Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXIII/256-276

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


File of Manuscript Papers consisting of

(1) Petition from the inhabitants of Potterspury dated 12.4.1675 to the patron of the living of Furtho asking for preferment for Mr. Newell now that Mr. Ryall is dead - praising the worth of Mr. Newell -people flock to his preaching - needs Furtho because of the poorly paid living of Potterspury (the impropriation swallows up the Great Tithes) 37 signatures

(2) Copy of the (2nd) Petition dated 4.8.1674 of the t'ants of Furtho Manor to Edm. Arnold as Lord of the Manor - refers to an earlier petition of 1 month previous complains about the abusive arrogance of John Tomes by trespassing with his animals - he has used threaterning language - damage done by his hogs and carts - this petition is spontaneous, only Mr. Browne has not signed because Tomes is his kinsman - dread of more mischief

(3) The actual Petition of which (2) is a Copy - ends with signatures or marks of 7 men

(4) Letter dated 14.7.1674 Richard Stratton of Denshanger to Edmund Arnold at Doctors Commons, London to accompany an account - there are some tenants in arrear but they have promised to pay - has not seen Major Stirke since the angry bout about leaving the meadow - perhaps the rent should be demanded ? Mr. Ryall is behind too - hopes to see E. A. and his good lady "you shall be the welcomest geste to us in the world".

(5) Petition from the tenants of Furtho Manor 23.5.1674 to Edm. Arnold esq. complaining that John Tomes, as E. A's servant, has been keeping hogs on the tenants grounds and trespassing - describes John Toomes as falling into rage and passion - asks for Toomes to be called to account

Six signatures or marks.

(6) Testimonial 3.3.1674/5 in support of Mr. John Mansell - Schoolmaster of Beachampton to succeed Mr. Riall (lately deceased) as incumbent at Furtho signed by the Rectors of Passenham, Calverton, Mursley, Linford & Beachampton.

(7) Letter dated 20.7.1673 Richard Stratton of Densharger to Edmund Arnold at Doctors Commons, Major Stirk has had another place given him in Salcey Forest - he says he will pay his arrears shortly - all things are well at Furtho - has met Mrs. Stirk who says that her husband would not dispose of the meadow without E. A's consent -has asked Mr. Longueville not to over-rate E. A. with taxes

(8) Letter dated 9.11.(16)70 Robert Payne of Old Stratford to
• apologising for not writing about the gelding
• has paid money to Richard Stratton
 • sends "a small token of my love" which is a Baldribb (joint of pork)

(9) Letter dated 11.1.1668/9 Richard Stratten of Denshanger to Edm. Arnall at the Boors Head & Chequer in the Strand
• thanks for gift of a sugarloaf
• explains how the poor levy etc. is related to E. A's land
• will bring the parish account books to him when he comes down
• has asked the Townsmen to provide a shed for old Goadsune & promised that E. A. would find bed clothing but they will not do it for "he is such a nasty creature"
•repairs have begun on the church but have stopped because of the weather
• John Tombs' wages
• Only Whalley & Beuchamp refuse to pay quit rents
• Collecting the Michaelmas rents
• the blasted setts
• the timber is well covered & Widow Travells house is shut up - R. S. has the key.

(10) Letter dated 6.10.1667 Ed. Harrison to his "londlard" Edmund Arnold at the sign of the Boars Head
• has been to Thomas Scrivener's & found a deed of the old woman's jointure - it was settled on Richard Scrivener who died lately - has shown the deed to Mr. Maunsell who thinks the title is clear

(11) Letter dated 3.9.1667 Ed, Harrison to Edm. Arnold
• sending a Terrier of the land purchased from Thos. Scrivener, with an abstract of deeds -T. Scrivener wants £100 on his security -Mr. Maunsell was busy at the Aylesbury assizes

(12) Letter 28.3.1667 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold
• hopes E. A's health will be restored -T. Scrivener needs his brother's will -John Tombs has been to Mr. Bunchers at Perry to see boards for flooring the house at Furtho - better to have oak boards than ash.

(13) Letter dated 11.4.(16)67 Peircy Langracke (of Stony Stratford) to Edmund Arnold - esq.
•glad to know he desires his company
•. had intended to wait upon him but it being a public meeting & enemies as great & vigilant as ever he did not think it safe - will try to escape over to E. A. at night

(14) Letter dated 12.1.1667/7 Richard Rawlins of Cosgrave to Edm. Arnold
• timber
• trouble about tax assessments - Mr. Nayller would not decide the amount - the Commissioners asked questions - Mr. Longueville said untruly that Furtho had been assessed at a third part for 40 years - describes the argument at length - the town is bent against R. R. (who does not fear them ) though they wanted to seas (seize) Furtho for the carriage & the King's timber

(15) Letter 6.1.1666/7 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold now the purchase of Furtho is completed E. H. wishes E. A. much joy of it - Rawlins intends to write for money for the tax - offers to pay the money if given it in London next Term.

