Cosgrove School



Regulations as to School Records

1 – Every school must have

(a)    A Diary or Log-book which should be a bare record of the events which constitute the history of the school.

The Log book should be stoutly bound and contain not less than 30 rules pages. It must be kept at the school under the care of the Head Teacher. He should enter in it, from time to time, such events as the introduction of new books, apparatus or courses of instruction, and plan of lessons approved by the Board, the visits of managers, absence, illness or failure of duty on the part of any of the school staff, or any special circumstance affecting the school that may, for the sake of future reference or for any other reason, deserve to be recorded. The Log-Book should contain statements of fact only, and no expressions of opinion on conduct or as to the efficiency of the school are to be entered in it except as provided in Art. 23.

Entries in the Log-Book should be made by the Head teacher as occasion may require. Entries should be made only by the Head Teacher, by the Correspondent, by the Managers who check the registers, or by the officer (if any) authorised by the Local Education Authority.

The Log-Book should contain an explanation of the reason for the closing of the school on all occasions on which it is closed. It should also contain an account of all important variations in the attendance, and all deviations from the ordinary routine of the school.


Art 23 – Any Report on the school sent by the Board to the Local Education Authority, or to the Managers, together with any remarks made thereon by the Board for communication to the Local Education Authority, or to the Managers, must as soon as received be entered in full in the Log-Book and signed by the Correspondent.



Of the

Cosgrove Council School

Northants Education Committee

Cosgrove C School No 53a Amended number 2023

To be kept by the Principal Teacher


June 3rd 1912

Opened this school this morning.

Children present 40 boys, 29 girls.

Staff – Thomas Seymour, Head Teacher

             Kate Ellen Tubbs (U) Infant Class

             Mabel Louisa Popham (S)

Miss Tubbs commenced work as new appointment.

Miss Popham and Head Teacher transferred from C of E School

Mrs H Grant Thorold visited during the morning and Rev Wm Atkinson. R & Mrs J Jepson Atkinson visited during the afternoon.

The workmen have not quite finished and as we were unable to obtain admission till Saturday afternoon the stock and apparatus is hardly in ship-shape yet.

June 7th

Work has progressed as much as possible with a painter in the room the greater part of the week. Mr Stephenson, the architect, visited on Friday afternoon. Joe Jelly pinched his finger in the swing doors on Thursday. The springs are too strong for children to use them safely.

June 21st 12

Children had half holiday yesterday on account of Mission Hall Sunday School treat.

Mr Elliot called on Wednesday during mid day interval and inspected furniture.

Mr & Mrs H Grant Thorold visited on the 10th and Mr H Grant Thorold visited again this morning.

The Teachers who will come under the Insurance Act resolved to join the Scheme submitted by the Northampton Education Committee.

Attendance keeps up.

The Medical Officer of Health (Potterspury Union) visited on Monday June 16th and informed me of a case of fever (Elsie Judkins).He also examined Violet Pettifer and sent her home for a few days. No further cases have been reported. The M o H also examined the latrines and discussed their merits etc.

June 28

The attendance keeps up so far and there is only the one family suffering with fever.

July 5th

The attendance officer paid his usual visit. Arthur Eglesfield and Joe Hillyer are working for the farmers as they have made the necessary attendance for a Labour Certificate.

Mr H Grant Thorold visited during the week.

July 12th

Alice Popham unable to be present on Wednesday afternoon on account of illness. The weather has been extremely hot all week 82-86° being the record for the week.

July 16

No School today being FEAST WEEK. Blinds were fitted yesterday to all the windows which will make the rooms more comfortable to work in.

July 19

Here this day examined registers and found same count  H Grant Thorold

July 27th

The School was closed on Wednesday afternoon on account of the Church Sunday School treat. The weather has been very wet and not nearly so warm as last week the thermometer only registered 56° this afternoon.

Aug 2nd

Closed at noon today for Harvest Holiday (5 weeks)

Sept 9th

Began work this morning after the holiday. Only a fair attendance. The harvest is not nearly over many fields of hay being yet unearted. The weather during August being the wettest for many years. Albert Tack has gone to work, being exempt.

Sept 20

The attendance has improved a little during the week as well as the weather. Mr S…….. called twice during the last fortnight. Mr H Grant Thorold visited this morning.

Sept 24

Mr Elliot visited yesterday. Miss Tubbs absent today & sent a doctor’s certificate - Bronchial catarrh.

Sept 27

Mt Hartley H M I [His Majesty’s Inspector] visited on Thursday but only stayed a few minutes as we were without an infant teacher.

Sept 30

Neither Miss Tubbs nor Miss Popham here today. Miss Popham sent a wire “too ill to come”. Mr Grant Thorold visited this morning.

Oct 2nd

Miss Tubbs returned this morning and Mrs Seymour will take Miss Popham’s class until she returns.

Oct 3rd

Miss G Tubbs sent me a note this morning saying the doctor said she was unable to come to school. She looked very unwell yesterday afternoon and I advised her to see the doctor again last evening. Mrs Seymour in charge of infants. Miss Popham sent a medical certificate “Bronchial catarrh”.

Oct 4th

The temperature of the school was very low – only 46°at 9 am and 54° at midday.

Oct 8th

Miss Tubbs returned to school this morning. Mrs Seymour taking St.i=iii. Mr H Grant Thorold visited during yesterday afternoon.

Oct 11th

A little boy, Ed Gascoyne, fell over the pump in playground and received a very bad cut on the face which necessitated a stitch by the doctor. A large war balloon was passing at the time.

Oct 18

The head teacher has been unable to attend school since last Friday on account of illness. Mr Harrison HMI visited on Wednesday and inspected the school and buildings.

During the four days I was absent from work Mrs Cealey (a former assistant) volunteered to attend and help Mrs Seymour. Miss Popham still unable to attend School.

Oct 21st

Miss Popham returned to school this afternoon. The School Attendance Officer and Mr H Grant Thorold visited during the morning.

Oct 31st

Visited school and examined registers and found same count  H Grant Thorold

Nov 8th

Began the new year’s work this week. Admitted a boy from Stony Stratford Council who is residing in the Village. Filled up and returned form etc etc.

Nov 15

Mr Elliot visited and examined the children on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. During the past four days the thermometer has not been higher than 56° and has been as low as 46°.

Nov 29th

Miss Popham has been absent all day with a bad tooth and swollen face. Admitted two children from Potterspury.

Dec 10th

Miss Tubbs was not able to attend school yesterday owing to a bilious attack.

Mr Lewin, the surveyor for the Education Authority & the clerk of the works spent Friday afternoon and again this afternoon inspecting the building.

