Winston Churchill's railway carriage

Door fittings from the carriages
End of the line
t took a 30-ton crane to lift from a Cosgrove campsite, part of the train used by the then Princess Elizabeth - now the queen - and Winston Churchill during the war.
The carriages, built in 1907, have been at the Quarries Scout site for nearly 30 years where they were transformed into sleeping accommodation and a gift shop.
Previously the carriages were used as Deanshanger Cricket Club pavilion.
Ernie Thomas, warden for the Quarries, said: "It was getting to the point where they were becoming difficult to maintain.
"We felt it was right that they should go to someone who can restore them.
"We were told that Princess Elizabeth travelled in the carriages at the start of the war, while Churchill used them towards the end.
The carriages are now off to Shropshire railway preservation society after being lifted onto a lorry by Bleak Hall based Llewellyn Construction".

Winston Churchill's carriage was removed from the Quarries in March 1993 for preservation.
In 2014 various railway enthusiasts in the Midlands were consulted about the current whereabouts of the coach. The most plausible said "the coach in Cosgrove was no. 804 - originally classed as a "semi Royal" saloon, but one of two (with 803) converted in 1941 for use by Winston Churchill. It went from the scout camp site to "Nostalgia World" near Shrewsbury, but has since been scrapped after Nostalgia World closed".