Cosgrove Visitations

Heraldic visitation,a tour of inspection by a herald (or other officer-of-arms) to regulate and register coats of arms, and to record pedigrees

1564, 1618 – 19 and 1682 The Visitations of Northamptonshire

Cosgrove Connections

The Visitations of Northamptonshire were:

1564                  by William Harvey, Clarenceulx (H 14) - including Huntingdonshire

1618 – 1619      by Augustine Vincent, Rouge Rose, Deputy to William Camden, Clarenceulx (C 14)

1681 – 1682      K 1 at the College of Arms – including Rutlandshire

Gage of Cosgrave

JOHN GAGE of Randes, co North’ton, Esq., mar. Margaret, da. (and sole heir) of (John) Tawyer of Randes, Esq., and had issue, - HENRY.

HENRY GAGE of Randes, Esq., son and heir of John, mar. Margaret, da. of George Boyfield (Boyville) of Barford, co. North’ton, Gent., and had issue – GEORGE, his eldest son; Anne, married to Anthony Shukborough of Harrowden, co. Northampton, Gent.; Mary, wife to James Foljambe of Burton Latimer in said co.

GEORGE GAGE of Randes, Esq., son and heir to Henry, mar. Cicely, da. of William Wolston of Burton Latimer, co. Northampton, Gent.; and by her had issue,- HENRY, eldest son and heir; John, second son; Robert, third son; Thomas, fourth son; William, fifth son; Mary, Elizabeth and Alleyne Gage, three da’s.

HENRY GAGE of Randes, and now of Cosgrave, co. North’ton, Esq., mar. Anne, da. of Anthony Furtho in the said co., who was the widow of Francis Purefoy of Meret-Ashby in the said co., Gent., and as yet hath no issue.

Cosgrove Churchwarden's Accounts - Visitations

The very early visitations were heraldic - a tour of inspection by a herald (or other officer-of-arms) to regulate and register coats of arms, and to record pedigrees. In the Church Accounts at secular or Church visitations the Cosgrove Churchwardens were called, usually to Northampton, to give an account of the village, its population and its activities to a special Court. Confirmations took place at the Bishop’s visitation and wrongdoers were charged at others. This might have been quite an undertaking for Churchwardens as Cosgrove people often never travelled beyond Stony Stratford as a rule at the time.

Visitations usually took place mainly at Michaelmas, 29th September, and at Easter, which falls on different dates each year, with occasional Bishop’s visitations. Strangely the actual dates of transactions were not recorded, so the pattern of visitations can only be identified by reading through the year chronologically.