Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXII/101-105

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

24 December 1842

Fire Insurance Policy (Globe)
Farm house, buildings at Manor Farm, Furtho.


1848 - 1852

Correspondence, forms re property tax on Furtho estate, and difficulties in the proper payment and repayment of same. (11 items)

1849 - 1851

Papers concerning Tithe Commutation of Furtho and its effect on the Charity property there.


Notice of Assessment for property tax on Manor Farm, Furtho.

1941 - 1942

File of correspondence etc. re successful claim for War Damage to Manor Farm.

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