Dec 20th

Closed at 4 pm for Xmas Holidays. The heating apparatus not being satisfactory is to be improved during the holidays, also several minor alterations to the building. As usual we have practised a number of Xmas Carols during singing lessons for the past three weeks.

Filled up the quarterly return of attendances for the L E Authority and sent to the Attendance Officer.


Jan 7th 1913

The District Sub-Committee ordered all schools in their district to be closed from Dec 25th to Jan 7th, the Monday allowing teachers visiting their homes to return on that day instead of the preceding Saturday.

Jan 17th

The alterations carried out during the holidays have improved the heating apparatus and we can now move the screen with something like ease. The attendance keeps up particularly for the month of January.

Jan 23rd/13

Have this day visited school, examined register and found same count. H Grant Thorold


Mr and Mrs H Grant Thorold visited yesterday afternoon. The attendance is not quite so good this week as last. Several children away with bad colds - one with ringworm.

One floor of the heating chamber has been quite an inch under water both yesterday and today.

Feb 4th 1913

It was decided to close School this afternoon instead of tomorrow as this is now a Council School. The hounds met this morning and as usual the children were allowed to go & see them leaving school at 11.30 instead of at 12 noon. The Architect (Mr Stevenson) visited during the afternoon to inspect work done over Xmas. He told me the School is quite finished now.

Feby 19 1913

Have this day examined register and found same count. H Grant Thorold

Feb 21st

A very cold week, consequently several children away in the infant class. The temperature of this room has varied from 41 to 56. M & Mrs Grant Thorold visited on Wednesday morning. The Attendance Officer called on Thursday and brought 2 sets of Form 9 one for period from Nov 1st to June 2nd and the other from June 3rd to Oct 31st of last year.


Popes have moved to Orton near Kettering and Daisy Petifer has claimed a Labour Certificate so that our numbers are down a little. Returned the form referred to above on Monday morning.

March 7

Several children away on account of bad colds. H Grant Thorold Esq visited this morning. The Attendance Officer called on Monday and brought the notices for closing at Easter & Whitsun. Miss Popham is taking Part ii of the Scholarship exam and will not be at school next week.

March 10/13

Miss Popham returned to school on Monday. Work as usual throughout the week.


Closed at noon today for Easter holidays. Filled up and returned quarterly returns. One of the lights above the partition was blown out during the weekend. I had not been properly fixed.

April 4

Returned on 31st Mar after the holiday. The lights above the partition had not been attended to by the LEA. The Chairman of the managers advised me to see that the lights were made secure before opening on Monday. I nailed a fillet on each side of the lights so that they were quite safe.

Mr Lewin came on Tuesday to examine the lights above the screen and to report to the LEA on the matter.

Mr & Mrs Grant Thorold came on Friday and remained some time.

Whites have left the village.

April 11th

The School Medical Officer inspected the children on Monday afternoon. He ordered Chas G Knight and Lily Hall to be excluded for at least three months on account of ringworm in their heads.

The stock requisitioned before Easter arrived on Tuesday. I find “Pens” have been struck out but such things as penholders and books for Chalk drawing have been sent.

There was a managers meeting last night when another requisition for 3 boxes of Pens was signed & ordered to be sent to the Secretary.

It was so dark yesterday at 4 pm we were compelled to cease work. Today it has been very cold and snow has been falling since about 9.30 am.

Mr & Mrs Grant Thorold visited on Monday afternoon to confer with Medical Officer.

Three children Ronald Pelley, Sarah Burnell and Ernest Pettifer are notified as requiring glasses.

April 18th

Attendance not so good this week. Sent three children home with ringworm (Swains). Several children away with bad colds. Messrs Adams sent a youth yesterday to examine the woodwork requiring attention.

Apr 24th

Miss R A Hill commenced a series of cookery lessons this morning. During the time set aside for cooking the Infant class will be taken in the corridor.

Mr Elliot visited on Tuesday morning.

April 28th

Miss Popham was absent this morning but at school in the afternoon. Miss Tubbs was taken ill during the afternoon and had to go home.

May 2nd

Miss Hill attended on Thursday. Miss Tubbs absent since Monday. Her sister called on Wednesday and promised to send a certificate. Miss Popham taking Infant classes & Sli. H Grant Thorold Esq visited on Tuesday morning.

May 5/13

Miss Tubbs sent a medical certificate “Influenza”.


Miss Tubbs absent the whole of the week. Miss Popham in charge of Infants. Closed at 12 noon for Whitsun holidays.


School reopened. Miss Tubbs returned to work.


Mr Harrison HMI visited on Thursday afternoon and examined the registers.

Mr H Grant Thorold visited on Thursday morning and signed the Cookery Class register.

Tomorrow being Empire Day the Head Teacher gave a short address on the Empire and the Great British people beyond the seas. The National Anthem was sung and the children had games in the playground from 3.15 – 4.15.

June 6th

Monday was the first anniversary of the opening of the School. The building is very cold in winter & with the exception of the room occupied by the lower division is very hot in summer.

June 16

The workmen have been here all day putting up shelves in store room and to attend to the lights above the screen which were reported to the LEA as being unsafe on 20 March. H Grant Thorold Esq visited in afternoon.


Miss Tubbs absent the whole of the day. Mr H Grant Thorold visited during morning.


Half holiday in afternoon. Mission Room Sunday School treat.


Have this day visited school and examined register and found same count. H Grant Thorold

July 4th

An Assistant from the Surveyors Dept LEA called this morning to inspect the work done on 16th last month and Examine the screen which has not been used since Easter.

School Attendance Officer called at noon.

Two or three wet days this week. Several children have had colds.


Several children absent this afternoon “cleaning for the feast” being the common excuse.

July 14 &15

Feast Week. School was closed on Monday and Tuesday on account of the Village Feast.

July 18/13

The children had a treat on Tuesday afternoon out of money raised by the Village Children in May last. The weather was not at all favourable so the tea was held in the corridor of the school, the arrangements being made by Miss Popham and Miss Jelley etc.

Aug 1st

We close at noon for a week. As there will be a Camp of from 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers in the immediate neighbourhood it was decided to give the general summer holiday during the time of the Camp.

Mr & Mrs H Grant Thorold visited during the week.

Mr Elliot called on Tuesday morning re Cookery and handcraft. Miss Hill completed the course of cookery lessons on the 24th last.

The girls completed their needlework for prizes offered by Mrs Broadwood in connection with the Flower Show which is to be held on the 6th next.

Aug 10th

School opened this morning. Good attendance.

Aug 21st

Closed today for the harvest Holidays. Had to send other three children home with scalp ringworm during the past fortnight.

The needlework referred to above was judged by two ladies interested in schoolwork and was commended by them.

Sep 22nd

Reopened after the holidays a very good attendance. Several of the children returned who had been sent home on account of ringworm. They seem to be quite well now.

