Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity FI/1-24

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office.The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

Note. The first section of this catalogue are of the contents of small leather covered wooden boxes, the first of which however seems to have no obvious connection with the Charity.

27 April 1692

Original will of

Richard Allen of St. Bridgetts alias Brides London, victualler

all to wife Jane Allen, sole executrix

3 witnesses

Sig. & Seal Paper. E.


16 June 1694

Letter of Attorney

Richard Allen of Brides London, victualler

all to his wife Jane Allen to receive any debts owed to him by Samual Parsley, Christopher Taffrell, John Baptista or any others.

Paper. E.

30 Nov 1703
& 26 Dec 1706

Promises to repay

John Morris to Mrs. Jane Allen sums of £64.10.0. & £10

Paper. E.

29 April 1713


(a) Jane Allen, 29 April 1713, £3 interest due.
(b) Do. Nov. 1712. £3. Do. on £100.
(c) Do. 22 Aug. 1712. £4. 10. Do. on £150. (from Mr. Jenkins).

Paper. E.

Receipts for legacies, funeral expenses on debts.

(a) 3. Feb '1713' Elizabeth Pennefather for 2 guineas-received from Mr. Jenkins, a legacy from Mrs. Allen.
(b) 30. Dec. 1713. Henry Walton for 30 shgs rent
(c) 19. Oct. 1713. Wm. Maley, Parish Clerk, £1.19.6. funeral expenses (in Church) — for Upper Ground
(d) 7 April 1714. Same but for the Lowe Ground.
(e) 15 July  1714. Edw. Clarke for £10 legacy.
(f) 17 Oct. 1713. Philip Morris, £1 10. 0. For hearse &c.
(g) 5 July 1715. Ed. Alexander, £1.15.8 for proving will.
(h) Not date or signed. Account £5.0.6. for Coffin &c. includes some of previous bills.


21 Jan 1713/14


Elizabeth Prichard, Aberystruth,  to George Jenkins

Requests him to deliver to Mrs. Cook any clothes or linnen bequeathed to her.

Paper E.

24 Feb. '1715'

(a) Receipt for 2 parcels of bed and bedding given by Mrs. Allen to her brother Mer. Pritchard.
Mark of Bridget. Cook.
(b) cover addressed to Mrs. Eliz. Prichard of Aberythruth to be left at Widow Bradshaws at Abergavenny, Mon.

Paper E.

March 1713/4


Elizabeth Prichard, George Jenkins (as Furtho 1/9)

About goods sent by latter to her under will of her sister which have not yet arrived, but which Mrs. Cooke said the carrier left at Monmouth (box, part of beddings and trunk). Has received a key for the box. 

Sig. & Seal Pink. 26 MR. Paper. E.

8 April 1714

Elizabeth Pritchard to George Jenkins

to George Jenkins at the next door to the Gentleman porter in New - Street, near Fleet- Street on London.
Has received all things mentioned in his letter. Her brother Meredith received bed and all that belonged to him last Friday. Thanks for his care and trouble.

"Sig:" & sealed outside; pmk 12 AP. Paper. E.


5 Jan. '1714'


Letter Meredith Pritchard, Llanover to George Jenkins

About legacies under his sisters will.

Seal Pmk. 10 1A. Paper. E.

2 Feb. '1714'

Meredith Pritchard to George Jenkins &

about security they offer G.J. for actions taken by him in discharging trust reposed in him by M.P.'s sister.

Armorial Seal outside.  Paper. E.

16 August 1714
Letter Reginald Saunders

to George Jenkins (as Furtho 1/5)

"As well the legatees in these parts as my selfe are somthing uneasy to know wt you and Mr. Clarke doe about my sister Jane Aliens effects and therefore beg you'l send your resolution directed to Tho. Evans Escre. at Langott ork nigh monmoute. P.S. that his brother Law (?) is dead. 

Sig: pmk 18 AV Paper. E.

10 Dec. 1714

Letter of Attorney

Reginald Saunders of Langattock Vibonavell yeoman, Meredith Prichard &c.

to Thomas Stephens of Monmouth, chandler to receive legacies on their behalf.

6 mks & seals Paper. E.

1 June 1715
(pinned to I/13c).

Receipt for £100
Thomas Stephens

from George Jenkins (part of legacies left by Mrs. Jane Allen to the use of Robert Needham senior).

Endorsed. 'Mem. I owe Mr. S. six shill.'


14 Jan. '1715'
Memorandum & discharge.

Thomas Stephens gent. acknowledges George Jenkins Esqre. deceased paid in July last to Mr. Wilson a goldsmith neare Temple Barr £130 residue of several legacies.

Sig. Pr. E.

1714 or 1715
Part of Letter

Robert Needham to John Needham

About Mr. Jenkins and the proving of will (of Mrs. Allen).

Paper E.

12 March 1714/1715
Robert Needham, Hilston 

to Mr. George Jenkins About persons to act as sureties for poor relations to indemnify G.J. for paying legacies to them. Proposal is to empower Mr. Griffin at the Black Prince in Watling Streete, tobacconist, to receive the money.

Sig. & Seal Paper. E.

9 April 1715

Robert Needham

to George Jenkins About payment of legacies.

30 April 1715

Robert Needham, Hilston 

to George Jenkins Wants answer to last letter as to whether he will accept security offered in it by the poor relations. 

PMK 2. MA Paper. E.

10 May 1715

Reginald Saunders, Meredith Prichard, Morgan Prichard, Elizabeth Prichard, Rachell and Anne Prichard, 

to Edward Clarke of St. Brides, London and George Jenkins of same, executors of will of Jane Allen dated 14 August 1712 for legacies left them by J. A.

