Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXIII/1-14

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


Indenture – Grant

Nicholas Bleseworthe de Fortho to William Fortho of 3 acres and 1 rood of arable land in Fortho (details of land given) for 40 years paying annually 1 grain of corn.




Release & Quitclaim

John Bryngton - parson of the church of Fortho to William Fortho of Fortho of all rights in 1 toft with 1 croft adjoining called Fretwellescroft in the parish of Covesgrave formerly belonging to Walter Pavely Kt., which Wm. Fortho had by gift from Nicholas de Blyseworth.

Latin. Part of seal missing.


Copy of Indenture –

Bargain & Sale. (1) Thomas Meade of Lillingstone (Oxon) -yeoman and Alice his wife to (2) Thomas Hilliar of East Perry - tanner for divers considerations of 1 tenement in East Perry with a yard and garden lying between the tenement of William Clarke gent. (on the east side) and the tenement of Robert Packington (on the west side) & 1 part of Pollins Close lying on the W. side of Temple Lane. Copy made 1641.

4. File (bound by string) consisting of:

(1) Terrier dated 20.12.1595 of all lands, Leys and meadows in Potterspury held by Henry Bedder of Potterspury – gent from the Queen by lease including Atkins farm & a total of 103 acres.

(2) Particular (undated) of a farm house, land & inclosures valued at £35.10.0 p.a. Valuation by Mr. Harrison & unnamed person.  Endorsed "Scrivener"

(3) Schedule of Deeds, dated 17.01.1667/8 delivered by Thomas Scrivener to Mr. Harrison to be sent to Mr. Arnold only 1 deed is given a date (1601) but parties are mentioned, Initialled by Ed. Harrison & John Mansell.

(4) Particular (undated) similar to (2)

(5) Terrier dated 2.9.1667 of the house, homestall, arable land, ley and meadow ground belonging to the farme of Thomas Scrivener jnr. (late the land of his brother Richard Scrivener dec'd, & now bargained for by Edm. Arnold esq. in the parishes of Potterspury & Cosgrove - includes a farmhouse with dovehouse, 1 cottage house in occupation of James Woolman with Watling Street on the W., with land in Kempsons field, Scratchers Hearne field and Pooxly & Hardley field. Total 92 acres. Also observations on deeds (West & Scrivener families) from 1558-1666.

Endorsed with questions for Counsel's opinion.

(6) Notes (of legal cases or precedents?) 16146-1663.

(7) Copy of Indenture - Feoffment to Uses, 20.11.1655
(1) Richard Scrivener of Potterspurie - yeoman to (2) Paul Dayrel of Ashton - gent. William Scrivener of Potterspury - baker
(3) Mary Dayrell spinster for a marriage between (1) & (3) in consideration of £200 as a marriage portion (1) confirms to (3)

1 messuage called Blackwell end Hall & other specified land to use of (1), then (1) & (3) for lives, with proviso for payment of annual sum to (3)

(8) Copy of Indenture - Feoffment dated 28.4.1646

(1) Anne Traughton & Christopher Traughton his son to (2) Richard Scrivener the younger for £215 of Blackwell End Hall & c. specified lands.

(9) Valuation & Survey of a House, homestall, a close late Harbies Culvers Close, Blackwell End Close with pightle, Smith's house & other land.

(10) Notes on the marriage settlement of Richard Scrivener and Mary Addington.

(11) Schedule of lands in Scratchers Harne field, Kempsons field, Hardly field (Clarke) ; Stony croft field, Pookesley field, Hardley field (Traughton); also lands of John Bird and Leonard Benton.

(12) Copy of Will of Richard Scrivener dated 14.8.1601 summarising legacies, & listing sons and daughters.


Copy of Inquisition Post Mortem of Edward Furtho

(son of Thomas, & father of the last Edward) who died 28.8.(1620)

lands in Furtho and Cosgrave given names and valuations.

Latin. 22 sheets & cover paper with wrapper.


Indenture - Mortgage (& Counterpart)

(1) John Hillier of Potterspury - yeoman to (2) William Hillier of Potterspury (second son of above)for £65 of  2 closes or pasture ground in POTTERSPURY (1 called Temple Close, 1 called Bushy Close formerly Pollins Close)



Copy of Indenture - Release & Confirmation

(1) John Hilliar the elder of Potterspury-yeoman, John Hilliar the younger of Potterspury-taylor to (2) William Hilliar (2nd son of J.H. snr.) of Potterspury - butcher for £10 paid by (2) to J.H. snr. & for £5 paid by (2) to J.H. snr. of the dwellinghouse of (2) in Potterspury with the Shop, curtilage etc. and of 2 closes called Temple Closse (or Temple Ashe Closse) & Bushy Closse or Pollins Closse.



Scrap of Paper

(in handwriting of the Stuart period)

 referring to Temple Close, Furtho & Bushy Close, Furtho, which lay on the North side of Temple Lane - let by lease to Thomas Scrivener Flemyng for life at 14/- p.a.


Indenture - Feoffment

(1) Cuthbert Tassell Dorothy Tassell his wife & Henry Tassell son & heir all of Yardley Gobion

to (2) Thomas Scrivener of Potterspury - yeoman for £3 of (1)'s part & portion of a close of pasture called Bushy Close in FURTHO.

Sept. 1665
A Survey of the Manor of Furtho

made by Thomas Chivall of Ashton showing names of closes and meadows -to which are pinned 2 similar versions of the above.


Sept. 1665

A Survey of Furtho Manor made by Thomas "Chivack" of Ashton (? Chivall) showing names of fields, acreages & values.

On back: similar survey to above and rough accounts (undated) for sundry items including D. of Grafton for Quit Rent, Militia, Helmdon court, Furtho repairs 1724.


Quit Rental for the Manor of Furtho.


Undated (c.1673)
Schedule of Deeds "in box marked I" relating to deeds from 1577 - 1673 for lands belonging successively to Hillier, Tassell and Scrivener.

19.12. 1668

Indenture - Mortgage

(1) Thomas Smith alias Caves of Yardley Gobion - gent. & Elizabeth his wife to (2) Thomas Saull of Potterspury - grosser for £4 of 1 part of Hillyers Close abutting Temple Lane now or late in occ. of Thomas Scrivener of Potterspury senior, at FURTHO

Endorsed with Memo, of Assignment of Mortgage (2) to Edmund Arnold of the City of London -esq. for £5 of the 1 part of Hillyers Close above.

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