Sarah Burnell has obtained the spectacles recommended by the M O at his last visit and they appear to help her in both writing and reading. The School Attendance Officer visited this morning.

Several soldiers have been in the neighbourhood of the school today in connection with the Autumn manoeuvre and about a dozen aeroplanes have passed over.

Oct 10th

Heavy rain and thunder on Tuesday morning reduced the percentage in the Infant Class. Mr & Mrs Grant Thorold called on Monday as did also the School Attendance Officer.


The workmen were repairing the screen on Tuesday from 10 am to close of school in the afternoon. R Holland Sec LEA visited on Tuesday morning and examined the buildings. Two or three children absent on account of illness.


Mr J Harrison visited today and examined the work of the various classes. Admitted four new children who have lately come to reside in the village.

29 Oct /13

Examined registers and found them correct. H Grant Thorold

31 Oct/13

School year ends today. The average for the year is 66.

3 Nov

The School Attendance Officer visited this morning and brought Form IX etc which are required to be completed and returned to the office before the 7th next.

21st Nov

Dr Mason SMO visited this morning and examined several children and excluded 7 children till after Xmas for ringworm in the head.

28th Nov

Miss K E Tubbs leaves today.

1st Dec

Miss M Dunckley came this morning as a Temporary Teacher in place of Miss Tubbs.

19th Dec

Closed this evening for Xmas holidays. Miss Dunckley leaves this afternoon. Attendance considering the weather very fair.


6th January 1914

Reopened this morning at 9. Good attendance. No school in the afternoon.

The pipes had been disconnected owing to leakage and being holiday the fitter was not able to obtain the new rings. The Children complained of the cold and after a consultation with the managers available it was decided to close for the afternoon. The pipes were repaired during the afternoon and a fire lighted.

Jan 7

School as usual all day. Mr H Grant Thorold visited.


Dr Mason SMO visited this morning to examine the ringworm cases.

Miss Dunckley returned on Tuesday morning.


Mr Elliot visited this morning to inspect the work of the school. Miss Dunckley leaves today to take up another appointment. H Grant Thorold visited during the week.


Examined register and found same correct. H Grant Thorold

January 23rd

Miss Constance Bird (U) ex-Spratton commenced work on Tuesday morning.

Miss Symons commenced the Second Course of Cookery Lesson on Monday. We had to rearrange classes and rooms on Monday on account of cooking lessons and absence of Infant teachers.

Feb 2/14

The Cookery Class was not held today, Miss Symons being unable to take it.


Miss Symons held the class this morning.


The Managers held a meeting on Wednesday evening where a letter from the Secretary re appointment of permanent staff was read & considered, the Head Teacher being present to hear the letter read.


Shrove Tuesday half holiday. Miss Popham was unable to attend school on Friday afternoon on account of illness.

Mar 2nd

Dr Mason SMO visited this morning and inspected the children who are allowed to attend school & who are or have been suffering from Scalp ringworm. 3 of the children have had Xray treatment and seem to be quite cured, but they are quite bald. It was suggested that they should attend school and wear close fitting washard caps. Mr  Grant Thorold was present during the inspection.

Mar 10/14

Received the following from the LEA:

Cosgrove Council School                                     6 Mar 1914

I am in receipt of a letter from the Board of Education date 5 March stating that Miss Constance E Bird is now recognised as an Uncertificated Teacher under schedule 1c of the Code.

J L Holland, Secretary

Rain fell steadily on Sunday and Monday consequently the cellar containing the heating apparatus was flooded to a depth of 3 or 4 inches on Tuesday morning.

Mar 16th

Miss Langford (Lady Inspector for Domestic Subjects Board of Education) visited the Cookery Class this afternoon.


A very wet week. Snow fell heavily this morning. Admitted three children who are living at Isworth Farm. With three children more than last week the percentage has fallen 3 from 90 to 87. Several children are reported as ill. Bad colds and toothache. 1 case of chickenpox.

March 27

Have this day examined registers & found same count. H Grant Thorold.


The Course of Instruction in Cookery finishes today.

Ap 3

Two or three children away on account of illness – average 69.


Closed today at noon for Easter Holiday. 81 present in the morning and 82 in the afternoon. A very warm day 70° at 2 pm in classroom. Admitted two boys from Stratford.

May 1st

Mr Harrison visited today and inspected the work of the school. Mr H Grant Thorold visited during the morning and the Attendance Officer also called.


Returned Card to SMO as to numbers for medical inspection. I find there are over 40 children to be inspected. “Routine Cases”, “children marked for a second or third inspection” & “specials”. Measuring, Weighing and Sight Testing takes up a great deal of the Teachers’ time. The weather has been very hot the last two or three days.


Empire Day was celebrated this afternoon. The Head Teacher gave a lesson on the Empire to the children in I – VI after which the National Anthem was sung and the children played at various games from 3.10 to 4.10 and were then dismissed for the day.


Closed at noon for Whitsun holidays. Dr Mason SMO paid his routine visit on Monday and examined about 40 children. Mr H Grant Thorold visited in the afternoon.

June 8th

Reopened after holidays. Several children away with Chicken pox.


The Head Teacher unable to attend school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning on account of illness. Miss Popham and Miss Bird shared the work with the help of an older girl as monitress.

July 2nd

The Head Teacher resumed work this afternoon having been absent since the 23rd on account of illness. The school was closed on Thursday June 25 in the afternoon – Sunday School outing.

July 3/14

Examined registers and found them correct. Harry Patman

July 10/14

Copy of HMI’s report. Date of visit May 1st 1914

Mixed & Infants

The Instruction is now being carried on in new premises, and under more favourable conditions, some little improvement is noticeable in several points.

The children are in better order. There is more evidence of painstaking in their work and a somewhat better response in the oral subjects. A record of work is now kept by the teachers and reports on the term examinations are provided by the Head Teacher. These reports, however, serve only to show the need for higher ideals and closer supervision. In attainments and general intelligence the children are still much below what should be possible under the present conditions.

Arithmetic is a weak feature throughout the school. Reading, fluent in the case of the girls, is often mumbled and monotonous with a want of due appreciation of the sense of the passage. The children take some pains with their writing but a more effective system of correction is needed to improve the spelling and composition.

In the oral subjects a somewhat better knowledge of the lesson is shown, but the response is confined to few of the scholars and there is still much room for improvement in this part of the curriculum. Drawing has dealt too largely with reproduction from flat copies. The work lacks finish, and memory drawing and colour work seem to have received little attention. Singing by note is a very weak subject. The teacher in charge of the needlework should read very carefully the latest suggestions on the teaching of this subject.

