Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity - FX/1-60

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

Mostly medieval charters relating to Furtho and Cosgrove.
Some also relate to Hanslope and Bullingdon [Bullington End] in Bucks.
Royal Household account 1620.
Also a letter of 1633.

Charter. Grant.

John Taylfer of Conesgrave
to William son of Adam of Fortho.
of a croft containing 2 acres of arable whose head abuts on his garden in the vill[age] of C[osgrove] lying between lands of Nich le Taylour and Robt Willi.

Also 1½ acres and 3 roods of meadow half in south field on le Medefourlong' between land of Sir Henry de Spigurnel on both sides, a rood in West field on furlong called Stanshul, between lands of Sir Henry on both sides, half a rood on le bottes between land of John son of John of C. and of Sir H. S., ½ acre in north field on furlong called Blakelond between land of William de Tyngewyk and Sir H de S, ½ rood on same furlong between land of H. de S. on both sides and 3 roods of meadow lying together in le Southmede next the park of Sir H. de S. and meadow of John de la Grene


Witnesses:- John Widevile of Grafton'
Henry Gobioun,
Hugh Gobioun,
Thomas de Templo,
Peter de Louedene,
Henry son of Adam of Fortho,
John son of John of C.,
John son of John of Lestre and others.

Seal, white wax. Parchment. Latin.     

Charter. Grant.

Adam son and heir of late Henry le Beruile of Estpyr'

to Adam son of late Walter de Furtho. 
of a 'particle' of wood between his wood on one side and an assart of Adam on the other.


Witnesses:- John de Tyngewyck,'
Henry G(obyon) de lerdele,
John le Barneuile of Couesgrave,
Nich de Templo, in Fortho,
Robert le Taylour, of Pyr',
Robert, son Robert of same,
Richard, his brother of same &c. 

Seal. Purplish wax.

Endorsed: Pro Brouneswod. Parchment. Latin.

Charter. Grant.

Robert of the Mill(s) of Couesgrave
to Adam le Coupere of Forho 
for homage, service and a mark
of a place of land with curtilage and croft in Forho in cleycroft stretching from the kings highway 'into the breche' between land of same Adam and land once of Agnes le Cheyne, and a gore with ditches and living trees abutting on luttlehull stretching to le broc between the kings highway and land of Agnes le C
for 16 pence at four terms of the year Purification, Easter, St. John Baptist, and Michaelmas.


Witnesses:- Walter de Forho,
John son of John of Couesgrave, John Frater of same,
John son of Henry,
John de Barneuile,
Nicholas de Templo,
Adam Cocus,
Robert de Brochole and others.

Seal. White wax.

Endorsed:- The dede of the land yt Ric' Wodward occupi…

Charter. Grant.

Alexander de Cheyne

to Richard de Lyuende and Muriel his wife
for service and ten shillings
of a rood in Forho lying in furlong called littlehul between land of the church of Forho and of Robert the miller of Couesgrave, in breadth stretching to the land of Robert de Brochole


Witnesses:- Walter de Forho,
Nicholas de Templo.
Peter son of John,
Walter de Forho, chaplain,
William de Rievell'.

Parchment. Latin.

Charter. Grant.

Agnes le Cheyne widow of Peter son of John of Forho

to Richard de Liuendene and Muriell his wife
of all in le close ….. Forho, …….,
Cuttellebrok' with hall and other buildings
 or 6 marks for ½ at Christmas.


Witnesses:- Adam de Forho,
Nicholas de Templo,
Adam le coupere,
Steffan le coupere,
Adam le qu &c.

Seal. AGN….C…. Parchment. Latin.

Stonistratford, Sunday after St. Edmund King 12 Edward beginning (21 Nov. 1283)
Charter. Grant.

Agnes widow of Peter, son of John de Hampslap'
to Richard de Livedene, forester 
for a tenement that is messuage in township of Forho which Agnes once wife of Peter de Cheyne held in dower and which is joined to the house of said Richard; and curtilage outside the great door between her croft and common way leading to court of P. de C. and at one end is the way leading to Peria' and at the other a curtilage of said Richard; and half an acre in field of Couesgrave lying on furlong called le Milnepath furlong between land of John le Frere and of Robert Terry, and 5 selions of land and 2 headlands in field of C. lying on furlong called Robbes (or Rowes) between land of Walter de Forho and of same Richard abutting at one end on land of John Frater, and whole of her part of a grange once of Richard through exchange, in length as long as the old timber stretches and beyond towards her tenement which is able to lift its gable, in width as far as it behoves it (?) (decet) and the whole of her part of a place of land which is joined to the garden once of William Rivel' from the window of the Solar of Richard on East to the small door below the close.
for service and 23 shillings ……                   
for a penny at Easter          


Witmesses:- Walter de Forho,
Sir Henry Rector of Forho,
Nicholas de Templo,
Alexander de Cheyne,
Robert of mill of C.
Wm Rivel.

Seal brown wax S' AGNET…. )N Endorsed 'Nesyo'
Parchment. Latin.

Cena Domini 7 Ed. II (4 April 1314)
Charter. Grant.

Thomas son of late ? Nicholas de Templo of Forho en le Temple ende

to Sarra his sister
of messuage with curtilage, dovecote, quickset hedges and ditches &c, in Forho in le Temple ende between messuage once of Robert le Brec and land once of John Terri and an acre of arable in a croft between  land once of Roger le Broc and land of Richard son of Robert abutting at one end on said messuage.


