John Becham 1532

In the name of God Amen xvjth [16th] day February Anno din millo illeg I John becham of covesgrave seke in body make my testament and last will in manner folyng first I bequeath my soule to allmytie god to our ladye seunt marye and to all the hole company of heven my body to be bured in the church yarde of covesgrave Item to the mother churche of lincoln ijd Item I bequethe to .. s…. … dec…s oblich illeg Item I bequethe to margaret becham my Wiff my land in covesgave and howse during her liff and after her deasse my land in covesgave to William becham my son Allso I will that margaret [my] Wiff shall have vj [6] Acres of land that is called yllyngs lande illeg To the church ye pae of the cope to be …. Allso I will that William becham my son shall entre upon my land sownne in illeg bye and by allso I bequethe to William becham my son illeg in open Rye A pott A pan A bason A candlestick illeg that were then my First Wiffs Allso I bequethe to illeg William becham ij [2] payer of sheers A atres A spit and A pan illeg I bequethe to e----a becham my dowghter ij [2] kyne ij [2] illeg mattres A pott A pan A bason A candlestick ij [2] pewter illeg her mothers allso  I bequethe to the hie aultre of covesgrave illeg bushel of barley to bye a clothe to hang before the hie altar allso I bequethe to our lady a sheere to also a alltar clothe for Allso I bequethe to everyone of my godchildren one bushel of barley Item to the illeg Item to the torched viijd [8d] The residue of my goodes unbequethed illeg debts payed and my bequests and burialles illeg payed I guyff to  margaret becham my wiff and Th. illeg brother whan Item also my executors to gather uppe illeg owing to me I do hereby appoint and make William illeg to se my Will trulie performed thes ebging wittnes illeg Thomas pott with other men

The leaces of the sead John becham whiche he illeg

In June to Thomas butcher of hanslappe illeg

Ib to Cutberth  endsby?

Ib to William Harres

Thes be ye detts that Jaket Inkby? do owe me John becham

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