Furtho - Catalogue of records of Arnold Charity 1619 - 1699

Original documents lodged in Northants Records Office. The original transcriber has anglicised words and modernised punctuation. They use ' to indicate uncertain spelling. There may be typing errors. A subsequent researcher has corrected in parts. [ ] are used to clarify this transcription.

(17th cent)

List of payments to or receipts from persons named, also underwood, Sir Tho. S. (? Samwell) &c.

(17th cent) Paper.

Other side much the same.

Mich. 1619 to Mich. 1620
a & b.

two leaves of four pages each of accounts.

"Necessaries past by billes of controwlment to theoffices in the house for necessaries of Mr Snelling for the hallplasse Ciching"

Mich. 1619 to Mich. 1620.

Appear to be issue from stores of wooden bowles, dishes &c. to departments of royal household.

(decayed at top) Paper. English.


Copy of Inquisition Post Mortem of Edward Furtho

(son of Thomas, & father of the last Edward) who died 28.8.(1620)

lands in Furtho and Cosgrave given names and valuations.

Latin. 22 sheets & cover paper with wrapper.

Quindene of Hillary. 20 Jas. I. (1623)
Copy. Final Concord.

John Maunsell Esq.,
Wm. Siggeswicke, gent,
Anthony Staunton Esq.,
Anne, his wife
Samuell Maunsell Esq.,

of Manor of Furtho. 20 messuages, 12 cottages, 6 tofts, 3 mills, 6 dovecotes, 30 gardens, 30 orchards, 600 acres arable, 150 meadow, 400 pasture, 100 wood, 200 heath and furze

40/- rent in Furtho


Paper. Latin. 6 pages.

(21 Jan 20 Jas I) (1625)
Copy of Deed of Partition.
(1) Anthony Stanton of Great Brickhill and Anne his wife,
(2) Samuel Maunsell of Cosgrave and Nightingale his wife,
(3) John Maunsell of London
William Siggwicke of Woborne, Beds, gent

Division of Furtho and Cosgrave estate between (1) and (2) with schedule of lands attached.
Anthony and Samuell are husbands of Anne and Nightingale - the co-heirs of Furtho.

5 double pages Paper. MS.

1623 - 1653
Bundle of Rents of Assize and Quitrents.

Manor of Court of Furtho
relating to Furtho, Cosgrave, Passenham and Denshanger, Potterspury and Yardley Gobion, Stony Stratford.

Sewn together. Paper & Parchment.

20 April 1 Jas. I. (1625)
Indenture. Bargain and Sale. Not enrolled.

(1) Anthony Stanton of Great Brickhill and Anne his wife

(2) Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham Kt and
Henry Banastre, gent.


Manor of Furtho and all its pasture, and advowson, timber and iron &c.

to (2)

Sigs Tags and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

Morrow of All Souls. 1 Chas. I. (3 Nov. 1625)
Final Concord, L. H. Indenture.

Sir Robert Banastre plaintiff
Anthony Staunton & wife Anne defendants

of Manor of Furtho, 20 messuages, 12 cottages, 6 tofts, 3 mills, 6 dovecotes, 30 gardens, 30 orchards, 600 acres arable, 150 meadow, 400 acres pasture, 100 acres wood, 200 heath and furze

50/- rent in Furtho

Parchment. Latin.

Morrow of All Souls. 1 Chas. I. (1625)
Final Concord. Right Hand Indenture

Sir Robert Banastre Kt
Anthony Stanton Esq.,
Anne his wife

Manor of Furtho, 20 messuages, 12 cottages, 6 tofts, 3 mills, 6 dovecotes, 30 gardens, 30 orchards, 600 acres arable, 150 meadow, 400 pasture, 100 wood, 200 heath and furze
for 50/- rent

Parchment. Latin.

"A list of the writings in this Box marked G."

C17 Paper.

n.d. C; 1625
" No. 1"

Draft, notes and fair copy. (draft with notes)

of monies paid by Sir Francis Staunton, (for manor of Furtho purchased?
Purchase of land, and other land purchases and expenses.

Total £3995.5.0

Purchase of the land and other land purchases and expences.

2 pages MS Paper. Paper. English.

28 March 1626
"No. 2"


by Anthony Staunton for £4210 for Manor of Furtho,from Sir Robert Banastre

and £44 for rent due to the manor for previous year (listed)

Sigs of AS for both

1 seal. Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 3"


Arthur Longville of Wolverton Bucks, gent.
Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham, Kt,
Henry Banastre, gent.

(2) to (1) £14. (1) Agrees not to take distress on Manor of Furtho or any of its lands lately of Ed. Furtho and others and to save harmless]generally.

Sig and seal of (1) Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 4"

Writings. Covenant.

(1) Christopher Gascoyne
(2) Sir Robert Banastre Kt.,

(As VI/4.)

Certain sum to (1) & Edward Longville by consent of (1). (1). not to take any distress on manor and lands in Furtho.

Sig and seal of (1)  Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 5".

Writings. Covenant.

(1) Edward Longville of London, gent.
(2) Sir Robert Banastre

(As VI/4.)

£120 to (1). (1) Not to take any distress on Manor and lands of Furtho.

Sig. and Seal of (1) Paper. English.

30 March 1626
"No. 6"

Writings. Covenant.

(1) John Gascoyne
(2) Sir Robert Banastre Kt.

(As VI/4)

£65 (1) not to take any distress on Manor or lands in Furtho.

Sig and seal of (1).  Parchment. English.

7 May 2 Chas. I. (1626)
"No. 7"

Indenture. Agreement.

John Dunne of St Martin in the Field and Jane his wife,
Sir Robert Banastre of Passenham Kt
Hy B., gent.

£400 to (1). (1) not to distress or claim on his annuity of £100 on the Manor of Furtho granted to Jane by Edward Furtho and covenant to levy a fine for the Tenement and Dovehouse close, being part of the Manor.

Sigs and Seal of (1)  Parchment. MS.

19 May 2 Chas. II. (1626)

Writ of covenant.

Precipe quod teneant To Sheriff of Northampton (attached to VI/8)

John Dunne, gent, and Jane his wife

to Sir Robert Banastre and Hy .B[anastre], gent,

of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 70 acres, 10 meadow, 30 pasture, in Furtho, Cosgrave, Potterspury, Yardley Gobion and Old Stratford.

Parchment. Latin.

20 May 2 Chas. II. (1626)

Writ to Assize judge to take acknowledgement from John and Jane Dunn of a fine of Furtho as in VI/9. (attached to VI/8)

(Writ of dedimus Potestatum)

Parchment. Latin.

1 June 2 Chas. II (1626)
"No. 9"

Indenture. Covenant.

Katherine Gascoigne alias Denham
Anthony Staunton and Anne his wife of Great Brickhill (Bucks)

£120 by Sir Robert Banastre to (1).
(1) to (2) not to take distress of lands of Banastre, late of (2), in Stonistratford.

Sig. Tag and Seal of (1). Parchment. English.

28 June 1626
"No. 8"


Mr Dunn's Acquitt

to Sir Robert Banastre in respect of his wife's annuitie of £390.

Sig of John Dunn.

