Bridge Row

Cosgrove Hall Estate Sale 1919

LOT 17

(Coloured Yellow on Plan Inset)

A Pair of Stone-built and Slated Cottages

each containing Two Upper and Two Lower Rooms, with outside Wood Barn and Garden, being
Pt. No. 215 on Plan, occupying an area of about

15 perches

let on Weekly Tenancies to Mr. Butcher and Mrs. Ratcliffe at 1s. 3d. per week each, making a total
Rental of £6 10s. per annum.

Tithe Free.

Landlord pays Rates.

On the 1843 map only two dwellings shown
perhaps because other cottages were not owned by the Mansel family.
1884 O S map
Unfortunately this map has been cut off to the left of Bridge Row
but just shows all the cottages

Only the top two cottages are for sale in the 1919 Cosgrove Estate Sale

The following are also recorded living in these two dwellings
Number on Plan Name Name of Tenant
123 Cottage and barn Joseph Hillyer    
124 House &c. Mrs. Stamp    
Details from Plan c.1881
Number on Plan Name Name of Tenant
123 Cottage & Barn  
124 House & c. Thos. Ratcliffe
School House otherwise Canal House on the left hand corner opposite Bridge Row
A plaque on Pye's Cottage reads 1750 A D

At Cobweb Cottage, at the far end of Bridge Row in the photograph above, there was a cobbled path leading to the back of the Bakery house on Main Street. Behind cupboards at the back of Cobweb Cottage are the remains of old bread ovens, confirming that at one time the Bakery business.extended to the cottages on Bridge Row.

The cottages are now merged and called
Cobweb Cottages at 41 Bridge Road or Row
(Lot No17 coloured yellow on the sale plan in 1919)

This Indenture made the twenty fifth day of March One thousand nine hundred and twenty Between Henry Grant Thorold of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton a Major in His Majesty’s Army (Hereinafter called “The Vendor”) of the one part and William Hillyer the Younger aforesaid (Hereinafter called “The Purchaser”) of the other part. Whereas the Vendor is seised in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances of and in the hereditaments hereinafter described and intended to be hereby assured And whereas the Vendor has agreed with the Purchaser for the sale to him od the said hereditaments for a like estate for the sum of One hundred and thirty pounds Now this Indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and thirty pounds now paid to the Vendor by the Purchaser (the receipt whereof the Vendor hereby acknowledges) the Vendor as Beneficial Owner grants and conveys unto the Purchaser all those two freehold cottages with the yards gardens offices and outbuildings thereunto belonging situate in the Parish of Cosgrove in the County of Northampton and comprising in the whole fifteen poles or thereabouts and in the respective occupations of      Butcher and Mrs      Ratcliffe which said premises are more particularly described in the first Schedule hereto and are (for the purposes of identification) drawn hereon or annexed hereto and therein coloured Yellow (such map or plan being enlarged form the Ordnance Survey map dated in the year One thousand nine hundred and fourteen of the said Parish of Cosgrove To Hold the same unto and to the use of the Purchaser his heirs and assigns And the Vendor retaining possession of the documents specified on the Second Schedule thereto (which documents relate as well to the hereditaments hereby assured as also to other hereditaments of the Vendor) hereby acknowledges the right of the Purchaser to production of the same documents and to delivery of copies thereof and hereby undertakes for the safe custody thereof And it is hereby certified and declared that the Conveyance of the transaction hereby effected does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the consideration exceeds the sum of Five hundred pounds

In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written------

The First Schedule hereinbefore referred to -------

No on Estate Plan

No on Ordnance Survey Map 1914 Extension




Pl   102

Pl  215

Cottages and Barns
















The Second Schedule hereinbefore referred to -------

Date of Document



7th October 1881

Indenture of Conveyance

John Christopher Mansel (1)

George Christopher Mansel (2)

Alexander William Thorold Grant Thorold (3)

8th October 1881

Memorandum of Equitable Mortgage with receipts endorsed

Alexander William Thorold Grant Thorold (1)

John Christopher Mansel (2)

12th October 1881

Statutory Declaration

of John Christopher Mansel

12th July 1891

Indenture of Conveyance

Alexander William Thorold Grant Thorold (1)

Harry Grant Thorold (2)

12th November 1896

Indenture of Reconveyance of Mortgage

Charter William Holbeck, Robert Hay Murray and John Barton Arundel Acland (1)

Harry Grant Thorold (2)

28th November 1892

Indenture of Release of Annuities (endorsed on Indenture of 22nd July 1891)

Alexander William Thorold Grant Thorold (1)

Anna Hamilton Grant Thorold (2)

Harry Grant Thorold (3)

30th November 1896

Indenture of Mortgage

Harry Grant Thorold (1)

Mary Clark (2)

25th November 1919

Indenture of Reconveyance of Mortgage

James Jeffry Clark and Percy Irwin Clark (1)

Harry Grant Thorold (2)

Signed sealed and delivered by                                               Harry Grant Thorold

the before named Harry Grant Thorold

in the presence of

C A Markham Northampton Solicitor

Eyewitness memories – Trevor Tustain

I remember the pump (standpipe) at Eglesfield’s corner. When Row Herbert was on short time at Wolverton Works he would come along early in the morning and prime the pump, so people could get water straight away.