Cosgrove British Legion

Northampton Mercury - Friday 26 September 1952


Representatives from 10 branches of the British Legion Joined Cosgrove branch in parade to the village church where the new Cosgrove standard was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Northampton. Dr. C. J. Grimes He was assisted in the service by the Rev. J. Benson. The representatives were entertained to tea in the Victory Hall by Major the Hon. John Fermor Hesketh. Towcester Studio Band led the parade. Branches represented were Stony Stratford, Paulerspury, Potterspury, Hanslope, Bletchley, Whaddon, Roade, Greens Norton, Brackley and Syresham.

Cosgrove British Legion Dedication Parade
21st September 1952

Wolverton Express 15th November, 1929


Remembrance Day was observed at Cosgrove on Sunday afternoon by the holding of the memorial service in the parish church of SS Peter and Paul.  This was attended by a number of ex Service men of the village under the charge of Captain P Y Atkinson.  British Legion members were also present from the Stony Stratford branch.  An appropriate address was given by the Rev. J R Stockton and afterwards Captain Atkinson placed a wreath on the war memorial in the church on behalf of the ex-Servicemen of the village.  The “Last Post” and the “Reveille” were sounded by members of the Stony Stratford Group of Boy Scouts.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 21 November 1930


A REMEMBRANCE SERVICE was held by the British Legion, on Sunday afternoon, when the ex-Service men were joined by Legionnaires from Stony Stratford and Deanshanger. A procession formed at Bridge-row was inspected by Captain P. S. Atkinson, M.C., before the service was attended at the Parish Church of SS. Peter and Paul. The Legion Standards of the Stony Stratford Branches were carried. The Service was conducted by the Rev. J. J. A. Stockton, who also gave the address. The “Last Post” and “Reveille” were sounded by three members of the Stony Stratford Boy Scouts. Wreaths were placed on the War Memorial Tablet in the Church by Mr. W. Slaymaker, on behalf of the Old Stratford ex Servicemen, and Mr. H. Gascoyne, on behalf of the Cosgrove ex-Service men. A collection for Earl Haig’s Fund realised £5 0s. 2d.

Wolverton Express 21st November 1930


A Remembrance service was held at the SS Peter and Paul Church, Cosgrove, on Sunday afternoon last and was attended by ex-Servicemen of Cosgrove, Old Stratford, Stony Stratford, and Deanshanger.  Previous to the service there was a parade of the ex-Servicemen in Bridge Row, where they were inspected by Captain P Y. Atkinson, MC.  A procession was formed in which were the Legion Standards of the Stony Stratford and Deanshanger branches, carried by Mr. R G Castle and Captain A Canvin, JP, respectively, the 1st Stony Stratford Group of Boy Scouts under GSM T. Dixon, the 2nd Stony Stratford troop under ASM Southam and the 1st Group of Cubs under Cubmaster W. Clarke.  The Boy Scouts’ standard was carried by G Shurmer.  Marshalling the procession was ex Sergeant Major A Smith.  The church was entirely filled and the service was of a very impressive character.  The Rev. J J Stockton conducted and also gave an eloquent address.  At the conclusion of the service, the “Last Post” and “Reveille” were sounded by the following members of the 1st Stony Stratford Boy Scouts: J. Batttrick, A Forder and A Bushell.  The service terminated with the singing of the National Anthem and the three standards were carried to the altar for the pronouncement of the Benediction.  Wreaths were laid on the war memorial in the church by Messrs. W Slaymaker and H Gascoyne on behalf of the ex-Servicemen of Old Stratford and Cosgrove respectively.  The Offertory taken in the church for Earl Haig’s fund amounted to £5/0/2. After the service the ex-service men lined up outside the church and were dismissed by Captain Atkinson.

Wolverton Express 20th November, 1931

Cosgrove [Poppy Collection]

The sale and collection at Cosgrove was superintended by Mrs. P Y Atkinson, of Cosgrove Priory, whose collectors were Misses Joan Eglesfield, Doris Hooton, and Kathleen Bushell, who brought in £3/14/8.

Wolverton Express 20th November, 1931

At Cosgrove

A Remembrance service was held at SS. Peter and Paul Church, Cosgrove, on Sunday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. JJ Stockton, who based his address on the text Bailey one another’s burdens.

