Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity 1801 - 1895

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

28. 8.1801
Indenture - Lease/Release in Trust

(1) Robert Andrew the elder of Harlestone
Rev. Gilbert Andrew of Harlestone - clerk
Rev. Charles Justinian Raynsford of Powick (Worcs) - clerk


(2) John Clarke of Welton Place - esq.
Thomas Reeve Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
Robert Andrew the younger of Harlestone - esq.  
John Plomer Clarke of Welton Place - esq.
Rev. Francis Montgomery of Milton - clerk
Rev. John Lloyd Crawley of Nether Heyford - clerk

of the Manor of Furtho & the Arnold Charity Estate.

1801 - 30
Abstracts of a/cs, synopses etc. 1801 - 30. (5 sheets)

Indenture - Lease

(1) Rev. Gilbert Andrew of Harlestone
T. R. Thornton, Robert Andrew of Harlestone Park,
John Plomer Clarke of Welton Place,
Arnold Rev. Francis Montgomery of Milton  
Rev. John Lloyd Crawley of Nether Heyford - Arnold Trustees

to (2) Thomas Pittam of Furthoe - grazier of the Manor House of Furtho a specified closes at Furtho for 7 years at S410 p.a.

9 May 1811
Court roll - Manor of Furtho
Court Leet and Court Baron,
with jury list etc., suit roll, list of Chief rents.

27 September 1813

Account book:

1) Copy extract from Arnold's will
2) Abstract of Arnold's will
4) Copy survey of Furtho Manor 1665
d) Copy of last decree of Lord Chancellor in case re Arnold's will

Accounts (estate and charity) June 1751 - May 1771
(rough version of same accounts in Furtho XIII/30
and minutes of Trustees Meeting 27 Sept. 1813.


Account Book

John C. Manse' in a/c with the Trustees of Furtho Charity showing receipts of money from the Trustees for timber, and payments to workmen etc. for repairs and maintenance.

1815 - 1840
4 apprenticeship indentures:
John Sweet jr. son of John Sweet of All Saints, hatter of the Dryden Charity School, N'ton, to Wm. Sweet of All Saints  hairdresser and netmaker (brother of John Sweet sr.) 21 May 1815
John Goode son of Jas. Goode of Upper Heyford, labourer to Chas Tilley of Daventry, boot and shoe maker, 22 Jan 1830 and cert. of completion of term, 11 April 1840
William Harrold son of Aaron Harrold of Weedon Bec to Wm. Sweet of All Saints, N'ton, hairdresser 17 Dec 1832.
Henry Goode a poor boy of Upper Heyford to Saml. Kemp of St. Sep's N'ton shoe maker 9 June 1834. Endorsed 'Agreed to be cancelled'.

13 April 1818
Court roll - Manor of Furtho.
Court Leet and Court Baron.
with precept, jury list, suit roll, list (2) of Chief Rents.

1819 - 1834
Papers concerning the operation of the Charity in Stony Stratford E & W

Note of the apprentices E side 1819-1820
Donation list to the poor W side 1824
Note of the apprentices W side 1824-1825
accounts for apprenticing W side 1830-1833
Correspondence etc. of John Atkins, Overseer of E side about an apprentice 1833-1834
Copy letter to Churchwardens of Stony Stratford with instructions
for the proper operation of the Charity there.
Feb 1834
Letter Willam Salter, Stony Stratford, about an apprentice whose
binding seems not in accordance with the Charity's wishes and copy reply.
Feb 1834

Valuation of Timber growing on a farm at Furtho in occupation of Mr. Robert Pittam taken by John Cole, each tree is numbered, length girt & feet shown, also value in £.s.d. Lands and meadows are named.


Valuation of Timber growing on a farm at FURTHO in occupation of Mr. Robert Pittam, made by John Cole, each tree is numbered, length girt & feet shown, also value In £.s.d.

Lands and meadows are named. Pencil notes on types of trees in named meadows.


Extract (MS) from Charity Commissioner's Report of 1825 on the Arnold Charity.

Copy n.d. contemp.

