John Beauchamp 1615

There are two versions of this will. Scroll down for a translation in more accessible English from the archives of Gary Hawley.

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John Beauchamp 1615

Will of John Beauchamp translated owte of Dutche

In the name of God Amen By the contents of this present publicke Instrument of Tesament. Be it knowne and manifest unto all men to whome the same shall comme to be seene readde or heare to be readde. That in the yeare of the blessed nativitie of our Lorde and Saviour Jesus Christe when men did wryte one Thowsande Sixe hundredth and ffyfteenn In the thirtennth Indiction being Emperor the most Excellent and greate mighty Prince and Lorde, Lorde Mathias the ffirst of that name, elected Romish Emperor allwayes augmentor of the Empyre, in the thirde yere of his Imperiall govnerment, On Mondaye beinge the three and twentieth daye of the monneth of ffebruary, after midday att three of the Clocke, before me Peter Ruttens Imperiall and by the Courte of hollannde admitted publicke Notary resident att Amsterdame and the witnesses hereafter named Personally did approve Mr John Brauchamp sonne of John, borne att Northampton there in Englande English marchant and Inhabitan of this said Towne, unto me Notary well known going [or giving] and standing with other men on earth, well enioying and using in all his sence and remembrance evenas by him was to be perceived. And did Declare that he considering the Imbercillitye of humane nature the certentye of Death, and the uncertentye of the howre of the same, and not willing to Decease owte of this worlde withowte having ffirst testated and Disposed of his temporall goods and meanes the which the Lorde God throwgh his gracious blessing hath granted him, and as yet maye grante ffor to prevente all questions Debates and Differences the which after his Decease betweene his ffrendes and heires might aryse hath with good premeditacion and after rype Deliberacion by him theretofore here uppon had and taken of his owne ffree will not perswaded unseduced and uncompelled by anny man, undertaken ordeyned made and concluded Even as he doth ordeyne make and conclude by this presente his Testament and Disposicion of last will in forme and manner hereafter written