3 Witnesses Paper. English.

1 July 1626
"No. 10"

(1) Katherine Gascoigne alias Denham, widow
(2) Sir Robt. Banastre

£120 (2) to (1).
(1) not to take any distress on manor of Furtho etc.

Sig. Tag and Seal of (1) Parchment. English.

As VI/13.

Not indented or executed

Westminster 2 Sept. 1633

Basell Hedgman

to Sir Rob. Banistre Kt. at Pasenham.

Thanks for kind entertainment in R[obert] B[anistre]'s house. Has spoken with Mr Cofarar and Sir Thomas Mery.
The former says R. B. cannot have his money till the end of the month. Sends copy of R. B's petition.

Asks for 100 sheep on 11th or 12th and 50 to Bagshot. The king goes there this day for a fortnight.

The Queen stays at Somerset House.
The King came on Wednesday last, the household to Oatlands from there to Bagshot the last of August.

Endorsed:- Send 100 sheep 2 or 3 days earlier than has been written inside.

Paper. English.

(17th cent)

List of payments to or receipts from persons named, also underwood, Sir Tho. S. (? Samwell) &c.

(17th cent) Paper.

Other side much the same.


Indenture - Mortgage (& Counterpart)

(1) John Hillier of Potterspury - yeoman to (2) William Hillier of Potterspury (second son of above)for £65 of  2 closes or pasture ground in POTTERSPURY (1 called Temple Close, 1 called Bushy Close formerly Pollins Close)


15 Aug. 1640
Indenture. Lease for one year.

(1) Viscount Tuam
Marie widow of Laurence Banistre, Esq.,
(2) Thos Tirrell of Castlethorpe, Bucks, Esq.,
Rd. Stratten of Passenham, Yeoman.

5/-    2/3 of Manor of Kirby Leics and lands attached and in Leicester Forest and all houses etc. in it.

Sig Tag and Seal of (1). Parchment. English.

17 Aug. 1640
Indenture. Release.

Viscount Tuam
Mary Banistre
Thos Tirrell of Castlethorpe, Esq.,
Rev. John Harris of Passenham 
For payment of debts of Laurence Banistre and making provision for daughters and for £8000 and £1500 contingency, Manor of Passenham, Denshanger and Furtho and advowson of Furtho and all its lands and messuages etc. in Furtho Passenham and Yardley Gobion
to use of (2)

Sig Tag and Seal of Tuam. Parchment. English.

18 Aug. 16. Chas. (1640)
Indenture. Release.

(1) Rt Hon Thos Lord Viscount Tuam
Mary widow of Laurence Banastre
to (2) Thos Tirrell of Castle Thropp, Bucks, Esq.,
Rd. Stratten of Passenham, Yeoman,

(In confirmation of sale of £8000 and) £1500 as collateral contingent security. Their two thirds of the Manor of Kirby Muckloe, Leics and its parts.

To the use of (1), but as security of sale as in IX/16.

23 June 16 Chas. I. (1640)
Indented articles of Agreement

(1) Rt Hon Thos Viscount Wenman [Tewman, Tuam?]
Mary Banistre, widow of Laurence Banistre, mother of Margaret and Elizabeth Banistre wards and co-heirs of Laurence Banistre and 2 of the committee of the wards
(2) Sir Robert Banistre Kt, father of Laurence Banistre agree to sell the lands in N'hants and Leicester, and
(2) is to buy out the wards share and the approval of the Court of Wards is to be asked.

3 Sigs and Seals. Parchment. English. MS.

Trinity 16 Chas. I. (1640)11 Aug 1641
Decree in Court of Wards and Livery.

On death of Dynham Banistre, late King's ward, Sir Robert Banistre, grandfather and Laurance Banistre father are seized of Manor of Kirby, Leics and lands, and Passenham etc. N'hants, and Dynham was heir to the 3rd part.
On his death his heirs are Lord Tewman (Tuam) and widow Mary Banistre who wish to sell their third part of the manors.

2 membranes sewn together. Parchment. English.


"A list of his writings in his box marked K."

(i.e. Furtho II, leather covered box)

11 items listed, 1649-1669. C.17.

Paper. E.

3 Feb. 1648/9

Indenture - Mortgage

(1) Leonard Benton, senior of Eastperry, alias Potterspury – potter
(2) John Hillior of ditto, Taylor, "Hillior's close" of 1 acre in Potterspury and Furtho. £21.4.0.

"No. 2"

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

3 Feb 1648/9

Counterpart of II/10

"No. 3"

Sig. & Seal of (2) Parchment. E.

18 Jan. 24 Chas. I. (1649)

Indenture - Feoffment

(1) John Hillier of Eastperry, Taylor, son and heir of J.H. of E.P. Tanner,
(2) Leonard Benton of E.P., Potter, "Hilliors Close" of 1 acre in East Perry and Furtho £20.


Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

28 May 165028 May 1650
Bill in Chancery (copy)

Complaint by Wm. Lewis Esq., of Maidwell, heir of Margaret Banistre, granddaughter of Sir Robt. Banistre, agaianst executors of Sir Robt. B. concerning the non payment of promised dower of Margaret by Sir Robert who died and left all the money to the grandson, now dead.

19 pages. Paper.

29 Sept. '1653'
Agreement for exchange.

(1) Thos. Smith alias Caves of Yardley Gobion, Yeoman,
(2) Leonard Benton of Potterspury, yeoman
(1) for 50/- & 1 acre of arrable to (2), his 3 of arable in Potterspury & close of 1 rood & 1 other higher, all described, in exchange. 

2 Membranes

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

28.4.165928 Apr 1659

ndenture - Feoffment

(1) Cuthbert Tassell Dorothy Tassell his wife & Henry Tassell son & heir all of Yardley Gobion

to (2) Thomas Scrivener of Potterspury - yeoman for £3 of (1)'s part & portion of a close of pasture called Bushy Close in FURTHO.

13 March 1665
Copy: (contemporary)
Will, 13 March 1664/5
Proved, 21 April 1665.

Will. 13 March 1664/5.

Of Leonard Benton of Potterspury.

All his free lands in Potterspury and residue to his wife. Terrier of lands attached.

"No. 6" Paper. E.

17 April 1665
Inventory of

Goods and Chattels of Leonard Benton of Potterspury.

Appraised by :- Rd. Scrivener & Rd. Rawlins.

Refers to mill - house.

No totals. 

2 sheets, sewn. Paper. E.

Sept. 1665Sep 1665
A Survey of the Manor of Furtho

made by Thomas Chivall of Ashton showing names of closes and meadows -to which are pinned 2 similar versions of the above.

Sept. 1665

A Survey of Furtho Manor made by Thomas "Chivack" of Ashton (? Chivall) showing names of fields, acreages & values.

On back: similar survey to above and rough accounts (undated) for sundry items including D. of Grafton for Quit Rent, Militia, Helmdon court, Furtho repairs 1724.

"An abstract of the writings in this box marked H."

The deeds of conveyance of Furtho to Mr Arnold and some other writings."

30 May 10 Chas. II. 1666

Indenture. Mortgage.