The Infants teacher commenced work here only in January, and will have much to do to raise the attainments and general mental development of the children to a satisfactory level before the end of the school year. The class would be taught to better advantage in two sections than three; and the course of instruction for the younger children should be based on Article 1b of the Code.

H Grant Thorold    July 31st 1914    Chairman of Managers.

July 13th 1914

Feast Week Holiday today.


A very good attendance this week. The fair in connection with the Feast was a very poor one – no round-a-bouts or swings, so the children and their parents were not tempted to keep late hours.

July 31st

Closed at noon for harvest holidays, special permission being given by the Chairman of District Sub-committee on account of lead Teachers being ill.

Sept 8th

School reopened this morning. The Head Teacher having spent 29 days of the holidays in a London Hospital and having undergone a severe operation, the Education Committee arranged with Mr Aubrey Valentine, a trained and certificated teacher to take charge of the school for a few days. The Head teacher was at school in the morning.


Mr Valentine finished his work last night. He seems to have worked well. The Head Teacher visited every day during the time he had charge and always found the children well behaved and attentive to their work.


Miss Bird leaves today on account of home troubles.

Oct 9th 1914

No Infant teacher this week. Miss Popham taking Infant Class and Stand I. I have the remainder St II-VI, The attendance is not quite so good as usual, bad colds being general excuse.

Oct 28/14

Examined Registers and found correct. Harry Patman


The school garden has been broken up by a man sent by the Education Authority during the past 16 days. The ground is very rough and full of clay.

Nov 16

Miss F M Bell commenced work this morning as teacher of the Infant class. The School Gardening Class commences this afternoon.


A very cold week – severe frosts. The school has been very cold the greater part of the day. The work has been more comfortably performed with the aid of another teacher.


Received notice from MOH that Doris Hurst was suffering from Scarlet Fever. School Attendance Officer visited on Monday and asked him to write to Secretary re Hot water pipes.

Dec 16/14

HM Inspector Mr Hartley visited and inspected the school this morning.

Dec 24/14

Close at noon for Xmas Holidays.


1915 Jan 12

Reopened after Xmas Holidays. The hot water pipes were in bad order again this morning. The caretaker had evidently turned on the water without opening the air valves so that the water did not circulate properly. Gertie Swain has been elected to a free scholarship at the Domestic Economy School, Dallington.


Norah Brown and Ethel Barby have applied for their Labour Certificates. Hurst’s children are back to school after fever. Major Grant Thorold visited on the 14th inst. The attendance in Infant class not so good as last week.

Jan 28th 1915

Examined Registers and found them correct. H Patman.

Feb 6th

Several children away on account of illness. Miss Bell was absent on Monday morning and Miss Popham on Tuesday & Wednesday on account of illness.

Feb 10th

The attendance has dropped to 35 this morning. The district Officer of health ordered the school to be closed from noon today till the 1st of March. Influenza and bad colds seem to be very prevalent. Turner visited on Monday and again this morning.

Mar 1st/15

The school reopened this morning – a very good attendance. The children are decidedly better in their appearance and there is no coughing. S A Officer has visited this morning. Miss Popham has sent in her resignation.


The attendance keeps up well considering so many children had the influenza.

Mar 26th

Three children away from school with Mumps. Walter Jelley and Harry ……… have gone to work on Labour certificates.

April 1st

Closed at noon for Easter holidays. Miss Popham left last night after four years’ service. The teachers and children presented her with a very nice handbag. I am sorry she is leaving as she was always cheerful and willing to work honestly with her class. She is entering Northampton Hospital to be trained as a Hospital Nurse.

April 12/15 Reopened after Easter Holiday. 10 children away with Mumps. Miss W M Perkins commenced work as Sup this morning.
April 14th 15 Examined Registers and found them correct – Harry Patman
15th Half Holiday. Conformation [sic] Service – the first at Cosgrove for nearly 40 years.
23rd Several children absent with Mumps. The complaint seems to be spreading and the swelling developes very quickly.
24th The Head teacher out of school about 1¼ hours this morning to attend a County Council Committee meeting re the division of the parishes meeting at Old Stratford. Mrs Seymour took charge of the Upper Division so that there was no interference of the work of the other members of the staff.
May 7th Received a letter from the Dist Med Officer advising the Managers to close on account of the Mumps, but as the epidemic was subsiding and after a reference to the LEA at Northampton it was decided not to close at present.
May 21st 1915 Many children still absent on account of Mumps and two or three cases of whooping cough have been recorded. Closed at Noon for Whitsun Holiday.
31st Reopened after holiday. Twenty children absent on account of Mumps or whooping cough. □ did not reach school till 10 am on account of illness. She was unable to attend in the afternoon.
June 1st Miss Perkins absent this morning but attended at 2 pm.
2 Mr Laurence Horticultural Lecturer etc visited this afternoon.
4 The Attendance has been very poor during the week, several cases of whooping cough and two fresh cases of Mumps being reported. 40% of the whole school absent.
9th Mr Harrison HMI visited this afternoon to report on the work etc

“Empire Day” was observed this afternoon. The Head Teacher gave an address to the elder children on the growth of the Empire and the duties laid on us individually as members of the Empire. How the Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders has risen in defence of Empire at the present Crisis.

The National Anthem was sung and the children had games in the playground for half an hour before usual time of closing.

June 18

Made a return as to the number of children absent with infections & diseases to the Secretary.

Mr & Mrs H Grant Thorold visited on Wednesday morning.

□ absent on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday – illness.

June 21st

Letter from Board of Education saying that the Inspector is unable to approve □ for her capacity in teaching and that consequently her provisional appointment by the Board will terminate in two months from the date of this letter (June 19, 1915)

Mr Turner brought the above this morning.

□ absent with consent of Managers.

June 25 1915

□ absent the whole week on account of sickness.

The School Medical Officer of Health has given orders that the whole of the infants under 5 shall be shut out for three weeks.

July 2nd

□ has gone home and will not return to this school again. There has been an increase of 14% in the infants [section] of the children over 5 years of age. 10% in the girls and 4% in the attendance of boys during the week.


Mr Elliot visited this morning. The attendance still keeps improving.


Feast Monday. The usual holiday was given on account of the Feast. The attractions of the Feast were very poor, owing, it was said, to the lack of horses for transport.


The attendance of the children over 5 years has been good this week considering the weather, thunder and rain storms being prevalent.


The children under 5 returned to school on Monday. There are two or three children still absent on account of whooping cough. We have been without a teacher since 26th June and find the work difficult to get through.

Mr Lawrence visited on Monday morning.

July 26

Examined Registers and found them correct – Harry Patman

July 30th

Closed today at noon – Harvest Holidays

Sept 6th

Reopened after Harvest Holidays. Only a poor attendance of Upper Stand. Boys. Miss Popham who resigned on 31st Mar last has been reappointed and commenced work this morning. Sent the whole of the cooking utensils to Blakesley.