To wete, Imprimis after express revoking annullating and making voyde of all and singular Testaments Codicills gyfts Donnacions and other Disposicions the which he before the Date of theses presents by worde of mouth or in wrytting before publick persons or otherwise maye have made acknowledged or passed, Doeth commende his soule when the same shall Departe out of his bodie in the bottomlesse mercy of All mighty God, and his dead body, the which is taken from the earth, Christianly againe to be burryed in the earth uppon hope of the blessed resurrection att the latter Daye And comming to the Disposicion of all and singular his goods obteyned and as yet to be obteyned, as well movable as unmovable, Chattells howsehold stuffe, apparel ringes and Juwells, readdy monney, golde, Silver, Coyned and uncoyned marchanndyses, actions Creditts and Dueties howsoever the same maye be called and wheresoever either here, in Englande or ells where they might be scituatt, or be founnde, nothing reserved nor excepted the which he in anny wyse shall leave after his Decease, the which under the name of goods and substance in anny wyse maye be conteyned or understoode in all and singular the same he hath Instituted and nominated ffor his true and lawfull heyres even as he Doeth Institute and nominate by these presents the sayde John Beauchamp his father dwelling in Buckinghamshire for the Somme of ffyve thowsannde and one honndreth Carolus gyldren ones and not further, In case that he att his Testators Decease be alyve. Allso with Condicion hereafter Declared, And when the same shallbe Deceased either before or after him Testator, he hath nowe for then and then as nowe in the sayde Somme substituted and doeth substitute by these presents his brother Robert ffor twelve hundredth gyldrens his siter Ellis with Richard and Thomas her two sonnes the which heretofore have been his sernate [note: contracted servants I think] together for one thousannde gyldren, Videlicet every one three hondreth Thirty Three gyldrens sixe stuyver and eight pens his brother Henry for ffowre honndreth gyldrens, his brother Christopher for five honndreth gyldrens, and John and Richard Beauchamp his late brother Thomas children att this pointe serving him ffor the remayning two thowsand gyldrens, videllect every of them both ffor one thowsande gyldrens the which his substituted heyres he the saide Testator willeth and desyreth that every one of them the Somme wherefore he as is aforesaide in the sayde ffyve thowsande and one honndreth gyldrens is substituted, shall apprehende, have holde enioye and use, allso  Dispose thereof althowgh that the said his Testators ffather att his Decease were as yet alyve, with allowing to the same then every one prorate of his somme the yerely rents thereof at ffowre in the honndreth yerely during his lyfe tyme. And for the payment of such rents entering good and sufficient surety, further he the said Testator Doeth make leave and bequeath of his said goods the which above the sayde some of ffyve thowsande and one honndreth gyldrens shalbe oeverplus, ffirst to or in the hanndes of the Deacons of the English Church or Congregation here whereof he acknowledgeth himself to be, the Somme of Eight honndreth gyldrens ffor the same by the said Deacons att their Discretion to be sett owte lent and disposed to and for the use of younge married persons of the same Church or Congregation that doo seeke honestly to get their lyving and to ayde themselves they entering sufficient suertie ffor to restowre to the same such monney as unto them by the said Deacons of the said somme shalbe lent whensoever they shalebr thereunto required and Demanded. Item lyke eight hundredth gyldrens to and into the hanndes of the Deacons of the English Churche and Congregation att Leyden the which with the aforesayde (whereunto this Testator doeth holde himselfe) in confiemable and in unite. Also to suche ende and in such manner in respecte of the members there, as the next preceedinge The which Sixtenn honndreth gyldrens he Testator willeth and Desyreth that by his testamentary executors hereafter named shalbe Delivered and payde into the hands of the sayde respectively Deacons within nyne or Tenne monnethes after his Decease but that the same Executors shalbe holden presently after the accepting of his Testators mortuary howse att the requeste of the saide respective or severall Deacons to enter good and sufficient Caucion for the said sommes that the same shalbe Delivered and payde unto them att the tyme aforesaid.
Item the Testator doeth geve and bequeath unto Tenn of those that Doe take the paynes to carry the dead to the earth, one hunndreth and Twentie gyldrens att the Discretion and Disposition of the said Deacons of their Congregacion here Item moreover doeth geve and bequeath to and to the use of the olde menn and women, and also to the persons that be in neede of their sayde Congregacion Item doeth make and bequeath to Ezechiell Cockey three honndreth gyldrens and there besides his Loombe ffurniture and thinges thereunto belonging Item doeth make and bequeath to Henry Answorth ffyve hoondreth gyldrens ffor to be bowght by him for the same thinges necessary for his howsekeepinge and apparel, And amongst others to make him a good Cloake for the same, and to be worne ffor his Testators remembrance, Making unto him therebesydes his best wastecoate with the moiety of a Clocke the which he hath att London. Item Doeth make and bequeath to the Children of the same Henry Answorth suche Sixe honndreth gyldrens as Richard waterer is owinge unto him by Recognicion made before Aldremenn. Item Doeth make and bequeath to John De Leselnse his other waistecoate giving unto him therebesydes the ffyftie three gyldrens the which he doeth owe unto him. Item he doeth bequeath and geve to Gyles Thorpe his beste Cloake. Item he doeth bequeath and geve to William Scheppard a ringe worth ffyfte gyldrens. Item Doeth geve and bequeath to the said John and Richard Beauchamp his nephews above the saide Twoo Thowsande gyldrens also all the howsehold stuff, the which Testators hath in London saving the ffetherbedde, bolster green rugge, Coverlett ffielde bedde, bedstead and moietie of the said Clocke the which besides all and singular his remaining goods the which the sayde Inheritances legacies and other charges of his mortuary howse being payed and satisfied as yet might remayne he doeth make grannte geve and bequeath to Susanne Sannders [Saunders?] his wife. Item he Testator doeth remitte geve and acquite to the said Robert and Henry Beauchamp his bretheren that which they att this pointe Doo owe unto him further the saide Testator willeth and requyreth that the sayde John and Richard Beauchamp his nephews and servants the sayde ffyve thowsannde and one honndreth gyldren of the severall Institucion and substitucion shall keeps and use in their hanndes two yeres longe after his Decease uppon rente at Sixe and a quarter Cento with entering good and sufficient Caucion and assurance as well ffor the rente, as for the Capital Somme Whereby the Interested persons maye be safe and assured. And to the intent that this his Testament the better maye be executed and performed he the said Testator hath Chosen ordeyned and nominated Doth chewse ordayne and nominate by these presents ffor executors and Administrators of the same Thomas Bisschop his good ffriends, the saide Robert Beauchamp his brother, William Scheppard, Thomas Ellis and the said Richard Beauchamp both his nephews, giving unto them Jointly full and absolute power charge and Commission as sufficient as the same according to righte or style might be required ffor all that which is above saide with the Dependencies and annexities thereof att the Coste and charges of his mortuary howse to Doo and perfoeme, and to putt to Due executcion of this Testament chanced to decease, by him or those other surviving to chewse and surrogate one or more other persons the which they shall thinke good insteede of the deceased or deceaseds with like power. The sayde Testator giving and granting to his aforesaid ffyve Testamentary executors every one thirty gyldrens ffor their paynes. All and singular the gyldrens mentioned in this Testament