Annabella Countess Dowager of Kent,
Sir Humphrey Winche of Harlyford Bucks, Bart.,
Hon Banastre Maynard Esq., son and heir of Wm. Lord Maynard of Estaynes Essex
Sir Edward Bromfield of Suffolk Place, Surrey, Bart.

of £3900, Manor of Furtho and advowson
for 500 years

Ondorse : Surrender by Bromfield on receipt of £4017 of the manor etc.

to (1) as part of the dower of £4900 paid by Bromfield towards debt of Banastre Maynard dated 27 Dec 1666

With Sig and Seal of B. Parchment. English

24 Aug. 1666

"The Original Agreement for the Manor of Furtho, made by Mr Arnold."

Agreement, Edmund Arnold and Thos Jones, gent.
£4650 to be paid to Lady Kent and Sir H. Winche for Furtho.

Sig of E.A. & T.J. No Seals. Paper. English.

1 Oct. 1666

Indenture. Bargain and Sale.

Sir Thos. Tyrell Kt. Judge of Common Pleas.
Wm. Lord Maynard Baron of Estaines and Turrim Essex
Banastre Maynard Esq, son and heir
Rt. Hon. Annabella Countess Dowager of Kent,
Sir Humphrey Wince of Harliford, Bucks, Bart, 

for The Manor of Furtho etc., and all its estate and advowson
for 1/-

Tyrrell to (2) the Manor of Furtho etc., and all its estate and advowson.

Sigs, Tags and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

27 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Indenture. Lease for 1 year.

Banastre Maynard Esq
Annabella Countess Dowager of Kent
Sir Humphrey Winche
Edmund Arnold, London, Esq.,

Sigs and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

28 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Indenture. Tripartite. Release.

Hon Banastre Maynard Esq son and heir of Wm Lord M. of Estaynes and Turrim Essex
Annabella Countess Dowager of Kent,
Sir Humphrey Winche of Harliford, Bucks, Bart.
Edmund Arnold of London, Esq.
John Randolph of Tocester gent.,
Hatton Farmer of N'ton gent.,

£4650 by (2) to (1) (Lady Kent and Winche)

(1) to (2) the Manor of Furtho and the manor house advowson and land fully described to the use of (2)

2 membranes.

4 Seals and Tags & Sigs of (1) and (3) Parchment. English.

28 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Deedpoll. Acquittance.

Banastre Maynard
Lady Kent
Sir H. Winche
Edmund Arnold receipt of £4650.

3 Tags & Seals and and Sigs. Parchment. English.

28 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Indenture. Bargain and Sale..

Banister Maynard
Lady Kent
Sir Humphrey Winche
Edmund Arnold,

Manor of Furtho etc. £4650

Sigs and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

28 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Deed Poll. Appointment of Attorney.

Edmund Arnold appoints

John Buncher of Paulerspury, gent., and Rd. Rawlins of Cosgrave, gent., to take seisin from John Randolph and Hatton Farmer authorised for Maynard Lady K. and Winche of Furtho.

Sig and Seal of E. Arnold. Parchment. English.

28 Dec. 18 Chas. II. (1666)

Indenture. Tripartite Lease.

Hon. Banastre Maynard Esq.,
Annabella dowager L. Kent
Sir Humphrey Winch
Edmund Arnold,
Edward Browne of London, gent

Lease of 99 years. Peppercorn rent. (part of £4950 sale)
Several named closes in Ingarsby Leics.

(lands held as collateral security.)

Sigs. Tags and Seals of (1) Parchment. English.

n.d. (1666)
"Lands in Ingarsby Leics. ingaged to me for  Collaterall securitie of Furtho. 517 Acres."

Paper. MS.

Note re Ingarsby land. Total of 1208 acres.
See VIII/9 & /10.

Paper. MS.

29 Dec. 18. Chas. I. (1666)

Indenture. Lease . (Counterpart.)

(1) Edmund Arnold
(2) Maynard, Lady Kent, and Winche

Closes in Ingarsby (Leics.)

Peppercorn rent.

Sigs, Tags & Seals of (2) Parchment. English.

Octave of Hillary. 18 Chas. II. (1666) ? 1667

Final Concord. R. H. Indenture.

Edmund Arnold Esq., Plaintiff

Banastre Maynard Esq
Annabella countess dowager of Kent
Sir Humphrey Winche Bart.,

Manor of Furtho, 2 messuages, 2 cottages, 2 tofts, 2 mills, 2 dovecotes, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 500 acres arable, 100 acres meadow, 150 pasture, 16 wood, 20 brush and furze.
40/- rent in Furtho, Couesgrave, Pottersperry and Old Stratford

Fine: £400

Parchment. Latin.

L. H. indenture.

See 8/13.

Octave of Hillary. 18 Chas. II. (1666)


Final Concord. L. H. Indenture.

Edward Browne, gent. Plaintiff

Bonastre Maynard Esq
Lady Kent
Sir H. Winche

140 acres arable, 200 meadow, 200 pasture, 10 wood. Ingarwardsby, alias Ingarsby and Hungerton (Leics)

Fine £500

Parchment. Latin.

Octave of Hillary. 18 Chas. II. (1666)
R. H. indenture attached.

1666 & 1675

File of Misc. Documents consisting of :-

Account of receipts & disbursements for Edm. Arnold from 30.5.1672 to 14.7.1674 and overleaf Accounts 14.8.1675 "Mr. Stratton".
Similar to above from 25.3.1671 to 30.5.1672
" Mr. Arnold his Bill 1670" re supply of meat and on back Account (in different hand) including "for tobackowe and pipes 5/-"
Account for repairing Furtho highways for Mr. Arnold 1670, & Accounts 1668-1670 for horse and threshing.
Accounts (of Mr. Stratton) for Mr. Arnold of rents and repairs and wages 1670 - 1671
Rental and estate accounts 1668 - 1669
Lady Day 1667 Rental at Furtho
Receipt, Wm. Harris (constable) to Richard Stratton (gent.) for 2 week's tax for the militia
Receipt, Nicholas Riall (rector) to Richard Stratton (by appt. of Mr. Arnold) for tithe 23.8.1666
Receipt, Sept. & Dec. 1667, N. Riall to Edm. Arnold
Same, 1667
Accounts, 1667
continuation of Accounts, 1667
Receipt (possibly in handwriting of E. Arnold) undated
Bill to Mr. Arnold for clothing for the son and the eldest son 1666
Legal Bill, R. Bell to Mr. Arnold, re cases of Browne v. Maynard & others, and Arnold Maynardv Maynard & others, 1666.
Note querying whether Mr. Arnold has a deed declaring the uses of a Fine levied Michaelmas (1623) by Samuel Maunsell and Nightingall his wife of several cottages, lands etc. at Stony Stratford and Calverton (Bucks) to John Parnell and Richard Perrott junior.
Scrap of paper referring to the same deed as (a)
Account of sums of money due to the following persons: Sir Robert Gaire, Sir Peter Pinder, Sir Raphe Bowes, Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, Mrs. Susan Bowell, Archp. of Cant(erbury), Mrs. Spencer,
Notes on the fact that Rockingham Park was anciently Crown property and no part was mentioned as being in Cottingham
Statement that the inhabitants of Cosgrove are given to stirring up contentions, and causing Furtho to support Cosgrove's poor - Coles is an inhabitant of Cosgrove by apprenticeship and residence
Furtho Parish Levy dated 18.4.1666 for poor relief and repair of the Church, giving names of persons, acreages of demesne & meadow, and of arable & leys, and amounts assessed. Includes Potterspury, Yardley Gobion and Old Stratford.
Accounts showing payments for plashing, faggotting etc. 1671
Accounts showing number of faggots sold from Furtho 1671
Survey of the mound walls at Furtho giving description & measurements
Accounts of repairs of the house at Furtho for John Tombs, undated
Builder's calculations (relating to the house at Furtho) A Survey of the Brewhouse The "Chindie" (Chimney ?)
Ground plan of house (presumably Furtho Manor House) showing main house, brewhouse, yard, barn, stable, design of gardens, points of compass, undated (c.1670 from watermark)

The file is endorsed "Furtho accounts receits notes and other papers of no great vallue concerning the Mannor of Furtho between 1666 & 1675."