6 marks & seals Paper. E.

11 May 1715

Elizabeth Prichard, Aberystruth to George Jenkins (as Furtho I/ ) 

Has received letter of 5th but not an earlier one. Consents to Mr. Needhams being employed in her service and her brothers' service. "If you will pay the legacyes, Mr. Evans andMr. Meredith will be bound with us to indemnify you, and you shall have security when you deliver the money." Desires answer so as to prepare security and fix time of payment.

Mark: written by Howell Prosser;

seal pmk 16 Paper. E.

1714 or 1715
Draft condition of a bond being

Indemnity to George Jenkins for having paid £50 legacy to Reginald Saunders devised to him by will of his sister Jane Allen.

On other side 'Mr. Jenkins.'


18 May 1715
Bond in £120 

Elizabeth Prichard of Aberustyth, Monmouth, spinster, Thomas Evans of Langattock Vibon Avell esqre and 'Egidius' Meredith of Lanellen, esq., 

to George Jenkins of St. Brides, London, gent.,

Indemnity for having paid £60 legacy to E.P. devised to her by the will of her sister Jane Allen

Mk, 2 sigs & seals 3 witnesses Paper. L & E.

18 May 1715
Bond in £60

Rachell Prichard spinster and Anne Prichard spinster daughters of Meredith Prichard of Lanover, Monmouth, yeoman and Thomas Evans of Langattock, Vibon Avell, esqre and Egidius Meredith of Lanellen, esqr

to George Jenkins of St. Brides, London, gent.,

Indemnity for having paid £30 to R & A.P. devised to them by Jane Allen.

2 mks. 2 sigs & seals. Paper. L. & E.

18 May 1715
Bond in £80

Morgan Prichard of Lanovcr, yeomen, Thomas Evans of Langattock Vibon Avell, esqr and Egidius Meredith of Lanellen esqrs

to George Jenkins of St. Brides, London, gent

Indemnity for having paid £140 to M.P. devised to him by his sister Jane Allen.

Mk. 2 sigs & seals. Paper. L. & E.

18 May 1715
Bond in £100

Reginald Saunders of yeoman, Thomas Evans esqre and Egidius Meredith &c.

to George Jenkins &c. Indemnity for having paid £50 to R.S. devised to him by his sister Jane Allen.

Mk. 2 sigs, seals. Paper. L. & E.

18 May 1715
Bond in £100

Meredith Prichard of Lanover, Mon., yeoman Thomas Evans of Langattock Vibon Avell, esq. and ‘Evidius’ Meredith of Lanellen 

to George Jenkins of St. Brides, London, gent.,

Indemnity for having paid £50 legacy to M.P. devised to him by will of his sister Jane Allen of St. Brides dated 14 August 1712.

Mk. 2 sigs & seals. 3 witnesses. Paper. L. & E.

23a. (g)
23 May 1715

Robert Needham 

to George Jenkins About 5 bonds of indemnity to G.J. for payment of legacies. Nominated Thomas Stephens his carrier in place of Mr. Griffin to receive the money Mr. G. gone to his lady at the Bath.

4 July 1715
Tho Stephens, Monmouth

to George Jenkins Esqre at his home in New Street near Fetter Lane, London.

Has left all papers, letter of attorney &c. in friend Mr. Wilson's hand, a banker over against St. Clements Church in the Strand. Requests payment to him of £130.6.0 residue of legacies of £230. Arrangements about receipts.

Paper E.

7 Oct. 1715

Robert Needham

to George Jenkins Poor relations are being told by Mr. Stephens that G.J. has not paid up the money due to them. Asks if Mr. S. is telling the truth. 

pmk. 19 OC Paper. E.

9 Nov. 1715
(a bundle of letters pinned together) 


Robert Needham, Hilston near Monmouth to George Jenkins at his house in New Streete neare Shoe Lane, London.

Did not know till he received his letter that G.J. had not paid £130 to Mr. Wilson. Sent his letter to Mr. Stephens who says he went to London and found G.J. had paid £130 to W. and taken up all Mr. Stephens vouchers which the latter had left with Mr. Wilson. On 20 August Mr. Wilson refused payment without getting back the note he gave to G.J. for the money but Mr. S. left a receipt for it with Wilson. R.N. asks G.J. to find out about the money as Mr. S. and his sister pretend never to have received it.

Endorsed ' I sent him a Lr 16 Nov 1715'.

Seal gone Pmk illegible Paper. E.

7 Dec. 1715

Robert Needham

to George Jenkins

Long instructions about payment of money. Mentions Wilson, Stephens and also Mr. Spencer who had written saying money was paid to Mr. Stephens &c. Thinks latter wont act a fair part and therefore instructs G.J. not to part with Wilson's note. Mentions his son (John)

Pmk 9 DE Paper

17 Dec. 1715

Robert Needham

to Mrs. Jenkins at her house in Newstreete neare Shoe lane.

About payment of £130. Requests 6s, paid short in £100 paid by her husband to Mr. Stephens, to be paid at same time.

Sigs Pmk 19 DE Paper. E.

17 Dec. 1715

(Robert Needham), Hilston

to Mr. John Needham at the Pewter Dish in the Strand neare Temple Barr, London.

Has ordered Mrs. Jenkins to give Wilson his note and Hughes our carrier to receive £130 from W. Asks J.N. to take Mrs. J and Hughes to W. for this purpose. Hughes will bring a discharge from Stephens to Mrs. J. Hughes to receive money for use of Thomas Evans of Langattock Trustee for the poor relations. etc.

.Pmk 19 DE Paper. E.

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