I returned to work this morning. During the time I have been absent, Mr F Atkins, Irthlingborough Council on Sep 9 & 10 and Miss E G Wells – Daventry Council, from the 13th – 17th

No School Gardening was taken during my absence.

There are still some cases of Mumps amongst the smaller children.

One boy is absent under the special rules for farm work.

Oct 1st

The boys have dug up the potatoes on the School Garden. The white variety did an excellent crop but the other varieties are very poor. The garden had got into very bad condition as it had not been attended to for 7 weeks.


Attendance not quite so good this week several children away on account of ill health.

We heard of the death from wounds of Private Joseph Brown, the first of our old scholars to die in the Great War.


Examined Registers and found them correct – Harry Patman


Mr Lawrence the Gardening Inspector for the County Council visited and advised me to obtain a tender for digging up about 8 poles of the garden which had not been planted.


Mr John Bull has dug the ground referred to above to the satisfaction of the Horticultural Advisor Mr Lawrence who visited on Monday at noon.

End of school year today. Miss Popham informs me that she expects to be married at Christmas and will resign on 30th Novr.

Nov 1st

The SA Officer visited this morning and informed me that he had received Miss Popham’s resignation. Tom Hillyer has gone to work under the War regulations.

Afternoon School will commence at 1.30pm instead of 2pm during the winter months.


Miss Popham leaves today.

Decr 1st

Mrs Seymour commenced work this morning “on supply”. Mr Millican paid his first visit today, staying all day. He made some suggestions as to the teaching of the reading in the infants and first standard. He visited the Evening School in the evening.

Dec 10th

Frank Brown has gone to work under the War regulations for Mr Spencer at Castlethorpe Wharf.


Closed today for Xmas Holidays the percentage for IV-VI is only 67 this week.


January 16th

Reopened after Xmas holidays a fair attendance several children having bad colds.


Tom Castle and Fred Barby have both applied for Labour Certificates and will commence work for Mr H Grant Thorold on Monday. We are very short of stock, the difficulty of obtaining goods by rail being partly the cause.

Feb 4

Received the stored from Arnolds on Friday last, so the children, who were working on scraps of paper, have now been supplied with proper books. Major & Mrs Grant Thorold visited during the week.

Jany 24/16

Mr H Patman visited today and checked the registers but omitted to sign the log-book.

The omission has now been rectified.

Checked registers and found them correct. Harry Patman

Feb 11/16

□ has been removed from the register she having attained the age of 14 years then not made any attendances since Xmas Holidays.

Feb 24 1916

A very heavy fall of snow in many places quite a foot deep hindered the children from attending. There were only 26 children present (2 in the infants) so did not mark the register this morning.

Registers not marked this afternoon.


A little better attendance today (5 inf). □□ absent on account of illness on Monday last.

March 1st

Miss Kathleen May Cass (Practising school – Glasgow) commenced work this morning to qualify as a Supplementary Teacher. Mrs Seymour finished last night.


Received a letter from the Secretary asking what arrangements I proposed to make with regard to the teaching of Needlework and supposed that □ should take it. □, who at once refused to comply with the request of the Secretary. I therefore asked her to put her objections in writing and forward it to the Secretary. School closed aft. Shrove Feast.


□ absent all day on account of illness.


Mr Turner SAO called today to make enquiries as to the teaching of Needlework


Miss Bull did not reach school till 10.30 this morning – delayed by the bad weather.

Mar 22/16

Owing to the very heavy rain during the past three days the water had risen to a depth of 4 inches in the cellar where the heating apparatus is fixed and the thermometer stood at 40°F and the caretaker had not been able to reach the store. I sent for Messrs Patman and Jelley, who ordered the school to be closed till afternoon. We then obtained some bricks and planks & Mr Jelley brought some dry coal and a fire was lighted.

School as usual in the afternoon but Miss Cass’s room only registered 46° at 1.30 pm.

The flooding of the stoke-hole after every heavy fall of rain causes much inconvenience.

Mar 28/15

AM Another heavy fall of snow & sleet. No infants at all and only 22 older children present at 9.45.

Registers not marked.

PM The worst storm on record. Only 8 children ventured out in the afternoon. Snow & sleet has fallen continuously since 9pm last night. Telegraph poles snapped like carrots, trees down in all directions and trains not running.

□ absent all day.

Mar 29th

The snow ceased falling last night about 8 pm after 23 hours. The Upper Standards attended better this morning but only 5 infants. The Standard registers were marked but not infants in morning. Infant register marked pm.

Miss Bull turned up this morning. Had taken her the whole day till 9 pm to reach Cosgrove from Buckingham.

The cellar has 5 inches of water again & the pipes were not even warm to the touch at 9.30 am. The rooms were more comfortable in the afternoon.

April 7th

A better attendance this week. The weather has improved very much but there is a great deal of snow in the fields and under the hedges. Several children have bad colds.


□ was taken unwell in school and had to go home for the rest of the day.


The weather still continues wet and stormy and the Boys cannot do much work in the Garden. The soil is chiefly clay and takes a long time to dry and it is very difficult to obtain a fine tilth for small seeds.

Apr 14-1916

Examined Registers and found them correct – Harry Patman

April 20th 1916

Closed at noon for Easter Holiday

May 2nd

Commenced work this morning after the Easter Holiday. May-Day falling yesterday we did not reopen till Tuesday morning. The money the children collected was given to the village soldiers to remind them of the May Garlands of their own school days.


Mr Lawrence (Gardening Instructor) visited this morning at 11.45 and left about 12.20. He expressed his satisfaction at the amount of soil reclaimed since the Gardening was first commence[d].

There has been a very unpleasant smell from the Latrines during this week, especially in the afternoon when the sun shines on the back part. I advised two of the managers and also wrote to the district correspondent for some disinfectants. Mr Lawrence also complained of the smell.

The medals for good attendance for year ending 31st Oct 1915 were received this week.

June 2nd 1916

The objectional matter has been removed from the latrines and a quantity of chloride of lime thrown about them which has quite removed the bad smell.

9th 1916

Closed at 4 pm for the Whitsun holidays. The attendance has been very fair during the past six weeks. Owing to the War there will not be a general holiday this Whitsuntide.


School as usual this week. □ was granted leave of absence yesterday for private family reasons.


Miss Bell sent me a note this morning saying she had been called home to Buckingham as her mother was very ill.

July 3rd

□ absent – telegram said “Influenza”.

Miss Bell at school.


□ returned to school this morning.


Mr Elliot visited this morning and examined the children particularly in Reading and mental arithmetic.


Feast Monday. The usual holiday was given but the weather was very wet and cold so children did not enjoy themselves.