Quit Rental for the Manor of Furtho.


11 April 1667
Court Roll.

1. Furtho cum membris
2. View of Frankpledge
3. Edmund Arnold Esq
4. Furtho
5. 11 April 10 Chas II
6. John Randolph
7. Presentments
8. Parchment. Latin. Both sides of membrane

11 April 1667
Court Roll.

1. Furtho cum membris
2. Rental of Tenements held yearly of the Lord of the Manor
3. Edmund Arnold
4. Furtho
5. 11 April 1667
6. John Randolph
7.                                            (for 11/9)
8. Parchment. Latin. 

17 Oct. 19 Chas II 1667
Court Roll

1. Furtho cum membris
2. View of Frankpledge
3. Edmund Arnold
4. Furtho
5. 17 Oct 19 Chas II
6. John Randolph
7. Presentments
8. Parchment. Latin. 


Book containing:

a) extract from will
b) copy rental of lands given to trustees by John Buncher the receiver in 1693; copy quit rental of 1667
c) Accounts of the Manor of Furtho and disbursements according to the terms of the will from 21 Dec 1691 to Oct 1714

11.4.1667- 1670

File of Documents pinned together consisting of
a) Rental of the manor of Furtho 11.4,1667 showing the rent of the free tenants payable yearly
b) Copy of Acquittance given by Edmund Arnold 11.7.1670 to Mr. John Whaley for quit rents (lands specified) - copy certified as correct by Richard Stratton
c) Undated Rental with note of payment to the Churchwardens of Cosgrave for a highway through Furtho parish; & mention that the Steward of Grafton court has demanded 2/- without Cause or precedent
d) Similar to c) but dated 1667



Indenture - Feoffment 

(1) Thomas Scrivener of Yardley Gobion -yeoman to (2) Edmund Arnold of Furtho - esq, for £13 of  1 little close (1 rood ) in the fields of Potterspury & FURTHO, abutting the Ramm Close on the east, a pightle of Leonard Bentons on the west, Temple Lane on the north & the land of Thomas Smith alias Caves (called Hilliers Peece) on the south part.

Endorsed with memo that (1) was called Thomas (Tutmeg) Scrivener.

Enclosing Bond dated 18.10,(1668) (1) to (2) in £26 for performance of covenants.

22 Dec. 30 Chas. II. (1668)

Indenture. Articles of agreement re Quit-rent.

(1) Hon Banastre Maynard Esq., of Wrest, Beds., Esq.
(2) Edmund Arnold of London, Esq.,

(1) owed rents to King of 6/9 5/- for 6 years on the Manor of Furtho and paid £30 to (2) for it.
In case of no quittance of rent, Maynard to pay the fees and receive quit rent.

Sig. and Seal of (1) Parchment. English.

22 Dec. 30 Chas. II. (1668)
Copy or draft.

Articles of Agreement

of 8/18 with notes added

3 p p Paper. English.

19.12. 1668

Indenture - Mortgage

(1) Thomas Smith alias Caves of Yardley Gobion - gent. & Elizabeth his wife to (2) Thomas Saull of Potterspury - grosser for £4 of 1 part of Hillyers Close abutting Temple Lane now or late in occ. of Thomas Scrivener of Potterspury senior, at FURTHO

Endorsed with Memo, of Assignment of Mortgage (2) to Edmund Arnold of the City of London -esq. for £5 of the 1 part of Hillyers Close above.


3 pages, (different hand,) of

abstract of Title to Furtho 1 Chas 1 to 1666

Receipt by under-sheriff of post-fine 60/-, 1668,

and lawyers rough bill of £7.17.0. for drawing up title deeds for the estate.

All M.S. papers.


File (held together with string) consisting of :-

(1) Certificate dated 9.4.1669 signed by Commissioners appointed by the Court of Exchequer (Robert Chapman & John Mansell) & addressed to Edmund Arnold esq, announcing the examination of witnesses in a cause between Edm, Arnold (plt.) & John Beachampe the younger - gent (deft.) to be held at the house of the Kinges Head in Stony Stratford.

On back: List of persons names.

(2) Royal Letters of Commission 12.2.(1669 issued to Robert Chapman, John Mansell, Richard Plowman & William Randall to examine witnesses on both sides, in the cause of Edm, Arnold (plt.) v. John Beachampe (deft.)

(3) Answers to interrogatories - Richard Stratton as to the boundaries of Furtho manor & payment of quit rent ex parte J. Beachampe

(4) Interrogatories to be administered on the part of J. Beachampe Total of 11 questions.

(5) Deposition of Richard Stratton 16.4.1669 of Densanger aged 56.

(6) Interrogatories to be administered on the part of Edm. Arnold. Total of 9 questions.

(7) Letter dated 29.2.1668/9

Richard Stratton of Denshanger to Edmund Arnold in reply to what chief rent John Beachampe paid to Sir Robert Banastre a paper states 8/- per annum - describes an argument between J.B. and Sir R.B. about the chief rent - J.B. paid 5/- - has seen in bailiff's a/cs that there was a chief rent of 5/- - R.S. was receiver for Sir Robert Banastre many years.

(8) Answers by John Beachampe the younger - gent. (deft.) to the bill of complaint 10 sheets sworn 20.5.1668

(9) Bill of Complaint of Edmund Arnold, in the Court of Exchequer claiming ignorance of rents & services, and that the freeholders & copyholders of Furtho have combined to conceal the facts from E. Arnold - complains of John Beauchamp getting hold of the court rolls and taking advantage of E.A. - asks for the defendants to be summoned to appear in Court.  4 sheets.

(10) Draft Answers to interrogatories of Richard Stratton, ex parte John Beauchamp 2 sheets

(11) Draft Answers to interrogatories of John Beachampe senior of Cosgrave - gent. (father of defendant) aged 53 - signed by John Beachampe. 2 sheets

(12) Deposition of Richard Stratton of Denshanger-gent. aged 56, ex parte Edm. Arnold in draft.  3 sheets

(13) Circuit or Perambulation of the Parish of Furtho. Starting at Perrie field gate, giving exact instructions, and separating the perambulation into definite sections (with the symbol +C)

3 Jan. 1669/70
1 Sheet, containing 2 receipts.

a) £18. by Diana Benton, widow of Leonard B. deceased of Potterspury, from Edmund Arnold. £18. Her part of a close at Furtho.
b) Recpt. £5. by Leonard Benton of Potterspury -potter

" No. 9" 

4 Witnesses.

Sig. & Seal of D. B. Paper.