Consideration an unspecified sum of money

Witnesses:- Adam Lord of Forho,
Henry Gobioun of Ierdeley.
Peter de Leuenden' of Forho,
William de Mo(y)a,
Robert de Taylour of Estpyrie &c.,

Endorsed : Tempull za(d)ye

also the Dovehouse close iuxta Temple Lane.

Parchment. Latin.

Estpirie, M, St. Thos M., 9 Ed. II (29 Dec. 1315)
Charter. Grant.

Henry Knyt of Estpirie
to Nicholas de Lyvedene of Fortho 
for an acre in Couesgrave & Fortho on le Breche between land once of Robert le Frensche and land of John Palmer' holds in villeinage
for service and 36 shillings.


Witnesses:- Adam Lord of Forho, 
Peter de Lyvedene,
Thomas de Templo of F.,
John son of John,
John Barnevyle of Couesgrave &c.

Seal gone. Printed. Latin.

Plumpton, Fr. after Michs. 13 Ed. II. (5 Oct 1319)

Nicholas de Eton' & Joan his wife
to Robert de Shyrebourne and Alice his wife
of 5½ acres and a rood of waste in Plumpton' in a place called le Moriley lying next the township of Sourby
or a rose at Nat. St. John for grantees' lives and then 6d per acre.


Witnesses:- Sir William de Klifton'
Sir Richard de Houghton'
Sir Nicholas de Keyghley
Alan de Cartermale
John le Taylour of Kyrkelond &c.,

Parchment. Latin.

Estpirie, Circumcision 13 Ed. II. (1 Jan 1320)
attached to X/12 & 23.

Charter. Grant.

William de Lillingston, chaplain
to Peter de Lieuenden' and his wife
of 2 selions of land lying together in the fields of Couesgrave in a furlong called le brech between land of John de Tingewich on both sides, abutting at one end on the Northampton Road and at the other on a headland of Nicholas of the mill of Couesgrave - which he has by gift of Galfridus son of John le mason of Estpirie.


Consideration 20 shillings

Witnesses:- William Lord of Forho,
Henry Gobiun of Ierdele,
John le Barneuile of Couesgrave senior,
Thomas de Templo,
Roger de Blakewele of Estpirie,
Robert le Taylour,
John de Mo(y)a and others.

Seal. White wax. Parchment. Latin.

Couesgrave, Fr. before Purification 14 Ed. 2 (30 Jan 1321)

Nicholas of the Mill(s) of Couesgrave

to Peter de Lyuedene of Fortho and Edith his wife
of 5 selions of arable in a furlong called Cleycroft in parish of Fortho, 3 selions together lying between land of P[eter] de L[yvedene] and of Nicholas de Lyuedene, which he holds for life of John de Tyngewyk' and 2 selions lying together also next the land of Nich[olas] de L[yvedene]
for life of grantees
for 1d at Michaelmas.

Warranty. Consideration 2 marks.

Witnesses:- Wm. de Fortho Lord of same,
Hy .Gobion,
Thomas de Templo,
John Barnevyle of Couesgrave,
John son of John of same.

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Tu. on Transl. St. Thomas 15 Edw. II.
beginning (3 July 1322)
or? 7 July 1321
attached to X/10 & 23.

Release or quitclaim.

William Lord of Fortho

to Adam his brother
of a messuage in Fortho with sheepfold (bercaria) built …… which William Bordel once held and half an acre of meadow in the meadow of Couesgrave lying in le ….. nygge between meadow of Henry Wydevile and meadow of Agnes Harri and 30 shillings annual rents from certain holdings' of mine in Westone as the writings of the said Adam more fully witnesses, discharged of all claims except a rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist for the term of the life of the said Adam.


Witnesses:- Henry Gobioun de Ierdele,
Thomas de Templo of Fortho,
Peter de Liuedene of same,
John son of John of Couesgrave,
John Barnevile senior of same,
Nicholas of the mill of the same,
John Barnevile junior of same and others.

Tag for Seal. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Sunday before Michaelmas 16 Ed. ii. (26 Sept. 1322)
Charter. Grant.

Robert son of Thomas Faber once of Fortho and Isabell' his wife
to Henry son of Amycia Ieul of Fortho
of half an acre of arable land in the field of Couesgrave and of Fortho lying on Presthul between land of the Rector of Fortho, abutting on a headland of John le Forester of Stratforde. Should Henry die without heirs, remainder to Amycia and her heirs.


Witnesses:- William of Fortho,
John Barnevyle junior of Couesgrave,
 Nicholas of the mills of the same,
Peter de Lyeden' of Fortho,
Thomas de Templo of same,
and others.

1 seal. White wax and 2 tags. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Sunday sfter Purification 16 Ed. II. (6 Feb 1323)
Charter. Grant.

Robert Koc of Hulcote and Sarra his wife
to Peter of Lyueden and Edith his wife
of a messuage in Fortho, half a messuage once of Adam le Coupere and a selion of land abutting on same in le Couperescroft, with half a curtilage which Adam had by grant of Robert of the mill(s) the messuage lying between tenement of Nicholas of the mills and one of Isolda sister of Sarra.


Witnesses:- William of Fortho,
Henry Gobion,
Thomas du Temple,
John son of John of Couesgrave,
John Swetecoks

Seal. White wax. Parchment. Latin.

Forro, St. Peter in Cathedra, 16 Ed. II. (22 Feb 1323)
in round wooden box.

Charter. Grant.

Isolda le Coupere of Forro
to Peter Lyuend' of F[urtho] and Edith his wife
of a messuage in F[urtho], viz., half messuage once Adam le Coupere my father and a selion of land abutting on same in Couperes corft with half curtilage which Adam had by grant of robert of the mill(s) of Couesgrave mess. between mess. of Peter and tenement of Henry Lord of Fortho.