July 24/16

□ absent all day on account of illness.


Miss Cass at school today. As we could not take the Gardening Class yesterday we worked Monday’s timetable this afternoon.


□ away this afternoon on account of illness.

Examined Registers found same count. H Grant Thorold Chairman.

Aug 4th

The weather has been hot and dry this week.

The Sub-Committee have ordered all school in the District to be closed from today till Wednesday next, consequently there will be no school on Monday and Tuesday next week.


Gardening Class taken this afternoon instead of Monday last.


Closed at 3.45 pm for the Harvest Holidays 5 weeks.

Sept 25

Reopened School after holidays – a very fair attendance. Two children have claimed exemption under the Labour Certificate & Frank Brown has been allowed to leave under the Military Exemption but ………  ……… to work for Mr Markham and he is ………. age

1916 September 26th

Examined Registers and found them correct. Harry Patman, Chairman.

Anne R Hurst & Cecil Eglesfield have left school under Labour Certificates.

Oct 3rd

The police constable visited the Evening School last night and complained about the amount of light. I closed school at once and reported to the Secretary.


The assistant surveyor called this morning about the above.

Miss Cass informs me that she is leaving at the end of the month.


I was out of school for 1¾ hours this morning having been summoned to appear at Stony Stratford Police Court for not sufficiently screening the light son October 3rd.

□ absent on Friday afternoon last week & □ on Monday afternoon of this week on account of personal illness.

Mr Lawrence paid a visit to the School Gardens on Tuesday last.

Oct 31st

End of School year. Miss Cass leaves today.

Nov 14th

No teacher for St i-iii. St I with Infant Class & ii-iii in my room.

Major H & Mrs Grant Thorold visited this afternoon.


A fall of snow and a very hard frost last night & yesterday brought the attendance down to 43.

Dec 1st

Miss Bell informed me today that she intended leaving at Xmas. She has got an appointment which will enable her to reside at home and her salary with the War Bonus will be at least £12 better than that paid by the Northants Committee.


Miss Kerr SMO attended today to examine children not previously presented for inspection. Two children were recommended to see an eye specialist and two noted for Tonsils. Several children have been absent owing to Impetigo. □□□


A managers meeting was held on Sunday afternoon where Mrs Gregory was recommended for appointment to succeed Miss Bull in charge of Infant Class. Mrs Gregory had worked in the Old School for about two years.

Dec 22/16

Examined Registers and found correct. Harry Patman.


Miss Bell leaves today. No teacher yet appointed for St I-III

Closed at noon for Xmas holidays.


1917 January 9th

Reopened after Xmas Holidays. Mrs Seymour taking charge of Infants & I Std. A teacher was appointed before the holidays but she wrote declining the appointment on account of the salary offered.

Had to send for the Acting Chairman of the Managers on account of the heating apparatus not working properly. The caretaker having lit the fire without seeing that the pipes were full of water. It was decided to dismiss the School at 10.45 for the morning. After a lot of trouble the apparatus was got into working order before afternoon school.

Jan 26

Very severe weather. Canal frozen, boats unable to travel and a lot of snow has played havoc with the attendance of the Infant Class.

Work goes on fairly well seeing that we only have one temporary teacher in the place of two and that we have had no teacher for St I-III since 31st October.

February 20th

Half holiday Shrove Tuesday. The frost which has been very severe for four or five weeks has broken this week. The Canal boats were set free last night. Several children fell in the water but none of them seemed to be any worse for their bath.

□ has been absent for three weeks with frostbitten feet.

A Canadian Soldier who lived in the neighbourhood several years ago paid us a visit last week and brought his little son to see me. The boy was greatly interested in the Romans and asked several questions as to the locality and the Roman Road through Stony Stratford.

March 1st

Mrs Ethel Thirza Bide commenced work this morning as “U” in charge of Infants. Mrs Seymour is taking I-III.


Another heavy fall of snow only 45 children in the morning and 54 in the afternoon.


Weather improved a little on previous week – better attendance.

Apr 5th

Closed at noon for Easter Holidays.


Recommenced work after Easter.


Miss Frances Mary Feasey – Sup – began work this morning.

Mrs Seymour finished last night.

Apr 18

Examined Registers & c

Harry Patman

May 4

Major H Grant Thorold has visited school twice during the last fortnight. The weather has improved & the attendance is better.


Empire Day. The usual address to the older children on the growth and importance of the Empire particularly to the family feeling of the colonials as shown by the great numbers who have “joined up” during the War.


Closed at noon for Whitsun holidays. During the last fortnight and particularly the last four days lessons on War Food Economy have been given throughout the school, in the Upper Standards particular attention being paid to the Domestic Science part of the subject with the view of the children telling their parents of effective substitutes for the usual but now not attainable feeding stuffs.

June 4th 1917

Reopened school after Whitsun holiday. Mr Millican visited and spent the whole day with us.


□ absent all day to visit Dr Harrison Jones at Northampton – eye specialist


A very wet day after a long spell of drought, good for the garden and crops in general but very bad for the attendance in the Infant Class.

July 4th

□ not at school today. She cycled to Brackley last night and did not return.


Received a letter from □ from Brackley saying she was too ill to get to school.


□ returned to school this morning.

Mrs Bide commenced a course of Cookery Demonstrations this afternoon. The girls in Standard III-VI attended but no adults were present. The Infant Class was taken by Miss Feasey with Stand I and the remaining children in St II-III in my room.

Had to change Gardening Class from Monday to Tuesday afternoon on account of □ absence.

Cookery lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

Sept 24 1917

Half holiday Blackberries 51 lb


“          “                 “             41 lb


Mrs E J Bide left today.

Oct 1st

Miss E Keverin commenced work this morning.


Half holiday Blackberries


“          “                 “            


“          “                 “             but it poured with rain as soon as children started – none collected


Half holiday Blackberries


“          “                 “            


“          “                 “            


A Managers meeting yesterday afternoon.

□ absent all day Tuesday and again Wednesday – not well enough to attend school.


Half holiday Blackberries


We finished Blackberry picking this week – the children have collected nearly 3cwt of berries.


□ leaves today. Her work has not been at all satisfactory.

Nov 2nd 1917

There was no school yesterday. The Master had to go to Reading for an interview and as there was only one teacher to take the whole school the managers granted a holiday. A Managers meeting yesterday [afternoon].

We have not been able to use the hot water pipes this autumn. They were blown out in January and although reported to the Secretary and inspected during the holidays they are now in such a plight that a fire cannot be lighted.

The Thermometer has been as low as 40° several times during the last fortnight.

Nov 9th

Two cases of Scarlet Fever reported this week. No teacher yet for St I-III and no heating apparatus.


For the first time this autumn we have been able to use the hot water pipes. The rooms being 12° warmer at 9 am than they were on Monday & Tuesday morning.