7 Jan. 1669/70
Appointment of Attorney

Diana Benton, widow and executrix of Leonard Benton, deceased of Potterspury, appoints Leonard Benton the younger to deliver seisin of a close near Furtho to Edmund Arnold.

"No. 10"

Sig. & Seal of "Diana Danton". Paper. E.

3 Jan. 21 Chas. II (1670)
Indenture - Feoffment
With delivery of seisin

(1) Diana Benton, widow and executrix of Leonard B. of East Perry - Potter and Leonard B, the grandson and heir
(2) Edmund Arnold of London, Esq.,

of 1 acre in Potterspury and Furtho for a competent sum.

Sig. & Seal of (1) Parchment. E.

10 Jan 1669/70

Appointment of Attorney

Edmund Arnold of London, Esq., appoints Rd. Rawlins of Cosgrove, yeoman, attorney to deliver seisin of Leonard Benton of Potterspury of a close near Furthoe.

"No. 11"

Sig. & Seal of E. A. Paper. E.

(c. 1669)
"Monies disbursed by Diana Benson, executrix of Leonard Benton, deceased.

Total £119.1.3. Total again £127.11.9


No sig. Paper. E.

The Accompt and discharge of Diana Benton, widow, relict and executrix of the last will and testament of the said Leonard Benton . . . touching her disbursement in his regard.

Similar totals to 11/6. But is £119.19.4.

"No. 7" Paper. E.

An account of the debt, etc. of Leonard Benton deceased.
Long list of small sums.
Total £9.7.7. Includes funeral fees.

Paper. E.

7. 3.16707 Mar 1670

Order at the Queen's Council

for the payment of 3½ years rent in arrears due from the Manor of Furtho to the Queen Dowager (Honor of Grafton) signed by Brounker, Wm. Killigrewe, Rob. Long & J. Hervey

attached: Draft Petition to the Lords & others of Her Majestie's Council from Edm. Arnold as proprietor of Furtho Manor denying the existence of such a rent, & explaining that he pays a quit rent to Lord Maynard as Lord of Cosgrave manor -asks for time.

Undated (17th C.)

Extracts from Rolls relating to the (Manor of Potterspury)

a) temp. Mary I Assize Rent Tenant at Will - Anthony Furtho - re Inlands & the Manor of Morend

b) 3 Jas I Ed[ar]nd Furtho is tenant of former watercourse from Pury Clark to Furtho Mill

Note at end states that the 2 rolls are in the custody of Mr. Thomas Barrowes of Potterspury,

On back: Note of quarter days, and amounts, under heading of "Mr. Riall"

Note Undated


Indenture Feoffment 

(1) Thomas Scrivener of Flemmings of Potterspury - yeoman and Alice his wife John Beauchampe jun. of Cosgrave - yeoman and Mary his wife, Robert Hampe of Potterspury - yeoman and Frances his now wife, Thomas Saule of Potterspury - chandler (late husband to Bathsheba dau.  & co. heir of Wm. Hillier), Edward Addington of Potterspury - yeoman Elizabeth his wife

To (2) Edmund Arnold of City of London - esq. for a consideration of Temple Close (or Temple Ash Close) & all shares in Bushy Close or Pollin Close.


Indenture - Lease (Counterpart)

(1) Edmund Arnold of London – esq. to (2) Thomas Scrivener of Flemmings in Potterspury, yeoman  of 2 closes of pasture in Furtho – (Temple Close & Bushy Close) now in occ. of (2) paying 4/- p.a. rent. Permission to (2) to lop willows for stakes.



Indenture - Covenant to Lead Uses of a fine

(1) Thomas Scrivener of the Flemings - yeoman & Alice his now wife (formerly wife of Wm. Hilliar of Potterspury - butcher, decd.) Robert Hampe jnr. of Potterspury - yeoman & Frances his wife, Edward Addington of Potterspury - yeoman & Elizabeth his now wife, Leonard Benton of Potterspury - potter, & Mary his wife, William Mulliner the elder of Staveton -yeoman & Rebecca his wife, Jane Lodge of Westminster - widdow, William Paine of Towcester - labourer & Sarah his wife (2) Thomas Bromwich of Daventry - gent to (3) Edmund Arnold of London – esq.
Wm, Burman of Staveton farmer
Joseph Verney of  Barby -husbandman
Wm. Abbott of Barby – taylor

of 1 close of pasture called Temple Close & 1 close called Bushy Close alias Poltins Close at Potterspury & Furtho heretofore purchased by E. Arnold from Thos. Scrivener & Alice his wife, John Beauchamp & Mary his wife, Robert Hampe & Frances his wife, Edward Addington & Elizabeth his wife & Thomas Saull, & of 1 acre of pasture at Potterspury & Furtho formerly purchased by E. Arnold from Leonard Benton & Diana Benton, widdow; and also 1 messuage with close & 2 dovehouses standing thereon at Staverton, now in occ. of Wm. Burman & 1¼ yardland, ½ a quartern & 1 thirdendale of mixed land in Staverton fields now in occ. of Wm. Burman; also 1 cottage with yard in BARBY lately purchased by J. Verney & Wm. Abbott from Jane Hodge & Wm. Paine & Sarah his wife.

Seals, covered in paper, attached.

Undated (c.1673)
Schedule of Deeds "in box marked I" relating to deeds from 1577 - 1673 for lands belonging successively to Hillier, Tassell and Scrivener.

Easter  Term 1673

Final Concord

Thomas Bromwich - plt.
Thomas Scrivener & Alice his wife
Robert Hampe jnr & Frances his wife
Edward Addington  & Eliz. his wife
Leonard Benton & Mary his wife
William Mulliner & Rebecca his wife
Jane Lodge - widow
Wm. Paine & Sarah his wife

about a Quit Rent payable in Moorend Manor originally paid by Thomas Furtho, then by Edward Furtho, and "in the late Kings time" by Sir Robert Banister.

2.11. 1674

Indenture - Covenant to Stand Seized to Uses

(1) Edmund Arnold of London - esq. & Mary his wife to (2) Paul Bowes of the Middle Temple, London -esq. Matthew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London for a marriage already had between E. Arnold & Mary his wife of the Manor of Furtho, the manor house & site, & lands at Furtho, Cosgrave, Potterspury & Old Stratford to the use of E. Arnold for life, then his wife for life as a jointure.

26 Charles II (1674)

Draft Indenture - Covenant to Stand Seized to Uses

(1) Edmund Arnold of London, esq. & Mary his wife to (2) (left blank) for a marriage already taken place between E. Arnold and Mary his wife of the Manor of Furtho, the manor house & site thereof & lands in Furtho, Cosgrave, Potterspury & Old Stratford (lands described) to the use of E. Arnold for life, then for life of Mary Arnold as a jointure, then to use of E.A's heirs & assigns.