(16) Letter 13.1.1666/7 John Randolph of Towcester to Edmund Arnold
• wishes E. A. joy of his purchase
• gave possession to E. A's representatives and they all enjoyed the cake and wine
• asks for a search to be made in the Prerogative Court for the Will of Richard Pinckard of Ascott (Capt. Pinchard) -promises to pay for the charge of it.

(17) Letter dated 30.12.1666 John Randolph to Edmund Arnold
•will await upon E. A's business at Furtho to seal to the Label
• humble service to E. A's wife & sons

(18) Letter dated 13.11.1666 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold . the owners of the parted close are the Lord of Furtho Manor (¼) Thomas Cave of Yardly Gobion (¼) & Thomas Scrivener of Pottersperrie (½)  •is not guilty of the charge of unhandsome dealing - what grounds has E. A. for saying so ?

(19) Letter dated 14.10.1666 Ed. Harrison of Passenham to Edmund Arnold
• returning papers - there is 1 small ground in Cosgrave, the rest is all in Furtho - the present incumbent is Nicholas Ryall & the parsonage worth £80 p.a. -Mr. Joans has ordered that the highways be repaired

(20) Letter dated 14.11.1666 John Buncher at Paulerspury to (his uncle) Edm. Arnold
• Postmaster at Towcester is Mr. Thomas Whitcher at the sign of the Angel
• has put E. A's horse to house because it will not endure being kept outside
• caught a fellow cutting down green wood at Furtho - he pardoned him rather than have him whipped - Uncle Rawlings & John Tomes look after it everyday
• Mr. Sharpe asks if E. A. can find him some employment.

(21) Letter dated 10.1.1666/7 John Buncher at Paulerspury to Edmund Arnold
• thanks for the entertainment - got home safely with E. A's nag
• has taken possession for E. A. by Mr. Buncher snr. 8: Uncle Rawlins, before 7 or 8 witnesses -they had the banquet at the house at Furtho & were very merry
• Father has the deed - there is 3 months tax to be paid - Mr. Straton would pay it for E. A. if asked
• Lord Maynard has the royalty of Cosgrove (30/- P.a. in chief rent), also the advowson and Cosgrove Mill - he also has a fine coppice of trees etc.
• Sir Thomas Longvill intends to go on with his building - making a change with Lord (Maynard) for Passenham
• has spoken to John Tomes about looking after the wood
• Father has delivered letter to the Doctor about bringing these troubles to an end,

Lists witnesses to the deed & in postscript explains why Uncle Edmund Bunchcr was not there.

(22) Letter dated -
John Buncher senior to Edm. Arnold
• hopes the bargain re Furtho will be good
• John Clifton has arrested him & will make him & his son parties to the business
• has good grass & stable for E. A's nag.

(23) Letter dated 19.12.--
 John Buncher senior to Edmund Arnold
• has heard that Sir Robert Banaster bought Furtho in Judge Turell's name - it may be necessary to have an assignment or release from Judge Turell - somebody told Lord Maynard that E. A. bought Furtho too cheaply
•Grafton house is the Lady Finchardin's & Mr. Wilkes of Ashton looks after the grounds for her & “maketh account" to live in the house himself
• Mr. Comer who bought the farm at Yardley gave Judge Turell several fees
• Lord Maynard enquired if E. A's money was ready - do not be baffled
• ask for your letters to be left at Mr. John Clarke's in Towcester.




Thomas Whitfield to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
• impossibility of paying anything to the son of Mr. Bromwich (the lawyer involved in Arnold's affairs) because any money due is due to the dead father
• propose to be in Northants during the Long Vacation & will wait on T. T.



William Hartley to Rev. Mr. Thornton at Cosgrove
•will not stand engaged any longer for the rents at Furtho - therefore will ask for his Bond
• get someone else to do it
• wife & self send service to good Mrs. Thomson.



William Thomson of Cosgrove to –

• Mr, Scrivener & another good man will be security for Mr. Church - would be glad to get rid of French, who is cutting & mangling the estate in a most vile & scandalous way
• the quarrel between French and Bradford
• thinks affairs at present to be in a strange pasture



Wm. Thomson of Cosgrove to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.  
•Mr. Alexander has applied for a deputation for Furtho - hopes Thos. Thornton will sign it.
• He will give T.T. an account of how basely French goes on and hopes that French will not be allowed to continue beyond Lady Day
• how does Holloway go on with his bargain ? - he will do the land more harm than good.



