Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXIII/58-91

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


Minute Book of Arnold's or Furtho Charity Trustees from 30.11.1835 to 9.10.1876.

MS unpaginated


1666 & 1675

File of Misc. Documents consisting of :-

Account of receipts & disbursements for Edm. Arnold from 30.5.1672 to 14.7.1674 and overleaf Accounts 14.8.1675 "Mr. Stratton".
Similar to above from 25.3.1671 to 30.5.1672
" Mr. Arnold his Bill 1670" re supply of meat and on back Account (in different hand) including "for tobackowe and pipes 5/-"
Account for repairing Furtho highways for Mr. Arnold 1670, & Accounts 1668-1670 for horse and threshing.
Accounts (of Mr. Stratton) for Mr. Arnold of rents and repairs and wages 1670 - 1671
Rental and estate accounts 1668 - 1669
Lady Day 1667 Rental at Furtho
Receipt, Wm. Harris (constable) to Richard Stratton (gent.) for 2 week's tax for the militia
Receipt, Nicholas Riall (rector) to Richard Stratton (by appt. of Mr. Arnold) for tithe 23.8.1666
Receipt, Sept. & Dec. 1667, N. Riall to Edm. Arnold
Same, 1667
Accounts, 1667
continuation of Accounts, 1667
Receipt (possibly in handwriting of E. Arnold) undated
Bill to Mr. Arnold for clothing for the son and the eldest son 1666
Legal Bill, R. Bell to Mr. Arnold, re cases of Browne v. Maynard & others, and Arnold Maynardv Maynard & others, 1666.
Note querying whether Mr. Arnold has a deed declaring the uses of a Fine levied Michaelmas (1623) by Samuel Maunsell and Nightingall his wife of several cottages, lands etc. at Stony Stratford and Calverton (Bucks) to John Parnell and Richard Perrott junior.
Scrap of paper referring to the same deed as (a)
Account of sums of money due to the following persons: Sir Robert Gaire, Sir Peter Pinder, Sir Raphe Bowes, Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, Mrs. Susan Bowell, Archp. of Cant(erbury), Mrs. Spencer,
Notes on the fact that Rockingham Park was anciently Crown property and no part was mentioned as being in Cottingham
Statement that the inhabitants of Cosgrove are given to stirring up contentions, and causing Furtho to support Cosgrove's poor - Coles is an inhabitant of Cosgrove by apprenticeship and residence
Furtho Parish Levy dated 18.4.1666 for poor relief and repair of the Church, giving names of persons, acreages of demesne & meadow, and of arable & leys, and amounts assessed. Includes Potterspury, Yardley Gobion and Old Stratford.
Accounts showing payments for plashing, faggotting etc. 1671
Accounts showing number of faggots sold from Furtho 1671
Survey of the mound walls at Furtho giving description & measurements
Accounts of repairs of the house at Furtho for John Tombs, undated
Builder's calculations (relating to the house at Furtho) A Survey of the Brewhouse The "Chindie" (Chimney ?)
Ground plan of house (presumably Furtho Manor House) showing main house, brewhouse, yard, barn, stable, design of gardens, points of compass, undated (c.1670 from watermark)

The file is endorsed "Furtho accounts receits notes and other papers of no great vallue concerning the Mannor of Furtho between 1666 & 1675."

1693 - 1699

File of

Receipted Accounts & misc. papers of Arnold Charity

including legal expenses, accounts of Thomas Sheppard as one of the Trustees, Declaration by inhabitants of Heyford re qualification for Charity 1694/5, Declarations of inhabitants of Stony Stratford re Apprentices 1694 & 1695, Extract from deed reciting the parts of the Furtho Manor estate (undated)

Outer cover endorsed "the Accts of Mr. John Buncher the Receiver".

1702 - 1725

Account Book "No. 2 "

commencing with extract from the Will of Edm. Arnold including abstract showing amounts available for specified charitable purposes; Survey of Furtho Manor made by Thomas Chivack of Ashton, 1665; Rental of Furtho Manor 1693; Quit Rental of Furtho Manor 1667: Copy of Report by Sir Miles Cook about John Buncher's accounts: Note of apprenticeship 1694-1696:
First Account of John Buncher (since Sir M. Cook's report) 1693 - 1695: Note of arrears to Charities:
Second Account of John Buncher 1695-1697
Third Account of John Buncher 1697-1699
Fourth Account of John Buncher 1699-1700
Fifth Account of John Buncher 1700-1702

Accounts 1702-1705, then each year to 1725

First page of the book lists items in house at Furtho now in Samuel Mason’s possession including 2½ hogsheads hooped with iron and The Tra[i]ned Band Red Coat Musket, Sward and Bandiliers


