The Interior of St Peter & St Paul Church Cosgrove

The c13 North Door

The door was restored in a Millennium project to allow access for those with wheelchairs and prams.

Old Mail April 2000

March 13th 2000 – a red letter day in Cosgrove when the builders arrived to start on the Millennium Improvement Scheme at St Peter and St Paul’s. Opening up the doorway in the North wall caused great excitement and we were all thrilled when the stonemason’s head appeared through the hole. Soon afterwards the whole doorway was cleared revealing an archway in excellent condition.

Now we await the installation of the oak door which we understand is modelled on the Chancel doorway at the other end of the North wall. In the meantime work goes on to create a pathway to the door, and trenches for the drains and water supply are being dug. Next week the workmen move inside to work on the North Aisle development.

Old Mail May 2001                                                   

The good news is that the building project has been completed and paid for with a sum set aside to pay for an improved lighting and heating system in the church. The bad news is that our architect has now assessed the outstanding work as likely to cost a further £20,000.

This includes external lighting, especially to the new path and doorway, restoration work to the porch and installation of a heat curtain, lighting on the church tower stairs, improved heating and lighting in the body of the church and a timing system.

All of this work is urgent and needs to be completed before next winter but this means that we have to raise at least £15,000 in the next few months.

The main summer event of this year is to be arranged for 8th and 9th September. The theme will be “Cosgrove remembers the 20th Century”. We should like to mount an exhibition in the church showing major events in Cosgrove during the last century. Can you help us with photographs, artefacts and anything else that will make an interesting display?

The exhibition will be open from 2 to 5pm each afternoon and teas will be on sale in Medlar House grounds with music and entertainment. On the Saturday evening Roger Windmill offers us a delightful concert of “Music of the 20th Century” and on Sunday evening there will be a special service of thanksgiving.