Bridge Road

Bridge Road in 1986
Kath and Wendy Jones c1948 on the corner of the crossroads -
in the background the houses in Bridge Road that were built in the 1930s
Bridge Road in the 1960s

Left to right: Jim Holman, Trevor Tustain, Ken Herbert, Brian Goodridge, Rodney (George) Hickford
Front row: Phil Tustain, Pat Hickford

Houses by the crossroads decorated for a Coronation
Bridge Road - Winter 1940
The houses on the right stand on the site of old allotments - residents are constantly digging up greenhouse and shed bases. The soil varies because of the compost heaps.
In 1932 George Horn built the pair of houses on the right of the picture below. Following this, terraces of houses were built leading up to the school - the last one was where the Tomkins family lived. Later, similar houses were built opposite. Most were council houses.

In 2014 no 15 Bridge Road was demolished to make an access road for ten new houses. Nicholas Stevens remembers earlier times when he lived at no 15.

15 Bridge Road was demolished in 2013 to make an access road for ten new houses. Nik Stevens, who lived at number 15 in the 1970s, wrote:

“We had a lovely little apple orchard, some eaters and the rest cookers. There was also a single old plum tree right at the top of the garden. We had quite a harvest, with myself and three sisters picking the fruit. Along the right hand side grew blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes, with a rhubarb patch at the top. 

As a child about 12 years old, I came into possession of an old bath. I always wanted a pond; so I promptly set about sinking said bath into the ground and soon had a very unique water feature complete with taps.

I wonder what the builders thought of that whilst destroying my home.”

Nicholas Stevens