John Durham 1847

In the Name of God Amen I John Durham of Old Stratford in the parish of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton Surveyor do make and constitute this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say First I do commend my body to the earth and do desire that my funeral may be performed with as little expense is possible and that I maybe borne to the place of interment on men’s shoulders or on a bier being truly sensible of the folly of expending much money on the senseless lump of earth and Next I do commend my immortal part into the hands of him who gave it me in the fall home of a blessed eternity then I do desire that all my just debts and funeral expences may be paid and discharged And I do give and bequeath to my son John Durham mathematical instruments maps draw or rings and papers thereto belonging I give to each of my daughter’s and my said son two sets of books to be selected from my library each choosing one set according to their age beginning with the eldest until they have two sets each my dear Wife Joyce being first at liberty to choose such box for her own use and she may think proper I do give and bequeath all the Rest and Residue of my real and personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever including my estate in Calverton which I purchased of John Billington’s trustees and my estate in Cosgrove purchased of Matthew Willison’s assignees and my estate in Stony Stratford which I purchased of William Green’s devisees unto my said Son John Durham his executors or administrators and all my Annuities in the public Funds all my interests in the Equitable Assurance Office and all my book debts ready money furniture and effects whatsoever and wheresoever In Trust nevertheless that he had to apply all the proceeds of my said real and personal estate and effects to the use of my dear Wife during her life to enable her to maintain herself and my unmarried daughters And after the decease of my said Wife I do desire my said trustees out of my furniture linen ectara to furnish a small house or lodging for my unmarried daughters and then to sell and dispose of my said estates and search of my personal estate and effects as he shall find it necessary so to sell and dispose of and which are not hereby otherwise disposed of that is to say I do give to my daughter Mary Ann Nixon the portrait of myself by Robert Jones to my daughter Elizabeth the portrait of my dear Wife painted by Robert Satchwell to my daughter Caroline her Mother’s watch chain and seals and my gold seal engraved with a head and gold key to my said son my watch by Johnson Grays Inn Passage with the chain and seal engraved with my crest and motto And I do give to each of my daughters and my son ten pounds to buy them mourning I also give to each of my daughters Elizabeth and Caroline a pair of silver tablespoons and six teaspoons And in the next place I do desire that my said trustee to ascertain the value of all the rest and residue of my said real and personal estate and effects either by sale or valuation thereof by some indifferent competent person and out of the said produce or values thereof he did pay or cause to be paid by equal quarterly payments to each of my daughters Elizabeth and Caroline the sum of forty five pounds a year each And whereas Mr. Daniel Nixon who married my eldest daughter Mary Ann hath received considerable sums of money of me at and subsequent to their marriage and wear on his becoming Bankrupt I became the purchaser of all and singular his household furniture and effects I do hereby give and bequeath to my said daughter Mary Ann all and singular the household furniture and effects so purchased by me and the sum of twenty pounds a year quite independently of and without control of her Husband to be paid to her by my said trustee by equal quarterly payments and in case through any adverse circumstances my property and effects should not be equal to make good all such payments my said trustees shall be justified in making abatements in such quarterly payments in proportion to the deficiency And the receipts of my Daughter’s respectively shall be good and sufficient discharge for such payments respectively And in case it either of my Daughter’s should depart this life leaving a child or children born in wedlock I do had desire that the share of such Daughter so dying should be applied towards the bringing up of such child or children and the principal thereof be paid to such child or children at such time all times and in such manner as my said trustees shall think proper But in case either of my said Daughters Elizabeth and Caroline departing this life not to leaving any child or children then the share of such Daughter so departing his life shall be divided equally between my said Son and the survivor or survivors of my said Daughters And in case of the deceased of my said daughter Mary Anne Nixon the furniture and the principle of her income shall become the absolute property of Mr. Daniel Nixon And I do give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my real and personal Estate and Effects goods and chattels to my said son John Durham his heirs and assigns And in all cases not hereinbefore otherwise provided for I do desire that the annuities and other property may be disposed of according to the directions in writing of my said Daughters respectively And I do appoint my said son John Durham Executor and Administrator of this my Will and I do hereby revoke all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty ninth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine John Durham signed sealed and declared and published by the within a named testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of home at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have here unto set our hands as witnesses thereto the twenty ninth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine Matthew Willison Sadler Thos Hillyer Innkeeper George Dickins Baker all of Old Stratford

Probate 20 Feb 1847

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