File of Manuscript documents consisting of
a) Rental of Manor of Furtho showing tenants banes, names of lands and amounts, also, total acreage, undated
b) Similar Rental to above, undated
c) Particular of the Manor of Furtho, showing lands acreages & yearly rent. Also note of chief rents, receipts & payments
d) Particular account of the rents & quitrents of Furtho Manor and note of money issuing out of Furtho to the minister per ann.
e) Particular of all rents in Furtho, and showing what grounds were raised in rent before Edm. Arnold bought it, with the full rent of Home ground & meadow for 1676.
f) Account of several charges and payments issuing out of the rents of Furtho (by J. Buncher) including note about charges for quartering  soldiers,
g) Small piece of paper with totals of Furtho rents & value per acre
h) Another version of the Particular of Rents belonging to Furtho Manor.


Bundle of Accounts & Draft Accounts relating to Furtho estate, charities & apprenticeship.

December 1669

Fourth Account of John Buncher of payments made from the rents & profits of Furtho, & allowance to be made to John Buncher by the Trustees since the 3rd Account from December 1699


Fifth Account of John Buncher from December 1700


Undated (mid 18th c.)

Bundle of miscellaneous & unrelated scraps of paper with calculations and notes of charity money mainly in handwriting of Thomas Thornton.


July 1855

Claim Form for repayment of Income Tax deducted from dividends on stock belonging to Charity.

Amount: £4.8.2.



Dept. of Special Commissioners,

Inland Revenue Office to C. Britten esq.

• allowing claim to Arnold's Charity to have a return of duty extending over a period of years
• makes excuse for likely delay.

Income Tax Order

for E. Arnold's Charity in respect of claim made for repayment of £4.8.2 deducted from dividends.


Income Tax Order for E. Arnold's Charity in respect of claim made for repayment of £8.18.6 deducted from dividends.

Income Tax Claim for Exemption f

rom Duty on Dividends on Behalf of Charitable Institutions - re Arnold's Charity for year ended 5.4.1855

showing names in which stock stands, description of stock, amount of Dividend, amount of duty & description of purpose to which dividends are applied.

Income Tax Claim Form for Exemption from Duty on Dividends

belonging to Arnold's Charity in respect of 3 years to 1879 showing names in which Stock stands, amount of dividend, amount of duty & description of purpose to which the Dividends are applied, enclosing Income Tax Form No. 68 (not filled in)

73. 1869-1884
Bundle of Correspondence addressed to Trustees of Arnold's Charity

on various subjects e.g. the Charity Commission, Furtho Farm, Applications for Apprenticeship grants, Subscriptions to National Schools, Advertisements of meetings of Trustees.

Supplement to Newspaper "The Northampton Herald" reporting the enquiry of Charity Commissioners into Northampton Charities including Arnold's or Furtho Charity (bequest to the poor of St. Giles parish, Northampton).

75. 1884-1924

File of

Charity Commissioners' Order & Schemes for Arnold's Charity commencing with Order & Scheme 25.3.2884
then Supplemental Scheme 17.3.1892
then Supplemental Scheme 27.4.1900
then Supplemental Scheme 22.5.1906
then Supplemental Scheme 19.1.1909
then Supplemental Scheme 9. 7.1915
then Supplemental Scheme 20.6.1924

Schemes are sewn together  Printed

File of Correspondence between the Charity Commission, London and Arnold's Educational Foundation

mainly on funds and investments and includes (Jan. 1925) an account of the property and investments belonging to the Charity.


File of Correspondence

of the Board of Education with Messrs, Browne & Wells of N'ton (as solicitors for Arnold's Educational charity)

on the subject of establishing a Scheme for the administration of the Charity (replacing the Principal Scheme of 1887)

includes printed Draft Schemes, with annotations.

Newspaper "Northampton Daily Chronicle" including (on Page 2) Board of Education Notice on the establishment of a scheme for Arnold's Charity.

Newspaper "The Daily Echo” Northampton, includes notice (on Page 2) of intended scheme for Arnold's Charity administration.

Undated. (post 1926)
List of Clerks to Arnolds Charity giving names, dates of appointment and dates of resignation.

Bundle of Correspondence

relating to the extinguishment of Quit Rents viz:

13/- payable from the Lord of Cosgrove Manor to the Lords of Furtho Manor (Arnold's Charity)
5/- payable vice versa
7/1d payable by Arnold's Trustees to the Duke of Grafton.