Key with 2 labels attached
a) on parchment "Keys belonging to Mr. Hughes 1832"
b) on cardboard "this is ye Key of ye great Trunk"

4 May 1833

Conveyance to new trustess (left and right)

T. R. Thornton of Brockhall, esq., and Revd. J. L. Crawley, ar. Rector of Nether Stratford

Revd. G. Butler, Rector of Gayton
Revd. P. Thornton, Rector of Brockhall
Revd. J. H. Harrison, Rector of Bugbrooke
Revd. J. W. H. Clark, Rector of Cold Higham
Revd. Wm. Thornton, of Brockhall
Revd. J. L. Crawle,y jr. of N. Stratford
Henry Crawley of Balliol College Oxford esq

Manor of Furtho, on trusts of Arnold's will; trustees when only 3 shall re-convey to themselves and four or more other trustees

29 Oct. 1833
Note of extent of Charity estate at Furtho and legal/historical background to the Charity generally.

22 Oct. 1834

Court roll - Manor of Furtho,.
Court Leet with view of Frankpledge and Court Baron,
with precept, notices, jury list, suit roll, account of chief rents.

1834 - 1880

Appointments to read Divine Service in Church of Stony Stratford pursuant to Arnold's will

A. Revd.Charles Kipling  30 Apr 1834
1 Revd. W. H. Bond  11 Jan 1842
2 Revd. C. M. Christie 21 Sep 1851
3 Revd. J. B. Ansted 14 Jan 1858
4 Revd. W. T. Sankey Jul 1859 (altered in pencil to
4a Revd. G. W. Corker 1875
5 Revd. W. G. Corker 1 Jun 1875
6 Revd. J. M. Lester 27 Dec 1880

c.30 November 1835
Copy resolution of the Trustees at a meeting 30 November 1835, concerning occasions and conduct of meetings, appointing Mr. Britten of N'ton, Solr. Clerk etc. (2 copies)


Minute Book of Arnold's or Furtho Charity Trustees from 30.11.1835 to 9.10.1876.

MS unpaginated


( = Map 3322)

Plan of Furtho Manor Farm in the parish of Furtho

Walter Ray 1835

Table of reference with field names, cultivation, acreages etc
4 chains to 1"  22½" x 33½"

Ink on parchment.

1836 - 1839
Letters (10) concerning the proposed apprenticeships of boys from varous Parishes.

List of person in St. Giles Northampton to whom it is proposed to give Charity money for the year 1836.

(copy) application for authoriation for transfer of Stock to Official Trustees of Charitable Funds, with, attached, transfer receipt £3% Consols 1837

April 1838 - Feb. 1839
Correspondence with Charity Commission re proposed (by Trustees) variation in 1887 Scheme (eligible applicants from Stony Stratford who are compelled to reside outside because of the town's development.

3 May 1838


Revd. F. K. Leighton of Gt. Ilford, Essex,
to Revd. J. L. Crawley of Nether Heyford, enquiring if Revd. F. Leighton of Ford, Salop was ever a Trustee and, if so, whether any money from the bankruptcy of the London banking firm of Boldero's payable to Revd. F. Leighton might be due to the Charity.

9 July 1838
Letter,Vicar of Potterspury to Trustees, being a petition for an advancement by the Trustees of the stipends of the incumbents of Stony Stratford and Potterspury.

23 Aug 1838
Notice of Special Meeting of Trustees, 23rd August 1838, at Furtho to view the condition of the Charity Estate.

24 Oct.1838
Court roll - Manor of Furtho.
Court Leet with view of Frankpledge and Court Baron,
with summons, suit roll,
quit rent a/cs.

Plans, specifications for proposed new piggeries at Manor Farm, Furtho, to be built by Mr. Pittam, and note of trees on the farm.

8 July 1839
Receipt for ½ year's rent of Charity estate due 25 Mar 1839

Sale cat., a/cs, etc.
timber sale at Manor Farm, Furtho
(with a note of trees to be cut down 26 Dec 1834)
and valuation of timber 1853.

n.d. c.1840 (?)
Extract from Cosgrove (Inclosure) Award (1767) concerning the public bridleway from the Old Stratford - Northampton Road to ancient Inclosures of Furtho, with separate plan.

