St. Vincent's Well

We know that the Enclosures Act of 1767 decreed that the chalybeate well to the south west of the Green should be protected for the use of the villagers as field boundaries changed. This well was known as St Vincent’s Well (or Veil), and also as Finches Well, although nobody knows why! It has high iron content and is spring fed from a line of similar waters in the area. People have always believed its water to be beneficial to those with eye disorders.


Old Mail June 1988

Parish Council report:

Mr Freestone told the Council that water from St Vincent’s Well had been used in the past by Taylors, the mustard makers at Newport Pagnell and also by Dr Bull of Stony Stratford. It had also been used by villagers for drinking water and there had been a pump there.

Dr. William Henry Bull (Surgeon)
1852 - 1921

It is known that Taylors of Newport Pagnell did also purvey bottled mineral water. They did use their own well until 1981 when it developed problems.


Joseph Finch of Cosgrove, Farmer, is mentioned in the Turn Pike Meetings minutes in 1822. It is probable that he farmed the land where the well is and the "local name" of Finches Well may have come from his name.

September 1992 - New railings for St. Vincent's Well.
John Holman and Bob Entwistle helping.