Pulter Forrestor 1778

In the Name of God Amen I Pulter Forrester of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton Doctor in Divinity do make this last Will and Testament this eighteenth day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy six Whowas Charles Lord Bishop pf Bath and Wells and I are in joint possession of a piece or parcel of Ground under long Lease Abutting to the North on Green Street in the Parish of Westminster and County of Middlesex on which Ground is Erected the Chappel called St Mary Chapel with a Vestry and two dwelling Houses adjoining thereunto (on my half or Moiety of which Ground and of the said Buildings thereon is or is Intended to be Secured the Sum of two thousand pds part of the six thousand pounds Settled on Marriage Settlement for my Wifes Jointure if she Survives me Now I give and bequeath the whole of and all my Moiety of the sd Grounds and of the Chapel and Buildings erected thereon to my Dear Wife Mary to receive for her own use the full Rents and profits thereof during the term of her natural Life And to the Day of her Death And from the Day of her Death I Give and bequeath my said Moiety of the said Ground Chapel and Buildings during the Lease to my first Cousin the Revd Sir William Anderson Baronet of Kil[n]wick in Yorkshire for the Term of his Life, And after his Death I give and bequeath the said Moiety of the said Ground Chapel and Buildings to his secd Son George Anderson and his Heirs during the said Lease Whowas the Sum of three thousand six hundred pds in the three per Cent Bank Annuities Consolidated is Vested in the Names of Elias Harvey Esq and John Afflick Esq deceased Trustees of my Marriage Settlement for ye Use of my Wife during her Life nevertheless the Disposal of the said Moiety after her Death is Secured and belong to me Now I give and bequeath the said Money and the full power of disposal thereof by her Will amongst her own Relations to my said Wife Mary To whom also I give the Lease and all my Right in my House in Bolton Street Piccadilly with all the Furniture belonging to me in the same I give and bequeath all those Closes called Clinton Closes in the parish of Yardley and County of Hertford and the House Blacksmith Shop and Pikle of Land late my brother Richards to my Wife to receive the Rents thereof during her Life and after her Death I give all my Estate to John Cheshyre Esquire my first Cousin and his Heirs forever I give and bequeath my three Cottages with the Close and Orchard at Cosgrove and all its Appurtenances to my Wife to receive the Rents for her Life And On Trust that she will Settle and dispose of it in her Lifetime in such manner as I shall Direct by papers left for her if not before disposed of by myself Whereas I now stand possessed in my own Name of a Sum of Money in the three per Cent Bank Annuities Consolidated (four hundred pounds of which is part of the six thousand pds Settled on my Marriage Settlement Now I give the said Sum be it more or less) in Trust to my three Friends Charles Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells Thomas Maynard of Hoxne Esq and Mr Edward Bloxham of Stony Stratford  Attorney at Law to pay Yearly the Interest by a Letter of Attorney Given from them to her for that purpose To my Wife Mary during the Term of her Life and after my said Wife’s death I direct them to pay the Interest of the said Money yearly between my first Cousins the above mentioned John Cheshyre James Robert and Jane Cheshyre or as many of them as shall be Living at my Wife’s Death equally and as any of them shall die I give the Principal Sum of the Share of that person to be immediately and equally divided amongst the four Daughters of the abovenamed John Cheshyre or as many of them as shall be living at that time exceptive only the Principal Sum of the Share of James Cheshyre abovenamed which I give at his Death equally amongst his own Children and Direct my Trustees aforesaid To Act accordingly Further I Give to all the Children of my Friends for whom I have stood Sponsor at Baptism twenty Guineas apiece To Mrs Sarah Deane of Cosgrove Widow twenty pds To Mrs Elizabeth Drake and Mrs Chapman of Stony Stratford Widows Ten Pds To my two Officiating Curates at Cosgrove and Passenham Ten Pds each To the poor of each of the said parishes twenty Pds To the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and to the Infirmaties of Northampton and St Georges Hyde Park Corner twenty pounds each I Give to the Wife and Children of Edward James of Cosgrove forty Pds to be given them at such times and such manner as my Wifeshall Judge proper To each of my Tenants William Flowers Edmund Benson and George Seamer five Pds I give to Sir John Moore Baronet  And to the Revd Thomas Moore D.D. my two Brothers in Law thirty Guineas each To my three first Cousins Mrs Dorothy Burton Mrs Mary Anderson and Major General Harvey twenty Guineas each I Give to Mrs Chaloner Ten Guineas for a Ring and to Mrs Wilbraham the fine Worked Counterpane the Work of her Great Aunt Lady Monoux Decd I give to Thomas Maynard Esq the Revd Henry Questly John Mansel Esq the Revd Samuel Hare the Revd Dr Walles and the Revd George Cotton Mr Edward Bloxham and his Nephew Mr Grant ten Guineas each I give to my Successors in the Rectories of Cosgrove and Passenham all the Marbets and Stone Chimney picies Slabs Iron Ovens and Frames Stoves fixt in with Brick or Stone (not Bath Stones) Smoke Jacks (if any) Locks Latches Bolts Doors Shelve sand Dressers fixt Book cases but not Books in the respective Houses these express Conditions that they permit my Wife to Continue in quiet possession of the House for six months at least after my Burial to Settle her Affairs and to remove or Sell her Goods and also that they make no Demands or Endeavour to Obtain any Money from her Dilapidations or otherwise I give to my Servant Thomas Goode fifty Pds if living with me at my death and sixty Pds to divide Amongst all the rest of my servants As my Wife shall direct All the remainder of my Monies Furniture Books Stock Cattle Goods plate Jewels Bonds Debts and Arrears of the Rent whatsoever and wheresoever I Appoint sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament and Residuary Legatee After payment of my just Debts and Legaties In Witness whereof I have Set my Hand and Seal the Day and Year above Written P Forrester Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the said pultor Forrester as and for his last Will and Testament before us who Subscribed our Names as Witnesses at his desire and in the presence of each other James Coley Will: Hawley John Hawley

Proved at London 4 September 1778

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