10 January 1840
Letter, Wm. Golby, Churchwarden of Stony Stratford, asking when next meeting of Trustees will be.

Account of charges, Chas Britten, Clerk to Trustees, for 1840 .

1840 - 1869

(in three bundles)

Bundle of forms of certification of suitability, etc. of proposed masters and conformability etc. of parents of proposed apprentices;
with a few other MS certificates of good behaviour for apprentices etc.

(Bundles made up from various bundles and loose papers)

2 letters (& trade card) of John Howard of Edgeware Rd., Middx. Shoemaker re his taking an apprentice via the Charity.

1841 - 1849
Bundle (18) indentures of apprenticeship. 1841-1849

24 December 1842
Fire Insurance Policy (Globe)
Farm house, buildings at Manor Farm, Furtho.

Aug. 1843
Notice of reading in of Revd. J. W. Mason at Furtho; of valuations and delapidations; price on land enclosed 19 Oct 1843; note that Archdeacon Davies and ye Rector of Stoke Bruerne came and looked at the Church.

3 June, 1845
Original will of Thomas Bates of Northampton, cordwainer
All to wife Emiline, who is executrix
No indication of probate

10 Jan. 1846
Letter, Revd. W. H. Bond, Stony Stratford, re the lack of applicants from Stony Stratford and the reasons, and other matters re the Charity and Stony Stratford.

1846 - 1861
Bank pass book :
in a/c with trustees by name - Northants Banking Co. 1846-1861

19, 22 Feb. 1848
Letter, Ven. O .Davys, Archdeacon of Northampton, to Chas. Britten, Clerk to Trustees, asking that the Trustees effect repairs etc. to Furtho Church,
& copy reply explaining difficulties thereof.

1848 - 1928
Bundles of vouchers, recipts etc. for years:
1848-1878, 1889, 1889, 1891, 1893, 1897, 1898, 1902-1906, 1910-1912, 1914, 1915, 1917-1919, 1921-1928

1848 - 1849
Correspondence about a claim for quit rent arrears said to be due to Manor of Cosgrove from Manor of Furtho and vice versa and settlement of accounts thereof. (7 items)

1848 - 1852
Correspondence, forms re property tax on Furtho estate, and difficulties in the proper payment and repayment of same. (11 items)

March - Sept. 1849
Papers concerning tenancy of Furtho Manor Farm after death of Robert Pittam, tenant:
1) Bundle of letters of application, testimonials etc. from desiring tenants:
2) Letter expressing inability to attend Special Meeting of trustees 30 July, 1849, by Revd. G. Butler, Dean of Peterborough and tendering his resignation on grounds of ill-health 12 July, 1849.
3) Draft and duplicate notice to quit Furtho Farm, Trustees to J. and H. H. Pittam exrs. of Robert Pittam, late tenant. 17 August 1849.

Aug. Sept. 1849
3 letters, Thos Blodworth, Kimbolton to Clerk of Trustees re Blodworth's valuation of Manor Farm, Furtho.

after 13 Oct. 1849
Printed copy of a letter which appeared in the Northampton Mercury for 13 Oct., 1849, from "Investigation" deploring the lack of investigation into the disposal if any, of the accumulated funds of the Charity. This copy is in the form of a poster directed to the notice of the inhabitants of Stony Stratford.

1849 - 1851
Papers concerning Tithe Commutation of Furtho and its effect on the Charity property there.


Copy of Counsel's Opinion

of James Parker of Lincolns Inn as to residence qualifications for persons applying for Arnold's Charity,
& their children,
& whether the Trustees should invest the accumulations belonging to the parishes of Stony Stratford & Upper & Lower Heyford.

3 versions of the above. MS.

10 May 1850

Lease counterpart. Trusteesto
William Warr of Furtho, farmer and grazier.

Farmhouse and 289 acres in Furtho and Cosgrove, late occupation of Robert Pittam, now occupied by William Warr
8 years at £460 per annum

Very detailed covenants for management and care of the premises. Schedule of fields etc, with names acreages, land use.