Witnesses:- Henry Lord of Fortho,
Hy Gobyon,
Thomas de Templo,
John son of John of Couesgrave,
John Swetecoks of same.

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

W. after St. Ambrose Bp. 8 Ed. III. (6 April 1334)

(1) John le Mason of Fortho and Margery his wife        
(2) Henry Lord of Fortho and Sarra his wife

(1) to (2) for 3000 years messuage in Fortho 'en le Temple hende' between tenement of John le Forester and and of one of Isabella daughter of H[enry] and S[arra] - 5 acres 1 rood of arable and acre of meadow in Couesgrave and Fortho, one acre in Middul forlong next land of John Burnabi, ½ acre on Quarer forlong next land of Nicholas atte mulne, ½ acre on le Stanschil forlong next land once of Sir Hy Spigurnel, a rood on Barlickul next land of Thomas de Templo, 2 roods at 3 crosses next land of Nicholas Routheued, a rood at Oselokeswey next land of John Molcus, ½ acre on Mogwrosene next land once of John de Tyngwyk, 2 roods on Hullesmor next land once of Thomas de le Temple, a rood on le Longeland next land once of Sir Hy Spigurnel, half acre of meadow in Steyning next meadow of Walter le Fletcher' and half acre in Huseworthe next meadow once John de Tyngewyk'.

Also (1) to (2) of 1d rent for 3 roods which Robert son of Margery holds in C[osgrove] & F[urtho] with the reversion of said 3 roods, once in croft next land of Thomas de le Temple, one on le longeland next land of Nich. Routheued, 1 rood at Nonthorn next land of Agnes le Barnevile.


Witnesses:- John de Barnevile,
John le Forester, Nich. atte Mulne
Rt. le Warde
Wm. de Fretewelle &c.,

Frag green Seal. (2 tags) Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Thursday after Decollation of St. John Baptist 11 Ed. III. (4 Sept 1337) 
Release and quitclaim.

Henry Lord of Fortho and Sarah his wife

to Nicholas son of Nicholas de Bliseworth' and Isabella our daughter his wife
of all his right in 2 messuages, 18 acres of arable and 2 acres of meadow in Estpirie, Fortho and Couesgrave, which I had before by grant from Henry for his life for 2 marks a year to them whilst they lived and after their death for a penny a year.


Witnesses:- Hy Gobyoun senior,
Nich. de Bliseworth,
Wm. son of Hy. de Fortho,
Peter de Lyuedene,
Thomas de Temple. 

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Sunday after Med. Quadrag. 12 Ed. III. (22 March (?) 1338) 
Release and quitclaim

William son of Henry Lord of Fortho
to Nicholas son of Nicholas of Bliseworth' and Isabella his wife my sister and their heirs
of all his right in lands in Fortho Couesgrave and Estpirie which Isabella formerly had by demise from my father for her life


Witnesses:- Hy de Fortho,
Hy Gobyoun senior,
H[enry] G[obion] junior,
Rd de Widemill',
Peter de Lyuedene.

Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, W. St. Vincent M. Ed. III. (22 Jan. 1338)
Carter, intented. Grant.

William Starling of Schenele chaplain

to Henry de Fortho and Sarra his wife
of Manor of Fortho and advowson of church of Fortho with services of all free tenents of the same manor, of all tenants for life, of 'nativi' and their 'sequella' &c &c with remainder to William son of H[enry] and S[arra] and Margaret his wife and heirs of their bodies.

Remainder in default to Henry and his heirs.


Witnesses: to triple indenture:-
Henry Gobioun,
John le Forester of Stratford,
Robert de Haronden',
John de Wykemylne,
John Wydevyle,
Richard Wydevyle,
Hy Gobioun junior

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

* 22 Jany was Wed in 1337 but Th. in 1338.

York, 15 days of Easter 12 ed. III. (12 April 1338)
Copy of final Concord.

Henry de Forthoo and Sarra his wife, querents
to William Starlings chapeleyn of Shenle - deforciant

of Manor of Forthoo with appurtenances.
Henry and S[arra] recognised that W[illiam] S[tarlings] had it by H[enry]'s grant in consideration of which W[illiam] S[tarlings] grants it to H[enry] and S[arra] with remainders (as per charter)

Parchment. Latin.

Holdenby, Tu. after St. Edmund K & M. 14 Ed. III (21 Nov 1340)

Margery widow of Peter de Welles of Holdenby

to Simon de Welles her son
of 12 shillings rent at Purification and at St Peter ad Vincula in equal parts for life of grantor - from a messuage, bakery and quartern of land in Holdenby which John de Merashton' and Joan his wife held for their life.
The reversion of same messuage &c belonging to grantor, she grants remainder to Simon.

Further remainder if Simon dies to grantor.


Witnesses:- John de Conell senior,
Wm de Haldenby,
John de Conell junior,
Wm Waleys,
John le Smyth and others.

White wax Seal. Parchment. Latin.

C, M., after St. Nerey & Achilley 23 Ed. III. (18 May 1349)
Charter. Grant.

John son of John of Couesgrave
to Alice his mother
of all his lands in C[ouesgrave] and Fortho.


Witnesses:- Henry Lord of Fortho,
Henry Gobioun junior,
Peter att muln',
Peter de Liuedene,
Thomas ate Templo &c.,

Seal, white wax, (bird with illeg inscription round it). Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, ....... Whitsun 23 Ed. III. (May 1349) 
attached to X/10 & 12.

Charter indented. Grant.

Margar' widow of William de Fortho
to Nicholas de Bliseworth and John de Fortho chaplain
of her manors of Fortho and Weston by Olneye with advowson of Fortho church and appurtenances for their lives.


