Thomas Becham 1545

The Testament of Thomas becham of Cosgrave

In the name of God Amen the x [10th] daie of marche in the yere of our lord god a Thousande five hundrede fourtie and five I Thomas becham of Cosgrave beinge seke in body and holie in mynde and perfect memorie make my last will in the manner and forme folowynge First I bequeath my soule unto allmyghtie god oure lady saint mary and to all the holie company of heaven and my body to be buried within the churche yarde of saint peter of Cosgrave Also I bequeath to the mother churche of perurborw ijd [2d] Also I bequeath to the hie aulter of Cosgrave iiijd [4d] and to the belles iiijd [4d] and towarde the byinge of A cowpe to the same churche vjs [5s] iiijd [4d] Also I bequeath to my sister Elsabeth conquest xj [11s] xd [10d] I bequeath to Agnes my doughter halfe A quarter of barley Also I bequeath to my childes to quarter of barley A pec.. to be paid .. … yere spare Also I bequeath to Agnes my wife my blake mare and to Ryey Pye and other Also I will that iiij[4] of my childer shall have everie one A potte and A plater and all the goodes within the house to be devyded betwene John my sone and Agnes my wife Excepte A fetherbedde to John my son And also I will that the crope in the felde be divydede betweene my sone and my wife And also I will that John my sone shall have my carte with the teme and my plowe with all that belongeth thereto And also I make John my son and Agnes my wife myne executors and Sake Rygbie and Thomas mayow my executors and supervisors of this my last will wytnes here of Sir Nichols wyke my Curate Thomas spenser and John watson with other men

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