John Whalley 1647

In the name of God Amen I John Whalley of Cosgrave in the County of Northampton Clerk weake of body but of perfect memory att the Present by God his great mercy and favour doe thus ordaine my last will and Testament First I gladly render mu Soule to god wholy resting on his mercifull promises in Jesus Christ after this death to live with him for ever my body to the ground to be decently interred in the Chancell of the sayd Parish Church of the Cost of my Executors and next for the temporall estate wherewith god of his Goodness hath blessed mee First I give my sonne Arthur Whalley one payre of gloves of two shillings and [6d] price Item to my sonne Edward Lawrence and his wife Anne Lawrence to each of them one payer of the same Price Item to my daughter Mary Hocknell one payre of the same Price Item I give and bequeath the full somme of Four hundred and sixty Pounds to bee payd within the first Sixe Monthes after my decease unto the sayd my sonne Thomas Whalley vizt one hiundred Pounds uppon bond from Mr Thomas Burradall Mr Theodore Greene Mr William Wood and a hundred Pound which is uppon bond from my second Sonne Arthur Whalley Item more uppon bond from my sayd sonne Arthur and John Beacham senr Fifty Pounds Item the Close in Thrupfield which I did purchase in which my sonne Thomas is ioynt [joint] Purchaser with mee what is wanting in these to bee payd by my Executors Item I give unto my daughter Katheryne whalley Four hundred Pounds to be payd within Six monthes after my decease a part thereof to bee Received by these  insuinge bondes one hundreth Pound uppon bond from William Burcote and Samuell Clarke Item therty Pound uppon bond from my daughter Mary Hagnell Item Twenty pounds uppon bond from John Marshall and George Merson Item Twenty Pounds from John Beacham the elder Item Fifteen Poundes from George Emerson Item Twenty Poundes uppon two bondes from Richard Richards and others Item ten Poundes uppon bond from James Thornbacke Item Fifteen Poundes from Thomas Maywood uppon mortgage and bond Item Five Pounds from Thomas Bignell uppon  bond and from Robert Emerson Eight Pounds upoon bond Item I give unto her Twenty Pounds for which the Towne Engaged being sent unto them Item I give the residue to bee made upp by my Executors uppon the Promise followinge that the sayd bondes and Somes shall remayne in trust with my loving sonne Edward Lawrence and my soone John Whalley that if shee doe bestowe herselfe with their Consents in maryage that shee may by way of Jointure or otherwise bee provided for to prevent Poverty to her or her Children then accordingly that Portion to be payd as if shee bee intangled and marryed without their Consent then the sayd Portion of Four hundred Poundes to bee kept in their hands and she to bee allowed out of g.. Therty Poundes a yeare for her lyfe the residue for her Children Item I give to the Poore people of Cusgrave Forty shillings to bee payd by my Executors Item I make and ordayne my deare and faithfull Wyfe Susanna Whalley and my loving sonne John Whalley my full Executors dated the second of February commonly called Candlemas day one thousand sixe hundred Fourty three by mee John Whalley Testator
Witnesses to this my last Will

Memorandum That whereas this Will bearth date this second day of February in the yeare one Thousand sixe hundred Forty three wherefore this Testator doth declare ytt to bee and containing his last will and Testament and therefour hat further make and Seale this two and Twentyth day of September in the Yeare one Thousand Six hundred Forty Foure in the Presence of George Emerson Arthur Walbanck

Probate 26 November 1647

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