Copy of Indenture - Lease (Counterpart)

(1) Arnold Charity Trustees to

(2) William Warr of Furthoe - farmer & grazier of 1 farmhouse & 289 a. 2r. 37p. late in aces of Robert Pittam & now of (2) for 8 years at £460 p.a. Snelosin::: Valuation by W. Bearn 1.9.1857 of the Furtho estate in occ. of W. Warr. Valuation of Manor Farm 23.8.1849 by Thos. Bloodworth, Plan of Furtho Manor Farm (undated) on tracing paper.

1851 - 1867

Bundle, mainly of lists of the recipients of Charity benefactions in the various parishes, with a few other letters concerning apprenticeships, etc.


Copy of Draft Indenture – Mortgage

(1) Rev, Wm, Wales, Archibald Robertson M.D., John Phipps (draper), Geo. Osborn esq., Geo. Norman Wetton, John Jeffery gent., Pickering Phipps brewer, Francis Mulliner (coachmaker), Wm. Franklin (draper), Thomas Osborn (grocer), William Hensman (grocer), all of Northampton to
(2) Ann Shaw of Huntsbury Hill - widow of 1 messuage on the South side of Gold Street, Northampton, with yard, garden, coach house & stable for securing £700.

24 Sept. 1853
Memorial of the incumbents of Potterspury and Stony Stratford requesting that the two benefices share in the annual surplus of the Charity funds.



Dept. of Special Commissioners,

Inland Revenue Office to C. Britten esq.

• allowing claim to Arnold's Charity to have a return of duty extending over a period of years
• makes excuse for likely delay.

July 1855

Claim Form for repayment of Income Tax deducted from dividends on stock belonging to Charity.

Amount: £4.8.2.

Income Tax Order

for E. Arnold's Charity in respect of claim made for repayment of £4.8.2 deducted from dividends.

Income Tax Order for E. Arnold's Charity in respect of claim made for repayment of £8.18.6 deducted from dividends.

1885 - 1869
Bundle of lettersCharity Commission acknowledging receipts of accounts, with a few supplementary enquiries on same.

Income Tax Claim for Exemption f rom Duty on Dividends on Behalf of Charitable Institutions - re Arnold's Charity for year ended 5.4.1855

showing names in which stock stands, description of stock, amount of Dividend, amount of duty & description of purpose to which dividends are applied.

Supplement to Newspaper "The Northampton Herald" reporting the enquiry of Charity Commissioners into Northampton Charities including Arnold's or Furtho Charity (bequest to the poor of St. Giles parish, Northampton).



William Beam of Finedon Hill to Charles Britten enq.
• the proposed additional rent of the Furtho estate is based on the expectation of improvements to buildings.


Draft Indenture – Lease

(1) Arnold Trustees (named) to (2) William Warr of Furthoe – farmer & grazier of 1 farmhouse & 289a. 2r. 37p. at Furtho and Cosgrove for 8 years paying £566 a year


Pencil alterations of a letter date, making the tenant John Bird.

12 July 1858
Lease counterpart. Trustees to William Warr As XII/89 @ p.a. for 8 years.

2 Sept. 1858
Letter & a/c Northants Banking Co., re a sale of 3%s.

7 July 1860
Letter from J. R .Green of Bedford complaining of the conduct of his apprentice, John Mark, who has taken up with the "ranters".

1862 - 1878
Bank pass book ,
Northants Banking Co. 1862-1878

Certificate signed by Rev, W, H, J. Robson of St. Giles,  N'tn that Geo. Mackaness of St. Giles N'ton - cabinet maker is C. of E. and can be entrusted with an apprentice and that John Smith & Ann Smith of St. Edmunds (shoemaker) are C. of E. re application to Arnold's Charity for their son William Rigby Smith age 14

enclosing 2 Letters :

1st Letter dated John Jones - master of Blue Coat School, N’ton to the Trustees of the Arnold Charity in support or Wm, Rigby Smith to be an apprentice



G. Cater at Penrhyn Castle, Bagor, N. Wales to Charles Britton esq. offering to buy or rent the close next to his garden at Old Stratford.


Order by W. H. Clarke & H. Crawley (2 Trustees of Arnolds Charity) to Charles Britten of N’ton to call a meeting of Arnold Trustees to discuss repairs to Furtho Farm & suggestions by the new tenant Mr. John Bird.

