Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FXII/1-10

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.


Memorandum book containing

a) The will and codicils of Edmund Arnold who died 27 Mar 1676
b) abstracts of deeds for Manor of Furtho from temp. Edward III 1674
c) List of other documents since death of E. Arnold, chiefly re proceedings in Chancery c.1692-98
d) Copies of documents & Chancery decrees re the establishment of the Arnolds Charity the receiving of rents, & Mr. John Bunches's accounts, The Master in Chancery's reports including valuations of Furtho Manor & lands, the Lord Keeper's decrees, the appointment of Trustees, claims upon the House of Lords 1692 - 1698.

Foliated, indexed



Copy of Extract from will of Edmund Arnold,

enclosing pages from a legal book relating to the Chancery Case of 1(692) of Thomas Arnold (heir at law of Edmund Arnold) versus Mr Attorney General, Matthew Johnson & Thomas Bedford.

10 Dec. 1694

"Copy of Lord Keeper's Decree about Mr Arnold's Charityes out of his Mannor of Furtho whereby his heire at Law is debarred from having any part of the Surplus of the profits. Enrolled 10 Dec 6 G & M 1694"

reviews proceedings in matter of Arnold's will &c 1692-94 and orders that whole estate to be to charitable uses & enjoins taking care that fit persons are the object of the Charity.


Extract (MS) from Charity Commissioner's Report of 1825 on the Arnold Charity.

Copy n.d. contemp.

4 May 1833

Conveyance to new trustess (left and right)

T. R. Thornton of Brockhall, esq., and Revd. J. L. Crawley, ar. Rector of Nether Stratford

Revd. G. Butler, Rector of Gayton
Revd. P. Thornton, Rector of Brockhall
Revd. J. H. Harrison, Rector of Bugbrooke
Revd. J. W. H. Clark, Rector of Cold Higham
Revd. Wm. Thornton, of Brockhall
Revd. J. L. Crawle,y jr. of N. Stratford
Henry Crawley of Balliol College Oxford esq

Manor of Furtho, on trusts of Arnold's will; trustees when only 3 shall re-convey to themselves and four or more other trustees


a) Schedule of documents in possession of Clerk of Trustees 1872 (altered to form draft of schedule 1888)
b) Schedule 1888.

21 April 1879

Conveyance to new trustees

Revd. J. H .Harrison, sr. formerly Rector of Bugbrooke, Revd. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall and Revd. Hy. Crawley Rector of Stowe

Ed Thornton of Brockhall esq.,
Thos. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall esq.,
Revd. Jas Harwood Harrison jr. Rector of Bugbrooke
Geo. Wm. Cunning of Horton House esq.,
John Butler Harrison, Rector of Paulerspury
Revd. John Brown, Rector of Milton Malsor

Manor of Furtho &c

1887 - 1926
Envelope of schemes from various years
1887 Appointment of Trustees, Vesting, Scheme 4 copies
1893 Appointment of Co-optative Trustees 13 copies
1900 An to Representative Trustees, and preference given to C. of E. members for benefits of the Poor's Branch
d) 1906 Aplication of Educational Funds 3 copies
1909 Authority for expenditure in rebuilding Furtho farmhouse - Replacement 3 copies
1915 Shares of income available for the benefit of Nether & Upper Heyford 20 copies
1924 Draft scheme for application of Funds 1 copy
1924 Scheme of above 18 copies
1926 Board of Education Scheme - investments, division of income, application of income 3 copies

Letter from Charity Commission, London to E. M. Brown, N'ton
"enclosing an Order of the Board and 12 copies dated 28.1.1909.

20 Feb. 1924
Part of the Northampton Chronicle 20 Feb. 1924 with report of meeting of N. Heyford Parish Council at which proposed Charity Commissioners' Scheme for Arnold Charity was discussed.

1929 - 1936
a) Charity Commion Scheme, 11 Oct. 1929:

John Whalley Charity for parish of Stony Stratford (E & W) & Cosgrove by will of 1670, comprised in Schemes of 1866, 1899, 1904, 1920

b) Scheme. 8 May 1936:
Repeals Scheme of 1929, new regs.

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