John Becham 1536

Notes for John Beauchamp:
. . . . . my body to be buried in the churchyard of Covesgrave.
Item: to this mother church I lease 2d.
Item: I bequeath to Master Parson iv decund obiis.
I bequeath to Margaret Becham my wife my land in Covesgrave . . . . . house during her life, and after her death my land . . . . . may . . . . .to William Becham my son.
Also I will that Margarett my wife shall have 6 acres of land that is called Yllyngs land to buy ...cop (?cope) afore the church, the poe(?) (poor?) of the cope of be pld(?)
Also I will that William Becham my son shall enter upon my land and house in Sotny Stretrofor (Stretford) by and by.
Also I bequeath to William Becham my son the horses . . . .m opn, 2 kys (kine?), a pot, a pan, a basin, a candlestick, 2 pewter dishes that were Elen my first wife's.
Also I bequeath to the same William Becham my son 2 pairs of sheets, a mattress, a spit and a pair of cupboards.
I bequeath to Emma Becham my daughter 2 kine, 2 pair of sheets, a mattress, a pot, a pan, a basin, a candlestick, 2 pewter dishes that were her mother's
Also I bequeath to the altar of Covesgrave 3 bushels of barley to buy a pargured(?) cloth to have before the high altar.
Also I bequeath to Our Lady a sheet to make an altar cloth
Also I bequeath to every one of my godchildren one bushel of barley.
Ite:to the bells 9d, the torches 8d
The residue of my goods unbequeather after my debts paid and my bequests and burial cometed (committed) .xten (Christian?), I give to Margarett Becham my wife, and Thomas Becham my brother, whom I also make executors, to gather up such debts al. . . . owing to me and my heirs capynts(?) curate William Pollinss my . . . . . to see my will truly performed.
These bearing witness: Goerge m. . . ., Thomas Pott, with other more.
The debts of said John Becham which he owe; In primis to Thomas Burchemore of Souslappe(?) 23s 4d
Item: to Cutberth (Cuthbert) Emerson 3s 4d
Item: To William Harres 6d

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