Witnesses:- Henry Gobyoun senior,
John de Hertwell,
Henry Gobyon junior,
Peter att mulne,
Peter de Lyuede,
Thomas atte Temple,
John de Lyuedene and others.

Fragment of Seal, red wax. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Whitsun 23 Ed. III (31 May 1349) Fortho, Whitsun 23 Ed. III. (31 May 1349)
Letter of attorney.

Margaret widow of William de Fortho appoints
Thomas atte Temple her attorney to deliver seisin
to Nicholas de Bliseworth' and John de Fortho, chaplain in her manors of Fortho and Weston by Olneye.

Strip torn off. Parchment. Latin. 

Couesgrave, W. Saints Fabian & Sabastian 23 Ed. III. (20 Jan 1350)
Charter. Grant.

Adam de Tonsemer of Couesgrave
to John de Lyuenden' of Fortho & Sybilla daughter of the late Nic[olas] of the mills of C[ouesgrave]. 
of all lands in Fortho, C[ouesgrave] and Hamslape had by grant of same John.


Witnesses:- Nich[olas] of Bluseworthe, [Blisworth],
James de Barnevyle,
Thomas de Templo,
John le Warde,
John Tailfer.

Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, W. St. Leonard Abbot. 38 Ed. III (6 Nov. 1364)  

Copy of Grant

William Lord of Fortho
to William Bechamp of Couesgrave and Alice his wife
of messuage with curtilage and croft in Couesgrave next tenement once of Adam Tonsemer' and 13½ acres of arable, 1½ of meadow, a rood of pasture and 3 'Smalidol' of which in le Brockfeld 1 rood of land lies on le Flexlond, ½ acre on Coluer ouffurlong', a rood on Myddel furlong', ½ acre on Myddelfurlong and Medefurlong, ½ acre at Brounesmez, a rood on Presthull', a rood on Polfurlong, a rood of pasture at Littlefordhale, ½ rood of land at littlefordhale, ½ rood at Stratfordheggs, a rood on Hyzedon', in le Myddelfeld ½ acre at Oselokus, a rood on same, ½ acre on Akerhey, a rood on Waytyngcrow, a rood on Wonland, ½ acre on Longslond, a rood hofurworthampton way a rood on Cuttolsfurlong, a rood at Holeway, ½ rood secus (?) Hamptonewey half acre on le Wowlond, ½ acre into Alefordwey, and a rood on same furlong.
In le Northfield a rood on longorynes. a rood at Longstockyng, a rood at Huseworthodich, a rood on Hyehusworthe, a rood on le publy, an acre and a rood on Lawethorn, ½ acre 'inter' le mores, a rood on Hullesmor, a rood on Longolong, a rood on Hofurbarlychhel, a rood on Nerurbarlychhul, half acre on hafurbarlychhul, ½ acre on Budewell, ½ rood and ½ rood on Buttus ½ acre inyeinlond, acre of meadow in le Southmed' and a 'smalidol' in lezender' mor's, and a smalidol at Dedemor.      

for 10 shillings a year at Annumciation, Nativity of St. John Baptist and Michaelmas and a work of one day in autumn of a man namely 'ad precarium'. And paying yearly for le Schyrrueszeld 10 pence and for ward' of Pewnesye 5 pence.

Provision for reentry if rent in arrears for a month.

Witnesses:- Peter fitzion,
John Lyuendene,
Thomas del Temple,
Nicholas de Bleseworthe,
John le Warde.

Fortho, W. , F. St. Leonard Abbot. 38 Ed. III (6 Nov. 1364)  
attached to X/42.


William Lord of Furtho

to William Beauchamp of Couesgrove and Alice his wife
of messuage with curtilage and croft in Couesgrave next tenement once of Adam Tonssemer' and 13½ aces of arable, 1½ of meadow, a rood of pasture and 3 smalidol' (details)
for 10 shillings, 3s 4d each at Annunciation, Nat. St. John Bapt. and Michaelmas and work of one day in autumn with a man to mow "ad precarium". 10p schyrueszeld and 5p for Ward of Pewnesye.

Provision for reentry if rent in arrears for a month.


Witnesses:- Peter le FitzJohn,
John de Lyuenden',
Thomas del Temple,
Nich. de Bliseworthe,
John le Warde

Seal white wax (illegible) Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Sunday Vigil of St. James Ap. 47 Ed. III (24 July 1373)
Indenture. Demise.

Nicholas Bliseworthe of Fortho

to Henry Rouwold of same
of acre of arable in field of Couesgrave half an acre and one rood lying on Oselokusfurlong next land of John Tonsemer', and one rood lying on Medefurlong' next land of the Lord of Couesgrave.
from Michaelmas next for 20 years
for a rose at St John Baptist.


Witnesses:- William Lord of Furtho,
John de Lyueden',
Thomas at(te) Temple,
John Cropperythe,
Nicholas Beruill and others.

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Sunday after Petronilla V. 48 Ed. III (4 June 1374) 
attached to X/28.

Indenture. Demise.

Nicholas de Bliseworthe of Furtho

to John Tourner of Ierdele and Isabella his wife.
of 2 roods of land in field of Couesgrave lying at Consamforde next land held by John Newport from the Lord of C[ouesgrave] and 2 parts of a piece of mowable meadow lyng in Husworth once of Roger le Bryn, and half acre of meadow called Mouemede lying in the same meadow
for 12 years from date of these presents for a grain of corn at Michaelmas annually.


Witnesses:- William de Furtho,
John de Lyueden',
Thomas atte Temple,
John Wattus,
Simon Scot and others.

