Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXIII/15-20

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


Indenture - Feoffment 

(1) Thomas Scrivener of Yardley Gobion -yeoman to (2) Edmund Arnold of Furtho - esq, for £13 of  1 little close (1 rood ) in the fields of Potterspury & FURTHO, abutting the Ramm Close on the east, a pightle of Leonard Bentons on the west, Temple Lane on the north & the land of Thomas Smith alias Caves (called Hilliers Peece) on the south part.

Endorsed with memo that (1) was called Thomas (Tutmeg) Scrivener.

Enclosing Bond dated 18.10,(1668) (1) to (2) in £26 for performance of covenants.



File (held together with string) consisting of :-

(1) Certificate dated 9.4.1669 signed by Commissioners appointed by the Court of Exchequer (Robert Chapman & John Mansell) & addressed to Edmund Arnold esq, announcing the examination of witnesses in a cause between Edm, Arnold (plt.) & John Beachampe the younger - gent (deft.) to be held at the house of the Kinges Head in Stony Stratford.

On back: List of persons names.

(2) Royal Letters of Commission 12.2.(1669 issued to Robert Chapman, John Mansell, Richard Plowman & William Randall to examine witnesses on both sides, in the cause of Edm, Arnold (plt.) v. John Beachampe (deft.)

(3) Answers to interrogatories - Richard Stratton as to the boundaries of Furtho manor & payment of quit rent ex parte J. Beachampe

(4) Interrogatories to be administered on the part of J. Beachampe Total of 11 questions.

(5) Deposition of Richard Stratton 16.4.1669 of Densanger aged 56.

(6) Interrogatories to be administered on the part of Edm. Arnold. Total of 9 questions.

(7) Letter dated 29.2.1668/9

Richard Stratton of Denshanger to Edmund Arnold in reply to what chief rent John Beachampe paid to Sir Robert Banastre a paper states 8/- per annum - describes an argument between J.B. and Sir R.B. about the chief rent - J.B. paid 5/- - has seen in bailiff's a/cs that there was a chief rent of 5/- - R.S. was receiver for Sir Robert Banastre many years.

(8) Answers by John Beachampe the younger - gent. (deft.) to the bill of complaint 10 sheets sworn 20.5.1668

(9) Bill of Complaint of Edmund Arnold, in the Court of Exchequer claiming ignorance of rents & services, and that the freeholders & copyholders of Furtho have combined to conceal the facts from E. Arnold - complains of John Beauchamp getting hold of the court rolls and taking advantage of E.A. - asks for the defendants to be summoned to appear in Court.  4 sheets.

(10) Draft Answers to interrogatories of Richard Stratton, ex parte John Beauchamp 2 sheets

(11) Draft Answers to interrogatories of John Beachampe senior of Cosgrave - gent. (father of defendant) aged 53 - signed by John Beachampe. 2 sheets

(12) Deposition of Richard Stratton of Denshanger-gent. aged 56, ex parte Edm. Arnold in draft.  3 sheets

(13) Circuit or Perambulation of the Parish of Furtho. Starting at Perrie field gate, giving exact instructions, and separating the perambulation into definite sections (with the symbol +C)


Indenture Feoffment 

(1) Thomas Scrivener of Flemmings of Potterspury - yeoman and Alice his wife John Beauchampe jun. of Cosgrave - yeoman and Mary his wife, Robert Hampe of Potterspury - yeoman and Frances his now wife, Thomas Saule of Potterspury - chandler (late husband to Bathsheba dau.  & co. heir of Wm. Hillier), Edward Addington of Potterspury - yeoman Elizabeth his wife

To (2) Edmund Arnold of City of London - esq. for a consideration of Temple Close (or Temple Ash Close) & all shares in Bushy Close or Pollin Close.


Indenture - Lease (Counterpart)

(1) Edmund Arnold of London – esq. to (2) Thomas Scrivener of Flemmings in Potterspury, yeoman  of 2 closes of pasture in Furtho – (Temple Close & Bushy Close) now in occ. of (2) paying 4/- p.a. rent. Permission to (2) to lop willows for stakes.


Easter  Term 1673

Final Concord

Thomas Bromwich - plt.
Thomas Scrivener & Alice his wife
Robert Hampe jnr & Frances his wife
Edward Addington  & Eliz. his wife
Leonard Benton & Mary his wife
William Mulliner & Rebecca his wife
Jane Lodge - widow
Wm. Paine & Sarah his wife

of 2 messuages, 2 dovehouses, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 20 acres of land, 15 acres of meadow, 36 acres of pasture, 2 acres of heath & furze, & commons of pasture for all animals, at POTTERSPURY & BARBY

Fine: £100.


Indenture - Covenant to Lead Uses of a fine

(1) Thomas Scrivener of the Flemings - yeoman & Alice his now wife (formerly wife of Wm. Hilliar of Potterspury - butcher, decd.) Robert Hampe jnr. of Potterspury - yeoman & Frances his wife, Edward Addington of Potterspury - yeoman & Elizabeth his now wife, Leonard Benton of Potterspury - potter, & Mary his wife, William Mulliner the elder of Staveton -yeoman & Rebecca his wife, Jane Lodge of Westminster - widdow, William Paine of Towcester - labourer & Sarah his wife (2) Thomas Bromwich of Daventry - gent to (3) Edmund Arnold of London – esq.
Wm, Burman of Staveton farmer
Joseph Verney of  Barby -husbandman
Wm. Abbott of Barby – taylor

of 1 close of pasture called Temple Close & 1 close called Bushy Close alias Poltins Close at Potterspury & Furtho heretofore purchased by E. Arnold from Thos. Scrivener & Alice his wife, John Beauchamp & Mary his wife, Robert Hampe & Frances his wife, Edward Addington & Elizabeth his wife & Thomas Saull, & of 1 acre of pasture at Potterspury & Furtho formerly purchased by E. Arnold from Leonard Benton & Diana Benton, widdow; and also 1 messuage with close & 2 dovehouses standing thereon at Staverton, now in occ. of Wm. Burman & 1¼ yardland, ½ a quartern & 1 thirdendale of mixed land in Staverton fields now in occ. of Wm. Burman; also 1 cottage with yard in BARBY lately purchased by J. Verney & Wm. Abbott from Jane Hodge & Wm. Paine & Sarah his wife.

Seals, covered in paper, attached.

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