Draft Notice from the Arnold Trustees to the reps of late Mr. William Warr to repair items on the Furtho estate, with schedule.

Notice from Trustees of Arnolds Charity to Mrs. M. Warr as rep. of late Mr. William Warr tenant of 1 farmhouse, farmlands & premises at Furtho & Cosgrave to perform all repairs on the property according to the schedule which details all the specific repairs.



John Worley of Stony Stratford to Charles Britten
• accepts service of a notice on behalf of Mrs, Warr - was not aware that she was under such a liability.


Letter John Worley of Stony Stratford to Charles Britten esq.
• repairs to the estate for the incoming tenant
• depth of draining
• will arrange for someone to attend the Trustees meeting on behalf of Mrs, Warr

In envelope

Midsummer 1866

Rev. George Watson, curate of Norton to Rev. N. Crawley of Stowe IX Churches giving a testimonial for Joseph Lucas, who has been in the parish for 3½ years has a good character

endorsed with note by  C. Britten about the reason for Rev. G, Watson leaving a testimonial for J. Lucas an apprentice.



John Gandern of Earls Barton to the Trustees of the Arnold Charity

• thinks the incoming tenant to Furthoe Farm should have the £50 awarded for dilapidations to put the fences and ditches in order, and a portion of the land which has been badly farmed.

In envelope.

Letter Thomas Miles of Leicester to Messrs. Britten & Whitney
• has valued Furtho Manor Farm
•cannot advise as to the sum necessary for repairs as this must relate to covenants in the original Lease.



Geo. Bennett of Buckingham - land agent to C. Britten Esq.
• has received copy of 1858 Lease of Furtho Farm.


Letter John Worley of Stony Stratford to Charles Britten esq.

•enclosing receipt from Rev. Graham for 12/6d Tithe who stated that the present tenant declined to pay
• asks for notice of fact that he has paid £212.3.0

1867 - 1870
Cheque book counterfoil stubs (4) 1867 - 1870

13 Jan. 1868

Lease counterpart. Trustees to John Bird of Furtho, farmer and grazier.

292 acres (schedule) similar to 9 = XII/89
£566 p.a. for 8 years.

Income Tax Receipt from Collector to John Bird for 2 Quarter's Duty in Cosgrove re Arnold Trust estate.

Income Tax Receipt from Collector to John Bird for 1 quarter's Duty in Cosgrove re Arnold Trust estate.

List of Recipients of  Arnold's Charity at Stony Stratford showing names and amounts.

List of recipients of Arnold’s Charity at Heyford showing names, amount of donation from fund and addition to Club money from fund.

List of Recipients of Arnold’s Charity among the Poor of St. Giles and St. Edmund’s 2 lists of names.

Letter John Bird of Manor Farm, Furtho to the Trustees of Dr. Arnold's Charity asking for permission to sell off straw from the farm in order to buy good manure from Stony Stratford.

33 & 34 Vict.1870
Act of Parliament to empower the Corporation of Northampton to establish Markets & Fairs (Royal assent 20.6.1870) 17 pp & Index to Sections


Circular Letter

Ashurst, Morris & Co. of Old Jewry, London. E.G. to the Arnolds Charity Trustees informing them of the proposed Bill to promote the Towcester & Hitchin Railway, & incorporating a Schedule listing Arnold land in Furtho across which the railway would be built (lessee John Bird),

Enclosing Plan of above railway in Furtho 5.1.1872 also showing line of inclination

Also enclosing letter dated 23.12.1871 Ashurst, & Co. to Messrs. Britten & Browne of N'ton offering to send plans of the line as it affects the Arnold estate and also to have the Engineer visit on them to discuss modifications.

Also Letter dated 5.1.1872 J. Burke of Kineton (Warwicks) to Messrs. Britten & Browne sending tracing of railway plan.

1873 - 1886
Cheque book counterfoils 1873-1874
Cheque book counterfoils 1885-1886

1877 - 1904

Trustees' Minute book, 1877 - 1904 with inside each cover lists of trustees from 1887 - c.1900,

with loose Lists of trustees (details of attendance at meetings (?) ), 1899 - 1902
and certificate of fitness to have an apprentice, Hy. Martin of St. Edmund's, N'ton, builder, 20 October 1901.