Attached: Note (in hand of Edm. Arnold ?) stating that his deed inrolled is in the custody of Mr. Henry Keene, who has a mortgage on Furtho for £600, and that Keene is secretary and nephew of Bishop Laney of Ely.


File of Manuscript Papers consisting of

(1) Petition from the inhabitants of Potterspury dated 12.4.1675 to the patron of the living of Furtho asking for preferment for Mr. Newell now that Mr. Ryall is dead - praising the worth of Mr. Newell -people flock to his preaching - needs Furtho because of the poorly paid living of Potterspury (the impropriation swallows up the Great Tithes) 37 signatures

(2) Copy of the (2nd) Petition dated 4.8.1674 of the t'ants of Furtho Manor to Edm. Arnold as Lord of the Manor - refers to an earlier petition of 1 month previous complains about the abusive arrogance of John Tomes by trespassing with his animals - he has used threaterning language - damage done by his hogs and carts - this petition is spontaneous, only Mr. Browne has not signed because Tomes is his kinsman - dread of more mischief

(3) The actual Petition of which (2) is a Copy - ends with signatures or marks of 7 men

(4) Letter dated 14.7.1674 Richard Stratton of Denshanger to Edmund Arnold at Doctors Commons, London to accompany an account - there are some tenants in arrear but they have promised to pay - has not seen Major Stirke since the angry bout about leaving the meadow - perhaps the rent should be demanded ? Mr. Ryall is behind too - hopes to see E. A. and his good lady "you shall be the welcomest geste to us in the world".

(5) Petition from the tenants of Furtho Manor 23.5.1674 to Edm. Arnold esq. complaining that John Tomes, as E. A's servant, has been keeping hogs on the tenants grounds and trespassing - describes John Toomes as falling into rage and passion - asks for Toomes to be called to account

Six signatures or marks.

(6) Testimonial 3.3.1674/5 in support of Mr. John Mansell - Schoolmaster of Beachampton to succeed Mr. Riall (lately deceased) as incumbent at Furtho signed by the Rectors of Passenham, Calverton, Mursley, Linford & Beachampton.

(7) Letter dated 20.7.1673 Richard Stratton of Densharger to Edmund Arnold at Doctors Commons, Major Stirk has had another place given him in Salcey Forest - he says he will pay his arrears shortly - all things are well at Furtho - has met Mrs. Stirk who says that her husband would not dispose of the meadow without E. A's consent -has asked Mr. Longueville not to over-rate E. A. with taxes

(8) Letter dated 9.11.(16)70 Robert Payne of Old Stratford to
• apologising for not writing about the gelding
• has paid money to Richard Stratton
 • sends "a small token of my love" which is a Baldribb (joint of pork)

(9) Letter dated 11.1.1668/9 Richard Stratten of Denshanger to Edm. Arnall at the Boors Head & Chequer in the Strand
• thanks for gift of a sugarloaf
• explains how the poor levy etc. is related to E. A's land
• will bring the parish account books to him when he comes down
• has asked the Townsmen to provide a shed for old Goadsune & promised that E. A. would find bed clothing but they will not do it for "he is such a nasty creature"
•repairs have begun on the church but have stopped because of the weather
• John Tombs' wages
• Only Whalley & Beuchamp refuse to pay quit rents
• Collecting the Michaelmas rents
• the blasted setts
• the timber is well covered & Widow Travells house is shut up - R. S. has the key.

(10) Letter dated 6.10.1667 Ed. Harrison to his "londlard" Edmund Arnold at the sign of the Boars Head
• has been to Thomas Scrivener's & found a deed of the old woman's jointure - it was settled on Richard Scrivener who died lately - has shown the deed to Mr. Maunsell who thinks the title is clear

(11) Letter dated 3.9.1667 Ed, Harrison to Edm. Arnold
• sending a Terrier of the land purchased from Thos. Scrivener, with an abstract of deeds -T. Scrivener wants £100 on his security -Mr. Maunsell was busy at the Aylesbury assizes

(12) Letter 28.3.1667 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold
• hopes E. A's health will be restored -T. Scrivener needs his brother's will -John Tombs has been to Mr. Bunchers at Perry to see boards for flooring the house at Furtho - better to have oak boards than ash.

(13) Letter dated 11.4.(16)67 Peircy Langracke (of Stony Stratford) to Edmund Arnold - esq.
•glad to know he desires his company
•. had intended to wait upon him but it being a public meeting & enemies as great & vigilant as ever he did not think it safe - will try to escape over to E. A. at night

(14) Letter dated 12.1.1667/7 Richard Rawlins of Cosgrave to Edm. Arnold
• timber
• trouble about tax assessments - Mr. Nayller would not decide the amount - the Commissioners asked questions - Mr. Longueville said untruly that Furtho had been assessed at a third part for 40 years - describes the argument at length - the town is bent against R. R. (who does not fear them ) though they wanted to seas (seize) Furtho for the carriage & the King's timber

(15) Letter 6.1.1666/7 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold now the purchase of Furtho is completed E. H. wishes E. A. much joy of it - Rawlins intends to write for money for the tax - offers to pay the money if given it in London next Term.

(16) Letter 13.1.1666/7 John Randolph of Towcester to Edmund Arnold
• wishes E. A. joy of his purchase
• gave possession to E. A's representatives and they all enjoyed the cake and wine
• asks for a search to be made in the Prerogative Court for the Will of Richard Pinckard of Ascott (Capt. Pinchard) -promises to pay for the charge of it.

(17) Letter dated 30.12.1666 John Randolph to Edmund Arnold
•will await upon E. A's business at Furtho to seal to the Label
• humble service to E. A's wife & sons

(18) Letter dated 13.11.1666 Ed. Harrison to Edm. Arnold . the owners of the parted close are the Lord of Furtho Manor (¼) Thomas Cave of Yardly Gobion (¼) & Thomas Scrivener of Pottersperrie (½)  •is not guilty of the charge of unhandsome dealing - what grounds has E. A. for saying so ?

(19) Letter dated 14.10.1666 Ed. Harrison of Passenham to Edmund Arnold
• returning papers - there is 1 small ground in Cosgrave, the rest is all in Furtho - the present incumbent is Nicholas Ryall & the parsonage worth £80 p.a. -Mr. Joans has ordered that the highways be repaired

(20) Letter dated 14.11.1666 John Buncher at Paulerspury to (his uncle) Edm. Arnold
• Postmaster at Towcester is Mr. Thomas Whitcher at the sign of the Angel
• has put E. A's horse to house because it will not endure being kept outside
• caught a fellow cutting down green wood at Furtho - he pardoned him rather than have him whipped - Uncle Rawlings & John Tomes look after it everyday
• Mr. Sharpe asks if E. A. can find him some employment.

