John Cok s. of J. Cok de Wykhamond

all land, tenement of Wykemill' and watermill, dovecote, meadows and pastures in Wykedyve and Wykehamond with a "chevett" of a sheld acre at Densangre.
9 years.
66/8 rent.

Tag. Parchment. Latin.

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