Mary Lowndes 1812

I Mary Lowndes Spinster of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton do on this Eighteenth day of May Eighteen hundred and five make my last Will and Testament in form and manner following To my Sister Anne Lowndes I give and bequeath all my Estate Real and personal for her life only paying the Legacis hereafter mentioned and all Funeral Expences my wish is to be buried in a plain decent manner in the parish church wherever I shall reside at the time of my decease to be carried to church on men’s shoulders and the solemn service to be performed by candlelight  to my two nephews William and Robert Lowndes I give Fifty pounds each by way of remembrance  only they being both amply provided for to my two other nephews Richard and Thomas Lowndes I give one hundred pounds each and appoint the said Richard and Thomas Lowndes my Executors to this my will and Testament the above Legacies to be paid one year after my decease from the Navy 5per cent standing in my Name I give to my Friend Ann Garvy one hundred pounds and to Patience Church Fifty pounds in the said 5per Cents both of which Legacis I will to be paid six months after my death to Patience Church I give all my wearing Apparel Linen etc. etc. my Tent bed and bedding also my quarter Bible Bound in Russia? To my Friend Ann Garvy I give my Custume of Clunia and Halys [William Hayley] Triumph[s] of Temper to my Neice Lydia Lowndes I give all my vols that are bound and all the loose Nos she wants to make up her .. complete of the Natural Magazine all the rest of my Books I leave to my Sister Anne Lowndes to dispose of as she thinks proper To my said Sister Ann Lowndes I leave my share of Household Furniture plate Linen and Elnia only leggings her to present my Brother with some paire of plates to show I have not quite forgot him after my Sister Anne Lowndes’s decease I will that all my shares in the Estate situate at Bragenham in the parish of Soulbury within the County Bucks and all Money …. In the Funds standing in my Name and likewise my share of what is standing in the Name of the late Robert Lowndes Esqr be equally divided share and share alike between my two Nephews Richard and Thomas Lowndes and my five Nieces namely Mary Lowndes and [name crossed out] Lowndes Essex Lowndes Elizabeth Harman and Lydia Lowndes this is my last will and Testament In Witnes whereof I set my hand and Seal this [blank] day of [blank] in the year of our Lord 18

20th June 1812

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