Thomas Bignal 1717/18

In the Name of God Amen This seventeenth Day of Aprill Anno Don. 1717 I Thomas Bignil of Cosgrave in the County of Northampton sick and weak in Body but of perfect mind and Memory blessed be God for the same calling to mind the uncertainty of this Life and being willing to Settle my Affairs before I depart out of this same Doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner following That is to say First and principally I commend my soul into the Hands of Almighty God who gave it me And my body to the Earth to be decently and in Christian like manner interred therein at the Discretion of my Executor herein hereafter mentioned and named And as for such worldly goods wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me I give and devise the same as followeth.

Imprimis I will and devise of my Father Thomas Rand and my Brother John Bignil both of Cosgrave aforesaid Do soe and make off so much of my Goods and Chattles as shall amount to the sum of One hundred pounds and the said Money doe put out at Interest upon the best security they can get and doe imploy the said Interest towards the Maintainance and Education and bringing up pf my three Children And when they shall come to Age shall pay the said Hundred pounds to my said Children as hereafter directed and appointed

Item I give and devise to my said Father Thomas Rand and my Brother John Bignill all of my Goods and Chattels together with the Lease of all my Farm Lands and Tenements with the appurtenances lying and being the parish of Cosgrave aforesaid And all the Time and termes of Years therein to me granted of the same yet to come and unexpired In Trust That they my said Father and Brother shall use occupy and Manage all my Farm and premises for all the said remaining time and termes To the Use and Benefit of my Children as herein hereafter menconed and declared

Item My will is That when my present Lease shall be determined and expired That my said Father and Brother shall (if they can) either take a new Lease of my said Farm and premises or use any such other Ways means and measures with the remaining parte of my stock as they shall think to be fit and advantageous to the maintainance  education and bring up of my said Children And the Intent and meaning of this my Will is and I do hereby devise That my said father Thomas rand and Brother John Bignil shall pay to each of my Children as they shall attain their several and respective ages of one and twenty years the sum of sixty pounds of lawfull money of Great Brittain out of the aforementioned Hundred pounds and such other Effects as shall be in their Hands when the said Children come to the Age aforesaid But if it happen that either of the said Children shall die before he or she shall attain the Age aforesaid Then my Will is that the said part and share of him or her so dying shall be equally divided betwixt the survivors of them And if two of my said Children shall happen to die Then the shares of both them so dying shall become the proper Right of the survivor of them.

And further my Will is that if my Father and Brother shall happen to encrease and improve my stock and substance both as aforesaid That in such case that shall pay an equall share of the said overplus to my said Children share and share alike or to such of it illeg shall.. to receive the same But if it happen Thro any loss or Misfortune there shall not be en..ged to pay and discharge the said several sums of sixty pounds as aforesaid That then and in such Case my said Children shall bear an equall and proportional parte or share of such wants and loss out of their several and reseptive shares and portions.

Item I give all my Wifes Clothes a silver spoon and a Ring to my daughter Sarah Bignil but if she happen to die of ye smallpox upon the present visitation I give and devise the same (that is to say) my Wifes Clothes to my sister Ann Rand to be at her disposal and the silver spoon and Gold Ring to my son John Bignill

Item I make and constitute my Father Thomas rand my Brother John Bignill and my Brother Gabriel Rand Executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written

The Mark of Thomas Bignil

Sealed and signed in the presence of Hugh Albright Junr

Ann Reeve

The mark of MM Mary Meads

John Brittain

Probate 1st March 1717/18

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