Cosgrove Villa - Wroxeter comparison

At Wroxeter, a reproduction of a farmhouse very similar in size and status to that in Cosgrove has been constructed. Its views out to the open fields must have looked very similar next to the Ouse in Northamptonshire.

The bedroom shows how the Romans might have slept with a minimum of furniture.
In the Reception / Dining Room we can see an impression of how an ordinary farming family might have taken their leisure.

In this picture we can see the way that the walls were constructed. Workmen at Wroxeter used only tools and materials available in Roman times
The different areas of a villa were often connected by an outside loggia, or veranda, so that people could move between areas without going out in the rain.

The Bath House at Cosgrove was quite small,and would have had a cold room and plunge pool like this.