English Merchant and inhabitant of this town (Amsterdam)
Dated 23 February 1615

To father John Beauchamp dwelling in Buckinghamshire 5,OOO carolus
gylden, if still alive.

If his father dies before him, or on the subsequent death of his father,
brother Robert to have 1,200 gyldren, sister Ellis with her two sons
Richard and Thomas Who have been his servants to have 1,000 gyldren.
between them, brother Henry to have 400 gyldren, brother Christopher to
have 500 gyldren, and John and Richard children of late brother Thomas
now serving him to have 2,000 gyldren between them.

To deacons of the English Church or congregation whereof he acknowledges
himself 800 gyldren to be lent to young married person who honestly seek
to make a living.

To deacons of the English Church at Leyden.

To ten of those that carry the dead to the earth 120 gyldren at the
discretion of the deacons.

To Ezechiell Cockey 300 gyldrens and his loom furniture.

To Henry Answorth 500 gyldrens to buy housekeeping items and apparel,
and to make him a good cloak to be worn in testator's remembrance.
making to him besides his best waistcoat with the moiety of a clocke
which he has at London.

To children of said Henry Answortb 600 gyldren as Richard Waterer is
owing to him by recognisance made before Aldermen.

To John de Leseluse his other waistcoat and the 53 gyldren he owes him.
To Gyles Thorpe his best cloake.
To William Scheppard a ring worth 50 gyldrens.

To John and Richard Beauchamp nephews 2,000 gyidren as above and all the
household stuff in London, except the featherbed, bolster, green rug,
coverlet, bed, bedstead and moiety of the said clocke which with the
remaining goods, inheritances legacies and other charges of his mortuary
house he grants to his wife Susanne Saunders.

To brothers Richard and Henry Beauchamp that which they owe him.

Nephews John and Richard shall keep and use the 5,100 gyldren of the
several Institution and substitution for two years at
6 1/4 %.
Exors to be: friend Thomas Bisschop, brother Robert
Beauchamp, William Scheppard, nephew Thomas Ellis, nephew
Richard Beauchamp.

To each of exors 30 gyldren.

The gyldren to be accounted at 20 sluyvers of this country.

Will registered by a public instrument in the house and writing shop of
me Petter Ruttens, admitted public notary by the Court of Holland, in

Witnesses:Mr Symon Ruttens
William Husen

This present translation is found to agree in substance with the
originall by me Daniel le Blancq notary public in London.

Probate granted to Robert Beauchampe one of the exors, powers remaining
to Thomas Bisshop, William Scheppard, Thomas Ellis and Richard

Probate granted 28 April 1619 to relict Susanna Peirson als Beauchamp.

Sentence regarding will of John Beauchamp late citizen of London

Between:1. Susanna Pearson als Beauchamp relict.
2.Robert Beauchamp brother and exor.

Admon granted to Susanna Pearson als Beauchamp.

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