A large contingent of Legionnaires from the Stony Stratford and District Branch, Men’s and Women’s Sections, was present with their standards, borne by Mr P. Austin and Mrs. P Gammage.  The British Legion trophy, won by the Stony Stratford Branch, was carried by Mr. P Gammage (hon Secretary).  A parade, which formed up in Bridge Row, was marshalled by ex Sergeant Major A Smith, and was under the charge of Captain P Y Atkinson.  There were about 100 present, including the Stony Stratford 1st Group of Boy Scouts under GM Dicks, the parade being headed by the Scouts Bugle Band.

During the service in the church a wreath of Flanders Poppies from the Cosgrove ex-Service men was laid at the foot of the War Memorial by Mr. A Gascoyne, and a similar token from the Old Stratford ex Servicemen by Mr. A W Slaymaker.  The Last Post and the Reveille was sounded by two members of the Scouts, J. Battrick, and J Packer.  The offertory, which was on behalf of Earl Haig’s Fund, amounted to close upon £5. Following the service a muffled peal was run on the church bells.

Wolverton Express 16th November, 1934


Mrs. P Y Atkinson, of the Priory, arranged Poppy Day at Cosgrove, where £5/12/0 was raised, which was an increase of one shilling upon last year.  The collectors were: Mrs. Joan Whittaker, Kathleen Bushell, and Marion Freestone.

Wolverton Express 16th November, 1934


A memorial service was held at the Cosgrove Parish Church in the afternoon, conducted by the Rector, the Rev. H N C Hewson.  There was a crowded congregation, including a good muster of ex-Service men of the village and of Old Stratford.  The lesson was read by Mr A. Hewson (late RAF), son of the Rector, and during the service a wreath was laid at the war memorial in the church on behalf of the ex-Service men.  Mr. C Compton presided at the organ and special hymns were sung including “Oh valiant hearts”.  The offering was on behalf of the Earl Haig’s Fund.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 21 August 1936


The annual fishing competition of the Stony Stratford branch of the British Legion, in the Grand Union Canal waters at Old Wolverton, attracted 76 competitors. The winner was Mr. Lavington, Cosgrove, with a perch weighing 1 lb. 4½ozs, which also secured the specimen prize. Mr. B. Tolley, Deanshanger, was second with 1 lb. 1oz., Mr. J. Tolley, Wolverton, third with 11 ozs., and the fourth prize was divided between A. Bryant, jun., Preston Bissett, and H. Ridgway, Deanshanger, 8½ozs. Each.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 11 September 1936



Heavy showers interfered with enjoyment of a garden fete held at Cosgrove Hall on Saturday by the women’s branch of the Stony Stratford British Legion. Besides lending the beautiful grounds, which were illuminated at dusk, Mrs. G. H. Winterbottom presided at one of the chief stalls and also contributed to the concert programme.
The opening ceremony was performed by Major Van Der Byl. of Wappenham, and thanks to Mrs. Winterbottom were expressed by Mrs. A. H. Habgood of Calverton House, Stony Stratford, and a posy was presented to her by little Madeline Lawrence.

A women’s football match between Stony Stratford and Wolverton gave the former their first victory by three goals to two, the scorers being Eileen Evans, Doris Pacey and Marion Freestone. Mrs. S. F. Markham was in charge, assisted by Mr. G. Hickford.

A fancy dress competition for prizes given by Mrs. Winterbottom resulted:

Children, 1 Sam Ruff (Hanslope), 2 Shirley Oldham, consolation Tony Rudd (Stony Stratford): adults. 1 Sylvia Noble. 2 Kathleen Barker, consolation Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Brown

A cake competition, organised by Mrs. W. Mackerness and judged by Mr. T. Haseldine (Stony Stratford) and Mr. Norman (Cosgrove), attracted 50 entries, and resulted: 1 Mrs. W. Goodman, 2 Mrs. H. Kentish, 3 Mrs. F. Smith.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 20 November 1936