(21) Letter dated 10.1.1666/7 John Buncher at Paulerspury to Edmund Arnold
• thanks for the entertainment - got home safely with E. A's nag
• has taken possession for E. A. by Mr. Buncher snr. 8: Uncle Rawlins, before 7 or 8 witnesses -they had the banquet at the house at Furtho & were very merry
• Father has the deed - there is 3 months tax to be paid - Mr. Straton would pay it for E. A. if asked
• Lord Maynard has the royalty of Cosgrove (30/- P.a. in chief rent), also the advowson and Cosgrove Mill - he also has a fine coppice of trees etc.
• Sir Thomas Longvill intends to go on with his building - making a change with Lord (Maynard) for Passenham
• has spoken to John Tomes about looking after the wood
• Father has delivered letter to the Doctor about bringing these troubles to an end,

Lists witnesses to the deed & in postscript explains why Uncle Edmund Bunchcr was not there.

(22) Letter dated -
John Buncher senior to Edm. Arnold
• hopes the bargain re Furtho will be good
• John Clifton has arrested him & will make him & his son parties to the business
• has good grass & stable for E. A's nag.

(23) Letter dated 19.12.--
 John Buncher senior to Edmund Arnold
• has heard that Sir Robert Banaster bought Furtho in Judge Turell's name - it may be necessary to have an assignment or release from Judge Turell - somebody told Lord Maynard that E. A. bought Furtho too cheaply
•Grafton house is the Lady Finchardin's & Mr. Wilkes of Ashton looks after the grounds for her & “maketh account" to live in the house himself
• Mr. Comer who bought the farm at Yardley gave Judge Turell several fees
• Lord Maynard enquired if E. A's money was ready - do not be baffled
• ask for your letters to be left at Mr. John Clarke's in Towcester.


Depositions of Witnesses examined in Chancery to prove the Will of Edmund Arnold - esq.

(1) Ex parte Sir L. Jenkins & others

a) Thomas Sheppard of Doctors Commons, London gent. (aged 28) includes transcript of E. Arnold’s Will.

b) Thomas Broderick gent. (aged 27) includes another  transcript of the Will.

c) Thomas Champante of Doctors Commons, London – gent. (aged 25)

(2) Interrogatories to be administered to witnesses ex parte Sir L. Jenkins. 76 sheets.

Undated, c.1676

Copy of Answers

of Sir Leoline Jenkins Kt. as one of the defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Thomas Arnold gent. (plaintiff)


Undated c.1676
Copy of the Joint Answers

of William Dyer & Mathew Johnson esqs. in reply to the Bill given by Thomas Arnold (complainant)


Undated c.1676
Copy of Bill in Chancery

exhibited by Thomas Arnold against Madame; Arnold, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Matthew Johnson, William Dyer & Tho. Bedford on the subject of the residue of the real estate of Edmund Arnold.

File of Manuscript documents consisting of
a) Rental of Manor of Furtho showing tenants banes, names of lands and amounts, also, total acreage, undated
b) Similar Rental to above, undated
c) Particular of the Manor of Furtho, showing lands acreages & yearly rent. Also note of chief rents, receipts & payments
d) Particular account of the rents & quitrents of Furtho Manor and note of money issuing out of Furtho to the minister per ann.
e) Particular of all rents in Furtho, and showing what grounds were raised in rent before Edm. Arnold bought it, with the full rent of Home ground & meadow for 1676.
f) Account of several charges and payments issuing out of the rents of Furtho (by J. Buncher) including note about charges for quartering  soldiers,
g) Small piece of paper with totals of Furtho rents & value per acre
h) Another version of the Particular of Rents belonging to Furtho Manor.


Copy of Answers of Thomas Arnold (a defendant) to questions of the Attorney General in a cause with William Hartley as plaintiff.

English. 11 fol.


Copy of the In Joint Answers

of Matthew John esq. & Thomas Bedford gent. to the Attorney General’s questions  at the suit of William Hartley - gent. and mention of their desire to be relieved their Trusteeship obligations.


27 April 1692

Original will of

Richard Allen of St. Bridgetts alias Brides London, victualler

all to wife Jane Allen, sole executrix

3 witnesses

Sig. & Seal Paper. E.


Copy of Information assembled by the Attorney General to settle the functioning of the Arnold Charities and to allot the surplus to augment the said Charities as the Trustees wish.

52 John



consisting of a Bill of Complaint & reply in the cause of Attorney Genl. v. Thos. Arnold (deft.) attached: Affidavit of John Buncher 1.2.1692/3 & Affidavit of William Dixon. 11.2.1692/3


Copy of the Answers of John Buncher to the Questions of the Attorney General as to the rents of the lands enjoyed by Yrs. Arnold (later Lady Etheridge), and his handling of the money.

English. 14 folios.


Copy of Extract from will of Edmund Arnold,

enclosing pages from a legal book relating to the Chancery Case of 1(692) of Thomas Arnold (heir at law of Edmund Arnold) versus Mr Attorney General, Matthew Johnson & Thomas Bedford.

1692 - 1887

Account book of distribution of Charity money for apprenticing (giving names of apprentices, masters' and trades):-

Stowe IX Churches 1692-1887
Upper Heyford  1737-1887
St Giles Northampton 1783-1887
Nether Heyford 1783-1887
Stony Stratford 1783-1887

also payments to Scholars of Merton College Oxford 1783-1887
& Repair Fund Accounts 1841-1887



relating to the Chancery cause between the Attorney General & Thos. Arnold etc. recounting replies of witnesses, court orders and details of Arnold estate accounts.

Endorsed "No. 7 " MS English.

1692 - 1757
Bundle of Apprenticeship Indentures

& related papers referring to the parish of Weedon Beck
& including List of boys of Stowe IX Churches put out to apprenticeships 1692-1730 & 1730-1737,
also similar list for children of Nether Heyford 1728-1737
& some Coventry settlement certificates 1757.


Copy of Depositions of John Buncher - gent

re the Manor of Furtho in the Cause of the Attorney General v. Arnold, examined on behalf of the complainant.

English 14 pages & cover.


Copy of Deposition

of John Buncher of Furtho - gent. (examined on behalf of the Attorney General in the Cause v. Thomas Arnold - gent.) as to Buncher's receipts of the rents of the manor & lands of Furtho

Endorsed "No. 4"


Undated  (c.1693)

Extract from the Will of Edmund Arnold

relating to the appointment of Trustees and the allocation of Charitable annuities out of Furtho manor with abstract of above extract, under names of parishes followed by Quit Rental for Furtho Manor & Rental of Furtho Manor, 1693.


5 May 5 Will & Mary (1693)

Abstract of Court Order

in the cause of Attorney General against Thos. Arnold & others as to the interpretation of Edmund Arnold's intentions with regard to money for charitable causes & further abstracts (1693 - 1694) relating to the appointment of Trustees.

MS & enclosing Draft of above.

23/25 June 1693

Copies of Depositions of Witnesses

relating to the lands of Furtho Manor taken on behalf of the Complainant (Atty.Genl.)

Witnesses: John Buncher of Furtho - gent. Wm. Daniell of Stoney Stratford - cordwainer 

also copy of the Interrogatories put to the Witnesses.


23 June 1693

Copy of Depositions of  Witnesses

questioned as to the actions of John Buncher in making payments to settle his account

Witness: William Dainell of Stony Stratford (Bucks) - cordwainer questioned on behalf of John Buncher.

Endorsed with rough columns of accounts.


