William Coke 1539

In the name of god Amen xiiij[14th] maroij ao din 1539 I Wyllm coke of the paryshe of covesgrave [whole] of mynde and perfect Remenbrance make my laste wyll and testament in ye forme folowinge first I bequethe my soule to god Almyghty and to hys bnessyd mother sent mary and to All the holy company of heven my body to be buryed within the churche yard of covesgrave Allso for my Mortuary After costerary [Custom] and manner of the statute Allso I Wyll that my Wyffe and my dowghter Kateryn have All my hoshold stuffe to be devydyd bytwyxt them excepe A posnet to hary my Eldest son Item I bequeath to my Wyffe iij [3] Nett and A score of the best sheppe Item to my dowghter Cateryne ij [2] heafothes [heifers] and v [5] sheeppe Item to my son John x [10] sheppe Item to my said son hary x [10] shyppe Item to my son Thomas x [10] shyppe Item to my som Wyllam v [5] shyppe and a cowe Item to my son hary A grett potte Item to my son Jhon A cowe and to my son Thomas a Cowe Item to Jone my servant a shyppe Item to Wyllm my servant a shyppe Item to Byrget my servant a sheppe Item to my son hary ij [2] bullokes A mare and a fole and ij [2] steyrs Item to my son John a yonge mare of iij [3] yers old Item to my son Thomas A Cowe Item to Thomas my brother A cowe Item to Rychard Symson my old mare Item to ether of my godchydren iiijd [4d] Item to every pore howse in the towne having missing Corne on bushel of barley Item to Castlethroppe bryg [bridge] missing bushels of barleyItem to the hye Awltar of Covesgrave iiij [4] bushels of barley Item to bradwell church vjs [6s] viijd [8d] and to ye awlter ther a bushel of barley Allso I wyll that my wyffe missing  .y From my yers remeynynge to hyr after my lyffe yf  [she marry] Agayne then to Agre togyther and to have A exsyght? in missing also my Wyffe to have my shod cartt and v [5] horsys and plowgers  cartt and cartt gers that longes with ytt the Residue of my goodes to my executors A to dyvyd missing my Wyll my dettes payd Allso I make and order illeg Wyffe John cooke my brother John glover Robertt myne executors and Thomas coke Thomas Ashwod overseers  of my last Wyll Thes being Wyttnes Sir Jefferey clark illeg with other men

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