Record sales of poppies were made at Wolverton and New Bradwell. Miss Luck organised the Wolverton collection which amounted to £90 3s. 7d, about £8 higher than last year. With the collection at the West-end Methodist Church the total reached £93 16s. 3d. At New Bradwell, including the receipts from Old Bradwell, the total was £37 2s. 7d. Mrs. A. Bardell organised the collection. Collections at the Methodist Church and St. Lawrence’s and a donation brought the total to £40 16s. At Hanslope the collection was a record one--£10 9s. 5d. Mr. S. W. Flatten made the arrangements. With the church collection the total was £13 17s. 8d. The Potterspury collection was also a record —£12 12s. 3d. Members of the British Legion carried out the arrangements. Cosgrove also set up a record with a total of £4 12s. 6d. Mrs. P. Y. Atkinson (Cosgrove Priory) organised the collection.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 17 September 1937


The large lawn of Cosgrove Hall was transformed into a representation of an old English village for the annual fete in aid of funds of Northampton Hospital, on Saturday. A street entrance had been constructed, together with shops, where attendants were attired in costumes of the London cries days. A fully-licensed old village inn at the end of the street, was soon discovered, and largely patronised. The whole effort was a triumph of organisation for Mrs. G. H. Winterbottom, who had spared neither time nor expense in providing attractions, and also manned the stalls with her house party and helpers. They included Captain Hyde Upwood, of Sherington, who declared the fete open. Captain and Mrs. Oscar Winterbottom, Miss Noel Winterbottom (Tarporley. Cheshire), Mr. E. Williams (Manchester), Colonel and Mrs. Alistair Bruce, Mr. R. Bewloe (London). Mr. Ashby Fisher (Roehampton), Captain and Mrs. Grey Sykes (Heston), assisted by Mrs. Ashby (Eastcote). Miss Heap (Cosgrove), Miss Barbara Farmiloe. Colonel and Mrs. Ferrers Loftus, Miss Ferrers Loftus, Miss Heather Loftus (Brackley), Mrs. A H. Habgood, and Mrs. E. D. Lawrence (Stony Stratford), Members of the local branch of the British Legion also rendered assistance.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 12 April 1940

The women's branch of the Stony Stratford British Legion is a live organisation, and recently made successful drive to increase its membership. During the past few weeks they have added 37 and five from Cosgrove. There are many more waiting to be enrolled. The increase is due to special efforts which have been made the branch to bring in relatives of those who have recently been called to the Colours.

Northampton Mercury – Friday 23 April 1948

COSGROVE A meeting of ex-Servicemen at Cosgrove decided to form a branch of the British Legion, and officials appointed were; chairman, Mr. A. Tompkins; treasurer, Mr. E. Brown, and secretary. Mr. G. Freestone.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 06 August 1948


” I think that common sense will prevail against war,” said Admiral of-the-Fleet Lord Chatfleld, when he addressed a crowd of 2,000 at Wolverton Park. The occasion was a rally and sports organised by Wolverton British Legion, attended by standard-bearers and escorts of branches of the Legion. Practically all the contestants for the cycle and flat events in the sports were local. R. H. Herbert, of Cosgrove, won three of the cycling events.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 26 September 1952


Representatives from 10 branches of the British Legion Joined Cosgrove branch in parade to the village church where the new Cosgrove standard was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Northampton. Dr. C. J. Grimes He was assisted in the service by the Rev. J. Benson. The representatives were entertained to tea in the Victory Hall by Major the Hon. John Fermor Hesketh. Towcester Studio Band led the parade. Branches represented were Stony Stratford, Paulerspury, Potterspury, Hanslope, Bletchley, Whaddon, Roade, Greens Norton, Brackley and Syresham.

Wolverton Express 6th January 1956

Cosgrove Legion Fete Raised £100


COSGROVE Hall grounds were an ideal venue for the fete last Saturday organised by the village branch of the British Legion. The residents gave their full support with many visitors enjoying the amenities of the well-appointed grounds. There were numerous attractions and the day proved most enjoyable and financially successful, the sum of £100 being raised.

Commander D. Lawson of Passenham Manor was introduced by an American visitor to Cosgrove Hall. and also present were the Hon. Mrs D. Lawson, the Hon Major John Fermor Hesketh, Capt P. Y. Atkinson (Branch President), and vice-presidents Capt. F G. Purser and Major-General W. A Scott. CB. CBE. Commander Lawson in declaring the fete open said one felt very proud to be in the British Legion because it existed to foster fellowship and comradeship. Those who had been in battle knew just what those works meant, but most of them could not define the words other than to say that it drew people together. The Legion was doing a great work and all members of the community recognised that it was a great service to ex-Service men and their dependants.

