View of the left hand side of the High / Main Street - towards the Aquaduct

Map 1843
Map before 1903

View from the Aquaduct end of the High / Main Street

The thatched cottages on the right can be seen in the image on the left below. In the distance you can see "New Buildings" .
Where you can see a change in the outline fronts of the buildingsthere was an entrance called "Suet Alley" to a butcher's shop .

Mrs Elizabeth Brown lived in the New Buildings in the 1950's
and is pictured here on her granddaughter Margery's wedding day.
View from "The Green" end of the High / Main Street c.1900 towards the Aquaduct.
"New Buildings" on the immediate left. The building on the right, formerly the Plough Inn, is now a bungalow, but the rest were swept away for development.

The row of thatched cottages on the right are the field side of the cottages with a single small door entrance on the High / Main Street side shown above .

The top of the High / Main Street by the Horse Tunnel under the canal

Children playing on the horse tunnel steps - the cottages were on the site of 2 Main Street

Cosgrove Hall Estate Sale 1919

LOT 18

(Coloured Blue on Plan Inset).

Three   Stone-built Cottages

together with Gardens with long Frontage to Cosgrove Village Street, being Pt. No. 222 on Plan,
covering an area of about

1r. 10p.

each Cottage contains Four Rooms, they are all in hand and will be sold with possession on completion.

Tithe Free.

Land Tax, 1s. in £ on the Assessment.