Laurence Hobbs 1676

Know All men by these presents That I Mary Hawkins of Old Stratford in ye Parish of Cosgrave in the County of Northampton widow one of the Executors named in the last will and Testament of Laurence Hobbs late of the same Batchelor deceased for diverse causes and considerations and thereunto Especially moveing do renounce and relinquish the Executorshipp of the last will and testament of the said defunct, And do desire that William Hobbs the other Executor named in the said will may take upon him the Execution of the same, And do protest that I have not nor will not intermeeh? With any of the Goods rights credits Cattells and Chattles of the said deceased In testimony hereof I have sett my hand and seale this eight day of January Anno Domini 1676

The marke of Mary Hawkins

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