Maria Antonia Mansel 1843

Maria Antonia Mansel of Cosgrove in the Co of Northampton Widow of John Chr Mansel of the same place Esqr deceased hereby bequeathed to my housekeeper Mary Gibbs all my wearing apparel To Maria Margaret Mansel Widow of the late Revd Henry Longueville Mansel brother of my said late husband the new Wardrobe made for me by Mr. Pierce of Stratford to my old and esteemed friend Coward of Newcastle in the Co of Northumberland my gold chain and bracelet to William Ward of the Middle Temple London Esqr my executor herein after named the rest of my Paraphernalia upon the trust to distribute as memorials in such way amongst such of my relations and friends as I may direct by any writing or indeed faults thereof or in regard to such parts as any writings shall not extend in such way and amongst such persons as my sd executor may think to be most according to my wishes and I empower bequeathed to him and to charge the amount against my estate And whereas in addition to my sd Paraphernalia there are diverse books house linen and other articles given to me both before and after my marriage partly by my sd late husband and partly by other persons all which my sd late husband always allowed me to consider my own property sum of these I wish to bequeathed allowing the rest to remain and go along with a personal property of my sd late husband according to the limitations of his will now all such of the above mentioned books linen and other articles as I have specified or may hear after specify in any writing I bequeath to my sd executor upon such and the same trusts and have hereinbefore declared in regard to the rest of my Paraphernalia as if the afsd clauses suppose in regard to the things and to the duty thereon were here repeated It is my earnest we each and I hereby request my executor to erect according to the best of his judgmental and discretion in the Church of Cosgrove afsd some monument or monumental testimonial to the memory of my sd late husband and of myself and some monumental tablet to the memory or of Mary Anne Mansell the Sister of my sd late husband deceased and for this purpose I bequeath to my executor and empower him to retain such a sum of money as he may deem requisite I bequeath the following legacies To the sd Elizabeth coward One hundred pounds to my Nephew Robert to Coward Son of my late Sister one hundred pounds To Robert Mansel younger Son of the sd Henry Longueville Mansel One thousand pounds the interest during his minority to be paid to his mother and applied in her discretion towards his maintenance and education To the sd William Ward two hundred pounds and I bequeath to such of the next hereinafter mentioned servants as shall be in my service at the time of my decease as follows to my butler Francis Gibbs one hundred pounds To the sd Mary Gibbs One hundred pounds to my housemaid Mary MacWilliams nineteen guineas to my gardener John Crisp nineteen guineas and to my laundry maid Elizabeth Watts nineteen guineas the Rest and residue of my worldly estate I bequeath to there sd Robert Mansel on the other hand if my assets shall not prove sufficient after payment of my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and all other expences of carrying my Will into execution to satisfy the pecuniary legacies herein before given I will and direct that the afsd bequest to my executor further monumental purposes by first fully paid together with the duty if any payable thereon them at my sd executor pay the duty if any on be afsd specific bequests made to him in trust then that there sd several legacies of nineteen guineas to my Servants be fully paid and that the other pecuniary legacies abate in due proportion but it is my Will that no legacy shall be deemed to be in satisfaction whether wholly or in part of any debt or debts that I may happen to our owns to any of my legatees and whereas the peculiar circumstances under which I am placed render it probable that some difficulties or doubts may arise as to legal rights and being anxious that lawsuits should if possible be avoided and having confidence in there discretion of my sd executor I hereby empower him my sd Executor in case of any difficulty or doubt to insist upon or give up any claim and to act in general according to the best of his judgment and it is my Will that he shall not be called to account for not commencing any suit in equity in case he shall think such suit not advisable for the interest of my estate I appoint the sd William Ward Executor of this my Will and empower him to retain and reimburse himself all expences he may incur in carr.ting the same into execution I leave the conducting of my funeral and all expenses incident thereto to the discretion of him my sd executor and I further empower him to sell and dispose of and for such price or prices and in such manner and to such person and persons as he shall think best for the purpose of this my Will and such parts of my property as I have not specifically bequeathed and I further declare it to be my will that he my sd executor shall not be answerable for the failure of any banker with home he may find it expedient to deposit money for safe custody Cosgrove Feby 22 1840 Maria Antonia Mansel We the undersigned hereby a test that Maria and stony a Mansel of Cosgrove in  the Co of Northampton Widow signed her name to this and to the two  preceding sheets and declare as the same to be her will in our presents all of us being present at the same time and at the same time also at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other we have subscribed our names this twenty second day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty Henry Stanger Servant to the Sd Mrs Mansel Maria Selby Loundes Spinster Whaddon Hall Bucks

Codicil to my Will bearing date 22 Feb 1840 Wishing to mark the great attention shown to me by my housekeeper Mary Gibbs I will that the legacy of £100 given or her by my said Will be put on the same footing as the several legacies of nineteen guineas there are in mentioned and like them be fully paid in preference to such other legacies as therein in that respect mentioned and further that the said £100 be paid to her free other legacy duty subject to this alteration I confirm my said Will Maria A. Mansel We the undersigned hereby a test that Maria Antonia Mansel signed her name to the above and declare as the same to be a Codicil to her Will in our presents all of us being present at the same time and at the same time also at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other we have subscribed our names this 20th day of September 1840 Maria Selby Loundes Spinster Whaddon Hall J. C. Mansel Charlton Kings Cheltenham

Appeared Personally William Ward of the Middle Temple London Esquire and made Oath that he is the sole Executor named in the annexed last Will and Testament of Maria Antonia Mansel late of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton Widow deceased and that in reference to the two clauses appearing in the first side of the said Will having reference to certain Paper Writings to be made by the said deceased this deponent saith that save the said last Will and Testament bearing the date 22nd of February 1840 and a Codicil thereto bearing the date 20th September 1840 the said deceased left no testamentary papers executed in the presence of Witnesses and he further made Oath that the said deceased left directions in writing drawn up by this deponent some months after the execution of the said Will which said Paper Writing had no Witnesses thereto  and other than as aforesaid the said deceased left no valid testamentary paper Wm Ward On the 16 February 1843 the said William ward esquire was duly sworn to the within Affidavit Before me W. C. Curteis Surr: Present W T Gostling Notary Pub etc

Proved at London with a Codicil 18th February 1843  before the worshipful William Calverley Curteis Doctor of  Laws and Surrogate by the Oath of William Ward Esquire the sole Executor to whom Administration was granted having been first sworn duly to administer

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