Ellen Woodwarde 1585

In the name of god Amen I Ellene woodwarde of Covesgrave in the countye of Northampton wyddowe being weake in bodye but of good and perfect Remembrance (thankes be to god) doe make this my laste will and Testament the xxith [21st] daye of Julye in the yere of our Lorde god 1584 and in the xxvjth [26th]yeare of the Raigne of oure Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of Englande France and Irelande etc. In manner and forme following: Firste I bequeath my soule unto Allmighte god hopinge to be saved by the Deathe and meryttes of Jesus Christe my Redeamer and savyoure And my bodye to be Buryed in the Churchyarde of Covesgrave Item I geve and bequeathe unto sixe of the youngeste in Covesgrave iiijd [4d] Apiece Item I gyve and bequethe unto Robert woodward my sonne three stears bullockes one of three yere olde And the other twoe beinge two yere olde and sixe sheepe a brasse potte which is newe A kettell contayinge two gallons A Candlestick Three platters, three paire of sheetes A table clathe and  A Towell A mattresse A blanket one Acre of Barley in the wheate fyelde And sixe poundes thirene shillings and four pence In money Item I gyve and bequeath unto dorrothie my daughter three kyn and A hayfer tenne sheepe, and a Acre of Barley In the pease fyelde, two brasse pottes a great newe kettell Two lyttell kettell, tenne pewter peeces A stomer ? A basonAnd A mattresse two bolsters two pillows a Coverlett two blanckettes tenne paire of sheetes, two Table cloathes a t…. And sixe table napkins The greate newe Chest and a cofer Too tubes two pailes A kymnell And Tenne poundes in money Item I gyve and bequeathe to Jane my daughter  three kyn Tenne sheepe two brasse pottes A kettell A pane A skettell Tenne peeces of pewter two Candlestickes two salte sellars A gridiron A spytte A piare of cebbyrons?  halfe an Acre of Barley in the wheate field A mattresse two bolsters two pillows A coverlet and A paire of blankettes A payre of sheetes two table cloathes sixe table napkins A towel A cheste And A Coffer two tubs two pailes A kymnell And x [£10] In money the paynted cloathe that hange over the Table in the hall and A Cubborde : Moreover I gyve and bequeath unto Dorrothie my Daughter the paynted clothe that hange Above my bed and one stoole: Item I gyve and bequeath unto my Daughter Joane A stoole Item I gyve and bequeath unto Ellen Reade one Ewe and a Lambe unto Henry Reade A lambe unto Agnes Reade A lambe unto Elizabeth Reade A lambe unto William Freade A lambeThe Resta of all my goodes moveable I gyve and bequeath To John my sonne whom I make my full and whole Executor And I make my Brother John Leachame and my neighbur Robert Emerson oversear of this my last will and testament thes being wyttnesses the Day and yere above wrytten

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