1878 - 1921
Account book (Charity and estate) 1878 - 1921

21 April 1879

Conveyance to new trustees

Revd. J. H .Harrison, sr. formerly Rector of Bugbrooke, Revd. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall and Revd. Hy. Crawley Rector of Stowe

Ed Thornton of Brockhall esq.,
Thos. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall esq.,
Revd. Jas Harwood Harrison jr. Rector of Bugbrooke
Geo. Wm. Cunning of Horton House esq.,
John Butler Harrison, Rector of Paulerspury
Revd. John Brown, Rector of Milton Malsor

Manor of Furtho &c


Draft Indenture - Conveyance in Trust

(1) Rev. Jas. H. Harrison of Bugbrooke - clerk
Rev. Wm. Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall,
Rev. Henry Crawley - Rector of Stowe


(2) Edward Thornton of Brockhall - esq.
Thos, Wm, Thornton of Kingsthorpe Hall - esq.
Rev. Jas. H. Harrison jnr. of Bugbrooke
Geo. W. Gunning of Horton House - capt.
Rev. J. B. Harrison - rector of Paulerspury,
Rev. John Brown - rector of Milton Malsor

of the Arnold Charity estate for charitable uses (to make new trustees)

Income Tax Claim Form for Exemption from Duty on Dividends

belonging to Arnold's Charity in respect of 3 years to 1879 showing names in which Stock stands, amount of dividend, amount of duty & description of purpose to which the Dividends are applied, enclosing Income Tax Form No. 68 (not filled in)


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Frederick William Palmer (aged 14) (son of Eliza Palmer of Stony Stratford widow) & the above Eliza Palmer to (2) Jaber Reuben Mansfield of Stony Stratford -stonemason to be apprenticed as stonemason for 6 years

Attached: Certificate dated 17.12.1879.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Florence Sarah Godfrey (aged 14) (dau. of Fred. John Godfrey of Stony Stratford - plumber & glazier) & the above F. J. Godfrey to (2) Thomas Topham of Camberwell (Surrey) -draper & dressmaker, to be apprenticed as dressmaker, to age 18.

Attached: Certificate dated 1.10.1880 also attached are Letters from (2) to Arnold's Trustees 1881 about signing Indentures & 1881 re the end of apprenticeship of (1) because of her father wished to keep her at home.

1880 - 1945
Register of indentures of apprenticeship, 1880-1945 (arranged by parish)


Apprenticeship Indentures (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Mary Ann Newman (aged 15) (dau, of Elizabeth Newman of Stony Stratford - widow) to (2) Sarah Downing of Stony Stratford -spinster in business as dressmaker to be apprenticed as dressmaker, to age 19.

Attached: Certificate dated 4.1.1881.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Geo. Thomas Inns (aged 16) (son of George Inns of Stony Stratford -shoemaker) & the above George Inns to (2) William Robert Watson of Stony Stratford -Carpenter & joiner to be apprenticed, to age 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 4.4.1881.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) George Richard Wise (aged 15) (son of Hannah Wise of Stony Stratford -widow & the above Hannah Wise to (2) Isaac Watts of St. Sepulchre's, N'ton -tailor to be apprenticed to age of 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 27.9.1881.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) George French the younger (aged 14) (son of Geo. French the elder of Stony Stratford - plasterer) & the said Geo. French snr. to (2) Job James Jones of Stony Stratford -leather seller to be apprenticed, to age 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 21.9.1881.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Alice Stronell (aged 18) (dau. of Mary Ann Stronell of Stony Stratford - widow) & the above Mary Stronell to (2) Job Jones of Stony Stratford - boot upper manufacturer to be apprenticed, to age 21, as a closing machinist.

Attached: Certificate dated 1.4.1881.

