William Penn 1657

The Nineteenth daie of August One Thousand Six Hundred Fiftie Seaven The last will and Testament of William Penn of Cosgrave in the Countie of Northampton gent First I give Unto William Thorne my Grandchild and to his heires and Assignes for ever a tenement in the East Side of Stony Stratford in the Countie of Bucks with thappurtanances wherein Jane Purchase widow now dwelleth The house of Thomas Fisher on the North Item I give and bequeath Unto my said Grandchild William Thorne Two fether beds Two Boulsters, two Pillows and two Coverletts which I brought with me to Covesgrave aforesaid Item I give my house in Stony Stratford aforesaid whom in the Thomas Fisher now dwelleth To be solde by my Executors hereafter herein named And out of the monie for which it shalbe sold I give five pounds apiece to Rockingham and Charles Bason two of the sonnes of my late wife Ellen by her former husband William Bason to binde them Apprentices And ye overplus to be equally divided betwixt the said Rockinghan and Charles Richard Robert and John beinge all the sonnes of my said wife by her said late husband All the rest of my goods Chattles Leases I give and bequeath Unto the said Richard Robert John Rockingham and Charles Bason the said sonnes of my said wife To be equally divided amongst them when my funeral Charges debts paid I married my said Wife Ellen and Legarcies hereby given fullie satisfied and paid My further will is That they rec.ere  r.rue one his part and portion at their severall age of One and Twenty years And the portion of him or them dying before the paid age to be equallie divided to the Survivors of the said Brothers And I doe make my loving friends Richard Rockingham thelder and the said Richard Bason eldest sonne of my said wife to be full Executors of this my said will in trust for the Uses above said And I doe give unto each of them for their paines herein to be taken Five shillings My further will and desire is That what debts I owed before my entermarriage with Ellen my said wife be paid by my sonne Gabriel Penn out of the profitts of a lease which I latelie took of Sir Edward Longvile and have P..ence assigned to the said Gabriel Penn And so Revoking all other willes by me made I declare and ordaine this my last will and Testament and mine other or other unst In witness whereof I have hereto put my hand and seale this daie and yere first above written The marke of William Penn Signed sealed published and declared in the presence of Tho Topham Richard Collins The marke of Thomas Hearne John Mansell

This will was proved at London Before the Judges for Probate of Willes and granting Administration lawfullie authoural The Fifteenth daie of September One Thousand Six Hundred Fiftie Seaven By the oath of Richard Bason on of the Executors named in the said will To whom Administration of all and singular the goods Chattles debts of the said Testator was committed he being sworne trulie to Administer the same The like powers being res… to Richard Rockingham thother Executor to make like Probate of the said will and …. Like Administrator when he shall come and lawfully required the same

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