Frag. Seal. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Th. St. Lucas Ev., 49 Edward III (18 Oct 1375) 
Charter. Grant.

William de Fortho, Lord of Fortho

to John de Lyueden' of the same and Sir Nich. atte Dubel of Haveresham
of all his lands in Fortho, Couesgrave and Weston' Hunderwode &c.,


Witnesses:- Ione ? Gobion,
Peter fitzJohn,
Thomas atte Temple,
Nich. Bleseworthe,
Thos. Gobion

Parchment. Latin.

S.S., Th. after Peter & Paul 50 Ed. III (3 July 1376) 
Charter. Grant.

Nicholas of Bliseworth de Fortho
to William Kneyth of Stonystratforde parva and Isolda his wife.
of an acre and a rood of arable land in Couesgrave, half on Polfurlong' next land once of Henry Wydevill', half on same furlong next land of John Kypping', a rood against Hertwell' next land of Lord of C.


Witnesses:- John Lyueden',
Thomas atte Temple,
John Deke,
Gilbert Roche,
Constant …. le Soutere &c.,

Seal red wax. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, M. before St. George M, 3 Ric. II. (16 April 1380) 
Indenture. Lease.

Nicholas of Bliseworth of Fortho
to John Dekyns of same
for 13 years for consideration paid a piece of arable land at Fortho 'inlond' lying at Corbynstil.
from Michs. 3 Rich II.


Proviso that N. B. pay for 40 shgs. if J. D. is dispossessed during the term of the lease.

Seal gone. Endorced: Inlands super Corbette stylle.

Parchment. Latin. 

C., Corpus Christi day 6 Ric. II. (21 May 1383) 
Charter. Grant.

Galfrid Coton and Sarra his wife of Tyffeld John ate Welle and Isabella his wife of Haversham

to Henry Barnevyle of Couesgrave
of messuage &c, late James Barnevyle in parish of C[ouesgrave] & Fortho
If H[enry] B[arnvyle] have no heirs of his body reversion to grantees


Witnesses:- Wm. Lynford',
Yno. Gobion',
Peter FitzJohn,
John Lyveden',
John Towsmer

2 seals in linen covers. Parchment. Latin.

Westm: 13 July 7 of King (1383)
Letters Patent

Anne Queen of England

Grant to John Wydvill custody of lands

of William de Fortho deceased who held of her to hold to legitimate age of William son and heir of W., together with his marriage.

Seal gone, strip only left. Parchment. Latin.

Endorsed "Graunt del Wardship per Queen Ann"

Piece of paper attached by a pin to say this Queen Anne was wife of Henry IV - (but she wasn't; she was Q. Anne of Bohemia first wife of Richard II.)

Ierdele G., 7 Jan. 7 Ric II. (1384) 
Indenture. Lease.

Johanne widow of Yuon Gobyon
to (2)
William Boueton' and Alice his wife 
messuage called Bataylesplace and another once of Thomas Gobyon and 7 acres ½ rood of land and 3 roods of meadow lying in Ierdele Gobyon, viz:-

half acre of land lies by Johan Punchard, half acre on Furthoweye by land of Huwe Gobyon, half acre on Lambecote next land of William Dryuere, half acre atte housende by William Dryere, 1½ roods on Thykkethorne by John Wattes, 1 rood in le feu by Beatrice Auncel, half rood in same by John Boneton', half acre in same by Simon Jaune, half acre in same by William Wylkyn, 1 rood in same by John More, half acre in same by Simon Scot, a rood in same by William Heynes, a rood in same late John atte Merch', half acre on le Hangynge by Nichol Stody, half acre on Myd forlong by John Boneton', half acre in Thezendre furlong of mydforlonge by William Dryuere, half acre on Wodeweye once Thomas Gobyon, and 3 roods of meadow which were of William Masoun against the meadow of Densangre by the acre of William Grene.
2 lives for 6 shillings at Annunciation and St Mary Mawdeleyn.

William B. undertakes to build a house with 3 bays and another of 2 bays with one 'torail' and a feurer in each building.

Johanne grants them housbote and heybote growing on the said tenements.

Remainder after deaths of lessees

John son of William Boneton (?) for life, then William his brother for life, then Johan 'pusne' his brother, then Thomas, then Simon, then Isabella daughter of William Boneton' each paying same rent as their father and mother.

If the land are sown when the lessees die then their executors may reap and carry off.


Seal gone. Parchment. French.

Couesgrave Trinity Sunday 12 Richard II (13 June 1389) 
Charter. Grant.

Alice Grendon' of Couesgrave

to John Boys and Joan his wife of Pokesle
of a tenement in C[ouesgrave] and all land of hers in C[ouesgrave] and Fortho


Witnesses:- Peter fitz John,
Henry Barneuill',
Nich' Byfeld' of Couesgrave,
John Leueden',
Nicholas Blisworth' of Fortho and others.

Seal brown wax 'R'. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, Tu. Exalt. Cross. 13 Ric. II (14 Sept. 1389) 
Charter. Grant.

John Dekys of Fortho

to John Brampton' parochial chaplain of same and John Leueden' of same
of all his lands in Fortho and Couesgrave


Witnesses:- Wm. de Fortho,
Nich Blisworth,
Thomas de le Temple,
Rt. Herry,
Rd. Bakere.

Seal gone. Parchment. Latin

Fortho, W, Vigil of Simon & Jude, 13 Ric. II (27 Oct. 1389) 
Charter. Grant.