1881 - 1932
Bundle (23) apprenticeship indentures (apps. from Parish of Stowe) With notes, correspondence etc.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Elizabeth Thorneycroft (aged 17) (dau. of William Thorneycroft of Upper Heyford - labourer) & the above Wm. Thorneycroft to (2) Charlotte Hinds of Harpole - milliner & dressmaker, to be apprenticed as dressmaker, for 3 years, endorsed with Testimonial of Good Character of (1) provided by (2)


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold’s Charity)

(1) Emily Alderman (aged 15) (dau, of Thomas Alderman of Stony Stratford – gardener & the said Thomas Alderman to (2) Job James Jones of Stony Stratford, boot shoe & upper manufacturer to be apprenticed for 3 years,

Attached: Certificate dated 6.1.1882.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold’s Charity)

(1) Emily Mary Taylor (aged 15) (dau. Of John Taylor of Stony Stratford – gardener) & the above John Taylor to (2) Albert Dawson of Stony Stratford – coachpainter, milliner & dressmaker to be apprenticed for 3 years

Attached: Certificate dated 29.12.1881.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold’s Charity)

(1) Alice Augusta Wooding (aged 18) (dau. of Robert Wooding of Stony Stratford –labourer) & the above Robert Wooding. to (2) Albert Dawson of Stony Stratford - coachpainter,  milliner & dressmaker to be apprenticed for 2 years

Attached: Certificate dated 22.3.1882


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) James Wm. Morris (aged 15) (son of Sarah Ann Morris of Stony Stratford-widow) & the above Sarah Ann to (2) John Wm. White of Stony Stratford - builder and contractor to be apprenticed for 5 years as a carpenter

Attached: Certificate dated 1.4.1882.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Wm. Thomas Goldsworth (aged 15) (son of John Goldsworth of Stony Stratford-carpenter) & the said John Goldsworth - carpenter to (2) Wm. Guttridge of Long Eaton (Derby) -general decorator to be apprenticed for 5 years

Attached: Certificate dated 8.6.1882.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity) (1) George Cowley Rolfe (aged 15) (son of George Rolfe now of Wanstead (Essex)- inspector of police & the said Geo. Rolfe to (2) William Rolfe Brafield of Stony Stratford-butcher  to be apprenticed, to age 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 26.12.1882 that (1) and his grandmother Jane Brown are residents of St. St. and that (2) has a good reputation.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Lizzie Valentine (aged 14) (dau. of Geo. Benjamin Valentine of Stony Stratford - butcher) & the above Geo. B. Valentine to (2) Frederick Geo. Fowler of Stony Stratford -draper to be apprenticed for 3 Years

Attached: Certificate dated 4.4.1883.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold’s Charity)

(1) (Elizabeth Newman the younger (age 17) (dau. of Eliz. Newman the elder of Stony Stratford - widow) & the above Eliz. N. snr. to (2) Alfred Dickins Joseph Brain Graves of Stony Stratford - draper & dressmaker to be apprenticed for 3 years. Attached: Certificate dated 3.4.1883.

21 June 1883
Petition to the Trustees by the inhabitants of Upper Heyford (26 sigs)

Asking that up to £200 of Charity funds accumulated through lack of applications for apprenticeship be spent on erecting a Parish Room in Upper Heyford, as that parish has no church of its own and is ½ mile from Lower Heyford making attendance difficult especially during floods, etc., of late years.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity) (1) Augustus Smith (aged 17) (son of John Smith of Stony Stratford -labourer & the above John Smith to (2) John Gidman of Stony Stratford - watchmaker & jeweller to be apprentice to age 21 years.

Attached: Certificate dated 22.6.1883.

8.10. 1883

Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Katherine Taylor (aged 14) (dau. of John Taylor of Stony Stratford -gardener) & the above John Taylor to (2) Elizabeth Jones of Stony Stratford -dressmaker  for a period of 3 years' apprenticeship.

Attached: Certificate dated 17.9.1883, & Letter of recommendation of (2) by the Minister of Stony Stratford Church dated 18.9.1883.

1883 - 1932
Bundle (29) apprenticeship indentures (apps. from Parish of Weedon Bec) with notes, correspondence etc.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Elizabeth Alice Gascoyne (aged 15) (dau. of Henry Gascoyne of Stony Stratford -labourer ) & the said Henry Gascoyne to (2) Elizabeth Jones of Stony Stratford -dressmaker (wife of Wm. Jones of St. St. but living separate from him) for 3 years apprenticeship,

Attached: Certificate dated 19.12.1883 as to residence of (1) at Stony Stratford & good reputation of (2).

