Gabrill Rand 1689

In the name of God Amen on the twenty Eight day of November in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred Eighty and Eight Gabrill Rand of Cosgrave in the County of Northampton being weake  and ill in Body but of perfect Memory blessed be God doe make and Ordane this my Will and Testament in manner and forme following First I give my Soule into the hands of Almighty Gog my Creater hopeing to be saved by that precious Death and Blood shed of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ and my body to be buried in the Church yards of Cosgrave in such decent and Christian manner as my Executors hereafter named shall think fit and for my Worldly goods which the Lord hath bestowed on me I give as followeth And First I give unto Elizabeth my Wife the house I now live in with the appurtenances thereunto belonging dureing her naturall life Excepting and alwaies reserved out of the demise free liberty unto my son Thomas Rands and his heirs free liberty at all times to come to repaire and thatch his houses and Oven and doe give him the Ground that the lean too and Oven stands Further I give unto Elizabeth my Wife forty shillings a yeare to be payd quarterly by equall portions by my Executors I give unto my wife all the Goods which was her owne at the time of our Marriage which shall be found at the time of my death Provided alwaies that if Elizabeth my wife shall at any time after my decease claime or demand any dowery or thirds out of any part of my share that then all the before demises shalbe voyd and of none effect and that shee does not pluck up or diminish and Pales or Pole post or Hovells or any shelves standards or any manner of thing that belongeth to the said premisses  And after her decease I give the said Messuage or tenement with the appurtenances thereunto belonging Except before Excepted my kinsman Robert Rands and to his heirs lawfully begotten and for want of such heirs unto my daughter Sarah Smith and to her heirs forever Further I give unto my daughter Sara Smith Forty pounds to be paid by my Executors within six Moneths after my decease further I give unto my Kinsman Robert Rands the sum of Twelve pounds to be payd by my Executors when he shall come to the Age of one and twenty yeares further I give unto him all the goods which was gis Fathers which I bought which shall be found at my death further I give and bequeath unto my sonn James Rands all that Messuage or Tenement wherein William Smith now liveth And all that Six acres of Arable land hereafter Specified that is to say in the Mores Feild one acre on Feires hill two Roode on Blacklands One Roode on fresham furlong one halfe acre on long Reves on Rood on damfurlong in the Middle feild three Roods lyeing together on upper Shepwicks one Roode Nether  Sharpes one halfe acre upper Shaps one halfe acre upon upper Crossis In the Quarri feild one Pooles furlong one acre on Path furlong one halfe acre to him and to his heires and for want of such heirs then to my sonne Thomas Rands and his heirs forever further I give unto my sonne James Rands one hundred pounds of lawfull money to be payd within Twelve moneths after my decease further I give to my Daughter Ann Berry Ten pounds which her husband oweth me upon Bond to be equally divided amongst her three daughters Further I give unto her Twenty shillings to be payd by my Executors within three Monethes after my decease futher I give unto my daughter Aiels Fossut Twenty shillings yt be paid within Three Monethes after my decease All the rest of my goods and Cattells unbequeathed my Funerall Charges and other Expences being first satisfied And I give and bequeath unto my sonn Thomas Rands and to my sonn James Rands whom I make my Joynt Executors of this my last Will and Testament and do make voyd all former Wills made by me In witnesse whereof I have sett to my hand and Deale the day and yeare first above written Gabriell Rand Sealled and delivered in the presence of William Waker  his marke Elizabeth Marse her marke Richard Rawlins

Proved 14 January  1689

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