An early motorbike with a wicker sidecar, believed to have been once owned by Joseph 'Puffer' Atkinson lived at the Lodge at the Hall. He 'puffed' with pursed lips, hence his nickname.

Joan Higgins of Elm Farm, Cosgrove, with her mororbike, custom built by Don Freestone from oddments pre-1939, and purchased for £4 after selling two pet lambs! The front wheel was larger than the back, it had an enormous saddle which could carry a 13-stone man, a 500cc engine, and a maximum speed of only 30 mph (downhill) - but it felt like flying.

Jim Holman's three wheeled converted motorbike
Jim Holman seems to have been a highly persuasive person and with his inventive family set about becoming indispensible to the village.

He had many basket chairs and wheel chairs – hand pushed, self propelled, hand levered, then a chair adapted for a petrol engine by various friends. His younger brother recalls racing along behind this chair hanging onto its back from his bike. There was even a three wheeled converted motorbike.