Many Crack Shots

Many Crack shots competed for the cash prize of £7 7s in the clay pigeon contest and this eventually went to game-keeper Mr. C J. Spademan of Wicken. In charge were Mr. A Tompkins and Mr. D. Tompkins.

There were many competitors for the beauty contest for which a Silver cup valued at £25 became the proud possession of 15 year old Margaret Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Tom Smith of 11 Warren Road, Yardley Gobion. Mrs Steel was reputed to have the best shapely ankles for which the prize was a pair of nylons. Other prize-winners were: skittles Mr. D. Cannings (pin of beer): darts. Mr. R Hickford (bottle of port); stepping the chain, Mr. J. Martin (10s): treasure hunt, Mrs D. Hillyer (£1); bowling for pig (given by Mr. Maycock), winner Miss B Cummings Cosgrove: ladder contest. Mrs Hillyer (basket of fruit).

Mr W. Coles and Mr. P. Lyman (bowling for pig); Miss J Hefford (pony rides). A competition for giving the name to a doll was run by Mrs Horton on behalf of the Cosgrove Parent-Teachers' Association. A licensed bar was run by Mr. Den Horne of the Watts Inn, Hanslope, who was assisted by Mr. H Smith, Mr. Jones and Mr. J. Pollard. Music during the proceedings was arranged by Mr. J Boss of Hanslope Park. Gate stewards were Mr. F. W. Castle and Mr. O. Smith. The secretarial duties were ably discharged by Mr. E R Brown, with Mr. P. Long (chairman), Mr P. Lyman (vice-chairman), Mr. J. Pollard (treasurer) and Mr. R. Longman (Welfare Officer), assisted by the committee previously named, also Mr. A. T. Noble. Thanks of the committee are extended to all who generously supported the effort, the result of which will enable the Legion work to be carried silently in the village.

Wolverton Express 11th January 1957


Death of Mrs Amy Hillyer

Well known in the Cosgrove area for her monologues and recitations at social functions, Mrs Amy Hillyer died on January 1st at her home, 6 Yardley Road Cosgrove aged 79 years. Until less than a year ago Mrs. Hillyer had continued to recite from memory. She also did beautiful needlework from her own designs. A native of the City of London, being born in Rider Street, Mrs. Hillyer came to Cosgrove 53 years ago and resided in the South Northants village for the remainder of her life. She was held in esteem by a wide circle of friends. Her husband, Mr. Frank Hillyer, died several years ago.

The funeral was on January 3rd, the service in the Parish Church being conducted by the Rev. J. S. Benson (Rector). Interment was in the cemetery. Mourners were Mr. and Mrs. F. Hillyer, and Mr. K Hillyer (sons and daughter-in-a law). Mr. and Mrs. H. Child, 11 Marlow (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. D. Hillyer, Miss P. E Hillyer and Mr. and Mrs. R. Gray (grandchildren), Mr. E. Brockhouse, Old Stratford (brother-in-law), Mrs. T. Clewitt, Stony Stratford (niece), Miss M. Hillyer. Miss G. Marlow, and Mr. Royston Moseley, New Bradwell (friends). The Stony Stratford branch British Legion Women's Section, of which deceased lady was a member, was represented by Mrs. Swann (secretary) and Mrs. Lucas. Several friends were also present. Floral tributes were from Frank and Myrtle; Ern and Elsie: Nancy and Harry; Betty and Ron: Douglas, Doreen, and Nigel; Peggy and Roy: Tony and Susan; All, Aloise. and Joyce: Alice, Ernest. and family; May, Will and Edna (Calgary, Canada): Alice Tony, and family: Edie and Vi; Mary, Gertrude. and Lucy; Alvin: Mrs. Child and family (New Bradwell); May Norton; Joyce Martial; Auntie Ethel; le Mr. and Mrs. Gray; Grace and Philip Atkinson: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hooton, and Win; ) Mrs. F. Eglesfield and family: Mr. and Mrs. F. Barby; Mr. id and Mrs. Eglesfield, and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Neb.: son; Friends at the Mission Hall; British Legion Womens Section. Stony Stratford.  Messrs. Betts and Faulkner Ltd, Stony Stratford were the funeral furnishers.