William Thomson at Cosgrove to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall  Mr. Alexander arks when the Furtho rents will be received , asks that someone, when appointed to the Trust, will be able to relieve W. T. of some of the trouble that arises from Stony Stratford - the infirmities of ago daily increase.



William Thomson of Cosgrove to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall  
•will wait upon T. T. on Monday next
 • Mr. Alexander will undertake to acquaint the parties of the meeting i.e. Mr. Leigh & the Stratford set
 • invites T. T. to stay at Cosgrave - company is of great service to Mrs. Thomson.



S. Clayton of Stoke Bruern to Rev. Mr. Thompson
• sends papers belonging to Furlow (sic) Charity
• asks for note to Liverpool that the papers have been received.



C. Rigby at Cosgrove to —
• cousin Mr. John Rye is desirous of preserving the game at Furtho and has asked for a deputation - C. R. has signed one and sends it for approbation
• Mr. Jenkinson has sent Ann Ley for a clothing allowance, since she has come out of her apprenticeship.


9. 5.1753


Bartholomew Tate at York to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
• apologises for causing trouble in this affair (trusteeship of Arnold's Charity) - did it out of esteem for Capt. Hardy who has great Honour, an attention to & capacity for Business
• are there not surviving trustees sufficient to appoint more
• will submit to T. T. to whom the Charity is greatly indebted.

14. 5.1753


John Robinson of Merton College, Oxford to Thomas Thornton - esq.
• no need to explain the deficiency in the benefaction payment
• they have given young Bowles an exhibition last term & will pay further regard to T. T's recommendation in future - Dr. Bowles's method of application to the Society was wrong - J. R. will not make promises in future.

In envelope.



C. Rigby of Cosgrove to the Acting Commissioners of the Dunchurch to Old Stratford Road
• C.R. fined one Hill of Liverpool for not having a board on his waggon, but has since found out that it was Hill's son who was negligent, to his father's grief - asks for a return of the money
• John Bloxham has been very faithful in his duty but the crimes he reported were not worth pressing.



Sclater [sic] & Sheppard to Thomas Thornton esq. for fine green tea, bent coffee, best chocolate & isinglass & stating that isinglass is very dear

On back: List of benefactions to villages (undated)


Letter Robert Harding of Potterspury to Thomas Thornton

• hopes to hear that Thornton & family are well
• as for T. T. and the other trustees to indulge him with the Liberty of Furtho Manor now that  
Mr. Rigby is gone from Cosgrave.



Thomas Freeman of Daventry to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
• has received the Furtho court rolls safely , chooses not to hold a court at Furtho this year
• observes that a now Window Tax Act is in agitation
• will wait on T. T. at the Crow Freast on Thursday.



Thomas Ward of Little Houghton to Thomas Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
• Chariot Seymor has applied on behalf of James Storton of Stony Stratford for £8 promised by Arnold's Charity when J. Storton finished his apprenticeship,
• compliments to all at Brockhall , the Houghton family are better than they were.



Thomas Freeman of Daventry to Thomas Thornton or Thomas Lee Thornton
• asks for account of Furtho Chief Rents
• will send his son to Mr. Alexander to fix a day for the Court
• has not had 2 whole days to himself since old Michaelmas Day
• Mr. Alexander or his son is likely to be under a prosecution from the Duke of Grafton about deer - his greyhound has been actually taken away
• gives dates of previous Furtho Courts.



Thomas Freeman of Daventry to Thomas Thornton

• has settled on holding a Court for Furtho on 17th April - though the Court papers are confused and incorrect, & the list of Chief Rents very inaccurate
•Sir Thomas Ward is at Bath & Mr. Clark Adams  at Ansty, but he hopes there will be enough gentlemen at the Saracens Head to settle the quota of men for each parish.

Undated (18th C.)

List of Northamptonshire landowners (presumably actual or possible Arnold Trustees)



W. Sherd at Wakefield Lodge to Rev. Mr. Green at Furtho
• has sent a blank receipt for the rent due from the Furtho estate to (the Duke of Grafton)
• please give the rent to the bearer
• compliments to the Trustees.

Undated "Wednesday"


Thomas Thornton to Sir Justinian Isham & Mr. Raynsford & all friends at Brixworth
• will be glad of their company on Saturday
• will take care to have well aired beds
• dinner on the table by one - their neighbours at Brockhall are to dine with them & have a dance.

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