Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FII/1-14

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


"A list of his writings in his box marked K."

(i.e. Furtho II, leather covered box)

11 items listed, 1649-1669. C.17.

Paper. E.


10 Jan 1669/70

Appointment of Attorney

Edmund Arnold of London, Esq., appoints Rd. Rawlins of Cosgrove, yeoman, attorney to deliver seisin of Leonard Benton of Potterspury of a close near Furthoe.

"No. 11"

Sig. & Seal of E. A. Paper. E.

7 Jan. 1669/70
Appointment of Attorney

Diana Benton, widow and executrix of Leonard Benton, deceased of Potterspury, appoints Leonard Benton the younger to deliver seisin of a close near Furtho to Edmund Arnold.

"No. 10"

Sig. & Seal of "Diana Danton". Paper. E.

3 Jan. 1669/70
1 Sheet, containing 2 receipts.

a) £18. by Diana Benton, widow of Leonard B. deceased of Potterspury, from Edmund Arnold. £18. Her part of a close at Furtho.
b) Recpt. £5. by Leonard Benton of Potterspury -potter

" No. 9" 

4 Witnesses.

Sig. & Seal of D. B. Paper.

17 April 1665
Inventory of

Goods and Chattels of Leonard Benton of Potterspury.

Appraised by :- Rd. Scrivener & Rd. Rawlins.

Refers to mill - house.

No totals. 

2 sheets, sewn. Paper. E.

(c. 1669)
"Monies disbursed by Diana Benson, executrix of Leonard Benton, deceased.

Total £119.1.3. Total again £127.11.9


No sig. Paper. E.

The Accompt and discharge of Diana Benton, widow, relict and executrix of the last will and testament of the said Leonard Benton . . . touching her disbursement in his regard.

Similar totals to 11/6. But is £119.19.4.

"No. 7" Paper. E.

An account of the debt, etc. of Leonard Benton deceased.
Long list of small sums.
Total £9.7.7. Includes funeral fees.

Paper. E.

13 March 1665
Copy: (contemporary)
Will, 13 March 1664/5
Proved, 21 April 1665.

Will. 13 March 1664/5.

Of Leonard Benton of Potterspury.

All his free lands in Potterspury and residue to his wife. Terrier of lands attached.

"No. 6" Paper. E.


3 Feb. 1648/9

Indenture - Mortgage

(1) Leonard Benton, senior of Eastperry, alias Potterspury – potter
(2) John Hillior of ditto, Taylor, "Hillior's close" of 1 acre in Potterspury and Furtho. £21.4.0.

"No. 2"

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

3 Feb 1648/9

Counterpart of II/10

"No. 3"

Sig. & Seal of (2) Parchment. E.

18 Jan. 24 Chas. I. (1649)

Indenture - Feoffment

(1) John Hillier of Eastperry, Taylor, son and heir of J.H. of E.P. Tanner,
(2) Leonard Benton of E.P., Potter, "Hilliors Close" of 1 acre in East Perry and Furtho £20.


Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

29 Sept. '1653'
Agreement for exchange.

(1) Thos. Smith alias Caves of Yardley Gobion, Yeoman,
(2) Leonard Benton of Potterspury, yeoman
(1) for 50/- & 1 acre of arrable to (2), his 3 of arable in Potterspury & close of 1 rood & 1 other higher, all described, in exchange. 

2 Membranes

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

3 Jan. 21 Chas. II (1670)
Indenture - Feoffment
With delivery of seisin

(1) Diana Benton, widow and executrix of Leonard B. of East Perry - Potter and Leonard B, the grandson and heir
(2) Edmund Arnold of London, Esq.,

of 1 acre in Potterspury and Furtho for a competent sum.

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

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