March 1884
Case for Counsel's Opinion (Counsel - Mr. Ralph Thicknesse) as to the apprenticing of girls to milliners and dressmakers (or to their husbands),
and the provision of all necessaries,
also the effect of making contracts with married women
& Opinion of Counsel dated 27.3.1884

March 1884
Draft Case for Counsel's Opinion
(Mr. Ralph Thickness()) as to the apprenticing of young girls as dressmakers & milliners.


Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Annie Payne (aged 15) (dau. of William Payne of Stony Stratford -labourer ) to (2) Job James Jones of Stony Stratford - boot maker & machine closer to be apprenticed for 3 years,

Attached: Certificate dated 25.3.1884 as to residence of (1) at Stony Stratford & the good reputation of (2).

21. 4.1884

Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity)

(1) Arthur Edward Sabey (aged 16) son of Ann Downing (late Ann Sabey, widow now wife of Thomas Downing of Stony Stratford - blacksmith) to (2) John William White of Stony Stratford -builder to be apprenticed as carpenter, to age 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 10.3.1884 as to the good character of (2) and as to residence of (1) at Stony Stratford.

14. 7.1884

Apprenticeship Indenture (Arnold's Charity) (1) William Ernest Wooding (aged 16) (son of Robert labourer) & Robert Wooding above to (2) Henry Negus of Stony Stratford - wheelwright and carpenter to be apprenticed to age 21.

Attached: Certificate dated 23.6.1884 as to residence of (1) at Stony Stratford & the good behaviour of (2)

1885 - 1886
Bundle of correspondence, mainly concerned with administration of the Charity both locally and generally, and some to do with the Furtho estate.

1885 - 1887
Stock Transfer Fee Receipts (2) 1885, 1887, v. sums of 3% Consols transferred to Trustees.

1887 - 1926
Envelope of schemes from various years
1887 Appointment of Trustees, Vesting, Scheme 4 copies
1893 Appointment of Co-optative Trustees 13 copies
1900 An to Representative Trustees, and preference given to C. of E. members for benefits of the Poor's Branch
d) 1906 Aplication of Educational Funds 3 copies
1909 Authority for expenditure in rebuilding Furtho farmhouse - Replacement 3 copies
1915 Shares of income available for the benefit of Nether & Upper Heyford 20 copies
1924 Draft scheme for application of Funds 1 copy
1924 Scheme of above 18 copies
1926 Board of Education Scheme - investments, division of income, application of income 3 copies
Letter from Charity Commission, London to E. M. Brown, N'ton
"enclosing an Order of the Board and 12 copies dated 28.1.1909.

1887 - 1890
Bundle of correspondence, mainly concerning the administration of the Charity both locally and generally, and some to do with the Furtho estate (e.g. new cottages)

General a/c and separate parish a/cs for 1887

1887 - 1915

Account Book

(apprenticing in the parishes and Merton College) 1887-1915

a) Schedule of documents in possession of Clerk of Trustees 1872 (altered to form draft of schedule 1888)
b) Schedule 1888.

1888 - 1898
Small bundle of misc. correspondence (meetings of trustees, quit rents to D. of Grafton, rent for Furtho Manor farm)

31 Dec 1888
Statement of a/c for Charity (for Charity Commissioners i.e. 31 Dec 1888 with note of income, liabilities 1887-88, and 2 blank statement of account forms.

Register of apprenticeship from various Parishes.

1891 - 1906
Bundle of correspondence, mainly concerning the administration of the Charity both locally and generally, with some to do with the Furtho estate; inc. Charity Scheme, 1906, for application of the funds for educational purposes, and three letters 1902 concerning the Furtho ancient deeds and thier possible deposit in the new muniment room at the County Buildings, Northampton.

1893 - 1932
File of copy letters requesting appointment of new representative trustees of the Charity (on printed form, 3 blank copies of which have been kept) 1893 - 1932.


Abstract of Deed of Covenant  relating to Plot 1 of Arnold Road Estate, Northampton, reciting deed of 29.4.1892 and with reference to the erection of division walls.

MS.  4 folio.

31 Dec 1888
Draft statement of a/c 31 Dec 1895

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