John Leueden of Fortho

to John de Leyr' parson of church of Dodyngton', William de Fortho, William Wattes and John Wattes chaplains 
of all his lands in Fortho, Cosgrave and Bolenden' (Bucks) Bullingdon End in Hanslape


Witnesses:- Peter Fitz John of Cosgrave,
Thomas FitzJohn,
John Tonsmer' of same,
Thomas Temple,
Nich Blisworth of Fortho.

Seal white wax. Parchment. Latin.

Dodyngton magna, Monday before St. Gregory Pope 13 Ric. II (7 March 1390) 
Letter of attorney.

John de Leyr' clerk and William de Fortho appoint as attorney

Richard Rous to receive seisin in all lands they have by grant of John Leueden' of Fortho.

Strip and striplet. Parchment. Latin.

Fortho M after St. Gregory  Pope 13 Ric. II. (14 March 1390)
Charter. Grant.

John de Leyr' parson of church of Dodington', William de Fortho, William Wattes and John Wattes chaplains

to John Leueden' of Fortho and Alice his wife
of all lands they have by grant of said J[ohn] de L[eyr] in Fortho, Cosgrave and Bolendon' (Bucks)    

(portion in centre erased)


Witnesses:- Peter fitz Johan, Thomas fitz John,
John Tousmer of Cosgrave, Nich Bliseworth,
Thomas Temple of F[ortho]

Seal, brown wax ( & 2 other tags) 'R'

Parchment. Latin.

Fortho, St. Clement, 8 Hen: IV (23 Nov. 1406) 
Charter. Grant.

John Liwedene and Alice his wife
to (Thomas Videvile), William Fortho lord of F[ortho] and William Edy senior.
of his lands in F[ortho], Cosgravefelde and Bolyndene


Witnesses:- Hy Videvile,John Hilly', John Warde,
Rd Potter, Thomas fitz John,
Thomas Bromchote Rector of Fortho.

One Seal, green wax. Parchment. Latin.

Forth, 3 May 6 Hen. V. (1418) 
attached to F10/27

Charter indented. Grant.

William de Forth' Lord of Forth' son and heir of William de Forh' late lord there

to John Beauchamp of Barnet
of messuage with curtilagein and croft and 13½ aces of arable, 1½ of meadow, a rood of pasture and 3 'smalidoles' of meadow once of William Beauchamp of Couesgrave in Couesgrave and which W[illiam] B[eauchamp] held by grant of William Forth' senior father of William Forth' the son by charter of fee simple to W[illiam] B[eauchamp] and Alice his wife and their heirs Dated at Forth', Wed., St. Leonard, Abbot,
"2" 8 Edward III (6 Nov 1364) which messuage &c. is situated next a tenement once of Adam Tousemer' and 13½ acres lie as follows: (details given here)

for 10 shillings a year, 3s 4d at Annunciation, 3s 8d Nativity of St. John Bapt,
3s 4d. at Michaelmas and work of one day in autumn with one man to mow 'ad precarium' and paying for Schireuesyeld 10d and for Ward of Pewnesye 5d.
Provision for reentry if rent is in arrear a month.


Witnesses:- John Fitzjon, Thomas Fitzjohn,
Wm. Edy junior, John Edy,
John Roughadd &c.,

After Date: J[ohn] B[eauchamp] to maintain the messuage under pain of 40 shillings.

Seal blackish brown wax. Parchment. Latin.

(in cartouche)

Endorsed with note of rent being 12s.

Wykemlne 1 April 1 Hen. VI. (1423) 
Charter. Grant.

Henry Wykemylne son and heir of John W. of Wykemylne deceased

to Stephen Kynnesman esquire and John Huchoun clerk

of all his lands, rents &c. in Wykemylne, Densanger and Yerdeles Gobyoun, Stonystratford, Wolverton' and Calverton' and reversions there


Witnesses:- Thomas Wydeuyll',
Wm. Fortho,
John Abburbury,
John Gyffard',
George Longevill' and others.

Seal, red wax. Parchment. Latin.

Endorsed inter alia 'A Joincture for Alice his wife daughter of the sd. Kynesman'.

14 April 1 Henry VI (1423) 

Laurencius Dyre of Quenton' and Alice his wife

Since Stephen Kynnesman esqure and John Huchoun clerk by charter indented have conveyed to Hy Wykemylne of Wykemylne and Agnes daughter of Stephen whom Hy intends to marry, all lands which S. K. and J. H. first had by grant of Henry in W[yckmylne], Densanger and Yerdeley Gobyoun, and in parish of Potterspyrie, Stonystratford', Wolverton' and Calverton' to be held to H[enry] and A[gnes] and their heirs of their bodies with remainder as to lands in Y G and P to Alice's heirs of her body or if none to her right heirs which lands in YG and P, L. D. and A to hold for life of Alice.
Now L. D. and A attorn to said Henry and Agnes by paying one penny and meaning to make an estate to them after death of Alice with the reversion if it arises, saving only always Alice's life interest.

2 Seals, red wax. (one armorial) Parchment. Latin.

10 July 13 Hen: VI (1435) 
Charter. Grant.

Henry Wykenyll'

to William Fortho of Fortho. 
of all his lands in Northants and Bucks


Witnesses:- John Sharp,
Thomas Mandeleyn,
William Sergiant,
William Boueton and
Thomas Punchard.

Seal red wax. Parchment. Latin.