List of Deeds of Arnold's Charity (Furtho) lent to the Northants Record Society for the Place Name Survey of 1932.

Typescript.  4 sheets.

4. 5.1938

Signed Undertaking of the Trustees of the Northamptonshire Record Society to the Trustees of Arnold's Charity as to the safe custody of the Charity's deeds while with the Society, and conditions for production to the public, Signed J. A. Gotch (Chairman) & Joan Wake (Hon. Secretary)




Miss Joan Wake, Hon. Sec. of Northants Record Society

to Mr. G. C. Wells

announcing the move of the N.R.S. to Lamport Hall, where the documents deposited by the Trustees of Arnold's Charity in 1938, will be stored in future

Attached: Copy of reply 9.4.1947 stating acceptance of new arrangements subject to suitability.

Indenture -  Lease / Release in Trust

(1) Mathew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London, esq., (surviving Trustee in Will of Edm. Arnold)
William Carpinder, Rector of Calverton (Bucks) - clerk


(2) Francis Arundell of Stoake Brewen - esq.
Robert Breton of Northampton - esq.
Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
William Wotton - clerke (Rector of Milton)
John Mansell - clerke (Rector of Cosgrave)

of the Manor of Furtho and the Arnold Charity estate for charitable uses.


Indenture - Release (Counterpart)

(1) Mathew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London - esq. (surviving E. Arnold trustee)
William Carpender - rector of Calverton (Bucks) - clerk


(2) Francis Arundell of Stoke Brewen esq.
Robert Breton of Northampton esq.
Thomas Thornton of Brockhall esq.
William Wotton - clerk (Rector of Milton Bucks)
John Mansell - clerk (Rector of Cosgrave)

in trust of the Arnold Charity estates.

Indenture - Release in Trust

(1) Mathew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London, esq.
Francis Arundell of Courteenhall - esq.
Thomas Thornton the elder of Brockhall, esq.
William Wotten - clerk (Rector of Milton, Bucks)
John Mansell - clerke (Rector of Cosgrove)


(2) Thomas Thornton the younger of Brockhall -esq.
William Trimnell - clerke (Rector of Wicken)
Richard Freeman of Whitton - esq.
William Goodday of N'ton - gent.

of the Manor of Furtho and the Arnold Charity estates for charitable uses.

Indenture - Lease/Release in Trust

(1) Thomas Thornton Bartholomew Tate, late of Delapre now of City of Bath - esq.
Thomas Lee Thornton of Gaddesby (Leics)- esq,
Christopher Rigby of Cosgrove - esq.
Rev. Benjamin Warren of Bugbrook - clerk


(2) Robert Andrew of Harleston - esq.
William Wentworth alias Creswell of Lillingston Lovell (Oxon)
John Darker of Gayton - esq.
Clarke Adams of East Haddon - esq.
James Warren of Bugbrooke - esq,
Rev. Francis Raynsford of Northampton, clerk
Robert Blencowe of N'ton - Doctor of Physick of the Manor

of Furtho and the Arnold Charity estate for Charitable uses.

Indenture - Lease/Release in Trust

(1) T.L. Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
Robert Andrew of Harlestone - esq.
James Warren of Bugbrooke - esq.


(2) Rev. Matthew Panting of Brockhall - clerk
Rev, Gilbert Andrew of Harlestone - clerk
Rev. Henry Jephcott of Nether Heyford - clerk
Rev. Charles Justinian Raynsford

of the Manor of Furtho & the Arnold Charity estate.

28. 8.1801
Indenture - Lease/Release in Trust

(1) Robert Andrew the elder of Harlestone
Rev. Gilbert Andrew of Harlestone - clerk
Rev. Charles Justinian Raynsford of Powick (Worcs) - clerk


(2) John Clarke of Welton Place - esq.
Thomas Reeve Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
Robert Andrew the younger of Harlestone - esq.  
John Plomer Clarke of Welton Place - esq.
Rev. Francis Montgomery of Milton - clerk
Rev. John Lloyd Crawley of Nether Heyford - clerk

of the Manor of Furtho & the Arnold Charity Estate.


Draft Indenture - Conveyance in Trust

(1) Rev. Jas. H. Harrison of Bugbrooke - clerk
Rev. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall,
Rev. Henry Crawley - Rector of Stowe


(2) Edward Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
Thos, Wm, Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall - esq.
Rev. Jas. H. Harrison jnr. of Bugbrooke
Geo. W. Gunning of Horton House - capt.
Rev. J. B. Harrison - rector of Paulerspury,
Rev. John Brown - rector of Milton Malsor

of the Arnold Charity estate for charitable uses (to make new trustees)

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