Admitted a boy named “Branch” from Poplar whose family have come into the County to escape the “Air Raids”.

Nov 30th

I finish work here today after 29½ years’ service. Seymour.

Dec 10th 1917

Commenced duty as Temporary Head Mistress this morning.

Nellie Port County Emergency Tea[cher] Certificated 7760/15134

Dec 10th

Mr Turner Attendance Officer called this afternoon.

Dec 11th

Timetable (11 years old) absolutely unworkable under existing conditions.

Dec 14th

Ordinary school routine as far as possible.

No on books 77 Average 64.5. % 83.9

Decbr 20th

Ordinary school routine as far as possible. Handwork (cardboard modelling instead of needlework. No visitors.

No on books 77 Average 63.5. % 82.4

Closed School this afternoon for Christmas Holidays.


1918 Jan 7

Today I commenced duty as Head teacher of this school.

Herbert Garratt

Certificated Master

Owing to the state of the school it will be absolutely necessary to alter the Time-table.


The school is fearfully cold 34°.


The school is fearfully cold 34°. The chn were taken into the playground for exercise for warmth.


The discipline is almost at vanishing point. The work has been of a recapitulatory nature. I am endeavouring to discover the foundation of Arith. In the various Standards in order to commence on a satisfactory ground work. The whole of the Standards have been under my supervision with the exception of Stand I

1918 Jan 16

Owing to a heavy fall of snow School was not open today. Both Assistants, including Mrs Garratt, who commenced duty, reached the School was great difficulty. No children appeared.


Snow having again fallen during the night only two chn attended the School. The Infant teacher journeyed part of the distance to School but was eventually compelled to return. The School was again closed and I endeavoured to place the Cupboards and the Store room in something like order during the day.


Only 25 children turned up this morning as the roads are in a fearful state. Those chn were sent home for the day as many were very wet-footed, including the Teachers.


As my Furniture has arrived (mid-day) and is in a seriously damaged condition through the effects of the weather, the Managers have granted me a holiday to supervise it and estimate the amount of damage. The School therefore will be closed this afternoon.


A good week’s work has been accomplished. Much mental and oral work has been got through and some of the scholars begin to think over their work. The discipline is very gradually improving.

Feb 1st

A week’s satisfactory work has been accomplished. The children’s knowledge of History and Geog is practically nil. The state of Stand I is deplorable. Several children do not know all their letters and many have no knowledge of number. The spelling is lamentably weak in Stand II. The work throughout the Standards cannot be of a revisional character but of rudimentary teaching in every subject.

Mr Elliot County Inspector visited the School on the 29th. The Chairman of the Managers accompanied by Mr Grant Thorold visited the School on the 31st.

Feb 8th

The Arithmetical portion of the work has disclosed the painful fact that not 45% of the Scholars in the Head Teacher’s room are able to work a Simple Subtraction sum correctly. It is impossible to make any progression until such weakness is remedied.


Owing to a severe cold contracted in the next room the Assistant Teacher was absent from School today.


The Assistant Teacher is still absent.


The Assistant Teacher is still absent. The room is very cold. The Thermometer now (1.25pm) registers 50°.

Having the whole of the Standards under my supervision the progress made is not what I had anticipated.

Feb 18th

Registered 42° and 48° at 9 am.


To find the supposed Stand V and VI utterly unable to work Compd Multipn by 2 figs is very disheartening to any Teacher’s efforts. The whole of the Standards has been managed by the Head Teacher assisted occasionally by one of the older scholars. Every conceivable educational method is adopted to cultivate thought and to create a memory. Writing is improving. Arithmetic is deplorably weak. Even in the higher Standards Simple Division and Multiplication have to be frequently demonstrated. The Assistant teacher is still under the Doctor’s care and away from School.

1918 March 1st

Snow lies on the ground. Wind in the North. The water-pipes are cold. The Thermometer registers 42° in the adjoining room and 46° in this room. The sun is shining but the rooms are bitterly cold.

□ resumed duties.


Owing to scarcity of Coal the School was closed this morning and will, it is hoped, re-assemble this afternoon.


Register found correct – Harry Patman


During this week the Lower Division have been working in the Infant room owing to the low temperature of their regular room. Much time and attention has been devoted to the holding of the pen and the position of the body during penwork.

Arithmetic gives much trouble as several simple rules seem to have been entirely forgotten or very imperfectly grasped by the scholars. The Managers’ Chairman visited School on Thursday and complimented the Scholars on their improvement in Singing.

15 Mar

The Lower Division returned to their Classroom today. The scholars have only a scanty knowledge of working Arithmetical problems, but every conceivable practical plan is taken to enable them to see the process of working. The progress in Arith. is very slow. I have endeavoured to guide the Infant Teacher in the management of the Infants so that a constant progress is in motion throughout the room.


I suggested to the Infant Teacher that four elder Infants – Ratcliffe, Lambert, Gascoyne, Gibbons should be promoted for Reading. To this the Teacher strongly objected and regarded it as an utter impossibility.

March 21

Visited the garden and signed the Register & found all satisfactory – Harry Patman


I sent the new Timetable to the County Secretary for his approval and signature.



A good week’s work has been accomplished. The Garden work has been pushed forward as the sowing season is approaching. Much attention has been given to Oral and Written Arithmetic and problematic Arith. the latter is very weak throughout the School.


Two half days have been occupied in the Infant room in endeavouring to discover their attainments. The quantity of the work does not satisfy the Head Teacher. The School was closed today for the Easter holidays.

April 8th

Re-opened School after the Easter holidays. 66 chn present.


All lessons have been of a revisional character. Some advance has been made in Arithmetic.


The attendance has been good in spite of the wet weather which has sadly hindered gardening operations. Satisfactory progress has been made in all subjects. Stand I have just got through Infant Reader no 1 which should have been mastered in the Infant room.


I spent a portion of this morning in the Infant room demonstrating hand and eye training in the Drawing lesson.


Mr Lawrence visited the School this morning, read my scheme for Gardening, explained the general method of the County, and expressed his satisfaction with what he saw and heard.

April 26th

Lessons according to Timetable. The progress is somewhat slow as the groundwork of so many subjects is very weak. Received Timetable returned signed by M D Elliot.

May 3rd

The Medical Inspection took place on the afternoon of the 1st inst. Lessons according to the new Timetable altho’ more than the specified time has been given to Gardening this week as, owing to the heavy texture of the soil, this work is very backward. After reading over the Syllabus of Work for the Infant class I have advised the Infant Teacher to enlarge upon it considerably.


A week’s good work has been accomplished. The Garden work causes me much anxiety as between the backwards state of the School and the National shortage of food I do not know for a certainty to which of these I ought to devote special attention.


