The Stocks and Playing Field

The play area in the 1960s
Map c.1881

Wolverton Express 7 July 1961

Generosity of a former resident


AFTER a lapse of some 57 years, the village of Cosgrove has a playing field again. This has been made possible by the generosity of Mr. F. A. A. Hewson, of Linslade, a son of the late Rev. H. N. C. Hewson, who was Rector of the parish for 53 years.

The playing field, which was formerly part of the rectory garden, was opened on Saturday when Mr. Hewson formally handed over the deeds to Mr. A. Rickaby, chairman of the parish council.

Mr. Hewson was born in the village 67 years ago and his father was rector there from 1893 to 1946 and was one of the members of the first parish council.

Among those present on Saturday were parish council nembers Mr. A. Rickaby (chairman), Mrs. M. Jelley (vice chairman), Mr. G. W. Ruff. Mr. J. C. Barton, Mr. S. Eglesfield and the clerk, Mr. A. Tack, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. A. Noble (members of the playing field committee); Mrs. P. Y. Atkinson, the Rev. A. E. Bransby (Rector), Mrs. F. A. A. Howson, and Mrs. Rickaby.

Perpetuating name

In welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Hewson, Mr. Rickaby said that the munificent and thoughtful gift of a playing field for the children of Cosgrove was much appreciated by the parish councii. Mr. Hewson had also given a handsome cash donation for the preparation of the land and the fence round it. It was now up to them to maintain the playing field and keep it as neat and tidy as possible.

History was being made that day in a very pleasing manner in a way of perpetuating the name of Hewson in Cosgrove, said Mr. Rickaby. He referred to the fact that three seats had been erected and five trees planted and trusted that these would be looked after.

Mr. Hewson recalled the time when as a boy he had been able to play on land near the old green and when that land had been taken away from the village. After that they had to play in the streets, but it was much better for children to have their own playground and he had been pleased to assist his birthplace in this connexion when the occasion arose.

Mr. A. Noble, secretary of the playing field com.mittee, expressed thanks to Mr. Hewson on behalf of the committee and the village. A bouquet was handed to Mrs. Hewson by Janet Bailey and a buttonhole to Mr. Hewson by Victor Wood.

There was a large entry of children for a fancy dress competition, which was judged by Mrs. Hewson and Mrs. Rickaby. Winners were: (under -lIve) 1 Clive and Reginald Bailey (Bill and Ben), 2 Diane Hill (No more strikes), 3 Robert Smith (jockey); (five to 11) 1 Eileen Prisley (beatnik), 2 Royston Barton (Robin Hood), 3 John Wallington (spaceman. 4 Elaine Horton. (Hawaian girl); (over 11), 1 Rosabeile Bransby (doll in a box), 2 Linda Pollard and Catherine Spencer (Bisto kids), 3 Maureen Castle.

Later there was a tea in the Victory Hall for about 70 children from the village. This was served by members of the WI. and had been contributed to by a number of residents.

John Meakins, Ian Lambert, Paul Hitchcock
Linda Meakins, Susan Eglesfield, Diane Stewart, Irene Beasley

The play area 2014 the buildings in the background have been renovated since the 1960s
Crossroads corner by The Stocks