27 June 16 Hen. VI. (1438) 
Bond in 100 marks.

Willian Ive of Norhampton', spiser' and John Scales of same, gentilman

to William Fortho of Fortho, gentilman
to be paid in quindene of Michaelmas

Endorsed with condition (partly illegible)
W.I. & J.S. and all others deriving through them their estate, title or possesion in a moiety of the third part of the manor of Yerdeley Gobyon' (&) in the parish of Potters Pirye and all other lands late of Henry Wykenylne in Yerdeley G, are to bide by the order, arbitration and judgment of Edward Dyre and John Dyre arbitrators elected on behalf of W.I. and J. and of Thomas Billinge and Thomas Syresham arbitrators on behalf of William Fortho; provided the order (is made by) the quindene of Michaelmas.

Frag of one seal on strip.
(2 strips.) Parchment. Latin. 

Y. G., 16 December 17 Hen. VI (1438) 
Release and quitclaim.

William Yve of Norhampton', spycer,

to William Fortho esquire.
of his right in a moiety of a messauge in Yerdele Gobyoun and in moiety of third part of the manor of Y[erdele] G[obyoun]


Witnesses:- John Sharp'
Galfridus Sargeuant,
Thomas Mandeleyn'
William Boneton'
John Boys
Thomas Syresham
William Sharp' and others.

Seal red wax. Parchment. Latin.

Cosgrave, M after Annunciation 19 Hen. VI. (27 March 1441) 
Charter. Grant.

Richard Bailly of Rode and Joan his wife
to John Knyght of Stonystratford
of all their lands in Cosgrave for the life of J[ohn] K[night].

Witnesses:- Nich Deek,
John Foscote,
John Witlesey,
John Lye,
Thomas Mandeleyn' &c.

Seal. (tag spilt into 2) Parchment. Latin.

Cosgrave, St. Peter, 24 H. VI. (1 Aug (?) 1446) 
in round wooden box.

Letter of attorney

John Pertnale and John Knyth'

appoints as attorney John Beaumchamp

to deliver seisin to Wm. Fortho in all lands in Cosgrave called Grendons land.

Frag. of seal on strip. Parchment. Latin.

 Couesgrave, 4 Nov. 25 H. VI. (1446)
Charter. Grant.

John Bailly of Rode and William Warrewyk of Gayton
to John Pertenale of Stonystratford.'
of all their lands in Couesgrave and Fortho called Grendonesland which descended to them by inheritance after death of John Bailly and Katherine Warrewyk our mother.
In exchange for 2½ acres of arable, a rood of meadow and a small piece of pasture in Rode.


Witnesses:- Wm Fortho,
Nich Forster,
Wm Ingryth',
Richard Fitz John,
Wm Gaber &c.

Seals, red wax. Parchment. Latin.

 Couesgrave 7 Nov. 25 Hen. VI. (1446)
Release and quitclaim.

Richard Bailly of Rode and Andrew Warrewyk of Rytheresthrop'

to John Pertenale of Stonystratford'
of all their right in lands &c. in Couesgrave or Fortho called Grendonesland which we had after the death of Joan and Katherine our wives by the courtesy of England.

Witnesses:- Wm. Fortho;
Nich. Forster;
Wm. Ingryth'
Rd. Fitz Joh'
Wm. Gaber & others.

2 Seals red wax. Parchment. Latin.

Couesgrave, 8 April 26 H. VI (1448) 
Charter. Grant.

John Knight

to William Fortho of Fortho esquire
of all his lands in Couesgrave which once were of Robert Grendon' except a rood lying between land of the Lord of Couesgrave on both sides.


Witnesses:- Nich Foster,
John Piers and Robt. Gardyner.

Seal red wax. Parchment. Latin.

M after St. Luke Ev. 32 H. VI (22 Oct. 1453) 
Copy of Will of Wyllyam Fortho of Fortho, squyer.

Long and detailed.

(a) Bedf. Buck. North.
(b) the feoffament inventar' & wyll of Wyllyam Fortho
(c) ij bills of dett and a bill of allowance.

Parchment. English.

Furtho X 53.

Copy of will of William Fortho of Fortho, squyer
dated Monday after Feast of St. Luke 32 Henry VI (1453).

His feoffees William Catysby, knight, Water Mauntell, squyer, William Asshby, William Baker, clerk, John Fortho, Richard Lawe and John Hayle to settle on Thomas Fortho of Stony Stratford and his heirs male lands which John Turvyle held in Stony Stratford by indenture, and on Thomas for life other lands held by John without indenture; to convey to John Hayle of Stony Stratford for life 2 acres in the west meadow of Wolverton; to Thomas Kok of Passenham for life 12 shillings of free rent from lands once of John Beauchamp of Cosgrove, and of 8s.8d. free rent from lands of John Foscotus; feoffees to include a clause for distraint on all his lands in Cosgrove & Furtho in case his sons William or Thomas prevent the rents being paid; to convey to Robert Gardyner of Stony Stratford for life a tenement in the market by the church stile of St. Gyles and to convey to him 16s rent from Nicholas Chapell for 15 rods of meadows and lands he holds by indenture; to convey to John Deyster for life the reversion of a tenement in Stony Stratford held by Margaret mother of Thomas Fortho for her life; to convey to William Borall for life a toft and close in Little Stratford; to give £10 to Furtho church for repairs and £10 to Potterspury church and Yardley chapel, not to be paid to the churchwardens but disbursed by the feoffees, the £20 to come out of testator's Yardley rents; to pay his son Thomas 10 marks per annum from his lands in Wolverton, Calverton and Stony Stratford which are to be conveyed to him and his issue male when all debts are paid, and if he have no male issue to his brother William & his heirs male; to pay William 10 marks p.a. from the Northamptonshire lands but if William & Alice daughter of Thomas Pekke live twelve months then to convey the 10 marks to them and the longer liver of them; to settle the Northants estate when all debts are paid on William & his heirs male and in default of such on Thomas and his heirs male and in default of such on those of Thomas Fortho of Stony Stratford with further remainders over to John Fortho citizen and draper of London and to John son of William Fortho of Stony Stratford.