Closed the School at noon for Whitweek holiday

May 24th

Re-opened School this morning


Readmitted □ aged 9 years. This boy cannot write the alphabet. He is a cripple.

May 31st

A week’s good work has been accomplished. Five hours have been devoted to Garden-work.

June 7

Several times during the week I have supervised the Infant room work. Special attention has been devoted to backward Scholars in Writing and Arithmetic. So much forgotten work in many subjects keeps cropping up and preventing the customary progress. During the week I have again urged the Infant Teacher to make more use of the wall by children of all ages and thus give each child a chance of learning something.

June 14th

A week’s hard work has been accomplished and satisfactory progress made by some scholars. The School Gardens are suffering from want of rain and some seedlings have died.

June 17th

I called the Infant teacher’s attention to the necessity of using the words “from” and “take” in Arithc.


Lesson according to Timetable. Special attention and much time have been devoted to Mental Arithc which is very weak.

June 27th

Visited School.  J C Millican.

June 28th

Lessons according to the Timetable. Special attention has directed to the Word Building as Spelling is rather weak. Mental Arithc has occupied more than its customary share of the Arithc Lesson.

July 8th

Examined Registers & found same count. Grant Thorold Chairman Manager.


A week’s good work has been accomplished. Workmen have during the week been repairing the Heating Apparatus. The School will be closed on Monday for the Annual Village Feast.


School opened on Tuesday morning. The Chairman of the Managers visited School on Thursday morning prior to his departure for France. Nothing worthy of note has occurred during the week.

July 22

□, her sister, and □ attended school after an absence of two weeks owing to a skin disease in the head.

Commenced a War Saving Assocn in the School.


Lessons according to the Timetable, except Gardening which has been sadly hindered by the showery weather.

Aug 2nd

The School will be closed for Augst Bank Holiday.


The School reopened today. Several children are absent.


Lessons have been of a revisional character with the exception of Arithmetic, Recitation, Drawing & Reading.

1918 Sept 16

Reopened School today and admitted 2 Infants.

Sep 20

A boy □ returned to School today after several month’s absence working on the land.

The chn gathered Blackberries on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The collecting of Black-berries interferes with the educational progress of the School.

Sep 27th

Progress has been made during the week. Gathered Blackberries three half days. I received a parcel of Books from Messrs Arnolds. I regret there are no new Readers for the Upper Division, nor any maps for use in Geography, nor any Arithmetic Bks for the Upper Division, who are compelled to look over. This state of affairs is against the progress of these children. Neither were the Ruled Exercise bks I ordered sent to me.

Out of the School Garden a marrow, some carrots and potatoes were presented to the Church on the occasion of the Harvest Festival on the 29th inst.

Sept 30th

Admitted a boy □ from Stony Stratford. He is thoroughly unable to write the alphabet either from memory or dictation and has only a slight knowledge of Number, while his reading is unequal to a good first-class Infant scholar.

Oct 4th

Lesson according to the Timetable. Gathering Blackberries on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. The weather has continued showery.

The Third War Saving Certif. was purchased this week by our School Association.

The County Surveyor visited School this afternoon to inspect the Heating Apparatus. He was unable to stay long owing to missing the train.


I was unavoidably absent from School this morning from 9.40 till 11.45

Oct 10

I made a fire this morning as the rooms were bitterly cold.


The attendance has fallen off owing to bad colds among the children. The weather has [been] wet and very cold for two days.

Satisfactory progress has been made in all subjects except Arithc., which, owing to its poor foundation is still very unsatisfactory in spite of continuing efforts on the part of the Head and the Asst in the adjoining room.


□ is absent today owing to a severe chill (Influenza?)


□ is still absent.

Many chn are sick with Influenza.

58 present out of 76 on books.

Oct 21st

Influenza is rife in the village. The □ is still absent. Between Friday and Saturday night the Managers consulted D Powell MOH who strongly advised them to close the School for a fortnight. 22 chn turned up this morning, when the Doctor’s decision was made known to them.

Nov 11

Reopened School today after being closed for three weeks for Influenza. 64 children were present.

On news arriving in the dinner hour that an Armistice had been signed by the Germans, parents kept their children at home in the afternoon with the exception of …. Chn who attended at the usual time. Consequently the School was not opened.

Nov 14

A Managers meeting was held today. There are on the books :-

Upper Division 21, Lower 27, Infants 27


There has been no Needlework owing to the Teacher having a poisoned “sewing finger”. The Third Term Test took place during the week.

Nov 25th The new year’s work was commenced today. At present there is a shortage of Arithmetic, History and Geography books which will doubtless arrive in due course with other requisitioned necessities.

A week’s good progress has been made. The attendance has been good. The showery weather prevents our Gardening operations.

□ mother paid 1/6 damages to a Geog Rdr during my absence in the Garden.

Dec 6th Satisfactory progress has been made during the week. Lesson of a routine character.
13th The attendance has been good and satisfactory progress has been made. The School will be used as a Polling Station tomorrow at the General Election.
18 Mr Grant Thorold visited the School and checked the Registers.
Dec 20th The school was closed at noon for the Christmas Holidays. The attendance has been good and the weather rather mild. Carols will be sung in the School on Christmas Day and a collection will be made for the benefit of Sir Ar Pearson’s Fund for the Blinded Soldiers.

Abstract of Syllabus for Year ending Oct 31st 1919


Upper Div Hist Readg “Tudor Period”

                  Geog    “        New Century IV British Isles

                 Literary “       “Ship” Rdr no 5

                 Nature   “Senior”          Marchies

                 Supplementary & Newspapers

Lower Div Geog Rdg World at Home Book I & II

                   Hist Rdg   Stories from English Hist Nelson

                   Nature     “Science Rdr” Marchies

                   Helery Rds & Supplementary Rdrs


MacDougall’s Direct and Practical Arith books used throughout the School     


Upper Divis   The British isles

Lower      “      Land & Water. Talks and Tales of Foreign Lands     


As far as is necessary to secure an intelligent comprehension of the structure of sentences.


Large text, small, on slates, plain & ruled books with pencil & pens.


Oral & written. Reproductive and original imaginary.


Upper Divis : “The Tudor period” and current events

Lower Divis : Stories from English History


Tonic Solfa and Staff Notation. Songs and written work.

Nature Study, Hygiene, Science

See detailed list       


Selected and correlated when possible            


From objects with pen and pencil. Shaded when possible. Model drawing. Geometry correlated with other subjects


A Practical and theoretical knowledge of the Soil and its treatment. Plant food manures. Pests. Weighing and calculating the value of crops &c &c


Appendix III. Chn are encouraged to bring garments from home to repair & to knit garments at home.

Physical exerc.

According to Board of Education course.