Wolverton Express 18th October 1957

Albert Hall Visit

Mr R Longman of Cosgrove, who acts as standard bearer for the Cosgrove branch of the British Legion, is to attend the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on November 9, with the standard of the Cosgrove branch.

Wolverton Express 28th February 1958


Mr. " Bob " Brown

A resident in Cosgrove practically all his life Mr. Robert Brown died at his home 36 Bridge Road, Cosgrove, on February 15, aged 58, after an illness of six months. He served in the Royal Air Force during part of the first world war. A body-maker by trade, he was employed in the railway works at Wolverton for over twenty years. For the last seven years he was engaged at the Cosgrove gravel pits. Mr. Brown took a keen interest in the welfare of the village football club for a number of years, and was also a member of the British Legion. Of a quiet disposition, he enjoyed many friendships. He leaves a widow and an only daughter.

The funeral was on Tuesday of last week, the service in the Parish Church being conducted by the Rev. J. S. Benson (Rec-tor). Mr. W. Smith (organist) played for the hymn "Abide with me." Interment was in the cemetery. Mourners were: Mrs. R. Brown (widow) ; Mr. and Mrs. D. Canning (son-in-law and daughter) ; Mr. and Mrs. H. Tooley (brother-in-law and sister) ; Mrs. L Dunkley, Mr. and Mrs. T. Brassett (nephew and nieces) ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Jolley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Knight, Mrs. H. Smith, Mrs. Cockeral (cousins) ; Mr. and Mrs. F. Meakins, M r s . Cannings (friends).

Unable to attend: Mr. I. Dunkley.

Friends in church: Miss N. Tooley, Miss A. Wilkinson, Miss D. Newbold, Miss H. Newbold, Mrs. Jelley, Mrs. Castle, Mrs. S. Eglesfield, Mrs. Hebson, Mrs. Whitaker, Mrs. Tack, Mrs. Burrows, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Barton (representing the British Legion), Mr. Andrews (representing the Gravel Pit employees).

Floral tributes were from: To My beloved husband, from Stella; To dear Dad. from Marjorie and Derek: To Pappy, from John and Linda; To dear Bob, from Doll and Harry; Ivan, Jess, Alan, and Keith; Betty, Trevor, Michael, and John; Nell, Jack and family; Will, Rose, Alan, and Dorothy; Annie, Jim and family; Doris, Henry, Audrey, and June; Fan; Lottie and Walt; Percy and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Meakins; Mrs. Cannings and family; Mr. Brassett (Southall); Mrs. Jelley, Gwen, and Edna; E. Tooley, and O. Wilkinson; Workmates at the Gravel Pits; The Barley Mow Customers; Mrs. Eglesfield and family; Olive and Jack Johnson ; Doll, Jack and family; Mr, and Mrs. Sid Eglesfield; Mr. and Mrs. Ray and James; British Legion; Cosgrove Football Club; Mrs. Hillyer, Mrs. Bushell, and Mrs. Loughrey; Cohn ; Betty and Ron (Bletchley); Peggy and Roy; Hilda and Dora; Florrie and Edgar; A.B.; Mrs. H. Allen. Messrs. Betts and Faulkner, Ltd., were the funeral furnishers.

Wolverton Express 13th November 1959


The Rev. Paul Hoskin, of Wicken, conducted the Remembrance Service at Cosgrove. An ex-Service men's parade marched from the cross-roads to the church, led by the British Legion standard-bearer, Mr. R W. Longman, and escorts, Mr. F Hillier and Mr. J. Hefford. During the service a wreath was placed on the memorial tablet by Capt. P. Y. Atkinson, the Legion branch president.

Wolverton Express 20th November 1964


Cosgrove Service of Remembrance was held at the Parish Church in the morning, when members of the village’s British Legion branch were on parade. A wreath was laid on the war memorial inside the church by Capt. P. Y. Atkinson and the Act of Homage said round the memorial. The service, conducted by the Rector the Rev. A. E. Bransby. R.D. was well attended, although the number was slightly down on last year. A collection of £4 14s. 0d. was taken for Earl Haig's Fund.