Enclosing :-

File of Receipts 1692 - 1693 to John Buncher of Furtho for sundry payments made by him (tax, scouring a ditch, plashing of a hedge, poor rates, charity payments) - endorsed as having been shown to William Daniel.


Copy of Depositions of Witnesses in a Cause

in Chancery between the Attorney General (at the relation of Wm. Hartley) (plt.) v. Thomas Arnold - gent. (deft.)

Depositions taken at the house of John Smith known as the Saracens Head Inne at Old Stratford (Passenham)

John Clarke of Cosgrave – yeoman,
Robert Hampts of Potterspury – sheppard, 
Christopher Rigby jnr. of Cosgrave – gent,
Henry Longvill of Cosgrave esq. -
Jane Smith of Potterspury - widow of John Smith, 
Thomas Salt of Hanslopp (Bucks)- chandler,
Thomas Rands of Cosgrave – yeoman,
Joseph Horton of Cosgrave – gent.,
John Smith of Old Stratford - innholder,
Hugh Lloyd of Cosgrave – yeoman, William Gurney of Cosgrave - gent.,
Thomas Walker of Old Stratford - labourer
followed by Copy of Interrogatories to witnesses on behalf of Thomas Arnold (deft.)

Mainly refers to value of Furtho lands.


(4.12.1693) ?

Bill of Complaint with reply of John Buncher (one of the defts.) attached in the cause of Atty. Gnl. v. T. Arnold and others.


11. Jan. 1694/4

Copy of Depositions of Witnesses

taken before Commissioners at the Saracens Head, Old Stratford (Passenham) in a Cause in Chancery (Attorney Genl. – plt. v. Thomas Arnold - deft.) on behalf of the Complainants.

Richard Foddy of Denshanger – butcher,
Michael Parret of Furthoe – glover,
Robert Basse of Potterspury – sheppard,  
Peter Ludgate of Cosgrave – sheppard,
Edward Creake of Castlethorpe (Bucks)- yeoman,
Robert Archer of Cosgrave - ,
John Leach of Stoney Stratford- butcher,
Joseph Horton of Cosgrave – gent.,
George Stevens of Potterspury – wheelwright,
Robert Thornebacke of Old Stratford – labourer,
John Mansell of Furthoe- clerk,
John Toomes of Potterspury – sheppard,
Francis Cabben of Furthoe – labourer,
William Davy of Potterspury – sheppard

followed by Copy of Interrogatories to witnesses on behalf of the Attorney General.


Undated c.1614

Copy of Bill in Chancery

exhibited by Thomas Arnold against Sir L. Jenkins, Wm. Dyer, Matthew Johnson and Thomas Bedford, & also Mrs. Mary Arnold.

Bundle marked BB.


16 June 1694

Letter of Attorney

Richard Allen of Brides London, victualler

all to his wife Jane Allen to receive any debts owed to him by Samual Parsley, Christopher Taffrell, John Baptista or any others.

Paper. E.

10 Dec. 1694

"Copy of Lord Keeper's Decree about Mr Arnold's Charityes out of his Mannor of Furtho whereby his heire at Law is debarred from having any part of the Surplus of the profits. Enrolled 10 Dec 6 G & M 1694"

reviews proceedings in matter of Arnold's will &c 1692-94 and orders that whole estate to be to charitable uses & enjoins taking care that fit persons are the object of the Charity.


Copy of Report

of the Masters in Chancery (Miles Cooke) taxing the Relation's (Plaintiff's) Bill of Costs.

Endorsed 'A' & 'Bundle marked GG '


Copy of Order in Chancery

of the Master (Miles Cooke) taxing the defendants' (Trustees & John Buncher) Bill of Costs (the bill of Mr. Cockcroft)

Endorsed 'B'


Copy of Order in Chancery

of the Master (Miles Cooke) taxing the defendants' (Trustees') Bill of Costs.

Copy of Master in Chancery's Report

certifying that he has settled and allowed a conveyance of the Manor of Furtho from Mr. Johnson & Mr. Bedford to Sir Thos. Pinfold, Wm. Thusby esq., Rev. Wm. Carpenter & Thos. Sheppard - gent.


Indenture - Lease for a Year/Release

(1) Mathew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London, esq. & Thomas Bedford of Doctors Commons London - gent (trustees of Edmund Arnold’s will)


(2) Sir Thomas Pinfold LLD & Chancellor of P'boro Diocese
William Thursby of Abington - esq.
William Carpender (Rector of Calverton in Bucks) - clerk
Thomas Sheppard of N'ton St. Giles - gent.

(appointed by Chancery as Trustees) of the Manor of FURTHO & all lands in Northants & Bucks devised by Edmund Arnold for charitable purposes.

Armorial seals.


Copy of Indenture - Lease for a Year

(1) Mathew Johnson & Thomas Bedford to

(2) Sir Thomas Pinfold, Wm. Thursby, Wm. Carpender & Thomas Sheppard of the Edmund Arnold Trust estate,

Endorsed "D"

MS English


Copy of Indenture – Release (1) Mathew Johnson & Thomas Bedford to (2) Sir Thomas Pinfold, Wm, Thursby, Wm. Carpender & Thomas Sheppard of the Edmund Arnold Trust estate,

Endorsed "E"

MS English

Copy of Order in Chancery

(in a cause of Attorney Genl. plt. v. Thomas Arnold gent., Mathew Johnson esq., Thomas Bedford etc. defts.) decreeing that the surplus of Arnold Charity funds should be used by the appointed charities, but that Thos. Arnold should be allowed money to meet cost of suit (from sale of timber), & that Anne Carrs should be similarly indemnified.

Copy of Lord Chancellor's Decree

for applying the surplus of the Rents of Furtho to augment the Charities mentioned in E. Arnold's Will,

arising from a claim by Thomas Arnold (heir at law of E. Arnold) and Anne Carr (sister of E. Arnold) to have the surplus.


Copy of Order of the House of Lords that the Respondents

may have a copy of the appeals in a Cause in Chancery between Thos. Arnold (Appellant) & the Atorney General & others (Respondents)

2 versions of the same copy


Undated (c.1698)

Text of the Appeal to the House of Lords

of Thomas Arnold of Nether Heyford — yeoman (appellant) In the cause between him & the Atty. Gen', Matthew Johnson esq., Thomas Bedford gent. etc. (respondents)

Endorsed "B" MS


Copy of Answer of the Attorney General, Matthew Johnson, Thomas Bedford and John Buncher (respondents) to the Petition & Appeal of Thomas Arnold (appellant) in Parliament

Exhibited to the House of Lords. 6.5.(16)98


Copy of Order of the House of Lords dismissing the petition and Appeal of Thomas Arnold.

Undated (1697)
File of Papers

relating to an Appeal in Parliament (House of Lords) by Thomas Arnold against a Chancery Decree (stating that the surplus of Edmund Arnold's charity monies should be absorbed by the Trust) consisting of a printed and annotated Respondent's case reciting period 1675-1697, & of the progress of the case from the defendant Thomas Arnold's appeal in Parliament 1692-1697 (MS).

Fourth Account of John Buncher of payments made from the rents & profits of Furtho, & allowance to be made to John Buncher by the Trustees since the 3rd Account from December 1699

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