10 Nov. 12 Ed IV. (1472) 
Charter indented feoffment or grant.

Wm. Catesby, Walter Mauntell', Kts. Wm. Assheby, John Fortho citizen & 'cissor' of London, Richard Lawe and John Hayle
in fulfillment of will of William Fortho esquire, late of Fortho, deceased

to Thomas Fortho of F[ortho], gentilman son of said W. F.
of all lands in Calverton, Wolverton and Stonystratford' which they late had with Wm. Baker clerk deceased by grant of Wm. Fortho.
to be held to T[homas] F[ortho] and his heirs male.
Reversion to grantors to sell and dispose of money for the souls of W[illiam] F[ortho] and all his benefactors and friends.
Appointment of William Hartwell and John Adingdon attorneys to deliver seisin.

Witnesses:- George Longevyle esquire, Rt Pygot esq.,
Thos Edy gentilman, Henry Tukke,
Thomas Rokes &c.
Clerk: - Parker.

6 Seals, red wax, names at top of tags. Parchment. Latin.

10 November 12 Ed. IV. (1472) 

Wm Catesby, Walter Mauntell'., Kts.,
Wm Assheby, John Forttho Citizen & Taylor (Cissor) of London, Richard Law and John Hayle

in performance of last will of William Fortho esquire of Fortho

to Thomas Fortho of F[ortho], gentilman' son of Wm' F[ortho]
of all lands &c. in Calverton, Wolverton and Stonystratford, which they had jointly with Wm Baker clerk deceased by grant of Wm Fortho,
to be held to T[homas] F[ortho] and his heirs males with reversion in case of no such heirs to grantors.

Appointment of William Hartwell and John Adingdon' attorneys to deliver seisin.

Witnesses:- George Longvyle esquire, Robert Pygot esq.,
Thos Edy gentilman,
Henry Tukke, Thomas Rokes
Clerk:- Parker.

Seals of all 6. (names at top) Parchment. Latin.

10 Nov. 12 Ed. IV. (1472)
Charter indented. Grant. 

William Catesby, Walter Mauntell', Kts.,
William Assheby, Richard Lawe and John Hayle

in fulfillment of last will of William Fortho esquire late of Fortho,

to Thomas Fortho of F[ortho], gentilman son of Wm F[ortho]
of all lands &c. in Fortho and advowson of Fortho which grantors have with John Fortho citizen & 'cissor' of London, (who released all his rights to the grantors) as well as with William Baker clerk now deceased late jointly they had by grant and feoffment of W. Fortho
to be held to Thomas Fortho and his heirs males.
If none remainder to John Furtho citizen & 'cissor' of London. If none to right heirs of Wm. Fortho.

Appointment of Wm. Hartwell' and John Adingdon' attorneys to deliver seisin to T[homas] F[ortho].

Witnesses:- Hy Mauntell esquire, Hy Dyre esqre,
Rd Harowden' esqre, John Cope esqre,
Richard Fitz John.
Clerk :- Parker

5 seals (red wax) Parchment. Latin.

Endorsed "A Remytter of the manor of Furtho".

10 Nov. 12 Ed. IV. (1472)
Charter indented. Grant. 

William Catesby, Walter Mauntell', Kts.
Wm. Assheby, Richard Lawe and John Hayle
in fulfillment of last will of Wm. Fortho esquire late of Fortho,
to Thomas Fortho of F[ortho], gentilman son of Wm. F[ortho]
of all lands in Fortho and elsewhere in Northampton and advowson of church of F[ortho] &c which grantors together with John Fortho citizen & 'cissor' of London, (who released to the grantors all his right in same) - and also with William Baker clerk deceased by grant of said W[illiam] F[ortho].

to T[homas] F[ortho] and heirs males
then remainder to right heirs of W[illiam] F[ortho].
Appointment of Wm. Hartwell and John Adingdon' attorneys.

Witnesses:- Hy Mauntell Esqre, Hy Dyre esqre,
Richd Harowde'n esqre, John Cope esqre,
Rd Fitz John &c.
Clerk :- Parker

5 Seals red wax with names at top of tags.

Parchment. Latin.

Endorsed "Feoffati Will'mi Fortho, Thome Fortho, Manerium de Fortho in tallio."

Mich. 1619 to Mich. 1620
a & b.

two leaves of four pages each of accounts.

"Necessaries past by billes of controwlment to theoffices in the house for necessaries of Mr Snelling for the hallplasse Ciching"

Mich. 1619 to Mich. 1620.

Appear to be issue from stores of wooden bowles, dishes &c. to departments of royal household.

(decayed at top) Paper. English.

Westminster 2 Sept. 1633

Basell Hedgman

to Sir Rob. Banistre Kt. at Pasenham.

Thanks for kind entertainment in R[obert] B[anistre]'s house. Has spoken with Mr Cofarar and Sir Thomas Mery.
The former says R. B. cannot have his money till the end of the month. Sends copy of R. B's petition.

Asks for 100 sheep on 11th or 12th and 50 to Bagshot. The king goes there this day for a fortnight.

The Queen stays at Somerset House.
The King came on Wednesday last, the household to Oatlands from there to Bagshot the last of August.

Endorsed:- Send 100 sheep 2 or 3 days earlier than has been written inside.

Paper. English.

(17th cent)

List of payments to or receipts from persons named, also underwood, Sir Tho. S. (? Samwell) &c.

(17th cent) Paper.

Other side much the same.

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